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SamScream's copiers are hot and ready, as usual. It wasn't as if Apple designed and had its 64 chips ready to roar in a weekend but even with Apple's roadmap, the great copier will have its hands full in this little choir. I'm sure Apple's legal teem is up and ready to roar. This side show act will be hailed as progressive by the media. SamO'Sam, charge ahead.
Does not the act scream 'DESPERATION'! As the great American philosopher, Nelson, would say, 'Ha ha'.
This sounds better. Bought the first version on sale skipping atv 2. Then bought v 3. Wouldn't be a happy camper if a new version came out every year. That would be dang poor planning on Apple's part, even at a hundred bucks a shot.
Eventually courts will have to understand the flagrant disease under which this inscrutable company works and will have to come down heavily on it. The company is pathological in its design to copy everything to make coin. This Dyson suit will be as much fun to follow as the old time carnival freak shows. How i miss the bearded ladies, and snake skin dudes; but they don't stand a chance against this clown taken to court.
This pic of CopyCatSam is on par with any Rembrandt. As I told writer, I have a copy, actually two copies, in the most important little room in the house. I can view it standing or sitting performing some major thinking whilst evacuating bad karma.
I am shocked, I tell you, shocked! The company of innovative integrity doing such a dastardly deed is beyond the fathom of belief. Well, a tiny part of a fathom anyway.
Cure for malaria? Sure hope their efforts don't go to that flake, B Gates. His interest is to find a chemical drug to make the loot to fill his pot. Check out Jim Humble at http://miraclemineral.org/ , and the podcast interview with Kim Greenhouse at http://itsrainmakingtime.com/2013/jimhumble/ for the real answer to malaria and many other diseases from a true humanitarian. What clenches the truth behind this discovery of an innocuous substance (in proportion*) is how it...
The velvet glove will not work on this willful trollop. Start with hefty fine paid to Apple, jump to sanctions, end with 'smack on head' (a trusty resort in the great white north for fools and big mouths).
1. 700 million is roughly 1/10 the worlds population. Affluence is a relative word. At least 1/10 of the world could afford a top line mobile device. (1/10 would include breadwinner(s) spouse & children with at least 1 quality device.)2. Google launched an OS to prevent anyone (Apple and MS) from domination. However, Google does everything in its power to be the dominant force in whatever it does. Stabbing allies in the back by Apple I have not read about happening. Would...
The DED's been on holidays, a rest & rejuvenation well deserved, and with new resolve is back in fighting style, renewed and vigilant in his quest for truth, honesty and etc. The heavy sword of justice is well tempered and fighting sharp. So endeth my rant. Poetry Section So much what the DED writes rings true with memories forgot, With able lance to deceptive heart or silliness, sharp is his shot. Down the latrine hold beggars, liars, their kin 'n kith be dropped, Along...
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