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 Much of Europe has these insane and deplorable, socialist VAT taxes, with twenty-something percent being common, and that is obviously not Apple's fault. When you see the US prices, additional taxes are not included.  Be lucky that you don't live in Brazil. I believe that was the country that had the highest iPhone prices in the world, at least it was when I read the article a while back. 
No doubt. And that's one reason why I don't really give a crap about many of the poor, as I believe that the majority are in dire straits due to their own choices.
And it's actually dramatically up for the three months of the quarter. It went from 27.1% to 48%..
Yes, it's basically because they're poor. I've seen charts before detailing iOS marketshare, and it's pretty easy to see that in many cases, the poorer the country, the lower the marketshare for iOS.
You might as well criticize somebody for their skin color, because being against somebody simply because of their age is no different.   I'm sure that there are some older people who are out of touch, senile, and who knows what else, but there are also older people who are sharp as can be, and a whole lot more aware than many of the younger ignoramuses walking around who can barely speak.   I'm in the middle, neither young nor old. 
I'm damn glad that I didn't have any stop losses in place.   I bet that a ton of people got screwed and got taken out on monday.
Are you using speech recognition or something? It's "know", not "no", and it's "buy", not "by".
 What about iTouches? For some reason, I notice some people calling it that sometimes.
Are you trying to be funny or something? I've heard a lot of lame and ridiculous excuses before, with somebody attempting to explain why Android devices always have a piss poor showing on all real world usage stats, but the one that you just presented is one of the lamest and sorriest excuses that I've ever heard. I bet you that the majority of people that I saw on the news recently beating the crap out of each other, trying to get some cheap TV during some Black Friday...
Imagine some of the poor and unfortunate children this year around the holidays, when their highest wish is maybe to get an iPad, and they open up their presents and they see some no name Android tablet inside. There will no doubt be a few tears shed around various Christmas trees this year for sure. Some of these children will suffer mental anguish and some of them will no doubt grow up to be professional Android trolls with psychological problems, spending their time...
New Posts  All Forums: