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There’s a lot of poignant info here, fair DED. Keep up the good fight! Let the naysayers lie in their nests. :)
Governments seem to be going too far, too fast; cocky is the nature of the overly successful. Eventually citizenry must wake up the dangers of such powers. Remember, historically every democracy prior to our age became plutocracies. It seems an almost inevitability, a natural evolution. Chomsky suggests, nay says ’tis so.
Thanks for your experience, Shaw. Article: [Nuance's technology does not handle Siri's artificial intelligence layers. Instead, the company's products simply provides the capability of Siri, or other voice-driven services, to interpret a user's voice.] Surely there is other technology Apple could purchase that would cost far less than this. However, to seem interested to drive the price up to waste Samsung’s time and money would be a ploy most corporations might entertain....
I’m too cheap to go smart phone so I hope Apple comes out with a larger 5.5 iPod touch. I love my touch but it is pretty slim for reading and surfing, net not wet. 
Am now totally Goolies free. Start Page piggybacks off Google to send out your requests so no tracking takes place and a little kick is given to the tender parts of Goolies. SP is working on Mail but will cost a bit. Meanwhile, mail.com is my preference and the adds don’t bother me though for a little coin, they are excluded. One of the best encrypted mail accounts is RiseUp but it takes a while to be accepted unless you have a couple cronies already using RU. Won’t know...
"Apple will work closely with the FDA as they develop future products,” assures that the health of nations will continue its spiral to the pits, thereby fully meeting the agenda of Big Pharma, Big Business, the Medical Mafia, (no insult meant to true, honest Mafia organisations), and of governments for all things deleterious to healthy. On this one, I am not so proud of Apple.   However, physical specs recording would be a possible value found in any such device; food,...
Apple should propose that Samsung be sent for psychological testing. That turd of a company is past despair and lewd irrelevance. Maybe its a language deficiency (in whatever language it uses to justify the space and time it takes up in every parcel of life it squanders from, to and between its prattle to court). Maybe its council needs special council assistance; I know for a fact that the deficient of mind and reason have court appointed attendants to assist in keeping...
Don’t rush out for early Easter gifts for kiddies and friends, Tim & Jon. The coin may not be as much as MS would like to think.
“It packs a 5.1-inch display, fingerprint sensor, and a heart rate monitor on the rear of device, located next to the camera."   Yes, and it comes with an attachable rubber handle to stir soup. It’s a seller.
Here's the Deal, Google!       Fits any head. Bendable for comfortable vision. The patent on the deelyboppers is surely up for grabs and gettable  for pocket change. 
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