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This Manhattan DA can kiss my ass.   Also, most terrorists are Windows users and probably Android users too. I follow these sorts of things, and I don't ever recall any terrorist ever being caught with a Mac laptop or an iPhone. I'm sure that there are a few terrorists that have Apple devices, since there's hundreds of millions of Apple devices floating around, but the preferred device for most terrorists is not Apple. Maybe terrorists are cheap bastards too, just like...
 That's true. Somebody could just hook up their guitar or bass straight into an iPad or iPhone, using something like an Apogee Jam interface. That's a decent interface, I have one of those. And there's plenty of decent software amps and fx around.
I'm a big fan of technology and all, especially music and audio technology, but just go out and buy a real damn guitar, if you want to play guitar!   A total beginner can get a brand new guitar for pretty cheap these days.   And post #2 already mentioned this, but Rocksmith 2014 is pretty good, I have it myself.   I use it with both guitar and with bass. I've gone from being totally clueless on bass to being half decent in the span of about 6 months so far. 
I admitedly don't know much about smart weapons or guns at all, but there's no need for me to take any training classes, because guns are incredibly hard to get a license for where I currently am located. I've shot off a few guns before when on vacation to different states, like shotguns, handguns and an uzi, but I've never owned a gun before. I would put my Touch ID success rate at greater than 99%, but I don't usually try to unlock when my hands are wet or dirty etc.
 I like the gold iPads, but I didn't get one, because of the white bezels. I think that a gold gun is probably too blingy for me, but I don't mind Apple making one in gold, because there are definitely people who would like it I'm sure.
I don't think that I've ever gotten a "try again" when using Touch ID. I would be ok with having Touch ID on a gun. It would be a great feature to have, and what if some criminal were to steal your gun or take it away from you in a struggle? You would be safe, because they wouldn't be able to fire the gun. It would be great for police officers to have, and they would never have to worry about any criminal taking their gun ever again. The advantages gained from having Touch...
I'd love an Apple gun also, space grey would be fine for me! Apple should definitely branch out into other areas. Apple can do a whole bunch of innovating in the firearms category.
Why bother to watch any keynotes anymore?   Appleinsider could just post images of various celebrities each day, and we can see how many unreleased Apple products and accessories that we spot.   I think that Apple should hire huge 350 lb bouncers to stand outside their stores, and from now on they will only let certain people in who look cool enough, just like they do at certain nightclubs.   I don't care if a customer is waving around thousands in cash, ready to buy...
"Co-Producer" can mean many things.   Maybe he's not even too much involved in it, and he's just basically the money man.
Either that, or maybe it's one of those special models that is made for some celebrity that is unavailable to peasants.
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