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They're correct. Cheap works sort of. Apple shoots 4the moon, then Jupiter, the stars. That is what innovation is all about. Not just slapping out junk that works, sort of (to repeat).
 I think you revert to a pre 7 backup if not happy. (clarity fix)
Evil Facebook not on any Apple  adorn. Google free I should be If iCloud to another client be worn. Sigh.
Strange, seems trolls having trouble and lengthy waits. Strange. Wonder why? :-)
Lordy, Lordy does this ever bid well for our fav fruit company. McIntosh's will soon be out and diggins will be plentiful as will its relative (sort of), the new iPhone. Yum! The new take by Apple is understood by few analysts, our AI being one of them. T-GAAP being another.
SamScream's copiers are hot and ready, as usual. It wasn't as if Apple designed and had its 64 chips ready to roar in a weekend but even with Apple's roadmap, the great copier will have its hands full in this little choir. I'm sure Apple's legal teem is up and ready to roar. This side show act will be hailed as progressive by the media. SamO'Sam, charge ahead.
Does not the act scream 'DESPERATION'! As the great American philosopher, Nelson, would say, 'Ha ha'.
This sounds better. Bought the first version on sale skipping atv 2. Then bought v 3. Wouldn't be a happy camper if a new version came out every year. That would be dang poor planning on Apple's part, even at a hundred bucks a shot.
Eventually courts will have to understand the flagrant disease under which this inscrutable company works and will have to come down heavily on it. The company is pathological in its design to copy everything to make coin. This Dyson suit will be as much fun to follow as the old time carnival freak shows. How i miss the bearded ladies, and snake skin dudes; but they don't stand a chance against this clown taken to court.
This pic of CopyCatSam is on par with any Rembrandt. As I told writer, I have a copy, actually two copies, in the most important little room in the house. I can view it standing or sitting performing some major thinking whilst evacuating bad karma.
New Posts  All Forums: