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 A moderator here had the problem on their iPhone 5s, so my theory is that it has something to do with iPhones that have Touch ID on them.
 Things could be worse for them. Imagine if they were also Android users.
 An OS update that kills cell connectivity and messes up Touch ID is not a non-issue, which is why Apple have pulled the update. This will soon be fixed, and everything will be fine again, but it's incorrect to call it a non-issue. Somebody at Apple messed up big time. These sorts of things should simply not ever happen.
 I didn't mention any names, so I'm not sure why you are responding to my post. I will merely say that they know who they are, and I will leave it at that.
By the way, it's easy to tell the legitimate posters in this thread from the couple of easy to spot trolls, who gleefully pile on whenever there is something negative about Apple.   Those Fandroid imposters can kiss my ass. 
 That could actually be good news. Maybe Apple just disabled further downloads.
 No, hmurchison has a 5s.
Has the update been disabled from Apple yet?    If no, then why the hell not?   Nobody should be allowed to go home from Apple HQ until this is fixed, and they should push out a new update as soon as possible, within a few hours.
 I just updated one of my iPads and it seems fine, but you might want to hold off on updating the phone, as it might kill your cell service, according to the posts here and elsewhere.
 It's late, so I hope that my quick math is correct. If 1 percent of all iPhone 6 buyers had this issue, that would be 100,000 people (based on 10 million sold). If .1 percent of all iPhone 6 buyers had this issue, that would be 10,000 people. Here we have one person who claims to have an issue,  in other words, a problem that has supposedly and allegedly affected .00001% of Apple users who have bought an iPhone 6, and it is being widely reported as being some sort of huge...
New Posts  All Forums: