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I don't blame the guy for selling to Google.   For 3.2 Billion, how can you?   Nest's products seem cool, but I don't think that Apple should have paid anything close to that amount, so let Google have them.
 There is a difference between a "high-end" Android device and the average Android phones that are dumped on people. I'll give you that, you are correct.
Why am I so quick to be dismissive of a new Samsung feature? Past experience and Samsung's history, that's why. There is no evidence that I see for me to think that this feature is nothing but a cheap gimmick. As for Android users' financial standing, I have seen all of the charts and statistics that have come out these past years, and they almost all point towards the same conclusion.
I doubt that this has anything to do with security. It's probably a useless, cheap gimmick that doesn't work very good, just like the face recognition crap turned out to be.   I also believe that Android users in general do not care too much about security, and I also believe that most of them do not have much worth protecting in the first place.   What kind of dumb crook or hacker would want to gain access to an average Android user's phone? Where is the value there?...
 That's good to know, thanks. The last Playstation that I tried was PS 2.
 If you're further curious, then here's the video proof. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpGH02DtIws And yes, I see Tallest Skil's link. Thanks.
 Oh, ok. Wow. I didn't really know the guy, but I do remember him well from his postings here.  All I can say is RIP.
I've never used any sort of Bluetooth game controller before, but are they good enough for games?   What is the latency with this Bluetooth controller? Is it any slower compared to native control? I have read about some Bluetooth speakers having latency, so that's why I'm asking about the controller. If there's one thing that I hate in devices and controllers, it's latency.    When playing certain games, every millisecond counts, and you need to blast your opponents...
 I didn't think that I'd actually need to explain, but I was actually channeling another famous public speaker who is known for numerous gaffes, teleprompter fails and somebody who is also susceptible to saying stupid crap. By the way, I see in your sig that it says, RIP jragosta. I haven't been around here that much lately, but he's dead?
It doesn't make a difference if Samsung releases a one inch tablet or a hundred inch tablet. It's all crap, still running Android, with Samsung's bastardized customizations on top.
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