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 He's produced a few different U2 albums. I've voiced my skepticism a few times in the past about "Beats", but there's no doubting that Iovine has produced a whole ton of famous artists before.
 I agree. I can see this U2 rumor being true, and that "mysterious" building is in fact some sort of stage I think.
 Is it really illegal to discriminate against somebody if they use an Android phone? I mean seriously, that is absurd. What a sad, sad place the world is turning into. That is an essential part of the job selection process. If somebody uses an Android phone, then they obviously do not fit in at Apple. What if somebody goes to an interview and answers a question badly? Is it then discriminatory to deny that person a job?  Should employers be allowed to hold interviews or...
 I suppose that might be the only reasonable excuse for them. I mean, Apple retail employees don't get free iPhones AFAIK, so I can buy your possible explanation. On the other hand, Apple should tighten up their hiring process in my opinion, because I would never have hired that person to begin with.
 Nah. Just because somebody uses an iPad to make music with, doesn't necessarily mean that the music is good. I saw that commercial, and it was ok, but I can't exactly say that I remember the song. 
 You got that right!
 Wow, you too?
 Hey heinrichz, your lederhosen is on too tight, and it's apparently blocking the flow of blood to your brain. Get a clue.
 What a totally despicable story! That Apple employee should immediately be fired! If I had witnessed that, I would have sent an email to Tim Cook. Not because Apple shouldn't allow freedom of choice, but because any Apple employee choosing to use Android over iOS is obviously unqualified for their job. It shows a lack of technical understanding and just an all around general cluelessness on the part of the employee. And that person is supposed to be selling Apple...
That's hilarious, and also, not all that surprising!   It seems that practically anybody of any importance uses iOS.    The only people and celebrities who claim to use something else are people who are getting paid by other companies to lie, like Samsung, but in real life, after their fake endorsement is over, they put down their crappy phones that they are paid to promote, and then they pick up their iPhones after the job is done.   How many people and celebrities...
New Posts  All Forums: