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Forty percent, eh? That's 2 out of five, 4 out of ten, just to get the value to sinc in for me. All the reason that Apple needs do on search what it can to drive as little of the eyeballs, aka revenue to Goolies. I believe the great search engine's drive with its basturd child was to prevent Apple from dominating mobile and to protect its resource black hole. Sort of backfired on them, eh, Apple the great eyeballer and finger licking user of data that draws in the...
Now arithmetic is not my strong suit, but isn't that $12.5145B now?
Oh joy! Goolies, a convicted patent troll. Now that is an honour I don't think we'll see Larry and friends raising before the board or in public prattling. Dang, we'll have to do it for them. So much joy on joy today. Truly, tis the wee things in life that makes the journey joyful. That and a good Polka.
I don't think so, tj. Read that it has to be a real finger, & hopefully with a pulse.
Lordy, lordy how I hope this is true. Innovation can come in small degrees and be mind blowing. Right now my iPad is without password protection because I am a lazy sod. Machete at my side is my only protection until fingerprint button comes. Then my only worry will be the safety of my index finger, to which am quite attached.
Appropriate! A cheap wheat biscuit with some chocolate sprayed on top. Not what you'd call fine chocolate. Perfect for Android, though.
I think a wearable pocket watch that could also be a clip on would be a practical rumour feed by Apple. Details such as size and thickness would help the rumour. With such info FacsimileSam could come out with one bigger but slimmer than the purported Apple pocket watch/broach.   For fun I pulled out my old watch and wore it for a week. I could not get used to the thing. Now an Apple pocket watch or maybe an Apple nipple ring, I'd give it a try.
I say bring back public spankings. That would be much more fun. 
I don't get it. Why not instead trade mark some combo term not in general use such as StormStart, iStart, UpStart, whatever. Apple is begging for trouble, but then maybe there is some method in its madness and doing this in Australia gets coverage, will not be allowed, and Apple jumps in with a more viable TM mark from its secret cupboard. Addendum. "SpankU" is my gift to Apple.
I'm more interested in the little Volkswagen Slimesung is going to slap on the wrists of the world. We need more chuckles to lighten the day.
New Posts  All Forums: