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I didn't catch that since I don't watch CNN, but that's hilarious.   I particularly liked the bit about using the Surface as an iPad stand!    But, but, but, I thought that iPads were just toys!    Why wouldn't the commentators want to use the innovative and brand new, revolutionary input device called the mouse with the Surface? Or why wouldn't they want to use the almost twice as heavy Surface as a tablet? How baffling is that?   Who would ever choose the...
There are people who go out and buy $25,000 TVs, even though it'll be obsolete in a few years.   There are people who go out and spend thousands on hookers and blow.   This gold watch is obviously not for the average person.   It's for people who have plenty of money, and who don't really give a crap about re-sale value or obsolescence. If somebody has the money to spend thousands on a watch and they want one, then they'll buy one.
Sounds good to me!   This watch is obviously not made for Android users.   The gold version should cost many thousands of dollars!
I'd just as soon be smitten by ebola rather than partake in the ugly disease known as political correctness.   Political correctness can kiss my ass.
I'm definitely an authoritarian when it comes to language, in the sense that I strongly favor English only in the US, and I believe that other languages should be banned from official use, but that's a whole other discussion I suppose.
 He's obviously totally clueless or perhaps a paid shill. I have read at least three reviews that backs up my claims of it being not a good device at all. If you read the comments sections of those reviews, like on the Verge, it's full of very angry Fandroids.
There is no way to define it without getting overly political. I've had enough posts on this section of the forum get deleted before, so I'm not going to fall into that trap anymore.
I don't wish to venture into territory that is far too political if I were to give you my definition of what liberals truly are, as it would probably be deleted.
Not at all, because those text book definitions do not apply to real life and how things actually are at all.
And by the way. Apple is just going to kill it this holiday season, with the new iPhones, new iPads etc.   I was reading a few reviews of the Nexus 9 yesterday, what complete garbage! It's laggy and stutters and the back case is flexible. It feels cheap and yet again, Fandroids the world over have been overhyping the device, and yet again, it turns out that what they were claiming was complete BS!
New Posts  All Forums: