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It is unwise of me to post anymore, because last I checked, about 1.5 weeks ago, I was banned, and now it seems that I am not. Maybe there's a new moderator in town, because I will most likely get multiple infractions again and my posts deleted if I post anything, so I'm not going to waste my time sharing my thoughts and insights on this topic, only to see them deleted. Perhaps I will post again sometime in 2016 if I deem the forum atmosphere to be safe and fair.  
 Scalpers should be tased, I don't have any problems with tasing scalpers. I witnessed the whole thing first hand when I was standing in line at two different Apple stores a few years ago, when trying to get an iPad 2. I never ended up getting any iPad on that day from any Apple store, thanks in large part to the scumbag scalpers. I even wrote Steve Jobs an email about it at the time, because I was extremely pissed, to put it mildly. Why shouldn't scalpers be ejected from...
Apple is just killing it on the CPU & GPU front lately. Present day iPhones and iPads are pretty damn powerful, can you imagine how powerful iPhones and iPads will be next year and the following year?   And no, not even an ignorant and delusional Fandroid holding their brand new pathetic 8 core Android phone will change that fact. Everybody else should just throw in the towel. They are no match for Apple.
 Big deal. That's not exactly uncommon and I've been in a store like that before too, and have experienced the same thing on occassion. Theft is a problem in a lot of stores. I didn't cry racism and I didn't go out and start a group called "#Apple ][ lives matter" either. Racism is no longer the boy who cried wolf, it's the boy who cried wolf multiplied by a million. I just don't take any claims of racism seriously anymore. The whiners have used up all of the cards in...
 I don't work in an Apple store, but I think that the waiting time figures are vastly exagerrated and are likely far from the truth.
What a bunch of pussy employees, with their "demeaning" bag checks rhetoric!   If it's so 'demeaning' to you, then go find another job that is more suited to your spectacular talents!   This is yet another lawsuit in a long line of totally frivolous lawsuits brought against Apple, and I'm glad to see that there are still a few competent judges around at least.   Didn't I just read about some Apple store employee in New York recently who stole millions worth of gift...
 I read that there is a slight texture to the screen, is that true? I read that when you draw on it, it sort of feels like a pen or pencil on paper.   When the Disney artists tested the iPad Pro, they said - Interestingly, the artists commented that the device's screen surface has "tooth," or textured roughness, to augment drawing feel.   I wonder if the screen texture is very different from the previous iPads, and how it feels when just using fingers and not the pen....
I think that you're wrong about that. I for one couldn't care less for the keyboard. I don't even do graphic design, but I would definitely buy the Apple pencil to go along with the iPad Pro, just to have it, since they work together. It's a no brainer. I think that quite a few people who buy the iPad Pro will also be getting the pencil to go along with it. It wouldn't even bother me if Apple didn't make the keyboard at all.
The iPad 2 was the first iPad that I ever bought. I gave mine to a family member years ago, and they're still using the iPad 2 and it still works fine for all of their needs.   iPad sales may have declined slightly, but iPad usage has certainly not declined. iPads are so great that people are using them for years and years and years, and they still work good. The same can not be said for other junk tablets that have a life span of a mosquito.
No issues here that I've noticed.   The only time that I have to sometimes repeat a Touch ID login, are when my fingers aren't 100% dry, such as after exiting a shower. The solution of course is to have dry hands and fingers before using Touch ID.
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