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 Yes, every password is unique. I just keep track of them manually using secure notes on my Mac. When something gets changed or added, I just open the note and change it. I have passwords for plenty of sites too, but there are only a small percentage that actually gets used very often. And for those sites that are important that I might visit very often, like a trading account, those passwords are remembered in my head, even though they might look like this: #3ab23&ksl78Dd7.
 Me. I just haven't gotten around to it yet I guess. The passwords that I choose are extremely secure though. They're long, they use all sorts of strange characters, numbers and capital/small letters when possible, and they're not going to be guessed by any dictionary. I just keep track of them manually. It doesn't really bother me doing it that way, because I'm used to it and have been doing that for years, but I guess that I might eventually get a password manager one...
 I don't think that iPhones are too expensive, but I do think that cell plans are a rip off.
 I've been there before on vacation, and also to Sweden and to Denmark etc. Yep, it's a pretty expensive place. I also noticed that Apple products are very popular there. I saw iPhones everywhere and plenty of iPads too, even though there's no official Apple store in that country. I was staying in a cabin for a week there, and some guests came, and I had just gotten a new WIFI hotspot, and out of the approximately 10 people that were in the cabin, there were about...
The price mentioned was Italian I believe, and I checked quick and it seems that VAT is 22% in Italy. I personally wouldn't buy a 5c either, but that's besides the point I think.
 That seems like a fair price for euro people, after you subtract the 22% VAT, other various fees and the conversion rate.
 Android hatred is not bullcrap, it's common sense. Everybody else is in the race to the bottom business. Apple doesn't participate in that losers game. And if you believe that they are the same type of devices, then just go and buy an Android phone, problem solved.
They're desperate and they're trying to unload their phones. What that has to do with Apple, I have no idea.   Apple is not desperate. Apple makes quality products and prices them accordingly. If anybody feels that Apple's products are too expensive, then buy something else.
 I don't see what that has to do with anything. Apple is not competing with others on price. Are iPhone imitations cheaper than the real deal? Yes they are.
 Your math is off, because Apple is not responsible for ridiculous VAT and other extra fees added on by various governments. Blame the crappy governments for that, not Apple. In certain countries, Apple products will always be much more expensive than elsewhere. Ask somebody in Brazil what they think of iPhone prices.
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