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More reason to be Google Free. Google is now my spam mail (so guess sort of not 100% free, drats). I liked the gizmo thermostat . . . now not so much. Start Page* is my search since Nov/Dec at some point. Mail.com, Yahoo, Apple my email. Much less ‘ring around the bathtub’ so somethin' good going on.   ​* Better’n Yahoo. Close on par to Google: surpasses with absent sense of the crawlies.
AZREO, I've an old SS laser copier that just keeps chugging along, never fails.Wish I knew who to thank for the great design.
Who would have guessed? L'innovation grande à la copie takes another giant step. 
Cringely suggests Apple may be strong-arming Intel into building its ARM processors as it continues to shuck its dependence on Samsung, a step that would remove the back-stabber's good lung. Truth be told, there would be dancing on all streets that lead to AI were it to be so.
Rather, tania, I see Apple hard at work over what seems not the obvious road, bringing out elegance so blindingly manifest, the media will be fain to rant that anyone can do that and Apple continues to lose its way.
 Where is  DalShabet's original post?
The sound of 'bitter' has no grander sense to the ear than to the tongue.   Of course it is (watered down!-imagine), compared to the labyrinth, behemoth that is office.   But free is free and for other than some large corp or business, iWorks has it well defined. Me thinks poor MS knows its nose is but a hair above the water line of relevance. Must be a terrible state to be in. Maybe Apple should throw its old adversary a bone and allow MS Office to sell at the...
Saw the DED at the Apple event. Talk about focused on an awe inspiring presentation over which the competition and the ScreamQueen of Copy can only drool and weep. As always, my heart and kindly wishes go out to ShockedStung.   And what is MS doing at the moment. Free and balling go together. Tears must be flowing from hyper Steve's pores.   Oh the humanity!
I'm very grateful for Samsung adverts. They move my bowels.
Naysayers bloom in this desert. I very much enjoy iOS7 over the previous iOS which now seems so cluttered. But negative seems the easy route to eyeball sales and that be what we get from common analysts. Meanwhile, back to the Apple penchant for thinking different(ly), an irritant for some, a marvel for others, choices are made and life goes on.
New Posts  All Forums: