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I have that app, it's by Phillips. It's called vital signs.
 I'm just telling the honest truth from my perspective. And I don't have to be nice to the enemy, because I didn't start the war.
 I haven't mentioned anything about any heart rate monitor yet, but I'll give my 2 cents now. It's not always about what features a phone has, but how they work is also important. Take Touch ID and compare it Samsung's version. Touch ID is miles ahead of Samsung's version. I do know this. If Apple is going to be releasing their health app soon, then I'm pretty damn sure that whatever features Apple will include in their new phone will be way better than whatever Samsung...
I have a lot of music apps, so i liked that ad!   I can't imagine anybody who calls themselves a musician ever using Android for any musical purposes. They would either have to be one of those paid liars by Samsung, either that or a complete imbecile. I've mentioned this before, but music creation is just terrible on Android.    If you are a Fandroid and you're thinking of replying to this post, then don't even bother because I will save you the trouble. Music creation...
What else would anybody expect from that company?   I wouldn't be surprised if they killed people to further their "business", like the Mafia.
I've been following Cosmos, but I haven't seen the last episode yet. Obviously, there's something that I'm missing here.
Expert witness my ass.   Sounds more like paid liar.
 `I'm 100% serious. I don't see how any informed person could possibly claim to be a fan of Apple and another company which leeches and copies from Apple.  If these confused people were diagnosed with a tape worm in their intestines, would they claim to be a fan of the parasite, while it's eating away at them?
 That's ridiculous. A person can't be both. That's like rooting for the allies and the axis at the same time.
 I haven't played the particular games that are being talked about here, but I do know that sometimes certain console or pc games can be even better on an iPad, precisely because of the touch screen controls. Of course, that doesn't apply to all games. It depends.
New Posts  All Forums: