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Definitely. I'm pretty happy with the iPad Air 2, but the iPad Pro is a day one purchase for me. Just the fact that it'll be a bigger iPad makes everything better. Also the rumor about it having stereo speakers in both landscape and portrait seems pretty nice.
I'd buy a larger iPad Pro for sure, but I am definitely glad that I'm not sitting around, waiting for one to come out anytime soon, because in the meantime I'm more than happy with the iPad Air 2 that I bought on day one.
 I'm not interested in your whining.
It aint much of a spring where I am. There's snow on the ground and a new storm is coming soon, which is going to dump even more snow. I've been doing my best to contribute to global warming these past years, by drastically increasing my carbon footprint, but it hasn't done much good yet, because I could use some global warming right about now. Bring it on.   Having said that, I still look forward to this "Spring Forward" event on Monday, rain, sleet or snow.   I will...
 I don't watch that series, but I did happen to catch that episode, solely because it was centered around Apple products. It wasn't awkward, unrealistic and cringeworthy like when Microsoft and others pays for and forces their products to be used in certain series. The Modern Family episode was the idea of the producers I believe. Apple doesn't need to force anybody to use their products in movies or TV series. I bet that Apple will sell a few extra products just based on...
Who cares about professional photographers? Compared to the hundreds of millions of people who buy phones, pro photographers are merely a tiny, microscopic group in numbers.  I think that Apple is talking to the average person, and I think that the average person (who is not a pro photographer) does not need to own a separate camera anymore, because the iPhone camera is good enough for the uses of 99% of people.
Yo, those pictures don't impress me at all.   Those pictures are nothing compared to the amazing pictures that I can take with my Android phone. The camera on my Android phone is 15 megapixels! That's almost double as many as the iPhone 6 camera, and that also means that the pictures come out twice as good obviously, duh! Android would win every photo contest, just based on specs alone, because that's what counts!   I'm running a custom ROM version 2.1.8, made by some...
720k sold, for the entire year of 2014, and that's ALL of them combined! How laughable. How pathetic. How embarrassing. What an epic fail.   I bet that more than 720K buttplugs were sold in 2014 than all Android watches. That tells you how desirable an Android watch is. Besides a few fanatics, even the average consumer knows garbage when they see it.
That is true. First there were netbooks, which were a disaster, and then ultrabooks were introduced to compete with the Macbook Air's complete dominance.
Also, those Android watches look like complete garbage, and I'm sure that their functionality is equally as bad.   If I ever saw anybody wearing an Android watch, then I wouldn't even give them the time of day.
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