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Why does everyone keep assuming this? When you purchase the Mac Mini on the Apple Store it doesn't say anything about your RAM choice being permanent, but it does say that when you buy a MBA or rMBP.
I don't believe this. If you go to buy a Retina MBP on the Apple Store, it clearly reminds you that memory is soldered to the logic board and tells you to choose wisely. No such statement on the Mac Mini purchase page. It has to have the removable cover on the bottom, it's the only way into the machine!
You didn't say that, but you implied by saying that the channels you pay for are duplicates of what you get for free. I guess that could be true for what you watch, but you would be the exception, not the rule. Most of the top shows on cable are not being replayed anytime soon on broadcast television. Maybe old seasons, but not new content. Yes, you'll get the occasional game from ESPN on ABC since they are both owned by Disney, but that's a rarity.
Cable is not totally immune. Here in Minneapolis, we have 2 ISPs rolling out fiber internet (1000/1000) at the same price as Comcast in the area. It will take them years to cover the who area, but it will force Comcast to be more competitive or offer the same product.
To say that the content you get OTA is the same as what is on cable is ludicrous. You are either just lying or you don't watch any of the shows that come on cable. OTA isn't going to have ESPN, Comedy Central, AMC, A&E, NatGeo, Discovery, etc. Now, I'm not saying that there isn't enough content on OTA to keep people happy, but it isn't anywhere close to same content you get with a traditional cable/satellite package.
No live tv, shows a day after they air, and no NFL means this is just a half assed attempt to appease users. Until you give people the exact same product that exists on cable and satellite, it just won't be the same offering.   HBO's offering isn't exactly live, but it appears online immediately afterwards the episode airs (which is good enough) and maybe that will change with their new offering next year.
I'm the say way. Since iTunes Match came out, I haven't had a 64GB iPhone since the 4S. I usually get the 16GB phone but 64GB was too much to pass up. Very smart Apple, very smart.
This certainly answers more questions. Apple is getting paid without having to get into the merchant processor business, very smart move on their part. These keeps everyone pockets lined without Apple stomping on anyways toes by getting doing merchant processing themselves.
You're credit card does not contain your address and is not transmitted during a sale. There are laws surrounding what you can and can't keep in regards to credit card info. I think it's much more likely that Wal-Mart isn't taking Apple Pay because it would require an overhaul of their equipment and Wal-Mart probably already has a game plan in place for these types of payments later down the road.
That's not true. If a retailer doesn't take Amex, then it doesn't matter if they swipe the card or use Apple Pay, it won't work. Places that don't take Amex generally don't even have the ability to process Amex cards because they never signed up to do so. Why Wal-Mart and Best Buy aren't going to adopt it is anyone's guess. I don't believe Wal-Mart's registers have NFC, so it would be a large undertaking for them to add it and Wal-Mart is a very frugal company. I hear Best...
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