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 If you're further curious, then here's the video proof. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpGH02DtIws And yes, I see Tallest Skil's link. Thanks.
 Oh, ok. Wow. I didn't really know the guy, but I do remember him well from his postings here.  All I can say is RIP.
I've never used any sort of Bluetooth game controller before, but are they good enough for games?   What is the latency with this Bluetooth controller? Is it any slower compared to native control? I have read about some Bluetooth speakers having latency, so that's why I'm asking about the controller. If there's one thing that I hate in devices and controllers, it's latency.    When playing certain games, every millisecond counts, and you need to blast your opponents...
 I didn't think that I'd actually need to explain, but I was actually channeling another famous public speaker who is known for numerous gaffes, teleprompter fails and somebody who is also susceptible to saying stupid crap. By the way, I see in your sig that it says, RIP jragosta. I haven't been around here that much lately, but he's dead?
It doesn't make a difference if Samsung releases a one inch tablet or a hundred inch tablet. It's all crap, still running Android, with Samsung's bastardized customizations on top.
I've been to 57 states, with one more to go I think, and rarely have I seen such an embarrassing teleprompter fail.    Michael Bay should run for public office, he has the necessary skills required.
As for this article, even though I've spoken a lot of trash about Blackberry before, and I still believe that they are doomed and virtually finished as a consumer company, that keyboard is a blatant copy of the Blackberry keyboard. So go ahead and sue Ryan Seacrest's ass.
And look at the damn state that the country is in. Exactly.
 There will be no transition. The way that some people on this forum are advocating for Apple to emulate and copy a failed concept (like the MS Surface) is laughable. What a great strategy. Gee, what should Apple do next with it's super successful iPad line? Golly gee, let's borrow features from the least successful device on the market! That ought to be real swell!  If Apple does release a "convertible", it will be good news for people looking to short AAPL.
 Ok, I'm not up to date on all of the newer Intel chips and the ones that have yet to be released. He did mention the Macbook Air though, and that uses a fan last I saw.
New Posts  All Forums: