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The USA was being very nice and compassionate, because originally, other more valuable and important cities to the Japanese were supposed to be targeted. 
That's what I read also on multiple sites. So if that's not the case, then many sites reported that wrongly.
Ah, so you're one of those types. So, it's the US that's the terrorist right?  Well, I certainly hope that there are many, many more "victims" soon, the more, the better.
 Yeah, I guess that can be argued, anything can be argued, but I don't agree with it. Indiscriminate basically means random, and that's not the case.
They willingly and knowingly decided to break the NDA and now they must live with the consequences of their actions.   Was it really worth it though to sever their relationship with Apple over one little product like an Apple TV?   What about all of the future products that they will miss out on now? Apple should never, ever grant them access to any products again.   Anyway, I don't really care. That's their problem. 
 That's a bunch of baloney. This app wasn't pulled for a random reason, just because somebody felt like it. Apple has their specific reasons for denying and pulling certain apps. If an app developer chooses to make an app that might be controversial, or politically controversial, then they are probably taking a risk. If somebody wishes to gamble on something, then they would be wise to choose something that gives them decent odds. I would venture to guess that apps of this...
Probably not, because I believe that there's a 2 GB app size limit set by Apple. Those people are real busy, committing atrocities just about every single day.
Being a terrorist can be quite harmful for their friends and families. It comes with the territory. It's a high risk job.
 1. No. Everybody knows that Apple has their rules which they go by and this isn't the first app to be denied or pulled from the store and it wont be the last. Some of the liberals on this forum are just upset because they happen to agree with the message of the app and they don't like seeing the app pulled. Had the app been of a different political persuasion and intent, then they would be cheering the decision to have the app pulled. 2. I do actually find pleasure from...
Victims, schmictims. I bet that the majority got exactly what they deserved.     I'm glad that this kind of liberal propaganda is not allowed on the app store. Two thumbs up for Apple from me! 
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