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I've bought and sold AAPL so many times that I couldn't even tell you the total number. Sometimes I trade AAPL and make quick trades and sometimes I hold it for a lot longer. I am glad that I was a bit cautious a while back, because the huge drop that seemed to go on forever left me unscathed.
I see what you mean, I guess that it can be interpreted both ways. Is there any such thing as a neutral third party though?  I wish that all Apple haters would also put their money where their mouths are. I advise all Apple haters to go out and immediately short AAPL. I would respect them more if they did, because 99% of them are full of crap.
Sounds good to me.
 Some of my best and most coherent posts are written "under the influence". 
Yep, that's what I want to hear!   I just wrote in the previous thread that I want to see price targets above $200!   And like him or not, I say that Icahn's opinion is worth more than any analyst, because he puts his money where his mouth is. He has billions invested in Apple.   I don't take the opinions of people seriously who don't have any skin in the game.
Forecasting weather is often less accurate than the predictions of Wall Street analysts, a group of people who provide no useful service to the world. My beef is not with the weather people, it's with today's PC society, where every little thing gets exaggerated and people turn into complete wusses. The Mayor shut down the entire city! Cars were forbidden from driving on any roads after 11 PM! That is insane! They need to grow some balls! It's only some snow! People and...
42" was maybe an ok size some years ago, when people first started taking about any Apple TV. But like I said, that was years ago! 42" is a complete joke today! It's way too small! The smallest Apple TV size offered should be 50" at least, and it should go all the way up to around 90".
Most of these analysts suck! They are as accurate as the morons who predicted that my city would be hit by snowmageddon just a few days ago! that turned out to be complete BS! Foolish people were going bananas, emptying store shelves of food and supplies! i didnt believe it for a second, and i made zero preperations. The biggest earnings ever to be reported in human history! How's that for an earnings blowout? Hell, i want to see price targets that are above $200!...
 I smoke mostly only top shelf stuff, and even when I smoke, that doesn't mean that I will turn into an ignorant liberal or something like that.  My current selection for the month consists of some "Cheese" and some "OG Kush". 
Where do you get your info from, Reefer madness?  I'll be just fine, and I do not share your concerns. Quite the contrary. 
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