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Of course there will be some sort "------gate", spread by dumbasses on the internet. No Apple product release is complete without some sort of "------gate". And of course, like 99% of other previous "-----gates", it will all be BS. What happened to the BS "bendgate" by the way? That sure didn't stop millions and millions of people from buying new iPhones.
 I think that the importance of "younger people" and the Apple watch is being overstated. My take on it is, screw young people (who have never worn a watch in their lives) and screw kids. They're not going to be the main users and purchasers of the Apple Watch, IMO. The typical Apple watch buyer is not going to be a kid. Broke ass young people are probably the same people that we see who would whine about the price. $350-$400 is not a lot at all, unless somebody is a broke...
I think that the stats should have been more broken down so that we could see some important trends.   What is the ratio of iOS users VS Android users signing up for Obamacare on govt sites?   What is the ratio of iOS users VS Android users visiting govt welfare sites?   I would like to see those stats.
That is true. It's like the iPhone is not really a phone, it's a super computer in your pocket. The Apple watch is a wrist worn computer, and has very little in common with any old fashioned time pieces that are known as "watches".
Speaking of health, I'm not fat, but I do like to have a cig every now and then. Nicotine is pretty addicting and is no joke.   I completely quit analog cigs about four days ago, and have migrated completely to E-cigs now. I have one recharging and plugged into my Mac right now. They work great, and I don't see myself ever smoking an analog cig ever again.   I do still smoke analog weed though, but I have just ordered a vaporizer for that today, so soon, I will have...
I agree that if personal motivation and will power is not present in a person, then no gadget will help them, not even a $17,000 Apple Watch. It's like being a smoker or an alcoholic. If they do not truly wish to quit their addiction, then they will not succeed. No matter how good the Apple watch functions, it wont magically make fat people healthy. An unmotivated fat person will end up dying earlier than other normal people, Apple watch or no Apple watch. I do see it as a...
Easier said than done for many people. Fat people and severely obese people are everywhere. These fatsos are obviously not capable of keeping themselves healthy on their own. Some of those fatsos will no doubt benefit from an Apple Watch. I think that the health aspect of the Apple watch is probably its most important feature.
Screw sports. I hope that the Apple service doesn't offer any sports. And if they do, it should be as an extra add on that costs an additional fee. The whole point of internet services should be to pay for what you want, not a bunch of things that you don't want, otherwise, people might as well stick with cable, where you have 1000 channels to choose from, with 980 of them being useless for most people.
I bet that the average person does not know what bifurcated means.   I would like to suggest an alternate title that is easier for the common person on the street to comprehend what this topic is about:   Apple iOS 8 distribution hits 77% as Google's Android remains fucked
I think you misunderstood what I meant, or perhaps I misunderstand what you meant. I mean that there are no caps on my internet service, so even if I did watch netflix everyday, it would be at the highest quality. If I'm watching a youtube video, I always choose the highest quality. If somebody's binge watching a series on Netflix like House of Cards, and they watch 10 episodes, that would be 70 GB in one day. People with no caps don't have to worry about that. Let's not...
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