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How dare you compare the iPhone to something like a Surface, which is a complete joke! The iPhone killed off the need for a lot of other devices, because it was able to integrate them all into one device, and do it good. The Surface is not better than a laptop and it's not better than a tablet, so it fails!
 I don't buy everything that Apple makes. I sure wish that I had a 12 core Mac Pro. As for passing judgement, that is what people do on forums! I would like a larger iPad, so I am obviously interested in any future Apple iPad, and you can be sure that I'm going to let my voice be heard. Everybody wants devices that are tailored to their own individual needs and desires. As for me, this would make for a killer iPad Pro! (1) 2 A8x chips. Boy would that thing be crazy...
If you replace mouse with magic trackpad, then I agree!  I can count the number of times that I have used a mouse with OS X these past years on one hand.
 I agree, and I have mentioned a few times before that the speakers would be better if placed landscape, since that is how most people will watch media and play many games. Also, landscape would allow the speakers to be placed farther apart, so stereo would be easier to detect.
 That's already been solved! I had an iPad 3, and I agree with you that the sound output was far too low. When watching live tv on the iPad 3, I would have the volume at max, and it wasn't nearly loud enough. The iPad Air 2 is loads louder than the iPad 3! And when using those same apps as before, I can now easily tell that the sound output is much louder! And by the way, iPads do have two speakers now, and it's been that way for a while.
Why is the article talking about possible stereo speakers?   iPads already have stereo speakers, do they not?   I would prefer the current speakers to be in landscape instead of portrait, but there are indeed two speakers there, and I believe that it's technically stereo.
 To be honest, I'd rather have an Apple made fridge and toaster instead of a horrible hybrid tablet. Apple kitchen appliances would actually be pretty cool, I would buy them for sure!
 I looked at the Surface Pro 3 and it says that it weighs 1.76 pounds! That is insane, and totally unusable and unacceptable for any tablet.
 I've always been critical of "hybrid" products and "convertibles". If I want a laptop, I'll buy one. If I want a tablet, I'll buy one. If I need both, I'll buy both. I don't want both of those to be in one product. 
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