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Apple will get a lot of value out of this acquisition, which most of it will help pay for the deal itself in a relatively short amount of time. I'd say the main reason Apple is going this route is make sure they do not get dethroned as the music leader with iTunes. This will help them stay on top and help lead them into the next generation of content with bright minds, wherever that direction may lead to.
You'd have to be an idiot to think a company like Facebook would spend all that money for a software purchase and not do what whatever they please with it.
I am all to familiar with Apple Resellers, family owned one for 26 years and it is still running under different owners these days. It's not hard to see why FirstTech is shutting their doors. First of all, 75 employees is outrageous, don't even know how that is possible.   They were also slaves to the hardware sales, which you cannot compete with Apple on that. I know for a fact they used to match Apple's education price on computers, and when they do that they would...
If Google offers to deliver my favorite ice cream, it will because I made the choice to do so. Just like I can opt to unplug my Nest at anytime if I feel Google is taking the company in a direction I don't like. I do live your creativity though. Your paranoia and creativity make for an interesting glimpse of what the future could be like.
Hey, to each their own. I definitely understand the concern and wouldn't fault anyone who is uncertain about this situation. For me, I see too much value in the Nest products. I've been through a house fire before and have lost everything, so to have a thermostat and smoke detector that work in tandem, shutting off the flow of smoke or carbon monoxide when detected, or even alerting me of smoke while I'm away from my house is invaluable to me. I just can't think of...
You know, Google if they really wanted to probably already knows when I am home or not. I use their email for my business, I use Google to search for things as well. They can easily see that a majority of my day I am operating between two IP addresses, work and home. Do you know who else can tell if I am home? Anybody who is willing to drive by my house and see if my car is parked there. Color me crazy, but I'm not worried about if Google knows if I am home or not. As we...
You'd have to be an idiot to think that Google won't be tapping into Nest's data. You don't pay $3.2 billion for a company and not tap into each and every corner of that company. I currently own a Nest and I have no problem with Google buying this company. If they want to know when I turn my heat on and when my smoke alarm goes off, more power to them. I think it's pretty comical to see all the Apple fans disown the Nest over this. I'm about as die hard of an Apple fan as...
 For a few years now Apple has been releasing their products in as many counties as soon as possible to curb people buying them and shipping them overseas and inflating the costs. If I had to guess, Apple has enough supply to give each major market a certain amount of phones. Just because they are for sale in lots of countries doesn't mean they have a ton to go around. Sometimes everyone getting a little is better than some getting all and others getting none.
Let's think logically about this. There is a reason 5S' aren't available for preorder. The fingerprint scanner is very new technology that probably has never been produced at a scale this large. It's not crazy to think that they have a short supply of these models.   Luckily my local Apple Store is setting one aside for me :-)
If I had to guess, this is probably accurate. That fingerprint scanner is probably causing the delays and these phones will be very hard to come by.
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