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Apple must take Google search on agressively - giving adverts away for free or at least just cover costs. Google has played this game before to destroy competitors. Like maps, it can build and grow and make meaningless Google's whole raison d'etre.
Google is probably making no money on these devices and going for Apple's bread and butter, its profits. Fire is the best means to thwart such an offence and Apple needs to get its own search site that charges no money for advertising (or darsh little) to do to Google what it has done to MS and is attempting to do to Apple. The gloves must come off and a grab for Google goolies by Apple is called forth.
There is but one company that produces the line in mobile called iOS. There are many who produce the lines called Android OS and there are many fractures across its lines much like a river with many tributaries that can lead the adventurer across dissimilarity climates. Both lines have their followers but only one is a club that is truly open to all its followers and that is club Apple. It is like a fraternity with a secrete hand shake. It is intrinsic to the nature of...
Funny (as in strange) that we don't hear about these kinds of adoptions, deployments, supporting with Android? It's a befuddlement. Head scratcher. Moment for pause. So many questions race through one's head in search of answers. I wonder if Android has an app to answer such queries. Of course it is not Apple's need to wonder why, so I doubt we'd find the answer in an app, from there.
Now this fine turn to the poetic form is proof that AI stands tall against the plebeian sites that purport to speak on the field of higher tech.Bow proud and long, brave Applebaum.
When everything the rich wallflower does emulates the beauty queen, to be a beauty queen, it is copy.Addendum: And where're they going to hold it? A tea room.
Androiders browses and surf? What a novel idea.
Miffed is good.
DED, this analysis is phenomenally astute. Not only do you take off the gloves, as usual, the boxers are shuttled, the boots sit in the locker, and you speak with a roar that buries the apologetic, the weak of will, who shamelessly dare to prattle on in the language of dishonesty. This report illuminates the reality that Is Apple and the disingenuous rattle that is Microsoft and its kith. It sings out in high style with a light show to dazzle even the die hard troll. I had...
  Again, thumbs icon screwed up my personal comment It said: I know they're only watching bottom lines—they're making noise that draws attention 4 others 2c.   Everything you say, Gazoo, I agree whole heatedly. Govt is become the enemy, and I do not think I exaggerate. In my country, members of parliament and provincial legislatures were drawn from many walks of life: lawyers, farmers, education and medical professions, business and artists, etc. Today, business...
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