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Not at all. I believe that my ideas and philosophy are probably closer to that of somebody like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, where it is more about the content of a person's character, rather than about the color of their skin, while the average modern day liberal is closer to somebody like Al Sharpton, where it's all about skin color, 24-7, 365.
White people who go around calling each other niggas deserve to be called wiggers, wiggas or whatever other terms anybody decides to call them, because they're idiots, and idiots do not deserve the respect of others.
 It's not a big deal really. I'm used to it from his kind. He is one of those liberals that will always have a kneejerk response to many of my posts, and this isn't the first time that he's made such claims about me.
 I'm probably one of the least racist people on this entire forum. I will discriminate against everybody equally. The racists are the people who constantly use that racially charged word in their everyday conversations, no matter where they are or what situation they are in. I have no problems with spelling out the entire word. I do hear it many times a day after all, often coming from small children with horrible parents obviously, but forums have different policies, and...
 I don't fully agree. How many of that group was it that voted for Obama again?  As for the N word, or whatever somebody chooses to call it, I hear that word used all of the time, basically every day, and it's either coming out of the mouths of black youths or white youths, who basically pretend to be gangsta rappers and wannabe thugs. Other groups also use the word, like hispanic youths, mexican youths etc. If somebody acts and dresses like a thug, then the chances are...
 Actually, the recent liberal mass purging of all things confederate can be compared to Nazi book burnings that took place in the twentieth century. 
Apple has been practicing discrimination lately and I don't like that they jumped in on the liberal kneejerk hate bandwagon recently when they pulled certain apps and things that had the confederate flag in them. So what if there was a shooting? Stuff happens. I'm not even from the southern states, but I found that to be very hateful on Apple's part and on the part of other liberal organizations that engage in and participate in discrimination and hate censorship. I even...
I've never had a use for this music streaming feature, but can't somebody just have their music on iTunes Match, and then any device that they have will be able to stream that music?
Agreed. Greece gets no sympathy from me. 
That's exactly one week before Apple earnings. I'm not surprised that the new iPod Touches will not have Touch ID though, which is kind of ironic, since they're called iPod Touch afterall.
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