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Definitely not a fan of those sorts of countries, but as long as Apple sells more gadgets and rakes in more dough, then I guess that I approve. 
This will probably be as successful a program as all of the other recent successes and remarkable triumphs made by this highly competent government. 
 I see what you mean, the Apple ][ doesn't qualify, because it's not a Mac. Macs came out in 1984. I never did own an Apple ][ when I was a kid (way too pricey for a kid), but I did use one in school, and it was the first computer that I ever learned on, and got to know well. I liked my Pismo a lot, but I do think that Apple ][ is a lot cooler name than Pismo.
My first Mac was a Powerbook Pismo G3 w/dvd. I had the dual batteries for it, which lasted for ages (compared to other laptops at the time), and I loved that machine and thought that it looked great, the keyboard was great and I just liked it in general even though it's probably incredibly weak by today's standards of course. Hell, my iPad beats the hell out of it, in terms of raw power and especially in graphics power. I forget what the max RAM for that machine was, but...
Good! I'm glad that they clarified at least one important issue.   Now can the clueless people who keep talking nonsense about making OS X touch, or those clueless people who keep talking about merging iOS and OS X please STFU?, because Apple clearly doesn't believe in your failed and pathetic vision of the future. Go buy a damn Surface, your ideas are ridiculous. The whole idea is idiotic and doomed.   It's amazing how some people are so dense that they can not grasp...
Yo dudes, you Apple fans make me sick to my stomach!   There are hardly any malware issues on Android at all! My Android phone has no issues at all.   I am so damn cheap (being an Android user of course), that my solution is simply not to connect to the internet at all. I don't use the internet at home and I especially don't use it on flights.    And for those rare times when I do need to connect, I simply run shady anti-virus and anti-malware software which I...
These three lowlife losers from Mass. are just looking for a quick buck. Suing because they were asked for a zipcode when making a credit card transaction? Maybe it's in place for security reasons and to protect against fraud. I ordered something yesterday from a site, and get this, I know it sounds crazy, but I had to provide my personal info! The bastards! Maybe I should sue the retailer?   These three people who were apparently dropped on their heads when they were...
 They probably will ruin it. Everybody knows how Google makes their money. Now, Google will know even more about your life, your habits, your contacts and even your room temperature probably.
 I agree, but for 3.2 Billion, I'd sell to the devil, which I guess is what happened in this case. Do no evil.
I don't blame the guy for selling to Google.   For 3.2 Billion, how can you?   Nest's products seem cool, but I don't think that Apple should have paid anything close to that amount, so let Google have them.
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