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"Connected devices"? Like flinging s*** on the wall, blindfolded, hoping for logical connexions.
Intriguing. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble. This caldron is getting steamier.
Have lost interest in breakfast this morning.
Block the trolls, guys. Don't quote them. It's offensive to see their muck.
Why has Apple not applied earlier? I wonder if there aren't others who've patented this name to make ready coin from Apple. Or is this name intended for something other than a wristwatch, as others have speculated?
stelligent, neither British nor American am I; though either I would proudly call myself if that dang ice age some are predicting in the next twenty years buries my nation in miles, er, kilometres of ice.I suspect we both like to yap and write, to the chagrin of many. Sadly my next reincarnation predicts me coming back a member of the canine species. If I have any choice in the matter, it will be as a Corgi, (& not because the Queen has them, mine is a rescue little 'b')*...
stelligent, I agree that the use of 'brilliant' doesn't appear to fit well within the sphere of common advertising; however, there have been many choices taken in the industry that have come to symbolize a company in the eye of the consumer, and for which criticism has been an issue. 'Think Different' is one that has raised argument on grammatical terms, yet came to symbolize a well known company.The use of adjectives such as 'brilliant' for hyperbole as a rhetorical...
The use of 'i' by Apple was and continues to be a brilliant strategy by Apple. It could have gone with any letter of the alphabet, an 'a' for Apple, or 'm' for Macintosh. Were FaxSam to have copied Apple with a slew of apparatuses using 'i' after 'i' had come to be identified with Apple would be seen as desperation by even the usual trolls. 'j' or '@' or an '' symbol would be adjuncts anyone might have tried or try today. Regardless, the idea of a preceding lower case...
Clearly put.Poetry can be difficult to comprehend. Apple makes the art look simple.(I write for Hallmark.)
This is embarrassing. My note added to your post here didn't go through so looks like I supported your argument.Here is what I wrote in 100 word allowance:Headlines grab eyes—DED ain't afraid to take em on. NB.Advert 1984 was 1st thought a failure, too. . .So I shall add more. Balance in today's world seems to mean squat. The trolls take over and destroy sites. AI takes on the rubbish and is not apologetic. I call that plain old fashioned BALLs. The same kind of balls it...
New Posts  All Forums: