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I think that the new Apple TV is going to be the biggest thing to get excited over when Apple has their next event soon. The iPhone is not going to be a huge surprise. It'll be better and faster than the current iPhone, and it'll have Force Touch.   There are many more unknowns regarding the Apple TV. What's it going to look like? Is it going to have an app store? Will SIRI be built in to it? Will it be a gaming console also?
 My opinion is that today's "entitled" youth and wusses that are out there can go and screw themselves with their perverted entitlement mentality.  I also think that this storage issue is not really a big deal, because I believe that in the worst case scenario that somebody eventually finds out that their phone storage is too little for their needs, then they will simply opt for a larger capacity the next time around. 
What a joke.
 The situation now is not any different than it has been for many decades with Apple devices and computers. The entry level model will almost always represent the bare minimum, and it's up to the consumer to choose and buy the right model that fits their wants and needs. It was no different when I bought one of the first iMac machines back in 1998 or a PowerBook a few years after that. Choosing the lowest model always comes with certain compromises.
 True. To be honest, if I were to purchase a brand new iPhone, I'd probably go for the 16 GB model, because I know exactly what I need, and I don't need to store a lot of things on my phone. Buying a larger capacity model would be a waste for me.
Agreed. The argument from the cheapo people is even less valid now that Apple has eliminated the 32GB model from their lineup, and they went straight to 64 GB from 16 GB. For only $100 more, somebody could get 4 times the storage space if they want it or need it. Before, that same $100 would only grant them twice the storage space, from 16 GB to 32 GB.
The people whining that the base model should come with at least 32 GB are cheap, ignorant and selfish.   16GB is enough for many people. There are many users who do not store a lot on their phone, and with the countless streaming options available today for music and video, 16 GB is just fine for many people. 8 GB, which Apple had on the lowest iPhone 5C models is perhaps a bit tight, but 16 GB is more than adequate for many people.   If somebody needs more storage...
Thanks. I'm on scottrade too, and yeah, it was very slow this morning, unusable. It took me ages just to make one trade. I was worried that when I placed a market order, the price would increase or decrease by many dollars by the time that the trade executed, since it was taking so long to confirm the trade.
Thanks. I'm sure glad that I dumped them all right at the highs of the day. I see that NFLX is around 96-97 now. 
It was only in the hundreds of shares, not thousands, so it wasn't huge or anything like that, and it's probably peanuts compared to what others trade, but it was definitely my best 1 day trade ever. I never had a stock go from 94 to 109 in the matter of a few hours before, and I've never earned more in 1 single day trade than what I did with NFLX today, so I'm pretty happy about that. 
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