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The children are US citizens, so they can't be deported. The children would either have to stay in the US by themselves, and fend for themselves, or the illegal parents can choose to take their child with them when they get the boot.
Yes, exactly. That's who Rogifan mentioned in her post. My post was about Doug Kass, not Gene Munster.
 Humanity is not my concern. I do believe that controlling illegal immigration is important to the USA. What moves humanity forward or not is a matter of opinion.
I never understood certain people on the internet who pop up and make such clever statements such as "don't ever buy the first gen of an Apple product", or "wait until so and so until you buy". As if I'm going to wait around for years to buy an item, while I can be enjoying it right now in the here and present. I have this one procrastinating acquaintance who's been mumbling about buying an Apple laptop for years already now. Yet, for whatever incomprehensible reason,...
 I don't agree with that mentality at all. You're gonna get suckered by the infamous battery drainage bug that will occur in gen 4. As for me, I'm obviously waiting on gen. 5. That's the ticket right there.
The whole premise of even conducting such a survey at this moment is pointless in my opinion, so it doesn't really matter what the sample size was, again in my opinion. And I doubt that their sample size was any big either. They probably only surveyed a small group of people. A sample size of 96 gives a margin of error that's 10%, according to what I see on wiki.
 Many people have done exactly that. All those people who bought AAPL back when it was super low have made a killing on it.
 That guy is a total, clueless fool. Here's what the genius wrote on sept 12, 2014: This week I have taken a short position in Apple, a maturing company whose profit prospects going forward are less attractive than in the past and whose valuation is inflated relative to other hardware companies. AAPL was $101.66 on sept 12 of this year and AAPL has basically only gone uphill since the fool made his prediction. I wonder, has he covered his short yet or did he hold it all...
Seriously, what an idiotic and waste of time survey.   Of course people are waiting. You can't buy the damn thing yet!   Nobody even knows all of the final details yet. The thing is still many months away from release!
Yes, of course.  No matter what the thread is about, it could be about cop killers, child molesters or whoever, and as always, the rage and the focus of certain confused liberals on this forum is always directed towards me.
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