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There's already plenty of piracy and music downloads are down significantly so far in 2014. If I were an artist or label on iTunes, I wouldn't want to have 90 second previews for my songs either.
 I think that you're right, and this decision probably had nothing to do with Apple at all.
 There will no doubt be some annoyed people no matter what Apple releases. I don't really see a big problem with Apple releasing the 5.5" slightly later, but I do think that they should definitely announce it at least, and make their intentions known, when they are going to have the iPhone presentation for the 4.7". I'm hoping that I'm wrong, and that both get released and announced at the same time, but I'm ok with the 5.5 being later, as long as they announce it at...
A good decision.   An average song is what, 3:30 - 4:00 minutes long?   90 seconds is too long for a preview. 30 seconds is more than enough time for somebody to make up their mind if they want to buy a song or not.    Should there be free movie previews where 1/3 (30 minutes - 45 minutes) of the film is viewable? 
 It could also be that the 5.5" gets released slightly later, so production is not fully ramping up yet, like for the 4.7", and that means that certain criminals working at the Asian suppliers are not yet able to get their dirty paws on it, and snap blurry pictures.
 Can you believe that Wozniak actually supports that liar? It's unbelievable, and though I do not deny that Wozniak played a very important part in Apple's early history, I definitely think that Apple needs to quit giving him his honorary salary. Wozniak just keeps getting more and more ridiculous and shameful as time goes by.  Apple co-founder says he loved Daisey's show and believes media misunderstands the actor and Apple critic. He credits Daisey with helping to prod...
Very funny.
Ignorant people and certain known liars like to criticize Apple, even though Apple is far better than anybody else out there when it comes to these sorts of issues.   Can you imagine the child labor, the abuse and the humiliation that goes into making something like Android phones? It's fairly obvious to assume that many of those workers must make next to nothing, since the whole Android industry is based on a race to the bottom, and numerous companies are struggling,...
What have you contributed to this thread? Nothing at all.  I addressed three main issues in my post, all relevant. One, I spoke about the update to the game Plague Inc, second, I spoke about the new Planet of the Apes film coming out and I also shared my method for avoiding potential Android users when going to the movie theatre. Instead of whining about what other posters write, why don't you contribute something to this thread, like I have done?
I have the game "Plague Inc." stored in the cloud, I bought it a long time ago, so I just might have to download it quickly again and check out the Planet of the Apes update.    The movie also seems to have gotten quite good reviews, and I just might go to an actual movie theatre to see it. I have also discovered an excellent method for minimizing the amount of Android users that somebody might run into while at the movies.   I don't go to the movies that often. The...
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