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Won’t everyone stop picking on SamSlug. It’s suffering into late stages decrepitude and mindfogitude. It’s a misery for sure so we should all have a heart. Next fridge you need, make sure its Sams. And dying at the starting gate, whose first out of the gate in failed projects, MS or SS? Me thinks MS is tossing the goo that slapped it in the face. It’s a merry-go-aground and a farce-Wheel at the playground boys and girls. But hey, its summer. Party On.
Lot of people at AI have hearts (and brains). I love this site, its writers & its patrons. By 2012, er 2020 big changes will be coming. For the good.
Bob, your kind is becoming scarce. Adhere to your principles. :) NEWS BULLETIN: Patience died leaving Anticipation stranded on a desert island.
I’d take a dead chicken over Al Gore (even typing the name burns).Regardless she sound innocuous enough and the rad femies have their knickers in a knot over lack of lady reps at the top in the corporate world. Well, here’s one for ya.
So what to do? Can I scrap this monster (Flash) off my computer, and still get ALL videos off the net? Not just YouTube- all. I do have Safari extension Click To Flash installed. Does such allow me to jump Flash from computer. I am able to download any YouTube video directly so I can then transfer it to iTunes or save a copy on another HD; but cannot save vids from other sites though I can usually find their efforts on YouTube. YouTube is the one diamond that I...
I got bored and stopped reading after "Regarding the new allegations . . ." Hope the Chinese have a longer attention span than I.
And Martian space invasion is put off till next year because of Marian Global Warming. Riots escalate.
More desperation from the Copy King♛—On its downturn. OK boys ’n girls, Hands ready at your handles: 1, 2, Flush! Bye, bye Sam-i. ​Lie, Lying, Liest Low Market is the King! ​And Netherworld ​Flushed—new realm, In Hell’s choir, There Ye sing.   I believe that singing in hell is a bit of a misnomer for Choral Screaming.
Isn’t it kinda creepy that every holiday screams out SALES, SALES etc Isn’t their purpose for remembrance, and for families to get together and do something, together. Maybe even for a pause to thoughtful thinking? Maybe a rest from the commercial world?   No, I’m not high*,   Namaste and care, neighbours/ I mean neighbors, :) mhikl - dang my check-spell sometimes. *yet.   ​and my posts seem stuck at 432? oops, back to thoughtful thinking.
"Google hopes to be taken seriously by business . . ." Now that’s an oxymoron if ever there was a defining moment.   Sending shorts to laundry.
New Posts  All Forums: