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 TYPO: I think you mean $323.
Awesome!   I was following this stock yesterday when it fell after hours and I was laughing my ass off. I had no personal stake in this stock, but it just felt really good to see it drop so sharply.   It's about damn time that they got punished for continuing to lose money and not living up to their ridiculous, extremely overvalued valuations.   If you ask me, it didn't drop enough. It's still overvalued. 
 Bose has sued plenty of companies before and even the media. Bose has sued Consumer reports, Motorola, Harman International Industries (JBL and Infinity systems) and many more.
 I'm sure that Apple has a huge team of expensive lawyers representing them, so I would certainly hope so, but in my opinion, the verdict is still out as to whether this was a good buy or not, and I'm not just talking about the economics.
 Apple needs to have some kind of clause in the contract, that Beats is liable for all copyright infringements and any other lawsuits that might happen, relating to all Beats operations and products before the date that Apple officially buys them.
I actually bought two pairs of headphones last month, an Audio Technica headphone and a nice AKG headphone, Beats doesn't interest me at all. Sound trumps fashion and trends any day of the week, if you ask for my humble opinion.   Since the Beats deal seems to be a done deal, I'm not going to bother complaining about it that much anymore, but I will say that I'm still not crazy about it.   I also think that the IBM and Apple partnership trumps Beats, and overall, Apple...
 Sorry, but after Beats, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised about Timex or Swatch.
I don't think that Apple should be too concerned with what old fashioned watch makers are doing.   Did Apple model the iPhone on currently available phones at the time? Hell no.   Reinventing the watch requires completely new thinking, not following ancient norms and tired ways of doing things.   I see Apple's supposed iWatch and regular watches as two different categories of devices, that don't really overlap. Regular watches just tell the time for the most part,...
NASA has other, more important priorities. Do you remember what Obama directed them to do a few years ago? Absolutely disgusting. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/7875584/Barack-Obama-Nasa-must-try-to-make-Muslims-feel-good.html
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