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I think that it comes with the territory. When somebody signs up for a Facebook type site or a Google type site, then they accept that their private information will be shared and they will be tracked. I believe that malware pre-installed on cheap Android tablets is not surprising at all, and the people who buy some super cheap, crappy device should accept malware and security flaws as a normal thing.
 I would say that that's their problem for not being aware.  Those types of people have always existed and they will continue to exist. If this were a previous century, those same people would probably be lining up to buy snake oil from a traveling salesperson.
 There have been some crazy deals on iPads recently. A typical Android user could afford one, if they wanted to. Even an older iPad is heaven compared to brand new Android devices.
 I've mentioned that before, and I believe that partially explains why many Android users don't care much about security at all. They have nothing much worth stealing! I wonder what percentage of Android users even have a bank account to their name? The percentage of them that have a credit card to their name is obviously even lower than that. If I were a hacker, I wouldn't even bother to hack into any Android devices. Surely, I have better and more profitable things to do...
I disagree. Shame on Android users for being cheap bums and demanding cheap, useless junk. And shame on Android users for actually buying said junk, contributing to massive amounts of waste and pollution, since most of the junk products will probably soon end up in a landfill somewhere. Shame on Android users for dragging the whole tech industry down into the gutter. The retailers are merely in it to sell products and to make a buck. That there is demand for such garbage...
 You basically just described the average Android user right there.
How does that saying go again? You get what you pay for!   I don't feel sorry for anybody who is ignorant and buys one of these cheap Android tablets.
 What else are you expecting? This is Apple, they're not going to have some insane, ridiculous discount.  A 50 dollar gift card is what you'll get for buying an iPad through Apple. If you want a bigger discount, go to a third party retailer, like Target, and get a 140 gift card.
I like Pioneer, and I've owned a few pioneer things in the past, but this is just for a cheap tv in a room that's not too large. The Yamaha bar I was looking at is around $250 online, but I can get it cheaper at Costco for around $150. I'm not willing to go much higher than that for this particular tv that I have.
Samsung is being squeezed from both ends. Apple on one end, and all of the other cheapo phones on the other end! I'm loving it! It's time to tighten the vice and squeeze even harder!   Perhaps Samsung should invest some more billions and make some more attack ads, insulting Apple users. That is an effective strategy and it's been working out great for them.   I was looking for a soundbar this weekend to get for a tv that I have, and I found a really good deal online,...
New Posts  All Forums: