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 I agree with that.
 I make my own decisions and predictions, without the help of any analysts. I'm not even sure how analysts operate. Do they actually have any skin in the game themselves? Are they even allowed to?
As for AAPL, it's looking good today again!   Apple did a good job in quickly squashing any BS that was circulating around.   The iOS 8 mess up was a legitimate issue and it was a screw up by Apple, though it was very limited in scope. Apple did the right thing and got right on top of it and issued a fix the very next day!    Apple also quickly reacted to any of the bend BS that has also been circulating and being spread by youtube whores.   We've seen this time...
 When has that ever stopped any analysts from predicting anything before?  These clowns can't even predict what's going to happen tomorrow, let alone months from now, or a year from now.
Sure, no problem!I think that you'll like it, I use it all of the time in addition to normal charts. It gives a different perspective on things I feel, and I love how I can just pinch and zoom to view different sectors and different stocks.
 I'm probably too lazy to go to the appstore and get a direct link, and then come back here and paste it, but I can tell you that it's an app called StockTouch, it's for iPad, it's free (there's an upgrade to pro version with some extra features if you need them), and it's pretty cool. So just search for StockTouch on the appstore and you should be all set.
Here's how the tech sector looked today.  
 Yes, AAPL did drop a little more than the indexes, but I believe that it would probably be more accurate to compare AAPL to the NASDAQ which was down 1.94% today, because AAPL is not part of the DOW, but they are a part of the NASDAQ.
 So, 9 bent iphones and less than 40,000 iphone 6s that were affected by the bug, which has now been fixed, one day after. Reading and listening to the media, you'd think that a million people had died or something.
 I agree, but I guess that I'm a bit of a gambler. Short term for me can mean as little as five minutes. I actually took a bit of a gamble on the first day of BABA, and it was insane. It took minutes for an order to even register. Normally with Apple or other stocks on a normal day, it's a second or two. I was lucky though, I got in at 95 and managed to sell at 99, right before it began diving down. The whole trade lasted no more than a few minutes. I don't get that kind...
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