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Nobody forced them to break the law, invading another country's sovereign territory, and scamming money and benefits that they are not entitled to. It is a very disrespectful and rude thing to do, not to mention criminal and also quite sleazy. And I am of the belief that respect is a two way street. A country without borders isn't really a country. You might as well add my picture to your dictionary also.
 I am assuming that practically everyone born here was born to non illegals. Did you know that the US is one of the few western nations on the planet to have such an insane law? I just checked on Google, and only the US and Canada has such an insane law, no other western countries on the planet has it! The few that did have it all repelled that crazy law. It's insane that any living being on the planet can simply make their way to the USA, then find a way to break in...
Who mentioned anything about Iraq? I was referring to terrorist coverage in general, in a variety of places. Numerous times, it has turned out that the "innocent" are not quite as innocent as certain fraudsters would like you to believe.
Not all laws are right or just of course. Bad laws should be changed. Children born to illegals should not become citizens, so that is something that should be changed, however that's the law at the moment, unfortunately.
The war against all Islamic terrorists and all those that show even minimal support for them.
 I'd rather not be watching the same "facts" being repeated over and over again in an endless loop, such as showing the same clips of a few supposed dead civilians, mostly because it is irrelevant.
 I would disagree that dictatorships are antithetical to most leftist politics. The two often go hand in hand. I've never claimed that the USA is at war with Qatar. I am talking about the greater war, the bigger picture.
 I believe that the law says that any child born in the US is a US citizen, so I guess I can't argue with that. So the children are fine, but their illegal parents should be thrown out, because I believe that's also the law. So I am for following the law in both cases. What the illegals choose to do with their US citizen child, is up to them.
There seems to be some of those on eBay also, from various years.
I actually found that Apple backpack on eBay right now, but they want $250, and that's too much. I'd pay $100 for it.
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