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Good question! I'd like to know the answer to that also. The piano that I mentioned was actually an IAP. The app itself was around 1 GB and the piano IAP was 2 GB. I'm not sure if the 2GB limit is because of some technical limitation, or if it's just something that Apple put in place, but I sure hope that it's increased soon. There are many desktop apps and games that are massive in size, and especially when porting some of them over to iPad, 2 GB is just not going to cut...
Aha! So that's why. Hopefully that is something that will be changed in the future, because 2GB is simply too little, compared to where iPads are today. I wouldn't be surprised if the next iPad is offered with 256 GB. I currently have the 128 GB Air 2. Apple needs to go beyond 2 GB. So many apps would benefit from that.
No joke here. I am saying that I would like a 10 GB piano app instead of the 2 GB app, and yes, that would obviously sound better than the smaller sized app. I was just wondering if there's any size limit for apps. I haven't come across any really large apps yet that go beyond 2 GB.
Good for them!   At least they're being honest!   The iPad Air 2 rules.    I would like to see even more powerful apps coming out soon.   I bought a 2GB piano recently, and it sounds pretty good, but why not give me a 10GB piano?   Is there some sort of limit to app sizes or something? 
 I'm not familiar with MS songsmith, but Rocksmith is the real deal. You just plug your bass or guitar into the computer, and then you choose a song to play along with. The base program comes with about 50 songs in the catalog. You can purchase additional content also. It's a great teaching tool. It grades you after each performance and you get a score, so that you can keep track of your progress. I bet that somebody who has no experience at all can become ok at their...
I'm hoping to make the list next year.  I plan on global domination, mass rape, mass murder, not small time murder like murdering a few people, but hundreds of thousands of people! I just plan on being an all round evil person. That ought to do the trick. I'll even use biological warfare if necessary. And if all of that murder, destruction and rape doesn't secure my spot, I'll resort to plan B. I'll just put on a blond wig, shave my legs and become a female pop star.
For some reason, embedded videos on this site always show up wrong on my browser. They're sort of cropped.   I'm on the newest Safari on the newest Yosemite.   And lastly, it seems that Pay is getting a lot of support these days. That's good!   I actually bought a few No Doubt songs recently during the Steam sale for Rocksmith. Rocksmith is a really cool program. I use it with bass and guitar.
This list is dumb.   I just hope that the ebola caregivers and the Ferguson protesters do not win.   The ebola caregivers should not win because some of them violated their quarantines when they came back to the US, so screw those selfish people and liars. No awards for them.    And the Ferguson protesters should not win, because a bunch of thugs setting their own town on fire is hardly something that is worthy of an award.   Putin probably won't win, because I...
Um, it did. They got at least one person who was giving the kickbacks. A Singaporean national named Chua Kim Guan has also been charged by Singaporean courts with giving kickbacks to Devine, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.
This just seems like pure greed.   The guy wasn't poor or desperate. You know that he was making good money at his job and he was a millionaire. Why risk everything that you have?   Anyway, good riddance to scumbag leakers.   All leakers of Apple info should be prosecuted, from the lowest levels to the highest.
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