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Some of the movie files that I had working perfectly under Snow Leopard no longer will open up in Yosemite.   I looked into it briefly, and I found out that it has something to do with Perian no longer supporting the newest Mac OSes.   I'm still looking for a replacement.
This being the internet and all, I'm not sure if your reply is attempting to be sarcastic or not. But the facts are that Google knows your purchase history and Apple doesn't. Your transactions on Google Wallet are not private. Your transactions with Apple Pay are.
I have the original mini, but it's been hijacked and confiscated by my gf, and I never touch it.   Kill the mini, I don't give a crap! And I'm really glad that Apple decided to gimp it this year and not upgrade it, besides adding Touch ID to it, and some gold coloring!   I'm all about larger iPads! Bring on the 12.9"! 
I wouldn't say that it's very similar. Google sees and knows everything that you do, it's not private.
By the way, I don't have an iPhone 6 yet, but I do have the newest iPad, and just today, I've already used Apple Pay four times when purchasing a few apps and things from the iTunes store.
 What are you talking about? Apple Pay doesn't link directly to people's bank accounts. People use their credit and debit cards when paying with Apple Pay. You set up a credit or debit card into Apple Pay and then you can pay from your device, using Touch ID. Your card will get charged for the purchase. Linking directly to your bank account, and requiring your SS#, your DL, your health information and your first born child is how CurrentC works. Do you use a debit or...
Each Sam's club location will have only 40 to 50 units on hand -- certain outlets may not have 64GB and 128GB versions -- but it is unclear if that number reflects per-model availability or combined stock. Sale pricing is honored only in-store and requires activation or renewal of a two-year contract.
Indeed, the iPad is around 4500 I believe. Yeah, I wanted the black bezels also, which left me with only one choice. I find black to be less distracting than white. As for the bigger one, we'll see what happens next year!
 Yes, that would be a step backwards. Apple doesn't want to repeat what happened with the iPad 3 again. In five years time, I can't even imagine how light and thin an iPad will be.  This is the future people. There is no use for caveman thinking anymore.
 That's the same exact model that I got, 128 GB Space Grey WIFI! And yes, it is amazing. It's one of my favorite Apple devices that I have owned so far, and it's even way more powerful than a Macbook that I owned from a few years ago.
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