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Of course Android has a larger market share worldwide. I was just talking about those marketing firms that try to predict the future. 
 I think that the entire quarter is pretty much Apple's quarter, ever since the new iPhones got released. People didn't just start buying iPhones for Christmas. Demand has been insane since day one.
They're not in the top five. The rest is just a mish mash of various junk. That's where the 26.5% is.
And also, I'm sure glad that I'm holding some AAPL at the moment. I think that in three-four weeks time, Apple is just going to kill it, when they release their newest earnings report. 
The ones that don't lie and exaggerate Android numbers, that's who.
If they wish to interview me about mentioning a hypothetical, fictional comedy movie, and they feel that's the best use of their resources and tax payer money, then go for it.
 I agree with you. I mock all of the people who went out and spent their money to watch this movie in the name of "freedom of speech". What a bunch of ignoramuses. And in addition to that $40 million, there's also tens of millions in promotion spent, so the overall figure is much higher of course.
I haven't seen this movie, but I saw some of the commercials, and it looks awful. It doesn't even seem funny.    It's a shame that such an awful movie would become a top selling online movie, just because of the news surrounding the movie, and not based on the merits of the movie itself.
And no need for any more birthdays, anniversaries, christmas or even iPhone refreshes! Damn it all to hell! Everything is hereby cancelled from this point forward! It's all just too damn predictable!
its probably for the better that this was cancelled, because i dont ever recall downloading anything from this event in past years. I think last year, they had a movie, a song, a book, some apps and other stuff, but none of it was too interesting, and people's tastes vary wildly, so Apple is better off saving their money. I also dont think that Apple should do anything like the u2 giveaway in the future again. Can you imagine how much cash they must have forked over to...
New Posts  All Forums: