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IBM should release the results after all of their workers have chosen!   I wouldn't be surprised if it's something like Apple 94.2% PC 5.8% ! 
Kanye West is a huge douchebag.   Believe it or not, I'm not going to get too specific here, but many years ago, before Kanye West was well known, I turned him down for something, because I wasn't interested in working with him, because I didn't like his music. 
Europeans should feel honored by my presence there, since I will be a tourist afterall, and I will be helping their poor economy out, and spending my valuable dollars there. Europeans should be lining up on the streets for me, holding a parade in my honor, throwing flowers in my general direction, and thanking me for being there. As for the food, I don't eat fast food that often, and I used the price of a Big Mac as an example.
They sell beer in certain McDonalds there also. That's definitely not American.
You're correct that I'm not in the export business, but I am aware that the strong dollar has some negative consequences that comes with it. I doubt that Apple is overly glad for the strong dollar. I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily celebrating the strong dollar. I am merely accepting it, and I plan to take advantage of it for my own needs, such as when I travel to Europe again later on in the summertime. I've been through weak dollars and strong dollars before, and...
This is not a stupid, unfriendly move. It's an extremely wise and prudent move on Apple's part. To not do so would be stupid and it would signal a lack of common sense and poor business skills.   Currencies go up. Currencies go down. That's how things work. This is the way of the world. At the moment, the dollar just happens to be very strong. It's been trending strong for quite a while now, so anybody who didn't see this coming is not paying attention, and their...
50% accuracy aint that bad I guess. 
I'm sure that the store will do well, I'm just not sure if it'll be #1.
Not the left! They'd obviously prefer a King or a dictatorship, as long as it was their guy.
I was just about getting ready to do some bashing, but I'm feeling charitable today, so I wont!    I do find it ironic and a little funny though that a longtime Blackberry user, somebody who's used to using real keys, chooses an iPhone to type out their first tweet.   It's about time that the President of the USA joins the current century and ditches their Blackberry for good!   People using Blackberries are ridiculous. They're like people still driving horse and...
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