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So does chewing gum with one’s eyes closed.   The real problem is that the brain cannot do true multitasking. It’s is a switching on/off system of pseudo-multitasking.   I discovered this motoring through the mountains on a long tiring journey home. I had taped an “As It Happens” radio interview on the very subject and came to a busier stretch of road where traffic was suddenly coming at me and passing from behind. I had to zip back to understand little parts of the...
Apple had stupendous fluctuations after the return of Steve and great, quick gains could be had by luck and by the wise, especially by the wise who saw the patterns early. With stupendous jumps comes the trigger happy syndrome as the nervous grab the nickels as they come. The wise lie in wait. It is the law of the leopard whose game is stealth, and patience. edit: (apostrophe s doesn’t seem to work?)
How long is Thuderbolt going to last. Remember SCUSI (first iMac only had usb) and Firewire. USB3 is great and cheap. Must be for special video needs, certainly at these prices (and past history) not on my dream/desire/needs lists.
Should the man be blame or the system be questioned. If he followed the guidelines, then the guidelines must be questioned and changed. What is the hurry? Why was the first edition faulty, and then the second? What about this third one?   Maybe this event will finally get to the heart of the matter.
Thanks AI for posting this. I’d given up as CR’s site just freezes up on me and I assumed it was then only available in the US; though I did get one interesting CR interview that I lost when I hit the refresh button. Just checked YouTube and it is up there now though I don’t know for how long because on YT only fragments of Charlie Rose seem to be available. The Tim interview may be short lived, i.e., pulled, but now I have downloaded both hours to watch and study at  my...
Should Apple’s iWatch make it to the iStore and open possibility where other’s failed to tread, then for sure the great fruit company can pound its chest to proclaim: “The Spirit of Steve stands strong of will against the rabble of copy whose sails do fail the winds of change”.
Well do not let words from the mouth of an authority end your dreams. Where there is rumour, there is hope.
Apple is biding its time. Like a cougar, its pounce will be swift to successful.   Expect “Mac vs. Samsung” Ads coming to a TV in your home. I would suggest animation: a floating pig and the graceful swan.
Could Apple legally forgo its 30% cut to drop the price of books to land a kick to Bozo's goolies? Or would that be considered illegal competition? Or how about just returning the 30% back to the customer, right after purchase, the book seller getting its full return. Or does this just refer to hardcover books? Whatever it takes, something has to be done to this goon of a company.
So prestiges a spot to stand so proudly empty? I’m stymied.
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