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A country without proper borders is not really a country, and a civilized modern nation can not just let all sorts of riff raff come across the borders. Tens of millions of illegal anti-Americans should be disposed of immediately, and all border security should be tightened.
Ebola infected people should never be allowed to step foot into the country. That was another mistake made by the authorities during the recent ebola business that was happening.
 I'm pretty sure that the fat crackhead was a poor mayor because he was a crackhead, and that guy has always come off as a douchebag, so anybody who voted for him obviously likes douchebags.
George W was and is vastly smarter and more intelligent than Obama. Nobody knows yet what Obama's school records were, it's obvious that they've been keeping them secret this whole time because Obama is not smart. Obama can barely speak a single sentence without stuttering, and he's highly reliant on numerous teleprompters whenever he speaks. A local TV newsperson is equally as qualified to carry out Obama's job as Obama is, and probably more so qualified, since they will...
I support the full dismantling of Obamacare, immediately!   I do not care if people do not have health insurance! That's their problem!   And yes, an Apple Watch is better than Obamacare! Anything is better than Obamacare!
We'll see about that. I don't fully agree that it wont sell ok. What's niche? 10 million? 25 million? Apple shouldn't just make stuff for the average mainstream person. If they did, then they might as well start making Android phones, because that market is huge!  There are plenty of businesses, artists and other types of creative professionals that will be buying iPad Pros when and if it's released. It may even be hard to get when it's first released I bet. Apple...
 So your comment was sarcastic? In that case, I withdraw my criticism of your comment. I do suggest however, that in the future, you should make your sarcasm more extreme, so that it's easier to detect on the internet.
It's called the iPad Pro. If you don't have the money for it, then you're not a Pro. I am a Pro. I will be buying an iPad Pro on day one. I don't give a crap about how much it costs. There is no Android blood running through my veins.
Comments like this are just dumb. 2007 is not 2015. Things do change you know. Technology advances. Different product categories get introduced and developed. There was nothing wrong about what Steve Jobs said in 2007. As a matter of fact, every touch screen phone made since then is based on what he said. A stylus back then was a piece of crap thing that people used on their piece of crap palm pilots. Get real. The iPhone with finger multi touch gestures changed...
They alienated themselves the second that they decided to get ink on their wrists. We're talking about a microscopic percentage of people here, so no, I don't care about them at all, and if certain technologies don't work well on these people, then so be it.
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