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And I thought that 5k was pretty decent and sufficient. I guess not.   Soon there will be 8k displays on iPhones, and all apps and games will of course require more CPU and GPU power to run, and also more RAM of course, not to mention battery life.   And what will people be doing with their 8k displays? They will be downloading the latest vintage pixelated retro game, in order to take full advantage of their beautiful new, super sharp 8k display.
I don't see that as being any problem that needs to be solved. Just wipe your hands if they're wet! I've never had any issues at all with Touch ID.
 An even better day to be an AAPL shareholder and a fan!
 You're right! Apple doesn't owe Android anything at all! If anything, the only thing that Apple owes Android is the complete destruction and demise of Android. I would like to see Android disappear from the face of the earth. It will happen sooner or later. Android will meet the same fate as 8 track cassettes. 
I have an awesome idea for a super security feature in the future!   In missile silos, you would have to have the codes and you would have multiple people all turn their key at the same time, to initiate the launch.   What about multiple Touch IDs? Let's say that a small group of people at work were all working together on a super sensitive document. This document could only be opened up if all approved people enter their Touch IDs within a certain time limit. Only...
This "analyst" is wrong, and I do not agree with their predictions.   The next iPhone will feature a Touch ID sensor that is slighly less accurate than today. Today's sensor just works too well, so in order to give the competition a fair shot, and to level the playing field, Apple will deliberately lower the resolution of the sensor.   The next iPhone will also feature a less powerful CPU, it will be called the A9 minus, because Apple is already so far ahead of all...
 Apple can do it! They have the money to do whatever they want! Apple can go into space if it wanted to! Designing a car isn't all that hard, especially if you have tons of cash. And those other things that you mentioned wouldn't be affected at all, because no resources or manpower would be pulled away from other projects. I expect big things from Apple!
I would like to see an Apple car! Bring it on! Apple needs to think big, and they have enough money to fund countless such projects.   Apple already rules phones, tablets and computers, they should branch out into other areas also. 
 Yes, you keep repeating that, however it doesn't make it true. I am a technological bigot, and I do not take race into consideration when discriminating.
I admit that servers and what happens in IT depts are not one of my specialties. I had desktop systems and laptops more in mind when I wrote my post, as those are visible items that everybody can see. I might be willing to make an exception for the server room, as long as it was hidden, and the IT employees there had to sign non disclosure agreements, promising to never reveal anything about what happens behind those closed doors.
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