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It's plain common sense that you don't begin arguing with the police or resisting arrest. Some people are just dumb. And the police did not intentionally kill that guy in NYC.
It worked exactly as intended. The Grand Jury saw all of the videos, they heard from countless witnesses and they reached a conclusion based on all of the evidence. They know more about the facts than anybody else. Protesters don't get to make up their own facts and decide what the outcome of verdicts should be. These communist, anti-American protesters should educate themselves on the law of the land and what democracy means, and how the legal system works.  It means that...
The protesters are racists, seeking special treatment for black criminals. Any moron who willingly starts confrontations with the police and lacks respect for others is likely to find themselves in a bad situation, no matter what their color.
 And I aint worried about protesters getting a little bit roughed up. I particularly liked the video of one protester who got run over with a car a few days ago. Absolutely hilarious. I was LOLing while watching it. If idiot protesters block streets and highways, they should expect to get run over.
 The video you posted is a joke. He never had his hands up in the air, as if he was trying to surrender. The people running around making the hands up gesture are a bunch of ignorant morons who are simply repeating lies and making up their own reality.  He was a violent thug who charged at the police officer and he rightfully got mowed down. 
 It's open season on whites. The media barely reports any hate motivated crimes against whites. It's a non story for them, and they attempt to sweep the facts under the carpet, they ignore it. And one black criminal dies, due to their own stupidity and violent nature, and the media reports about it 24-7, and people hold protests. These protests are a joke and the people protesting are losers.
This seems to be the same crap as the occupy crap, and they had a few rape-ins I recall.
 It's not offensive, it's common sense. There's nothing wrong with physically removing unwanted and unwelcome intruders.
They had a story about these morons on the evening tv news tonight, which I happened to watch. What a bunch of losers and lowlifes!   Apple has nothing to do with their offensive and illegal protests at all. If the losers wish to protest then they should do so in a legal fashion, and not invade retail stores and stage idiotic die-ins. Go outside and die, just don't bother anybody else in the process. When protesting goes beyond simple protesting and the fools start...
New Posts  All Forums: