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 No, it's not. Apple hasn't said anything about it yet, and until then, there is no deal. And your source is this?  The deal is confirmed by one of the founders of the company Dr. Dre and actor Tyrese Gibson, who announced the news on actor's Instagram page That's exactly why the deal should be killed, if there was one.
Tomorrow is monday.   In a perfect world, Apple will release a statement denying that any deal is happening.   Even if they were in talks, the deal should be off, because of the idiotic video that was posted.   We all know what Steve Jobs has done in the past when any third party company leaked any details about their associations with Apple.
 I think that racist accusations are thrown around way too often, and the word has practically lost all meaning, and has turned into a joke instead.
 Yeah, I want an Apple robot that hovers around the room. I want to be blown away, by something incredible. I expect amazing things from Apple, and here we get what? Mediocre headphones? And people think that's a good idea? 
 So you think that people should use the full N-word instead of writing N-word? That sounds good to me, except I know that some forums would ban people for writing the full N-word, regardless of the poster's intentions.  As for the usage of those words, if it's good enough for a rumored Apple executive, then it's good enough for me. And the reason why some people would use a$$ on a forum, instead of simply writing ass, is because there are various filters in place on...
 And even more hilarious is that a lot of the customers who actually buy and listen to their music are suburban white wiggers, and those wiggers go around using the N word all of the time. I hear it all of the time. A bunch of schoolkids walking by me, none of them are black, and they're all calling each other N.ggas. Absolutely hilarious.
 Since Apple is a large corporation, do they do drug testing of all employees?
And on a slightly unrelated note, I own a few different pairs of headphones, and one of them actually is a signature model, that has a black person's name on it (shocker!), and I like those headphones a lot.   It's a Quincy Jones signature model by AKG, Q701. Now that is one talented producer, that also happens to be black. I don't put Quincy Jones and Dr. Dre on the same level, not a chance. One of them makes great productions, and the other one is known mostly for...
 Haha, that's hilarious. If that dude thinks that it's a good idea, then you know that it's bad for Apple.  I haven't seen him around here lately, so I guess he's been busy posting over there.
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