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I have the current gen Apple tv, and I'm happy with it, but I wonder how the new one is going to be.   This $25 itunes card promotion from Apple makes the current Apple TV a pretty good deal, but I think that it's a better idea to just get the newest model, which is right around the corner.
Dont these cable companies already have tv apps for,ios, so that people can watch live tv on their ios devices? If i wanted to watch the oscars, which I probably dont, then i can simply open up the time warner tv app on my ios device and watch the oscars.
 You're right, Apple's share price isn't based on how awesome it is. It seems to be based on FUD.
 I don't have anything bad to say about Amazon. I've ordered from them plenty of times, and always gotten what I ordered with no hassles and for a decent price. I do think that their stock is extremely overvalued, but that's a different story.
 Nope. In the article, it says that these are the most admired brands on the planet. American brands are far ahead of any other country's brands, when it comes to be being global juggernauts. Even Samsung is on the list, though they're at #21.
When is Apple going to come out and stick up for my rights for a change?   I am not gay, I am not transgender, I am not a minority, and I am not an illegal.   I'm a white male, I'm not a liberal, and I like women, what an evil combination! I am also for legalized marijuana. Now why doesn't Apple come out in support of that, since they're obviously a very politically minded company, and they're not afraid of stating their views when they need to?   Marijuana is no...
I totally agree, trading is definitely not the same thing as investing. I don't doubt Apple as a company, and I will continue to buy plenty of Apple products probably until I drop dead.
I hardly bother to trade AAPL anymore. There are easier places to make money in, that is less frustrating.   I've made more on AIDS lately (biotech firm) than APPL this past week.
 Tesla would have been a good buy for Apple one year ago, when it was a quarter of the price. I don't think that the head of Tesla would sell it regardless, so all of this Tesla & Apple talk is really about nothing, because it will never happen, in my humble opinion. I agree though that Imagination would be a good buy, depending on the price.
 I disagree. If I'm playing a game on an iPad, I sure as hell will notice a difference between a game running at 20 FPS VS a game running at 60 FPS. And I bet that many other people will too. Most people with two eyeballs will notice. Also, there have been various ports of desktop games to iPad, and that's a good thing, but sometimes things like shadows and extra details are left out of the iPad version. What's your point? That nobody should bother making more powerful...
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