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Except the oceans are vast and deep, lots of things could be swimming around there.
There is no Loch Ness monster, and I question the sanity of anybody who believes otherwise. It's all superstition and probably good for tourism.   It's a lake. The chances of a big sea creature existing there, swimming around for ages and ages without ever showing itself, or without anybody ever being able to clearly photograph or film it is close to zero. And no, fuzzy and grainy photographs do not count, and they're as legitimate as UFO hoaxes.   Where are the dead...
 The derailments thing is only hyperbole, but I wouldnt be shocked to see them having some problems stemming from the usage of Android. We all know that Android is the least secure OS out there, with plenty of malware and viruses going around. Would I want to buy a ticket and give my personal info and card info to some clueless person entering that info on their Android device? I think not.
I haven't travelled on any Swiss Railways yet, but it's only natural to conclude that customers from now on will experience more delays, interrupted service and maybe even a few derailments, since saving a few pennies is their main priority.   I can understand certain people choosing Samsung, such as people on welfare, and people who don't have bank accounts, but there is no excuse for any business to be choosing Samsung. That tells me all that I need to know about that...
I'm definitely getting the new iPad whenever it comes out.   I was hoping for some kind of iPad Pro, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen this year, so I'll just have to settle for the iPad Air 2.   And for whoever is whining about iPads in this thread, you're obviously insane and your opinions are irrelevant, as you are in the extreme minority. Maybe your fingers are too fat, and maybe you should put your fingers on a diet. 
Correction to your correction. The mini retinas for $419 are the 32GB model. The mini retina mentioned in the article for $339 appears to be gone already. Apple refurbs sell out quickly.
Excellent deal!   And Apple refurbs are as good as new.
Do it!   I actually own a tiny bit of Yahoo stock, and yesterday was a damn good day for Yhoo!
 I didn't know them to begin with, but each time I used them, I would have to look them up, and eventually I just ended up memorizing a few of the ones that get used on a daily basis. I saw that 1password is currently half off, so who knows, maybe I'll eventually switch over from my manual method.
 Yes, every password is unique. I just keep track of them manually using secure notes on my Mac. When something gets changed or added, I just open the note and change it. I have passwords for plenty of sites too, but there are only a small percentage that actually gets used very often. And for those sites that are important that I might visit very often, like a trading account, those passwords are remembered in my head, even though they might look like this: #3ab23&ksl78Dd7.
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