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I met a Korean, Nice man but a liar. Told me he was Chinese so I sympathised, and passed him by. Regrets are the rites of dragon slayers and now to bed, I, to lie there, to wonder how some weave their tales and face the morning.
The DED is a raging storm of intelligent thought against the swamp of despair in grotty journalism.
Blow me over, I thought this was a shower head and Apple was growing desperate. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sammy saw some possibilities here.
Really! Are there any surprises to come out of Facsimile Sam?
Oh what a tangled web we weave,When first we practise to deceive.But Esteban has got it right,Don’t let your buns get uptight.
So the pocket hungry judge can be refused and sent home empty handed and empty pocketed we hope (little DED,dear wife and me) when he tries to snoop where his nose is not legally assigned to go. Cool.
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. " to be continued . . .
This is off topic and now buried on page 3 of AI. Tim looks terrible- I am talking skin, which is the mirror to one’s health. He looks thin, tired and terribly wrinkly for someone who is only fifty-three. I remember noting this a year or so ago but the pictures and videos of recent look even worse. My suspicions is that the man’s diet is not healthy for him. Either he eats junk food (I think not) or he is on some kind of diet that might drive him down the same spiral...
I have given up on the rumours of an iWatch. I thought and read and dreamt what such a piece of jewellery might be and all I can come up with is chafing and complaining. What with the size complaints against the iPhone and iPt, a teensy iWatch strapped to a wrist would be a godsend to the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity. However Apple, the ever clever trickster, has sent the competition down a rabbit hole. Now a nose ring or one for the ear, that might just do. A scratch...
But many predictions I have seen say that everyone who wants an iPad will soon have one and then Apple will be doomed. Once tablets (the iPad specifically) are perfected (very soon I suspect) how often will one have to upgrade his iPad? Apple seems to not orphan its equipment like the Windows of yore and Android of now. Android updating is not so obviously going to be a problem in sales as the Android OS you get is the OS you get to keep. Want a new Android OS; toss device...
New Posts  All Forums: