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Not sure what Wall Street you're referring to but AAPL is up $12 since closing on 9/5 and is up $6 so far just today.
  The big issue is that Amazon's "ink" fits everybody else's "printer" so why but their printer that only works with their ink? You always hear about Apple's "walled garden" but outside of theming the device (which just slows it down), everybody else's services work on the iPad. On the iPad I can consume Amazon content, B&N content, Google content, Hulu, Netflix, etc, etc. Heck even Microsoft has a healthy selection of Apps for the iPad including SkyDrive, Bing, OneNote &...
 Take it from someone who reduced his data plan on his iPhone from 4GB to 300MB because I picked up a 4G LTE Hotspot device, that 300MB is not much and I used it before mid-billing cycle and went back to 3GB/month. A 250MB/month for a LTE device will be nothing and I wonder what overage charges are if they even let you go over.
Big problem with Amazon's business model is their Fire's are ad-supported (on lock screen) and they are banking on purchasing of their own content. If their content was exclusive to their own devices, this wouldn't be an issue but they released apps for their content on their competitors devices. I mainly bought my Kindle Fire for the Prime Video Marketplace but then they released the app for the PS3, Xbox and the iPad! Sadly my Fire now just collects dust. Another...
It went from a "delivery" date of March 16 to a "ship" date of March 19. Since it takes roughly 5-7 days to be delivered from Shenzhen, China, it's about a two week slip.
Some more codenames... iOS 4.2.x CDMA - Phoenix iOS 1.1-1.1.1 - Snowbird iOS 1.1.2 - Oktoberfest iOS 1.1.3-1.1.5 - Little Bear iOS 4.0 AppleTV (displayed 4.1) - Mojave
The root password that is highly recommended you change should you perform a jailbreak and install Terminal.app and/or openssh
Well I guess the opposite could be used against you. What source do you have that 1.0 is codenamed Alpine? I'll wait. As a matter of fact, the "list" that this very article mentions from Twitter has "Heavenly" as the second item in the list. Something this article conveniently omits. EDIT: I'll correct myself. 1.0 was Alpine but never saw public release. 1.0.0 was Heavenly and was included on the original iPhone upon public release.
And what would you have taken...hmmm The only place that ever mentioned Alpine was MacRumors. Period.
Certainly... Heavenlyhttp://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/index....A543a_(iPhone) Alpinehttp://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/index....1A420_(iPhone)
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