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 I would need to see one in person and have it on my wrist first. I also need to hear more details, such as battery life etc. But it's still many months away, so there's no rush in making up my mind just yet.
 I don't think so. It needs to be paired with the iPhone.
I had no idea what to expect before the event, and I'm pleased to see that for a change, pictures of the Watch weren't leaked out by any criminal Chinese workers. It's a good thing that it's not in mass production yet!   I hadn't really thought much about it before, but it makes perfect sense to use the square shape. We are talking about a display that is going to display all sorts of information after all, and not just tell the time. In that regard, watches like the...
 It seems like I'm getting 1080, so it actually looks not bad at all. And of course the Chinese is now gone, so the stream seems good for now.
AHAHAHAA   Fucking finally!   Somebody just killed the Chinese woman! Hurray!    It's about damn time!!!!!
 I was looking forward to watching this on my new 50" TV.  I am sorry that I am seriously pissed off.
 This is like video 101 and live broadcasting 101. You watch the feed that's going out to the public, not your own internal feed. Somebody needs to get fired for sure, because this is amateur hour.
 Hard to judge the content, when the stream keeps messing up. The content might be great, all I am saying is that the stream sucks!!!!! This is inexcusable! What kind of asshats are responsible for this? Do they not fucking watch their own stream!!!!!!!?????
 Sorry, but this stream mess up is not a good thing. It should have been fixed as soon as they saw that there was a problem.
Somebody needs to put a sock in that Chinese woman's mouth!!!!!
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