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 I understood what they meant, but I believe that Apple shouldn't make the lowest model 32 GB just yet, as there are quite a few people who can manage with 16 GB, and it would be wasteful of Apple to provide 32GB in the tens of millions of iPhones that they would be selling. I think that it's a good idea from Apple to upsell people to 64GB, if certain people find that 16GB is insufficient for their needs.
 Oh, ok. I was thinking about the newer models, not last year's models. I see that they still will sell the 5c also, but that one will only come in an 8GB model.
 I wouldn't mind being a mod, if only just for seven days! I would clean up this place so good! I estimate that about 25% of all posters would be banned! Not a single Fandroid would be found on this site, and new ones that joined wouldn't last more than a post or two. I can smell Fandroids from a mile away.
 Same thing with the Watch. If somebody has the gold Watch, they are hopefully smart enough to not walk around wearing it in a neighborhood that has a high population of Fandroids.
 Nah man.  I would get banned daily.
 And coming from a huge Apple fan, I like how this watch looks! I find it to be kind of retro chic. I'm not sure if I would get one yet. That remains to be seen, when I can see one in person, and besides it's not out until next year.
 Those people are insignificant. Believe me, there are plenty of people who will be buying this Watch. And $349 is only for the cheapest model! People will be spending over a thousand for certain models I believe. This is a luxury item, a companion watch for an iPhone. 
  Which is why I believe that some people have far too high expectations for the battery life on a tiny smart watch.
 Actually, we do not yet know that. This Watch is not yet released, and Apple hasn't released any specs on the battery life yet.
 Of course there are. You can bet your ass that Apple will be doing a ton of work on the Watch before it's final release sometime next year.
New Posts  All Forums: