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The problem is not big government, whatever that is. When govt steps on toes, be they rich or poor, Big Govt is named Culprit  and discussion is closed.   It is big business that is centre to the lose of liberties and if you know your American history (not being an American, I know little but I do know a bit about Jefferson and a few other flawed, but great men) then you know this is an old tale that has traversed to reality, gangbusters.   Any step to bend the govt's ear...
These are some pretty big guys in this game. To say it is a sham doesn't hold.   Why would these companies go public, if there wasn't true intention behind their stand? Attention is drawn, expectations to be met, and good names to uphold to any who expect security by these companies.   One can't move a government, but a large number with power, money, influence along with public awareness and support surely can. There is the possibility that many might also join...
I can't even imagine how depressing the gang all look at a Microsoft BBQ. Latest rumour round the pit is that slates will next debut inside cereal boxes. 
What other do we expect?   The lunatics are in charge at Google Asylum.
I'm perplexed. Aren't there any Korean manufacturers Apple might address. mmmm, I'll have to chew on that one a while.
Oh, I hope not. The fair thing to do would be to allow an extension. It certainly would not be publicly nor commercially in Apple's favour to be persistent in its demands.
Seems to me it's like the Fat man midway into the race deciding to initiate a diet plan, immediately. Good luck, fatso.
I apologies for the large font. I wrote it in notes and pasted it in. Will remember to re-size next time. However, to your second comment, the language was quite clear: it was a "what if" speculation which had already been addressed in a next post. One should try to take the time to learn the nuances of language.
My suspicions too. 
If you are replying to my question, then it was just a question. What would have happened? I know Apple would not do such a thing.   My suspicion is that Apple may still have been taken to court doing this, however, Apple could point out in its own defence that Amazon started the model and doing anything other, would have prevented Apple entering the book field.
New Posts  All Forums: