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You're entitled to believe in whatever you want, no matter how delusional and detached from reality that belief is.
 He has no convictions. If he did, he wouldn't have fled the country like a fugitive. If he believed in what he was doing, he shouldn't have run.
Even if true, it doesn't make his actions right, in my opinion. It's not for him to decide.
Your poll was crap and meaningless. Here's another poll from around the same time as yours. More Americans oppose Snowden's actions than support them: poll http://news.yahoo.com/snowden-poll-oppose-leak-174819082.html
There is no losing or winning, it's an exchange of opinions, and the 'majority' of Americans have been wrong before, so a Newsweek poll means nothing to me. If I'm in a room with 9 Fandroids, do you think that I would care that the 'majority' thinks that Apple sucks?
The 'certain' people are the ones who pose a threat. Let's say that the govt has knowledge of potential terrorists that are currently in the country, then I sure would hope that the govt is tapping the hell out of their phones and computers. Terrorists are using social media more and more to communicate and to conduct their activities, and it would be foolish to not conduct surveillance on those types of people. I'm not sure what you mean by 'all' people. I am not for...
Of course I do. Every free thinking, intelligent person can decide for themselves what is ultimately right and what is wrong. As for Snowden, his world is currently Russia. My world is currently the USA. I'd rather be living in my world,  instead of his.  
Not at all. Illegal is not black or white. It all depends. Some laws are good, some laws are bad. Some things that are illegal should be legal and vice versa.
We are at war, and I don't have any have issues with the govt spying on certain people within our borders, be they citizens, foreign nationals or illegals. They are all fair game in my opinion. The funny part is that all of the liberals who hated Bush, thought that things would change when Obama got elected. 
Govts have always engaged in certain "illegal" activities. There's good illegal and then there's bad illegal. It all depends.
New Posts  All Forums: