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Lack of bus routes could be a major buzzkill. I recently moved to a big city and having Google Maps tell me how the bus works is a life saver.   Google Maps leaves some big shoes to be filled, hopefully Apple can pull it off.
I could see Apple reserving the Retina Displays for just the 15 inch and larger models as a selling point.   We'll just have to to wait and see.
True and I'm sure the mic is party related to it.   If I had to guess it's because they are using Dragon's technology, not their own.
For the developed markets I've been to all around Asia, $250-$300 seems pretty expensive, especially for a phone that is that old. Everyone I see has cheapo Nokias with prepaid SIMS.   I'd be curious to see what their definition of developing markets is.
Very true. Along with new maps, it would be nice to be able to download certain states, regions or countries maps directly to your phone.   I was in Thailand this past winter for 2 months and had a 64GB iPhone 4S. I would have loved to been able to download the whole maps of Bangkok to my phone considering even if you have cellular data turned off, it will still pinpoint you on the map.   I just had to load up the maps on WiFi at the hotel, zoom in and scope around the...
Apple has already been through the changing of the dock connector once. Remember years ago when they switched from FireWire powered pins to USB? Rendered a lot of devices useless.   I still have an iPod Hi-Fi boom box and while it works beautifully, my iPhone won't charge on it.
This rumors lines up well with what I've been told by a few people who are in the know. For over the past 1.5 years they have continued to tell me that a taller iPhone is the direction they will be going.   We shall see.
It's going to take a lot more than 5GB of free space to get me to switch from Dropbox. I will be curious to see how this turns out though. Another half-assed attempt by Google?
I recently moved to Minneapolis and was a happy ATT subscriber until I got up here and my iPhone drops calls all the time. Ordered the ATT iPad 3 and it didn't work well at all, very slow speeds. Returned it and purchased the Verizon model and was blown away by the better signal and speeds. ATT will probably lose me as a customer come new iPhone time.
If I had to guess the price they pay is relative to the total number of subscribers they have, but I have no idea.
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