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 I don't own any guns (yet), I just used that as an example because it popped into my mind. I don't have much experience with guns and I've only fired guns once before on a gun range, a 2 barrel shot gun, a regular revolver and an uzzi is all that I have tried so far. I will certainly look into American made, should I decide to acquire a few guns in the future. I do know that certain states are pushing gun manufacturers out of state, including my crappy, fascist state.
Tell me about it!   As soon as I heard the results yesterday, I picked up some more in after hours. It was so obvious that it was going to gap up this morning, and it did!
 If it were up to me, I'd be carrying an AK-47 in my backpack, but unfortunately, that's not legal where I live. However, credit card theft, credit card fraud and security breaches where millions of card numbers get stolen are quite common place now, and using Pay when possible will provide much greater protection compared to those who do not use it, including the 62 people who regularly use Google Wallet or whatever that flop of a failure is called.
 There's no doubt that Pay is far more secure than whatever Google has been offering, and security is what is most important in a payment system.
 Google is as reliable as Obama claiming that the chances of Ebola reaching the US was unlikely. In other words, they both can not be trusted.
Why are there pathetic shills pushing and spamming insecure, laughable, inferior and dangerous payment systems made for bums here?   You're on the wrong forum bud.
 Aha! That makes sense now. I didn't get any engraving on mine, as it's not a gift to anybody else besides myself, and if I need to sell it when the iPad Pro comes out, then it's easier to get rid of without any engravings I think.
 I sure do. I bought a black Macbook back in the day. I can't stand white Macbooks, so I gladly paid more just to get black.
 True! I believe that it's part of the A8 motion chip.
 I make perfect sense, and Apple apparently agrees with me, since they decided to change their strategy this year. I said a year ago that the iPad Mini should not be identical to the iPad Air and retail for $100 less! Apple has now seen the errors of their ways, and they have now adopted a more sensible strategy. And I don't wear any skinny jeans, and I'm also not a moron who is likely to bend any devices that I own, like those idiots who go around purposely bending and...
New Posts  All Forums: