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When the iPhone 6+ came out, I did one of those cut outs that appeared on numerous sites, and I printed one out for myself to give myself an idea of how large the phone would be. Granted, the weight was not the same at all, but it felt awkard holding it in my hands, because of the thinness. I could be wrong of course, and perhaps my opinion would be different if I were holding an actual device in my hand that was super thin like a piece of paper. Your last sentence about...
I believe that Apple devices have soon reached a point where making them even thinner than they currently are is probably not a wise choice, merely for the sake of making the devices thinner. The current devices are plenty thin enough.   I can imagine that holding an iPhone that has the thickness of a piece of paper is probably not the easiest thing to hold in your hand.   I think that It's a good thing that Apple has been on a thinness trend for many years now because...
 Actually, the recent liberal mass purging of all things confederate can be compared to Nazi book burnings that took place in the twentieth century. 
Apple has been practicing discrimination lately and I don't like that they jumped in on the liberal kneejerk hate bandwagon recently when they pulled certain apps and things that had the confederate flag in them. So what if there was a shooting? Stuff happens. I'm not even from the southern states, but I found that to be very hateful on Apple's part and on the part of other liberal organizations that engage in and participate in discrimination and hate censorship. I even...
I've never had a use for this music streaming feature, but can't somebody just have their music on iTunes Match, and then any device that they have will be able to stream that music?
Agreed. Greece gets no sympathy from me. 
That's exactly one week before Apple earnings. I'm not surprised that the new iPod Touches will not have Touch ID though, which is kind of ironic, since they're called iPod Touch afterall.
As a matter of fact iOS 9 will even be supporting many more older devices than anybody first believed. Apple devices are truly worth the money, and when iOS 9 comes out, even people with very old Apple devices such as an iPad 2, will be able to update to OS 9! I can not say the same for other devices that are basically obsolete as soon as you get home from the store after having bought it.
Perhaps. All I know is that people have been saying that exact thing on this forum for many years now. I suppose that eventually it will be fixed.
That's not true at all. I believe that Apple's ads have been sort of hit and miss these past few years. I do like some of them, but there are certain others that have not been that great in my opinion.
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