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That hand basket and hell are not treating Canada well. Et tu, Apple?
Ikrupp, tried adding my comment to thumbs up but it screws up thinking I had too many letters. Regular problem.I had four more letters  available yet got the “too many characters message”. Should have gone ‘cancel’ I guess, but retried instead & changed it to the following (56 spaces and letters):“iPad too large. Mini next for me. 13’ iPad overkill. DOA"Regardless, agree with your idea. “stupid idea” is blunt but hits gold for truth. Top podium.
Good for the boy. With his money, why not set out to rediscover life. Looks like he enjoys more than 9-5, 7 days a week. Who can say he remembers the mad climb of the decades that end in zeros, that all seem to run together, as well as we remember our singles and teen years?
“ . . . never seen an Android tablet in the wild” probably indicating shamed closet users or have been tossed to back of sock-drawers as sleepers.
MS tried this, dancing before one's set. Apple, plodding Apple, designs behind the scene, waiting panther-like to pounce and amaze the world. Talk is cheap. Results herald the conjoined twins of time and timing.
Most Admired. Largest Profits. Humongous Bank Wad. Master Innovator. Great COO/CEO. Cuddly Designer. Stock worth Squat. Go figger.
I met a Korean, Nice man but a liar. Told me he was Chinese so I sympathised, and passed him by. Regrets are the rites of dragon slayers and now to bed, I, to lie there, to wonder how some weave their tales and face the morning.
The DED is a raging storm of intelligent thought against the swamp of despair in grotty journalism.
Blow me over, I thought this was a shower head and Apple was growing desperate. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sammy saw some possibilities here.
Really! Are there any surprises to come out of Facsimile Sam?
New Posts  All Forums: