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Said on CNBC right now - APPLE the big loser so far.   They're not wrong, because Aapl is down almost 7%, and the other big companies that have reported so far are not down nearly as much.
That sounds reasonable. Apple seems to be consistent in their choices and changes, so maybe they are trending towards the darker space grey color and we'll be seeing more products and devices having that color in the near future.
 You make it seem as if Apple down clocked it on purpose, so that it wouldn't be fully as powerful as the iPhone A8. I don't think that that's the case at all. It was downclocked, simply because that's what usually happens, when you put the same chip in different sized devices. That's why the iPad chip will usually be slightly higher clocked than the iPhone chip. And that's why it makes sense that an iPod Touch chip will be slightly under clocked compared to a chip for a...
Apple is still calling it "space grey", but that's clearly not the same as the space grey used in other devices. Maybe it's the same color, but it's clearly not the same shade. This space grey is a lot darker than the other space greys. I like the look of this darker space grey better than the lighter look.
Apple is going to sell a ton of these iPod Touches! Nobody was expecting the A8 upgrade. It's clocked slightly lower than an iPhone 6 A8, but that's to be expected, and the iPod Touch A8 is still very powerful. This thing just blows away the previous model, which used an A5 chip. Has there ever been a bigger performance upgrade for a low end Apple device? Jumping from A5 to A8 just like that?   All of the people buying and ordering these new iPod Touches today can safely...
 The fact that you believe that race has anything to do with anything, shows that you have zero understanding of the situation. It's about ideology. If only you and others here would save their outrage and hatred for the real evil people, such as the garbage mullahs in Iran, instead of directing your outrage and venom towards a poster on a forum, then you might make yourself look more reasonable, and less fanatical.
Agreed. Apple made the right decision here. And putting Touch ID on it, would've placed it into a completely different and higher price category. Apple knows what they're doing.
I'm glad that they didn't include Touch ID. Look at the iPad Mini 3 from last year, it cost $100 more, and that was basically for Touch ID and new colors. If this iPod Touch included Touch ID, it would've cost considerably more, and then I would've had to read about the endless whining from people complaining about the price. Therefore, it is better that Touch ID was not included. Some people are going to complain regardless of what Apple does or doesn't do.  Apple did a...
Get real man. Touch ID was never going to happen. You want Touch ID, go buy an iPhone, problem solved. Apple is going to sell a lot of these new iPod Touches. 
This seems like a very impressive update! An Apple device with an A8 processor starting at $199?   This is great for kids and for anybody else that does not need or does not want an iPhone /w cell plan.
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