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I meant to quote the person above me. I was saying this is not an act of desperation as he said.
Desperation, you're crazy. That's a huge joint venture for both parties and a big win for both. I'm no Spotify fan and definitely excited for Apple has in store, but this is a smart move.
Why would he do that? Where do you come up with these ideas? Tim's purpose was to comment on a bill that was getting passed in the very near future. Tim's voice along with others appears to have been enough to get the bills revised. To do the things you suggest seem a bit far fetched and illogical.I've been seeing this comment a lot on the web. It isn't rare, and even at my wedding, to have pizza come in as a late night snack during the reception. It may not be the main...
Tim Cook was not one of the CEO's who said they were pulling business out of Indiana or Arkansas, so calling him a hypocrite is kind of silly. If he had said "we are no longer going to sell Apple products in Indiana because of this," then you would be able to call him a hypocrite for continuing to sell products in other parts of the world. Tim was clearly voicing his concern for a law in a country that he is a citizen in. It's also the country where Apple has the most...
I was excited for this until I got a small hint on what the price might be for the model I want. I messaged my buddy who is in the know at Apple and mentioned that I want the Apple Watch (middle model) 42mm, stainless steel band and he said to budget for about $1,500. I was hoping this model will be 500-600, but I'm worried it will be priced out of my range.   I'm not really interested in the Sport model, as it doesn't have a sapphire and I really want that stainless...
This sounds pretty cool, but I always felt they would just tap into the phone for this. It would be nice to have ApplePay work on a website and when it was time to pay, I just authenticate with my phone and it would transmit over Bluetooth or something. If they can make it work directly with the Mac though without the use of your phone, that would be even better.
Such exciting times to be an Apple fan. They are bringing on all sorts of talent from all corners. The future looks bright if you ask me.
I understand and your comments made me sit back and think for a minute. While it may not be hard to convince someone to buy a new Apple Watch every year, it would be hard to convince someone to buy a gold plated watch every year. Apple designed the S1 definitely adds fuel to the theory and makes a lot of sense.
I'm with you, and you definitely raise some interesting points and I'm probably to quick to judge and make my opinion known.I will be fully prepared to eat crow once we find out the details.
I apologize, processor, SIP, whatever, I look at it as a "part" and I don't see Apple upgrading parts in a tiny watch versus selling you a new one. Hopefully that clears up whatever semantics we are talking about. My opinion is based purely on Apple's actions and their business model. The watch is new territory and with new territory comes changes. We will know soon enough what Apple has planned for us.
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