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Thanks. I'm on scottrade too, and yeah, it was very slow this morning, unusable. It took me ages just to make one trade. I was worried that when I placed a market order, the price would increase or decrease by many dollars by the time that the trade executed, since it was taking so long to confirm the trade.
Thanks. I'm sure glad that I dumped them all right at the highs of the day. I see that NFLX is around 96-97 now. 
It was only in the hundreds of shares, not thousands, so it wasn't huge or anything like that, and it's probably peanuts compared to what others trade, but it was definitely my best 1 day trade ever. I never had a stock go from 94 to 109 in the matter of a few hours before, and I've never earned more in 1 single day trade than what I did with NFLX today, so I'm pretty happy about that. 
Today was a crazy day in the market. I had my best day ever!   I picked up a bunch of NFLX at around 94 and sold 'em all at almost 109! That's insane! That's the best day trade I've ever made in the few years since I began messing with the market.   Things were crazy this morning, I couldn't even log on to scottrade. I later heard that there was some sort of outage. They must've been getting slammed.   As for AAPL, I didn't mess with that today, but I'm still holding...
It is totally pathetic and disgusting how some posters here even admit to feeling sorry for dr dre. Dr Dre the serial woman abuser, who has multiple female victims among his accomplishments in the past was not on the receiving end of the violence. He was the perpetrator, not the victim, and it's a total joke for anybody to feel sorry for him. He's laughing all the way to the bank. And no, I do not believe that people can truly change. A person who is capable of beating...
I've been a Magic Trackpad user for many years now, and it's my preferred input device. I feel that it is far superior and more enjoyable to use than a mouse. Besides being useful for a few niche applications, I consider mice to be stone age technology that is mostly used by neanderthals and procastinators who cling to the past. However, I've gone through too many Magic Trackpads in the past few years, and my latest one died on me some months ago. It still powers on, but...
My mom still uses an iPad 2 that I gave her many years ago. For her uses, it's more than good enough. And the iPad 2 will even be compatible with iOS9 when that comes out soon.
Same here. I can use as much power as I can get. The iPad Air 2 is indeed pretty powerful and blows away most other mobile devices, but I'm not going to complain if an iPad Pro gets released that is even more powerful and has something like an A9X chip inside of it. I like to run music apps and plugins that take huge amounts of processing power, and more power is always welcome.
That's not a flaw. That's just how it is. The iPad Air 2 definitely vibrates sounds more than previous iPads. I noticed that within 30 seconds of trying the iPad Air 2 for the first time. I've gotten used to it now, since I've been using the iPad Air 2 since day one. There's a trade off when going to a thinner chassis. If somebody has a big issue with the sound vibration, then they should buy an old, thicker iPad, and their problem will be solved. Of course, their old iPad...
I'm still real happy with my iPad Air 2, but I wouldn't mind seeing an iPad Pro this fall. That's the only thing that will get me to upgrade my iPad this year.
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