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 What a pathetic reply, and the amount of butthurt in this thread from certain characters is quite telling. It matters not what people say or what they claim, what matters is what they do, and this CEO tweeting about his love for Samsung from his iPhone is damn telling! And this is not the first time that paid Samsung shills have been caught with their pants down! What else does anybody expect from a company based on stealing? Their supporters are also people who need to...
 Your reply is pathetic. Anybody who says that this is a non story is a highly suspect person, and they are most likely astroturfing and they are paid shills.
I think that you're probably a paid shill, just like the CEO, if you think that this is a non story.
I give the CEO at least some credit for coming clean and not digging their own hole deeper by making up more lies and claiming to be hacked like the despicable Alicia Keys did.
The evidence is certainly overwhelming and quite damning.   Anybody who claims to love their Android phones and phablets are paid liars, shills and psychopaths.
I'm guessing that this is some kind of bug, but I don't always hear a sound when connecting a power cable. It needs to be there 100% of the time, like it was before.
Blackberry/RIM or whatever they decide to call themselves is done.    What use is BBM, unless you have a bunch of other contacts that use BBM?   Blackberry is not doing that great in the corporate world anymore, and even drug dealers and ghetto thugs who used to like to Blackberries back in the day, to have as a status symbol, aren't using them anymore either. Blackberry is not even doing that great in the developing world anymore. I don't know a single person who uses...
I suppose that we'll know the answer to that on tuesday, when we find out if there is a retina iPad Mini or not. And let's be honest, the current iPad Mini screen is not all that great. It's totally acceptable and usable, but pales in comparison to the full size iPad screen. I have both, so it's pretty easy to see the difference, and I'm not just talking about the obvious difference in resolution, but the colors etc. It should not be a problem for Apple to get a hold of a...
 There are phones that have 1080 screens, and they are smaller than an iPad Mini, so yes, such screens do exist.
I don't really use Garageband much, but I just hope that it doesn't end up looking like Ableton Live or something. The minimalist, flat look can indeed be taken too far, and not all apps will benefit from such a look, IMO. What's next, a realistic looking Pinball game app is going to go all flat and minimalistic too?   Realistic looking interfaces still have their place, especially in many music apps. If I'm using a music app that's an emulation of a real instrument like...
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