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 Are you talking about the passport? Talk about a step backwards!  Blackberry, who dismissed and ignored the iPhone and got their asses handed to them, have now in 2014 decided to come out with a square screen phone that has a plastic keyboard on it.
 And just to add one more thing, nobody has any idea what phones will be like in let's say ten years time. We might all say today that 5.5" is huge, and that's plenty enough for me, and I will never, ever go bigger than that, but hell. We might all be using 30" Phones in a few years. Phones that use foldable screens, that you can just fold up and put in your pocket. People will be walking around with damn cinema displays in their front pants pockets. Now, that is just some...
 When the iPhone was released, it was the largest phone around with the largest display. It was revolutionary. Things do change you know, and 2007 is not 2014. Now there are various size iPhones, and this way, virtually everybody can and should be happy. In seven years time from now, in 2021, quite a few things will have changed from today too.
 Serious answer. Nobody knows yet. It will all be determined tomorrow. Apple hasn't always done the same thing each year on launch, so we'll see what they do this year.
 It's not like Apple is doing it on purpose. It's simple supply and demand, and if there aren't enough 5.5"s to go around at launch, then they will be hard to get. And yes, people will wait for an Apple device. We've seen that time and time again. What other choice do they have? Buy a disgusting and inferior Android phone? 
There's always something that will only be available in limited quantities. Last year, it was the gold iPhone that was hard to get, and this year it will probably be the 5.5" iPhone.
 Here's a midget and a giant in a Powerbook G4 commercial, for the 12" and 17" model. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoTehxdm2m8 The iPhone 5.5 is going to be large, so no sense in hiding that fact. Apple should promote it as such. It's for people who want a very large phone.
 Not yet we don't. The 9.7" iPad is the original, normal size. If Apple were to release a 12.9" model, then that could maybe be called iPad +, and not iPad Pro as some rumors mention.
 Not really.  I've said before that it makes sense for the larger iPhone to be the premium model, and perhaps it will have a few extra features that the 4.7 does not. Maybe better camera? We know the battery will be bigger, but so will the screen, so it remains to be seen how much better battery life the 5.5 will get. Or maybe there are no extra features, and the plus simply means that it's larger, like a plus sized woman model.
Why would they even bother?
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