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It's quite a bit different than Square. Groupon does allow for 3rd party merchants, quite a few to be exact. Groupon has created their own payment system and I'll sure they'll try to push that in the future but I highly doubt they will require it.   I've been working closely with Breadcrumb over the past 4 months to offer this to my customers. While they don't have an official reseller program, I fill that role in some way. Shoot me a private message if you need more...
Groupon really didn't launch this today. Breadcrumb has been available for almost a year now and was purchased by Groupon earlier in the spring. This is just Groupon letting everyone know that they are involved and it's their product now.   With that said, Breadcrumb appears to be a really solid product. Compared to POSLavu, which has lots of problems, Breadcrumb looks like a solid offering.   Lets hope that Groupon doesn't hinder the actual software company...
I've been satisfied with the new Maps but Apple is seriously lacking on waypoints. I was in Chicago the other day and typed in Garret's popcorn and 1 thing popped up on my iPad, which had iOS 6. Typed in Garrett's Poprcorn on my iPhone which is iOS 5 and a gazillion waypoints popped up in the city.   I am hoping though with the large amount of iPhone users that business owners will realize that their business is not being found anymore and will get it added to the...
I purchased my first shares of Apple at the beginning of my college career, around 2004/2005 I believe. I purchased right before the first split.   I've bought back in quite a few times over the years, including last year when it hit around 360 or so. I still have all my shares and plan on holding onto them for the near future. Being involved in Apple sales the past decade, I can easily see that Apple is on fire and it's not a fad as some people say.   People are...
My family has shares dating back in the 80's. We were involved in the Apple Reseller world, so we kept them through the good times and the dark times. Let's just say it's treating them very well today and have still yet to sell them.   Our financial planners still cringe when they see my portfolio, 100% Apple. I always tell him, unless you have a stock lined up that can generate me 400%+ return then I'll just stick to my own portfolio management :)
    Somebody needs to pay more attention to the sascasm tag ----------> /s
This is quite the bummer I must say. I recently switched to Verizon and while I have been happy, I was looking forward to this feature when LTE hit. Not a huge deal since I don't use it that much but definitely disappointing.
I'm sure Steve had quite a bit of influence on this design.   A good friend of mine who is high up at Apple, told me over 1.5 years ago, well before the 4S came out, that Apple would be going with a taller screen, not a wider screen. Sure enough, he was right.   Haters gonna hate.
I'm very curious to see how a 4G iPhone affects Verizon Android sales. That's probably been Apple's biggest detractor on Verizon's platform. Many people aren't willing to sacrifice speed, but they won't have to much longer.   Next iPhone is going to be huge!
  It's been like this for a long time, especially at the busier stores. I've always had to make appointments and rarely could just walk in and get something done.   With that said, yes this guy sucks and I have lost all faith in him being able to handle this role.
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