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As clear as mud. Apple owes USGovt $74Bs? Do we need a second capital?
Even a small sep in justice lifts the weary fighter's heart. A club, shackles - nay, public spanks, not too much to ask. But as we delight in the wee treats one dreams of stocks or the pillory for the shameful one. Pillory's my preference, but whose to quibble with the delights of either.
Too little, too late for this paltry cake. Like coming to the birthday party after the guests are all gone home. Besides, this donkey's tail is a real old game so this spin is pretty lame. The clown might've tickled the little ones till he opend his mouth, but they're all safe in bed away from this gnome.
Really, who would've guessed? I do not like the term, punish. Repercussions opens a wider field of possibilities with 'punishment ' as but one resulting action. Big corporations may have questionable ethics in many areas of their business practices, but here is one field advanced by Samsung that even the most flexible thinkers might find deplorable. On the other hand, I may just be a wee bit naive.
Not nice JB. Look at big pharma. Scruple missing in the poor ethics race. Big corps anywhere do chase the money, leaving their morals in the outhouse.
Double post yet only submitted once. Sorry. Addendum. But since I yam here already: kudos to Google (spit) for at least trying to set some standards for its fellow gangsters. Samsung no learny, no copy.
Par for the course. These cats are scared, coming out of denial painfully aware that iOS's got their number and is many places to the left of their dismal trail. Hootenanny on the horizon and Androiders not invited.
When it comes to numbers, this monkey swings in the trees. However, since Apple products are mostly made in South Korea, China and Taiwan wouldn't the price be more affected by those currency swings? Of course, $US profits would still be affected I presume but Apple seems in tune to the sense of number nimbos across boarders like myself. Though, as Mike B, I am stumbled by the boarder tax across the 49th.
Love it. First United tosses guitars and a song goes viral. Now Delta pilots will be tossing Surface 2s to a new tune. Can hardly wait. 
Wondered what happened to my iTV 3. Couldn't get my controllers to work and finally tried my iPt app. That seemed to give back control  and ran the update again. Tonight an update  seemed available and after a short time all seems well, though sound doesn't seem as crisp as before. Really, Apple; having to grab a second control to manage sound is a puzzlement.   (I remember trying the micro-USB but that was a fail. Too much going on, what with the cursing, to remember...
New Posts  All Forums: