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After looking at the comments on Rite Aid and CVS's Facebook pages, I wouldn't be surprised if those NFC terminals get turned back on well before CurrentC comes out. I'm not sure if there is a contractual obligation, but the fact that they were turned on before the other day complicates things. The bad PR is not going to be worth holding out for a competitor that just isn't out yet.   I'm not worried about ApplePay's future because standards almost always come out on...
I have zero issues with iTunes and have used ever since it was SoundJam. Now on Windows it's god awful but on my Mac it works great. I also use iTunes Match to listen to my music elsewhere and it works great as well. Don't use iTunes Radio as much but I turn it on when I don't feel like picking out my own music.   With that said, I've been saying for years that there is simply too much content out there to expect customers to pay for everything they want. The streaming...
And I was wrong, time to eat crow :-)
That's great news and exactly what I was expecting. So much for everyone on here who was so sure it was soldered despite Apple never saying so.
Both Mac Pro and 27" iMac both say Configurable as well and those are user installable chips.
And vice versa, just because you believe it's true doesn't make it true. We are both going to have to wait to hear the final answer. With that said, every computer that Apple sells that comes with soldered memory is referred to as onboard memory on the tech specs page and in the Apple Store configuration it mentions to make your choice wisely because it is permanent. None of those statements exist on the Mac Mini page. Looks to be just as much evidence for either party to...
Why does everyone keep assuming this? When you purchase the Mac Mini on the Apple Store it doesn't say anything about your RAM choice being permanent, but it does say that when you buy a MBA or rMBP.
I don't believe this. If you go to buy a Retina MBP on the Apple Store, it clearly reminds you that memory is soldered to the logic board and tells you to choose wisely. No such statement on the Mac Mini purchase page. It has to have the removable cover on the bottom, it's the only way into the machine!
You didn't say that, but you implied by saying that the channels you pay for are duplicates of what you get for free. I guess that could be true for what you watch, but you would be the exception, not the rule. Most of the top shows on cable are not being replayed anytime soon on broadcast television. Maybe old seasons, but not new content. Yes, you'll get the occasional game from ESPN on ABC since they are both owned by Disney, but that's a rarity.
Cable is not totally immune. Here in Minneapolis, we have 2 ISPs rolling out fiber internet (1000/1000) at the same price as Comcast in the area. It will take them years to cover the who area, but it will force Comcast to be more competitive or offer the same product.
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