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Many of the people today who invoke MLK's name are not alright people. They're simple minded losers, criminals and truly disgusting people, like those groups of hashtag using thugs who have recently taken to blocking traffic, invading restaurants and malls, harassing people, and even denying ambulances from transporting injured people to the hospital.   Here's to hoping that an 18 wheeler drives right over those idiotic protesters, the next time that they decide to block...
Indeed. I have no respect for any criminals and their heists, and I certainly wouldn't admire their planning or execution of said plans. Some criminals managed to gain entry to a warehouse? Big deal. Find them and throw them behind bars for a long time, or execute them or whatever they like to do over in China.
Certain people here are wrong and confused. I will explain why.   Steve Jobs spoke of not wanting or needing a stylus back when the original iPhone was launched in 2007, and he was right. At the time, people were using Palm Pilots and the like, and they were using it with a stylus. The stylus was required for the day to day use of the device. Doing something simple like selecting a menu item on the screen required a stylus, and it was not a very good system, due to the...
 Your "news" source does not know the difference between "there" and "their". I especially do not trust any journalists who do not know how to write and spell basic words.
 What's your complaint exactly? The iPad now has 2 GB of RAM. You're talking about old devices.
 How would you know? Have you ever used a "force touch" display before? I haven't. Before the iPhone and iPad, most people had never even used a multi-touch display before. I think that certain apps and games could certainly make use of such a feature. Pressing a button or box in an app could make it act differently, depending on if somebody presses it, or if they merely tap it.
Driving a bus is not exactly a high skilled job or a skill that requires extensive training and the people seeking to unionize should immediately be fired and they should have their jobs replaced by others who are not self-entitled and who are willing to work. Let's see them provide for their families on $0.00 an hour. You could probably train an intelligent chimpanzee to drive a bus around.   With a few exceptions, the majority of unions are bad news and they should be...
What an outrageous and ridiculous idea! Would you go and lick up some dog poo from the sidewalk to give you an idea of what dinner tonight is going to taste like?
You'd better watch out for women wearing sunglasses indoors! They can be real shady. 
I believe that they are definitely representative, as I've been following similar polls for more than a decade, and many other countries also tell a similar story. Even polls from certain western countries show that a not small percentage of immigrants are radical extremists. I have also seen that Bill Maher vs Ben Afleck clip, and Ben Afleck is clearly out of his league and comes off as quite ignorant and unaware of basic facts.
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