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Apple should propose that Samsung be sent for psychological testing. That turd of a company is past despair and lewd irrelevance. Maybe its a language deficiency (in whatever language it uses to justify the space and time it takes up in every parcel of life it squanders from, to and between its prattle to court). Maybe its council needs special council assistance; I know for a fact that the deficient of mind and reason have court appointed attendants to assist in keeping...
Don’t rush out for early Easter gifts for kiddies and friends, Tim & Jon. The coin may not be as much as MS would like to think.
“It packs a 5.1-inch display, fingerprint sensor, and a heart rate monitor on the rear of device, located next to the camera."   Yes, and it comes with an attachable rubber handle to stir soup. It’s a seller.
Here's the Deal, Google!       Fits any head. Bendable for comfortable vision. The patent on the deelyboppers is surely up for grabs and gettable  for pocket change. 
Forced to rut in the mud, if that’s what modern politics takes, Apple’s got the coin to do it. Sad, though.
Great news but naysayers? nyet! Apple’s a leisurely alpine stroll picking scattered leprechaun coin as  nymphs and sprites sprinkle charm dust to lighten the way. The other guy, a warty troll drooling in envy slogging away at a dark mine that spews out lustreless pyrite. Well, it’s a job.
Apple has a hair in its eye, doesn’t meet expectations with iPhone 5c and it’s doomed. Google has an orchiectomy, gives up on Google Glass and no one seems to care. Go figger.
The patient wait in anticipation, each day a memory to treasure. The shrill shrew writes a new Dribbles of vexation.   A slippery slope to gather coin What sells makes up the matter But peace and truth lay idle by, Less meaning in her chatter.   The Apple cherished will not buy, The negative too cheap to bother. The time it takes to pass a stool Is cherished beyond this clatter.
That hand basket and hell are not treating Canada well. Et tu, Apple?
Ikrupp, tried adding my comment to thumbs up but it screws up thinking I had too many letters. Regular problem.I had four more letters  available yet got the “too many characters message”. Should have gone ‘cancel’ I guess, but retried instead & changed it to the following (56 spaces and letters):“iPad too large. Mini next for me. 13’ iPad overkill. DOA"Regardless, agree with your idea. “stupid idea” is blunt but hits gold for truth. Top podium.
New Posts  All Forums: