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 I think that the point of loops depends upon who you ask. There are plenty of adults who make copy & paste music using loops. I would venture to guess that children are in the minority when it comes to loop usage. I am not 100% against all loops. I sometimes use some sort of drum loops, that get chopped up. Drums are atonal, so that makes it ok in my view. I just don't like musical loops, using pre-made riffs, notes and chords that were played by somebody else.
I don't really use garageband much anymore, and I'm also not a big fan of pre-made musical loops. It leads to lazy people making lazy, generic, boring sounding music. It's like writing a book using a program or app that allows people to copy and paste using pre-written paragraphs and sentences, without having to come up with an original thought or idea by themselves. It takes no talent at all.   I'm liking Korg Gadget right now. That's one of my favorite music apps at...
 That's what's so great about it, it's so simple, and no third party software is required. (1) Hook up your iPad to your Mac via lightning/usb cable (2) In Quicktime, choose new Movie Recording. Select iPad as video and audio source, then hit record! That's all there is to it, and the quality is great and super smooth.
Apple Pay is better. Anybody can steal that card and use it right? What if somebody loses their wallet? Same thing. Anybody who finds it, can immediately use the card it seems. Also, the limit on it seems real low. And I think that all of the transactions are not private, so the retailer will have records of your transactions I believe. Apple Pay is private. Maybe I'm missing something, but that card seems less secure than a regular debit or credit card. If somebody loses...
By the way, I tested that Vainglory game a few days ago.   It's not my usual genre of games that I play, but it was actually pretty cool. Very nice graphics.
I love how you can do iOS screen recording direct into Yosemite now!   I hooked up my iPad direct into a Mac with a lightning cable a few days ago, and the quality of the capture was great. The game was captured in almost 60 frames per second on the Mac! Super smooth and highly detailed!   I tried a few other methods before, that all involved third party apps and over WIFI, and they were all crap! 
I remember all of the idiots and morons last year saying that Apple was in trouble, because of Samsung. Clearly, those people were clueless fools who don't understand a single thing about Apple.
 You must be kidding. This site is swarming with Android infiltrators and other types who clearly do not like Apple. I will continue to ridicule, mock and speak not too highly of what I think of Apple's competitors, various copycats and other companies out there. Samsung and others are probably busy making new attack ads right now against Apple and Apple users. Screw them all!
Other people's misfortune makes me happy.
Just passed 116 a few minutes ago!   The last time that I picked up some AAPL was a couple of minutes after they released their last earnings report, and AAPL has been in beast mode ever since!   And of course the iPhone represents the majority of Apple's revenue, but even without the iPhone, Apple would still be a very successful company that other companies would envy.   But who cares about hypothetical nonsense? The fact remains that Apple does have the iPhone,...
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