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What an outrageous and ridiculous idea! Would you go and lick up some dog poo from the sidewalk to give you an idea of what dinner tonight is going to taste like?
You'd better watch out for women wearing sunglasses indoors! They can be real shady. 
I believe that they are definitely representative, as I've been following similar polls for more than a decade, and many other countries also tell a similar story. Even polls from certain western countries show that a not small percentage of immigrants are radical extremists. I have also seen that Bill Maher vs Ben Afleck clip, and Ben Afleck is clearly out of his league and comes off as quite ignorant and unaware of basic facts.
Good for Apple! People must pay their fair share, no matter where they are located!
 He is indeed. I researched the topic myself more than a decade ago, and came to the same findings that he did.
 They are already working on that. This is a full out war that is being waged against all Western, civilized countries, and the sooner that these countries realize that, then the sooner that they will be able to deal with the real problem, and treat it as a war.
Even though I think that Bill Maher is a weasly, little liberal and I refuse to watch his show, even though I have HBO, he is correct in this statement:   Bill Maher didn’t hold back Wednesday night, blasting “hundreds of millions” of the world’s Muslims for allegedly supporting the Islamic terrorist massacre of cartoonists, writers, and editors at a Parisian satirical magazine that has mocked the Prophet Muhammad.   That's right, hundreds of...
 I disagree. It is a good strategy to create more extremists, because that brings certain ones out of the closet. The more extremists, the better, because that only validates what certain people have been saying all along.
 Just a minor correction: Geert Wilders is actually a Dutch politician. I like that guy, and I agree with many of his positions.  And yep, being called far-right is a common tactic especially utilized by those who are far-left. Fortunately, the corrupt, liberal media is losing influence every single day.
 That is true. I am 100% against all Muslim extremists. I don't care if they're white, black, brown or whatever. They are all equally bad, and very often the converts are the worst of them, as they obviously have mental issues and they often have something to prove. Being called a racist, when the topic has nothing to do with race is a tactic used by confused liberals and terrorist supporters who attempt to shut down the debate, becuase they do not believe in free speech,...
New Posts  All Forums: