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The ad with the deaf woman was a dud?   I just saw that on tv a few nights ago, I though that it was decent.   I also thought that the ad with the big penis song was pretty good, I forget what it's called.
 I don't have a problem with Apple making their products as recyclable as possible. But I don't agree with certain other positions that liberals often hold on environmental issues, such as "global warming", nuclear power, drilling for oil etc.
You do.
I didn't believe that you were using it intentionally in a bad way, and I do know where you are located, so I assumed that it was merely a case of certain words being acceptable in one location, while in another location, those same words have quite the opposite meaning. Another good example of words having different meanings is the Pakistani example that you gave. I don't believe that the shorthand of that word is equally offensive here in the States as it is in the UK. I...
 Believe it or not, people of all stripes like Apple and use their devices. The typical stereotype that all Mac users are liberals is not accurate at all, and I'm glad to do my part in dispelling that myth. There are many famous and high profile non-liberals who are Apple users. Unless somebody is completely ignorant, I'm not sure why that should be a big surprise to anybody. I see that you're still clinging to your ridiculous and laughable theory that I'm somehow a paid...
 I have no problems with using derogatory terms for groups of people that I don't like, but I do like the Japanese, and it's probably not a good idea to use the term "Japs", as I'm pretty sure that it's viewed as offensive by many, unless it is somebody's intent to offend of course.
 I love technology, as most people on this forum probably do, but no way in hell will there ever be any electronics implanted into me. I also don't see Apple going that route, or at least I hope that they don't. I see Google as being far more likely to implant things into humans, because they have no scruples. I also see Fandroids as being far more willing to let themselves be violated, especially if the procedure were cheap or even free.
I've been snatching up some AAPL here and there these past few weeks.   I've decided to hold through earnings this time. I'm ok with and fully prepared for either outcome.   Outcome #1 AAPL earnings are good and "the street" is impressed. In this case, all is good, and I can simply sit back and chill, while watching AAPL rise.   Outcome #2 AAPL earnings fail to impress "the street" for whatever reason and it drops a little bit. In this case, all is still good,...
 Wow, that's crazy. What kind of an evil spirited person would ever spout tired and outdated Android memes & jokes here? 
 Then I stand corrected of course. I had forgotten that the iPad Air uses an IGZO display.
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