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 I read it correctly. It is you all who are mistaken.
 I've never been big into phones. I couldn't even tell you the names of some of the prior phones that I used. I had a couple of motorolas back in the day, a couple of Nokias and a few others that I don't even remember which brand. What model or name I had, I have no idea, because it never interested me. I just used a phone as a phone back in those days.
 You're correct. I just looked it up and it appears that the A7 in the Air is running at 1.4 Ghz, and the A7 in the Mini Retina is running at 1.3 Ghz, so a very small difference, but nonetheless a difference. It seems that Apple is going to widen the gap further between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini Retina 2, and I see no problems with that.
 I'm not just talking about phones, but about tech and computers in general. Before phones it was Mac VS PC.  And yes, I am not that fond of Fandroids, I have never tried to hide that.
 I agree. If the models are equally as powerful, then Apple should raise the price of the Mini. It doesn't make sense to offer an Air for $500, when an equally as powerful Mini is $100 cheaper. Hell, they could even be the same price, if you ask me.
 Well, the Mini Retina is cheaper, and I always found it strange that it was equally as powerful as the Air. In my opinion, the larger model should always be a little better and a bit more powerful.
Since I'll be getting the Air 2, this rumor sounds good to me!   The more power and more ram, the better!
 I'm sorry, but that is just factually incorrect, because I know of at least one person who cares, me.  I'm pretty sure that there are others too.
 My comment had nothing to do with Dubai at all. My comment had to do with somebody who was criticizing the old link that I posted.
 There's also another scenario. Both of us are reading monstrosity's comment perfectly well and understood exactly what he meant, however, one of us is misreading Apple ]['s comment.
New Posts  All Forums: