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Whatever Apple is doing, they need to simply things.   There's iCloud Photos, then there's My Photo Stream, then there's iCloud Photo library Beta! Should I have them all on? Only some of them?   What the hell! That is too confusing, and I don't have the time or desire to figure such crap out!   I still use dropbox when I just need to store something in the cloud and have it accessible by all my devices.
 It's not just about this case. I just didn't want to see AAPL fall below the 50 day, which was 108 something.
The truth is that I am doing just fine in the market, even though I've only been at it a few years now. And that's what's important to me, real world results. Not posts on a forum.
 True, saying Christmas is verboten now, according to many people. That's why I still say Merry Christmas, and not happy holidays to people, because my hope is that they will be offended.
It was a statue I believe. Russia can't stand gay people.
 Not at all. This case was in the past, when there was DRM. There is no longer DRM on any iTunes songs. It is idiotic for RealPlayer to sue Apple, because Apple made it so that their DRM hack no longer worked. Screw RealPlayer, and apparently, the jury thought the same.
I know perfectly well how the market functions.  Are you claiming that news, either good or bad, never influences stock prices? You would be wrong. I'm not claiming that this news has any particular effect, but stock price is a combination of many things and events.
I like that song.
Good!   Apple should obviously raise prices, to reflect the current, correct exchange rate.   Apple should raise prices globally, in all countries that require a change.
Absolutely not. Anybody who used Real Player and bought a song from them, should not be allowed to play it on Apple's devices! Realplayer has some damn nerve! They hacked Apple's DRM, and then they got upset when Apple put a stop to that! Anybody who bought a crappy product that hacks Apple's DRM deserves nothing. This case is similar to a damn thief who made a copy of a key to your house, and then the thief sues you because you went and changed your lock!
New Posts  All Forums: