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If you're first going to commit a crime, it's probably a good idea to commit crimes that don't involve direct confrontations with the police.
 I call BS on your BS! A court overturned the ban in the last minute! These retards have been trying to ban Coke for years! MSNBC Host Flips Out Over Soda Ban Being Overturned — Accuses Soft Drink Makers Of ‘Poisoning Children’ http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/03/12/msnbc-host-flips-out-over-soda-ban-being-overturned-accuses-soft-drink-makers-of-poisoning-children/
 Liberals are to blame for the outrageous cigarette taxes in New York City. It's one of the highest in the entire country. They tried to ban Coke also (not cocaine, but coca-cola, the damn soda)! I wouldn't be surprised if somebody were killed for selling a can of illegal coca-cola in the future sometime! Way to go liberals! Let's make everything illegal! Nice job!
 Death is always a potential outcome when committing such a crime.  Shit happens.
 There are plenty of videos of cops taking down white suspects and white people who resist arrest. People who resist arrest are all retarded, no matter what their skin color. If you are a rude and uncooperative white dude who weighs 350 pounds and you refuse to comply with the requests of police officers, then they will take your ass down too. And also, a black police sergeant was in charge of the whole take down. Apparently they had no problems with it. This is not about...
 Certain people are socially inferior, and those people are more likely to break laws and to get into trouble than other people who have common sense. Mike Brown had the attitude of a thug. That is clear to see from the video where he is harassing the store owner. Mike Brown was basically a bully and a douchebag and a thief. It is no surprise that such a person would seek a violent confrontation with a police officer. In the thug culture, those people don't like to be...
 I agree with that. The "drug war" is a huge waste of money and a waste of time and resources.
True dat. And they need better parenting. Parents that teach their children to respect others.
 That's what it comes down to. Some people just need to learn respect.
I did. I was commenting on how the still image from the video was a lie, with the hands up gesture. The liberal propaganda video talks about all sorts of incidents and tries to connect them. In this thread, I have mainly only been talking about two incidents, Ferguson and New York City.
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