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 I don't really mind the negativity, because there's really not much that can be done about it. It's always the same story, and when Apple announces the real figures, everybody will know what the real deal is. Remember last year when the iPhone 5 went on sale in China? There were reports everywhere about weak sales in China and no lines. Very many "news" outlets were running with that story. And what turned out to be the real story? Yep, record breaking sales in China. I...
 I'm not familiar with them, since I don't live in the UK, but.......from wiki...... Phones 4u is a large independent mobile phone retailer in the United Kingdom. It is part of the 4u Group based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. Since opening in 1996, it has expanded to over 600 stores throughout the UK.
Why do people keep saying that yellow is sold out? I just went to the Apple store and it shows all five colors as being delivered on 9/20.
 Apple is clearly signaling that they don't give a crap about the low end smartphone market or low end customers. That low end market is already filled to the brim with countless companies, releasing one crappy phone after another, undercutting each other on price, with many of those companies struggling and Apple certainly doesn't need to wallow around in the mud with those other companies. Apple is going to be selling tens of millions of phones at their current prices....
 I think that it was just meant as a joke, though there are many clueless parents who know nothing about tech at all. I do think that most kids will probably end up with the 5c, because it costs less, it's plastic, which is more kid resistant and it's colorful. The iPhone 5s looks more elegant and grown up. I think that Apple will be selling plenty of both models, so it doesn't really matter what particular preference people have.
Microsoft is going to get into the business of selling refurbished iPads. At least that would be profitable for them and it sure beats a $900,000,000 USD write off.
 He's obviously referring to Touch ID.
This sounds like the worst deal ever.   Giving up an amazing iPad and getting 200 MS dollars in exchange, and then buying a horrible Surface tablet instead, and being forced into a life of misery, using that doomed tablet?
 But you're forgetting about the huge market of people who have burnt fingers and are also double foot amputees. Man, Apple has really dropped the ball on this iPhone 5s.
 Well those websites and people are just butthurt Fandroids grasping at whatever straws they can find. The iPhone 5s is a killer phone, and it blows everything else away. Somebody was in an accident and has terribly burned fingers? Well, what a damn shame. Touch ID is not for them probably. They can continue to use a regular password. Should companies not innovate or include features because one person might have been in an accident, missing a leg, 7 fingers, 1 ear, 1...
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