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That's very generous of Apple, but I hope that this is just a one-time thing. If there is still an issue in 30 days, then just cut them off. No exceptions. Let the EU kick them out, I don't care about Greece. It's about time that they act like responsible adults and not spoiled children.
Android and games just doesn't mix well.   I'd been playing this multiplayer game that was first out for iOS for quite a while called WOT Blitz, and eventually, it was released for Android.   Almost as soon as that happened, I noticed that the skill level of players decreased, due to the influx of Android players with their crappy devices. It's a team game, with 7 VS 7 matches, so unfortunately players are dependent upon their teammates to win matches, and I can...
I don't have any problems with Apple doing this. It's their store, and they are free to decide how their shelves will look and what's on those shelves. However, I feel that this sort of Apple like packaging kind of implies that the third party products and accessories being sold are being endorsed by Apple and that they have Apple's stamp of approval. I guess that as long as there is no junk or bad products being sold, then I suppose that it's ok.
Is it a coincidence that this garbage comes out less than two weeks before Apple earnings? We've seen this same exact thing happen before. It wasn't about the watch before, but it was some other bogus report about poor iPhone sales or some other similar nonsense that turned out to be 100% false. There's always some FUD out there about Apple that certain people and groups are circulating.
I see this as a good thing. Unlike Android, where the majority of phones and devices are still running ancient, obsolete OS versions, and everything is a complete mess, it is better for Apple and for Apple users to all be on the same page, to all be running the latest OS update, as long as the devices that they are using supports it. And iOS 9 will even support an old device like the iPad 2, so there's really very few excuses to not be running the latest version of...
Sounds good to me! The international market and various currencies are constantly changing, and Apple needs to revise and update its prices every once in a while. Those people who can no longer afford Apple products will just have to do without them. Are there any Apple stores in Greece? Apple should probably consider scaling back its operations in countries like that for a decade or two.
I agree. It is disgraceful to lump in a biased channel like CNN with the more respectable FOX. In my home, CNN is forbidden from being viewed on any screens, TVs, devices, computers, phones and iPads. Obviously, I needn't even mention MSNBC, as that is the worst of them all.
Who cares about Greece? Greece is insignifcant, and they deserve whatever happens to them. Their foolishness and arrogance will cost them dearly. Greece won't have any effect on AAPL at all.    AAPL is basically a safe haven compared to most other things. 
I've never subscribed to any of these Apple TV channels like HBO now or this new Showtime, but if somebody is looking to save money on the monthly fee, then can't they just pay via their Apple account, and use an iTunes card that they got for a 25-30% discount?   That would bring the monthly fee for HBO Now down to around $10 from $15.
Yes, I miss all of the porn on 42nd street. Now, it's too commercialized, too many tourists, and companies like Disney have taken over everywhere.
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