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Hey, I'm all for cannabis. I smoke plenty of weed, but any Apple retail employee who reeks of cannabis on the job should be fired.   It doesn't matter if it's in a weed legal state. Alcohol is legal in all states, but that doesn't mean that you can show up for work drunk like a skunk, and it doesn't mean that you can go around toking while working in an Apple store.   As for the shirts, I'm just glad that they're blue. I never did like the red shirts that they had, it...
I watch both also, but this being an earnings day is not a typical day. Sometimes I'm up at 3am and I even see the Frankfurt action to see what's going on there.
Yes, of course I was talking about AH price. Today's general market action had to do with the entire market being down. And those who are currently short are still affected by the AH price, because when AAPL opens up tomorrow, that gives them a general idea that AAPL is going to open up tomorrow with a big gap up.
Apple is the largest corporate taxpayer in the US. Anybody claiming that Apple doesn't pay their fair share is clueless, wrong and ignorant.
How did the shorts win? It's 115.30 at the moment. Anybody who is currently short is in for a world of hurt this week, and they'll probably be trying to dump their shorts as quickly as possible.
 I don't think that you pay your fair share! And I also believe that you should pay more! I also think that half of your bank account (if you have one), should be donated away to charity.
Are you on crack or something? The stock is not down, it's up big in AH.
Apple pays its' fair share.
Boom! I knew it!   Congrats to Apple and to all Apple shareholders and to me! 
 I know that she was the CEO of Burberry before, though I'm not that familiar with that company. I was just wondering what specifically she had done for Apple to warrant such a huge payout? Have the Apple retail stores been redesigned? Do they do anything different in Apple stores now compared to before? Is she heavily involved in the Apple Watch rollout or something, since she comes from the fashion world? I'm just curious, that's all.
New Posts  All Forums: