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Boom! Speak of the devil!   It's 1 PM EST, and iOS8 just showed up on one of my devices!
 Hey Apple ][, you are such a cool dude! Keep up the good work! I just googled it for you, and iOS 8 is supposed to come out later on today!
When is iOS8 coming out by the way? Isn't it tomorrow or something?
That sounds like a cool feature, I can't wait to try that!   No more pressing the home button to activate SIRI!   I do use SIRI multiple times each day, so this will be useful.
 I don't share your enthusiasm for a cheaper Mac Mini. I don't think that it is currently too expensive at all. It is the cheapest entry point into the OS X world. And the Mini is no slouch! It's quite a powerful little machine in my opinion. I'd rather see them stick with Intel and make the current Mini even more powerful and more attractive, and also keeping the prices the same. The current Mini is around $5-600, isn't that cheap enough? If somebody can't afford that,...
 Yeah, Apple likes to take their time. Maybe twelve months from now.
 Let them kill each other! The primitive morons killing each other aren't Apple users anyway, so it doesn't really affect us or AAPL, and that's what's important.  I do think that quite a few people are waiting on the Mini refresh. It's just that it's been so long since the last update, so maybe people are tired of writing about it.
That is correct. I eventually found out that it wasn't requiring me to enter a security code because I was on my desktop, which I had used a number of times before to log in.
 It's just a hunch. There is no actual evidence to support my pessimism. I do agree with you that split screen multitasking would be great on a larger device. And this way, if I were wrong, and Apple does release a larger iPad this year, I will be pleasantly surprised. Shouldn't there be leaks though? Everything that Apple releases lately has been accompanied by leaks and photos.
I'm going to be a pessimist.   I'm definitely getting a new iPad soon, and I'd love to have an iPad Pro, but I just don't see that happening this year. I hope that I'm wrong of course.
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