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Don't worry, as long as you have the talent to produce a crudely drawn stick figure character, that's enough to get certain primitive people to go apeshit and engage in mass killings.
I agree. I don't see this issue as liberal vs conservative at all. A country can't have low level punks deciding to leak confidential info, no matter what their supposed reasons or motivations are. He was trusted to do his job, not to betray his country.
Who gives a crap about allah? The fact of the matter is that Snowden leaked massive amounts of highly classified info, and he'll eventually get what's coming to him.
If I were him, I wouldn't be touching any phones at all.   I believe that somebody needs to bust a cap in his ass.  He's a traitor, a rat, and he'll eventually get what's coming to him, when tried and convicted.
I have no solution for that, as it's not really my problem, nor do I really care about those who are affected, since it's their own choice.
You shouldn't take the written word so literally. I do not mean that they are still physically in chains or have less freedom than others, at least not in the US. The overwhelming majority are slaves to the Democrat party, which is quite pathetic.
I mean what I say and I think what I mean. I see my role as more of an informed character who is here to get to the bottom of things, and to reveal the truth, via an unlfiltered lens, regardless of the efforts of a few others who are disciples of the PC religion, and who are in the business of suppressing the truth.
 It was no slip. It was written as intended.
 Lots of rapists do deny that, I agree.
 And I don't recognize any left wing nutcase sources as legitimate references, so it goes both ways.
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