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I completely agree, pretty straight forward. Not everyone is going to understand every commercial. There are countless Apple commercials over the years, while Steve was around, that certain people probably wouldn't understand. As long as the commercial engages the customer and they visit the website, everything can be made sense of. What about the 1984 commercial that is so famous. I don't believe for one second that an everyday person understood what was going on during...
Good luck with that. Apple couldn't careless about partner relationships besides maybe countries where they have no presence and that will only last until they open a store in that place. /Worked at an Apple Specialist for 10 years.
I highly doubt we'll see iMac hardware in a future TV. nor do I see a way to do that and keep it at 2k. I would expect a TV to come out with one of their Ax processors, not Intel.
I don't feel sorry for them one bit. Instead of positioning themselves with a well educated staff to sell premium products, they sell computers at cost, including Apple and nickel and dime you out the door trying to sell you surge protectors and warranty plans. Consumers are getting smarter and know how to research products on their own and purchase from the lower price available. Customers don't mind paying MSRP at a local store if they experience and quality of...
Best Buy often times sells Apple products at a discount. Most times when I go into Best Buy, Apple computers are usually $100 below retail. Wal-Mart and Sam's Club both sell Apple products below retail, but not by very much. Amazon rarely sells Apple Computers at MSRP. It's very common. Apple doesn't care, no matter where you buy a Mac, it came from them somewhere down the distribution line.
It's really not that hard, especially if you're familiar with building a computer and all the hoops that come with setting up a Linux box. About 3-4 years ago I wanted a tower but couldn't afford a Mac Pro. I built a Hackintosh from the ground up with Mac OS X in mind, buying parts that were deemed the most compatible. It was a lot of fun and the computer still runs like a champ today. I'd never recommend it over a real Mac but it's a fun science project. Go over to...
Who cares, well besides you? I actually find it pretty interesting that the Sprint CEO has these comments to say about the iPhone and its competitors.
I think we'll eventually see Apple go down this road. Just like on the Mac, we don't have a separate app for photos, just iPhoto. Same with the other iApps. Think about an iPad loaded up with Garageband, iMovie, iPhone and iWork. Would be hell of a machine out of the box (although it already is).
Might be difficult to put a price on it. Everyone who worked on it was probably an employee on salary, so they were paying that person anyways. If you were to outsource this software then it would probably get pretty pricey. I'd be curious to know how long it takes to make software like this.
Let me rephrase what I meant.What I meant was that none of Apple's products will need to connect to the Windows 8 tablet so I don't see a need for iTunes. iTunes was created for Windows to hook up iPods.In no way was I commenting on what ports it will have.
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