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Tomorrow? Why wait until tomorrow? Look at AAPL now. Up nicely in AH.
 I agree. It is wrong to declare that Steve Jobs was a typical liberal. He stood for many things that the left hates.
I know exactly what I'm talking about. You accused Tallest Skil of deleting posts, and I correctly pointed out that you were making a patently false accusation. If anybody doesn't know WTF they are talking about, it is you.
 Another patently false accusation.
 Good info, but I think that it's important to point out that I believe the numbers that you are quoting is for Apple worldwide, and not just the US. 
Microsoft's employees grew by 25,000 when you add in the Nokia employees. According to Bloomberg, Nadella is ready to reduce Microsoft’s workforce and begin the process of integrating Nokia’s Devices and Services division (which was officially acquired earlier this year). Microsoft currently has over 127,000 employees (including the roughly 25,000 that it added from Nokia) and Bloomberg’s sources indicate that more than 5,800 positions will be cut. - See more at:...
 Jobs also had some views that were definitely not left. He was very much against some unions I recall.
It says on the Apple site that 26,000 of them are U.S. retail employees. I'm not sure if that's in addition to the 50,250 or if the 50,250 includes retail.
50,250 in the US.https://www.apple.com/about/job-creation/
 I don't. I don't really care what happens to them. This is the same company that held an actual funeral for the iPhone. As for their current problems, anybody could have seen it coming. I said it years ago on this site. Windows 8 was a terrible concept and so was their "convertibles". Trying to combine touch with a traditional OS, and force it down user's throats was a stupid idea. 
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