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It's been like this for years and years already. Every chart and statistic that comes along all tell the same story.
This is hardly surprising. The whole myth of Android's alleged activation numbers isn't worth a whole lot. What are all of those billions of people doing with their devices? They're certainly not shopping online too much, like normal people and Apple users do.   Does it surprise anybody that people buying tablets, with some of them even being in the sub 100 dollar range (complete garbage devices), are not buying too much online? They are obviously flat broke. Who else in...
They're the morons who put out a price target of $100 in September. And I believe that your first link to seeking alpha is citing that same September prediction, so it's not even new news. They're just rehashing old news.
 Agreed. I pretty much ignore anything that any analysts have to say. I also stay away from any gossip sites like seeking alpha, business insider etc.
 It's been changed.
I don't trust those market research firms. I believe that there are ulterior motives at play and they have an agenda.
 That's a pretty good price, at least for the past few months. I assume that you're still holding them? I think that some charts don't take into account pre/after market prices, so the chart that I was looking at probably falls under that category.
The whole damn market was in the red today, and plenty of stocks were down more than AAPL.
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