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Which photos do you mean?
Awesome! I've always been a proponant of Apple conducting thermonuclear war against Android. This is what Steve Jobs wanted.   Android manufacturers are certainly feeling the hurt nowadays! Now it's time to go biological and chemical also! Wipe them out! Don't spare anything! I want to see them hurting even more.    It's hilarious how Fandroids always talk about the billion+ activations, but who really gives a crap? Most Android manufacturers aren't making much money....
Speculation much?  I've never sued anybody before, so I'm going to have to disagree with your "conclusion". I have demanded that certain people get fired before though, in a few circumstances.
I'd rather not get specific, but no, I don't live in Harlem.
I don't have any medical condition that I am aware of. I consume cannabis simply because I like it, much like somebody else might enjoy a cold beer or a drink every once in a while. As for smoking it or not, the good thing about cannabis is that there are multiple methods for consuming it. If somebody prefers not to smoke it for whatever reason, then vaping is a popular alternative, and some people like edibles. I am also tall, so I know what you mean about cramped airline...
 Nope, I didn't prepare for Hurricane Sandy either. Certain areas and locations in the city were higher risk than others, and my area didn't have much to worry about, which turned out to be correct, as nothing special happened in my area.  After a few blackouts in the past, I am already stocked up on certain supplies such as flashlights, batteries and a few other items, but I don't need to make any special preperations anymore whenever the scaremongering media and...
I've bought and sold AAPL so many times that I couldn't even tell you the total number. Sometimes I trade AAPL and make quick trades and sometimes I hold it for a lot longer. I am glad that I was a bit cautious a while back, because the huge drop that seemed to go on forever left me unscathed.
I see what you mean, I guess that it can be interpreted both ways. Is there any such thing as a neutral third party though?  I wish that all Apple haters would also put their money where their mouths are. I advise all Apple haters to go out and immediately short AAPL. I would respect them more if they did, because 99% of them are full of crap.
Sounds good to me.
 Some of my best and most coherent posts are written "under the influence". 
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