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This new look is horrific.   3 headlines are visible when the page loads on a 1680×1050 monitor   The huge amount of brilliant white hurts my eyes after 3 seconds of viewing   The font sizes are massive   Theres huge amounts of wasted space all over the page   The posts are almost the same width as the advertising making them completely illegible.   AppleInsider, after 12 years - you will no longer be on my bookmarks list. :'(
Im guessing that you'll get an identical model to the one you sent in. They will probably be refurbished stock with a new battery. I dug out my old one and ill let people know when I'm done with the whole exchange process.
Well if I linked it to youtube the title would have given the game away instantly
Hours before MacOS X Lion is expected to go live on the Appstore, footage of the Setup Assistant 'welcome' video - thought to have been removed - has been leaked!
Here we go. 2 minutes in photoshop: enjoy!
Here is how to downgrade from iOS 5 to whatever the current non beta version is. The first half of the guide is how to put it in DFU mode, and the second half is dealing with the "This device is not eligible for the requested build" error that some people get. You should hopefully only need to do the first half of the guide. http://www.you-foo.com/iphone/unbrick.php Hope that clears things up
How is this Apple/Mac releated news?
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