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 Yep, that is true, just read the news. There are a ton of primitive countries and certain barbaric religious countries in the world that will cause big problems for a person if they're gay, or accused of being gay, even if they're not.
I agree with most of the posts in this thread, and who gives a crap if a CEO is gay?   I also think that CNBC is a crappy channel.   However, I don't agree with a few posts in this thread, like a couple that seem to accept bestiality. No, that's not cool at all, and you belong behind bars if you are a sick and perverted, mentally ill, sadistic, animal abuser. Those kind of people can F.ck off.
It's good that Apple lowered the prices for additional RAM, but isn't an A5 a little bit old today?   I mean, soon there will be an A8 chip coming out in a few months.
And yet, the worst DOJ in the history of DOJs, a DOJ with a total disregard for the law and the constitution, are going after Apple.
I'm not really sure why, since I'm not even a T-Mobile customer, but I happened to watch a little bit of that last event that they had. Besides Apple events, I don't really follow any events by other companies.   Anyway, I doubt that other phone companies would ever have an event like T-Mobile's, because the CEO was cursing, using words like F*ck on stage, and I found the whole thing to be hilarious.   I don't like fake Mofos, I like people who tell it like it is, and...
 Yeah, Craig was pretty good on stage, not nervous at all, and has a sense of humor.
Google keeps announcing new crap, yet the majority of Android users are still stuck on some ancient OS version.   And it doesn't even matter if the new Google TV or any of their other products are flops, just like before when they tried to release the same products and they bombed. The only suckers will be the sorry bastards who waste their money on one of these items. Google will just keep releasing new stuff, flinging shit at a wall, to see what sticks.    The other...
Samsung Knox? That's the most hilarious and ironic name that I've ever heard!   This is the real Fort Knox.     This is what I imagine when I hear Android and security mentioned in the same sentence.  
I couldn't give two craps about any Google TV or any other Google announcement, but I read that there were some protesters there.   What was that about and what exactly were they protesting?
 I never had a problem with the design of iOS 7, but the very first version of iOS 7 was a bit heavy and sluggish. I noticed that right away after I installed it on my devices. I forget which update fixed it, but it's now smooth again and fast, so I have no problems with iOS 7, and it doesn't really matter anyway, because soon we will all be on iOS 8.
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