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This rumors lines up well with what I've been told by a few people who are in the know. For over the past 1.5 years they have continued to tell me that a taller iPhone is the direction they will be going.   We shall see.
It's going to take a lot more than 5GB of free space to get me to switch from Dropbox. I will be curious to see how this turns out though. Another half-assed attempt by Google?
I recently moved to Minneapolis and was a happy ATT subscriber until I got up here and my iPhone drops calls all the time. Ordered the ATT iPad 3 and it didn't work well at all, very slow speeds. Returned it and purchased the Verizon model and was blown away by the better signal and speeds. ATT will probably lose me as a customer come new iPhone time.
If I had to guess the price they pay is relative to the total number of subscribers they have, but I have no idea.
Is GTR and I the only ones who have noticed the pitiful director handing this movie. If the director was great I wouldn't be so worried about Kutcher. But a mediocre director with a mediocre actor who thinks the script is "Award worthy"? I don't have high hopes anymore but it's Hollywood, they aren't known for putting out decent movies anymore.
I'm more worried about the director, he hasn't really proven himself with many movies.
Yep, I'm a believer. I purchased a 4S and my business partner is using my 4. I used one of my families other upgrades for my phone but ATT told me my original contract from my 4 still stands, which means I'm not really bound to any contracts right now. I'll be selling both of them this year and picking up some shiny new Verizon models.
Recently moved to the Twin Cities and have never been so displeased with ATT. Where I lived before ATT worked fine but up here I get horrible results. I ordered a LTE ATT iPad but it wasn't any better, returned it for a Verizon model and it's amazing the difference I get. Will probably be switching to a Verizon iPhone when the next model comes out.
I'd agree with that. Both have also done well since their leader died, but Apple hasn't been around that long without him. I need to catch Furthur, those guys can't be along for that much longer
Yet they still manage to sell out a majority of their shows, including the up coming tour. With that aside, are you really comparing a multibillion dollar company with a band?
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