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That would certainly weed out the people who have poor english speaking skills, assuming that the interview is being conducted in English.
 That may be true in certain circumstances, but I also believe that sometimes the most efficient system is to let nature run its' natural course without any outside meddling, which often makes things worse and less efficient. What's to stop any woman for example from getting into tech? If a woman is truly interested in pursuing that path, then they can just do it. When I download a game or an app, do I give a crap about if it were made by a female or a male or a gay or a...
A sad day in the history of tech.   I am against all of this liberal racism and sexism. May the best qualified person get the job. That's all that should count.   Not all industries will appeal to all groups of people, it is what it is. I do not believe that any external effort should be made to influence and upset the natural balance of things.
Why no news about Apple allowing "the reverend" Jesse Jackson to speak at the shareholder meeting?   What kind of BS is that? And no, I do not approve of Apple cozying up to such characters.
Maybe Hans in Denmark won't be able to buy a new Macbook just yet, and maybe Pierre in France might have to use their iPhone for another year before they upgrade. Such is life, and such is business. Apple is doing pretty well in Asia, and this will more than offset for any weak and lackluster Europe with their tumbling economy. For every Hans and Pierre in Europe there's twenty Liang Changs in China that are lusting after Apple products and they can afford it too.
Good!    If somebody lives in a country where their local currency has weakened significantly compared to the US dollar, then the prices of certain Apple products should obviously be set higher to compensate for the imbalance. This is only natural.
I forgot to comment on it being the first fanless Macbook. That's great! I hate fans, can't stand 'em at all, i like my personal devices to be 100% silent.   And two pounds is a real nice weight too for a laptop.   It's good that Apple is keeping laptop separate from tablet. If you want the best laptop, buy a Macbook, if you want the best tablet, buy an iPad.    This new Macbook is sexy, and sex sells.   People who like and buy Surface Pros are probably eunuchs.
I'm not a big fan of gold looking things or the bling bling culture in general, but damn, this new Macbook looks really nice, especially the gold one. I bet that it even looks nicer in person than in pictures/video.   The new keyboard and trackpad seems real interesting. Apple has always had the best trackpad in the world, and now they have taken a further lead with the new force touch trackpad.    It's pretty obvious to see that Apple is going to sell plenty of these...
The Apple Watch Edition is clearly targeted towards Android users. 
I'll check it out for sure. 
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