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I didn't say that I don't believe in any rallies. I just mentioned that I've never participated in one. I believe that people are free to protest whatever they please, as long as it's done in a legal fashion. Most protests that we see nowadays do not fit under that definition.
I wouldn't know about that. I've never been to a rally, or a protest or a die-in at an Apple store or assaulted or killed any cops ever.
Critics have argued that the term "hate speech" is a contemporary example of Newspeak, used to silence critics of social policies that have been poorly implemented in a rush to appear politically correct.[7][8][9]
 It depends what kind of parties.
 This movie has a 9.9 rating on IMDB at the moment. I'm sure that the 42,526 user ratings on that site have actually seen the movie, and I'm also sure that this movie is a regular, modern day masterpiece.
You're welcome.
 I do see the connection. There is no doubt that North Korea is a crappy, dictatorial country. I also see the connection if this film had been attacking another subject. Free speech means free speech, not just when it comes to standing up to little North Korean dictators with moronic hair cuts.
 Apple has the resources to encode a simple film. Their reason for not allowing this film doesn't have anything to do with that I believe. Maybe Apple just let everybody off for the holidays, and they don't feel like this movie is worth calling anybody back to work.
I followed the whole thing when it was happening, so I know what happened. I do not need any biased, liberal report to tell me how I should think.
 That's a bunch of BS. Had this movie been about something else (a certain, violent and primitive religion comes to mind), then Obama would be condemning this movie. This isn't about free speech, it's about hypocritical liberals doing what they do best, being complete hypocrites.
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