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My suspicions too. 
If you are replying to my question, then it was just a question. What would have happened? I know Apple would not do such a thing.   My suspicion is that Apple may still have been taken to court doing this, however, Apple could point out in its own defence that Amazon started the model and doing anything other, would have prevented Apple entering the book field.
Here's a question. What if instead, Apple had bought the books from publishers, not added its 30% so it could get the books at the same price or lower than Amazon, and gone head to head with Amazon selling the books and undercutting its price whenever necessary. Possibly always keeping 5% below Amazon's price. Apple's reasoning could be that it is supporting its iBook customers.   Apple might even offer the extra discount only to members who pay an iBook club...
I, too, suffer non-compliant ear hole syndrome (nCEHS), a much understudied deficiency to the pleasures of music listening, audio books and under cover surveillance. Why this affliction has not been addressed sooner is a puzzle. Coming on the date of Douglas C. Engelbart's death is a fortuitous coincidence, which should not over shadow Apple's latest little miracle.
I'm confused. I thought Pages already synced with all devices, and Mac. Just read the beta link but as I am already on iCloud, didn't go further.
Next year, " Millions of Endless Possibilities".
Due to this report, Daniel, my granny's old ladies' Salvation Army Tuba Band is firing up their instruments and saluting SamFax with some worthy notes at Prince's Island this Sunday, noon, local time. A good time will be had by all. Bring rain gear and snacks for the kids.
"Connected devices"? Like flinging s*** on the wall, blindfolded, hoping for logical connexions.
Intriguing. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble. This caldron is getting steamier.
Have lost interest in breakfast this morning.
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