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No issues here that I've noticed.   The only time that I have to sometimes repeat a Touch ID login, are when my fingers aren't 100% dry, such as after exiting a shower. The solution of course is to have dry hands and fingers before using Touch ID.
Android and Fandroids are all about the specs, so why can't somebody, somewhere, just release a 16 core Android phone with 8 GBs of Ram?   The actual speed, real world performance or battery life of such a device is hardly important. Let's not concern ourselves with trivial matters here. What is of importance are the specs, and those specs ought to make at least a few Fandroids feel better about themselves, for a short while at least.
 I like that line. 
I've probably said this before numerous times, but if I owned any type of business that had employees, I would forbid all employees from using or owning any Android phones, because of multiple reasons, with just one of them being that they pose security risks. Employees would also be forbidden from using Android phones on their free time, as work related communication might also occur outside of work hours.   I would definitely disciminate against Android and their users...
I've been reading Anandtech reviews for a long time now. They're pretty comprehensive, to put it mildly, and obviously quite informative too.   The "Editors Choice Gold" award, which is extremely rare, is apparently causing delusional Fandroids, simplistic Apple haters and various other forms for mentally ill people to completely lose their minds, as if they weren't pretty messed up already to begin with. A quick skimming over the comments section on Anandtech confirms...
I agree that it's a smart move to put certain employees into the shoes of an Android user, if the Android user happens to own a pair of shoes to their name, and not all do I would presume.   Using a first rate smartphone like the iPhone can definitely give an experience that is not representative of what the majority experiences and Facebook needs to intentionally lower the bar so that their employees can be more in sync with the majority of their users with their cheap...
I agree that the political leanings of a newspaper is not necessarily indicative of their Apple stance, I don't see anybody claiming that. However, there's nothing wrong with pointing out in which direction a newspaper leans, and in this instance, it happens to be far left. 
Don't be ignorant. The Guardian is well known for leaning far to the left when it comes to regular news, non tech related. 
The Guardian is a vile and trashy leftwing rag and I'm not the least bit surprised that they would print and help to distribute Mike Daisey's garbage and proven lies about Apple.   The Guardian's coverage of other news, such as political events and world news, is equally as trashy and fraudulent in many cases. 
Can you imagine James Bond, super spy, using a piece of crap Android phone? It makes no sense at all, and it would totally make the entire movie worse.   Bravo to Daniel Craig and to the director for recognizing that the creative part of a movie is sometimes more important than the money. They obviously wish for their film to have some integrity. James Bond might be a fictional film, but making James Bond use an Android phone is simply beyond being believable, and the...
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