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Correction to your correction. The mini retinas for $419 are the 32GB model. The mini retina mentioned in the article for $339 appears to be gone already. Apple refurbs sell out quickly.
Excellent deal!   And Apple refurbs are as good as new.
Do it!   I actually own a tiny bit of Yahoo stock, and yesterday was a damn good day for Yhoo!
 I didn't know them to begin with, but each time I used them, I would have to look them up, and eventually I just ended up memorizing a few of the ones that get used on a daily basis. I saw that 1password is currently half off, so who knows, maybe I'll eventually switch over from my manual method.
 Yes, every password is unique. I just keep track of them manually using secure notes on my Mac. When something gets changed or added, I just open the note and change it. I have passwords for plenty of sites too, but there are only a small percentage that actually gets used very often. And for those sites that are important that I might visit very often, like a trading account, those passwords are remembered in my head, even though they might look like this: #3ab23&ksl78Dd7.
 Me. I just haven't gotten around to it yet I guess. The passwords that I choose are extremely secure though. They're long, they use all sorts of strange characters, numbers and capital/small letters when possible, and they're not going to be guessed by any dictionary. I just keep track of them manually. It doesn't really bother me doing it that way, because I'm used to it and have been doing that for years, but I guess that I might eventually get a password manager one...
 I don't think that iPhones are too expensive, but I do think that cell plans are a rip off.
 I've been there before on vacation, and also to Sweden and to Denmark etc. Yep, it's a pretty expensive place. I also noticed that Apple products are very popular there. I saw iPhones everywhere and plenty of iPads too, even though there's no official Apple store in that country. I was staying in a cabin for a week there, and some guests came, and I had just gotten a new WIFI hotspot, and out of the approximately 10 people that were in the cabin, there were about...
The price mentioned was Italian I believe, and I checked quick and it seems that VAT is 22% in Italy. I personally wouldn't buy a 5c either, but that's besides the point I think.
 That seems like a fair price for euro people, after you subtract the 22% VAT, other various fees and the conversion rate.
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