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 In practically all religions, it is the men that are in control and in charge.I don't disagree that it is men that are usually behind the indoctrination and the primitive views. I wasn't disputing that.
There is nothing wrong with porn.
My intention was not to leave anybody speechless. I'm just sharing my honest thoughts about the subject, like I usually do on this forum.
I disagree. Enlightened females actually like porn, I'm happy to say that I've met a few of those in my time. There are few things worse than a prudish female who loathes porn and who was indoctrinated from an early age to learn that porn or nudity is evil. These people have psychological issues, not to mention various sexual malfunctions.
I disagree. One of the main purposes for women on this planet is to pleasure men, because it's in our DNA to fornicate and to reproduce, that goes for both most males and most females.
Is this an Apple store retail employee or something that has posted these?   Whoever the Apple retail store employee that is connected to this leak needs to immediately be fired. They obviously should not be working for Apple. The article says that the account holder works for the Daily Mail, but they obviously got access to take pictures of the packaging somehow, and Apple should find out from whom.   One thing that I liked about Steve Jobs was that he was anal about...
Well let's see. Since I'm not a criminal, I doubt that I am in any need of any rehabilitation. And yes, I guess that I am bigoted against criminals and other felons, and no I do not see any need to be tolerant towards people that I do not like.
I guess that she is, but what's your point? I don't care about Martha Stewart, and I don't think that she should be allowed to work on any Apple construction site.
It depends what kind of mistakes, and how many "mistakes" somebody has made.
 Are you a felon or something? Or perhaps somebody in your family is a felon? I am in good company with Tim Cook and Apple here! We both discriminate against felons! If you don't like that, well then that's just too damn bad, and there aint a darned thing that you can do about it!  
New Posts  All Forums: