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People who say Steve is rolling in his grave obviously don't remember Blue Dalmation and Flower Power iMacs. If I had to guess these are real. They are also very similar to the new colors in iOS 7 if you look at the marketing materials on apple.com
This is the exact reason I just upgraded my MacBook Air. I have had an 11" MacBook Air and it is my favorite Mac I've ever owned, besides the battery life. I was going to get a rMBP but with the new enhanced batteries on the 11", I went ahead and ordered a new one.
Developer access isn't required to install this one. Was that way in the past and might change in the next seeded release, but this current build can do without it.
Apple will more than likely throw the bank at Ron Johnson and make it hard to say no. I hope he returns because he will be very valuable to the retail division.
There is a lot of stupid in this thread today. Many probably don't know that Apple lets employees leave for a year hiatus if they'd like and their job will be waiting for them. Ron had no where else to go at Apple, so he chose to pursue a CEO position and it didn't work out. Both parties would be fools to not go back to the way things were.
I think TV, watches and in car entertainment are the next pushes for Apple, maybe also home automation. Will be curious to see how this plays out.
I have no doubt Apple can make a lower priced iPhone without sacrificing quality. My first 3 iPhones were made of plastic on the back and we thought those were the best phones in the world, so let's not pretend Apple has always made products out of beautiful metals and such.   The iMac, eMac, MacBook, early iPods, iPod HiFi, AppleTV are all made of some sort of plastics and they were/are quality products.
It's quite a bit different than Square. Groupon does allow for 3rd party merchants, quite a few to be exact. Groupon has created their own payment system and I'll sure they'll try to push that in the future but I highly doubt they will require it.   I've been working closely with Breadcrumb over the past 4 months to offer this to my customers. While they don't have an official reseller program, I fill that role in some way. Shoot me a private message if you need more...
Groupon really didn't launch this today. Breadcrumb has been available for almost a year now and was purchased by Groupon earlier in the spring. This is just Groupon letting everyone know that they are involved and it's their product now.   With that said, Breadcrumb appears to be a really solid product. Compared to POSLavu, which has lots of problems, Breadcrumb looks like a solid offering.   Lets hope that Groupon doesn't hinder the actual software company...
I've been satisfied with the new Maps but Apple is seriously lacking on waypoints. I was in Chicago the other day and typed in Garret's popcorn and 1 thing popped up on my iPad, which had iOS 6. Typed in Garrett's Poprcorn on my iPhone which is iOS 5 and a gazillion waypoints popped up in the city.   I am hoping though with the large amount of iPhone users that business owners will realize that their business is not being found anymore and will get it added to the...
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