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 I see what you mean now, and I believe that you would have a point if we were talking about a foreign culture and we could have a discussion about that, but I thought that we were talking about Americans rioting? Do they not live in the same country that I do? Do they not go to public schools like I did? Do they not read books like I do? Do they not have access to the same information that I do on the internet? There is no excuse for the thug's behavior. And there are...
 That's probably because most celebrities are crap. Now with all these stupid reality TV shows, there are people who are famous for doing and achieving absolutely nothing. Is anybody really going to give a crap when somebody like that dies? Robin Williams was truly talented and had a very long career, and many people had a connection with his movies, so he is obviously on a different level.
I didn't like the video.   I'd rather see a video of Apple's products. I believe that Apple should stay out of political issues and not push liberal propaganda.
I read that he had some financial troubles.   He could have just faked his death instead, because all his movies are riding high on all of the charts now, including Amazon where I just took a look.   Anyway, rip to him, because he was a good actor and comedian and I have seen plenty of his movies. He also had some alcohol problems, so I guess it shouldn't be any surprise that people do sometimes choose to kill themselves.
 I'm not sure what you mean. Are you asking if I have ever done anything that could be considered uncivilized? Of course not, I am a highly civilized person, and I don't believe that I have ever rioted or attacked and looted innocent stores. If I see people running around like animals, destroying their own city, then I will call it like it is.
 I understood what you meant, but I can assure you that I am not representative of all things that white people do or might have done in the past and will do in the future.  Though, are you seriously comparing the boston tea party, which was a political statement against the British to the hoodlums and thugs rampaging through their own town and neighborhoods, rioting and destroying the businesses of their neighbors? Your comparison is quite strange and not comparable at...
 Even if one person got killed, then so what? That's no reason for civilized people to riot. And often, all of the facts aren't even out yet surrounding the situation, but that doesn't matter to the people looking to start trouble.
 I do? I was around in 1773? Interesting.
 Nobody forced anybody to start any riots. Hoodlums always look for excuses to start riots. Some thugs riot after sports games.  I know which city you are referring to, it's about one kid who got shot by a cop. Hardly a reason to riot and go bananas, looting your own neighborhood and going on a rampage. Those people aren't the brightest, and they obviously don't have their own best self interests at hand.
 The people who are rioting in your city are clearly idiots. Nobody who is intelligent goes on a self destructive rampage and riots and loots their own neighborhood stores. Those people are just thugs, criminals who are taking advantage of a situation, so that they can loot some stores and maybe grab a pair of sneakers or maybe a flat panel tv if they're lucky. What scum. The police should be out in force and shoot any rioters and looters on sight.
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