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  At least you're thinking, bud. No one but Apple has the answers but I do think Apple may be doing some of what you suggest.   point: Apple is fighting, and I don't mean in the courts. Apple plugs along, reeking profits with a planning focus that would tire a Buddha and then, Wham! it takes off  on another path, a road not taken and the rest, like hungry puppies, follow in Apple's foot steps. Problem is, them pups are slowly starving. . . Remember the iPod (as in alamo)...
"Also, some of DoCoMo's own services that we provide on Android phones won't work on the iPhone," Tsubouchi continued, "which doesn't leave room for much customization, so we have to give up on them." Says it all. The mind of the Japanese is often an enigma. When you are the biggest, you can better afford to call the shots and for enough, size counts.
The very idea of any telecom deciding what the buyer will choose doesn't smack of smart or possible today. Not everyone is a tech guy so one talks to friends, relatives, tries out models, makes final decisions by what s/he can afford; especially in these days of tight money. A phone should easily last three years. Used just for talking and text, there is the feature phone for the cash strapped and of other interests. For those who use more of the services provide by a...
"The changes represent possibly the biggest about-face in the history of the software giant . . " says Kevin. Now is not the time for subtlety, now is the time of grand statements. Unfortunately, I am lost for words.
Android. Finally number one. Take that! Apple. Not so good at figgers, am I, but seems these numbers are way gangbusters over the volleyed android ratio to Apple iPhone, IEtc sales. Like to the moon, Alice. DED must be dancing a jig today, though modestly out of the sight of all winery' eyes, the gentleman he is. And on to the next good news of an Apple a day.
Modesty, thy name is DED, come rule the day with truth spake clear Banished tempers—pass away. The velvet mouth hath roared So clear, the voice- the beast, King Kong with tempered chest, pounds "Take that"—ill-mouthed trolls. Away!
  Thanks Fahlman, for the help. The purchase was October 2007: I think I used http://www.apple-history.com/mb_late_07 to check this out, many moons ago, and I remember 'seeing' four editions for the year- However:   Why I make such memory blunders will be my first question at the pearly/furnace gates. Obstinance keeps me trying to be a perfectionist.) But the lame duck that is my memory keeps me humble, and I am heralded for my patience- two good attributes of character,...
It was a horror going through "Apple Summation by Mikey Campbell" thingi" and I give up on the rest tonight. The bottle of scotch is much lower to my recollection from when I started. I may try again tomorrow. Hopefully, Hopefully stelligent will give me a break and won't be round to find probs with my English tonight. I'm wiped and can't remember a thing I read.   PS: who's Kasper's? Is that DED?
Google should be commended for finally seeing fit to drop Android support for the OS version that used sync by string pulled taut between two devices.   oops: taut for taught;   thanks stelligent; dang those homophone's (and I really am fair minded wot ever sxual perswasion enyone is.)
The longer Apple can keep a device updatable, the better. My MacBook 2007 (fall edition) just missed Mnt Lion. Apple released four versions of the MB that year and had I purchased three weeks later . . .    Now all my Apple products are up to date. Five years seems a good length of time. But, if progress necessitates moving on, so be it.   Yet compared to the orphanage that is manned by Android, let that lady dance to its silly tune.   Addendum: But how...
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