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 I realize that certain people on this forum would rather stab themselves in their own eye socket, before they would ever admit to agreeing with me on any topic whatsoever, even if I merely claimed that the sun is probably going to rise tomorrow, but you'd actually be surprised by how many people have actually told me what you just told me now at one time or another. I should dig up all of those posts sometime, if I have the time and desire to do so. 
Here's a photo of a Russian dude who's heading out to the nearest electronics store to buy a new iPhone 6.     As for Russia, I can't really say that I feel bad for them. Putin is obviously not a great leader, like many Russians think that he is. Also, I'm not gay, but if I were, I'd be pretty happy about Russia's current economic predicament.
They have been encouraging, enabling and supporting the violent protesters for months now. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2014/12/whos-blaming-de-blasio-for-shooting.html
It may be nationalistic, but I don't believe that it's bullshit at all.
 You and other liberals can claim hatred and bigotry all you like, but that's not the case. I don't really care where illegals come from. They are all the same, they are illegal, and they should all be ejected. That is how things are in the majority of western countries on the planet. 
 Nope. It would never cross my mind to illegally enter a foreign country and scam them out of money and benefits. It is a rotten thing to do, and I don't have much compassion for people who do rotten things. Also, I believe that it is the people who make up successful and prosperous countries. If you took the entire population of the USA and gave them a country in the third world, and if you took 316 million people from the third world and gave them the USA, then it...
I guess that you haven't followed the news much lately, as some of this is local issues that I am speaking of, and you obviously don't even live in the US. Tell that to the NY police union, because they share my view, and they have directly blamed the mayor for the dead police officers. They even all turned their backs to him when he entered the room recently. It was a wonderful sight to see. It's on video. As for the liberal media, they are also responsible for their...
 You are correct, that I'm technically a human, so I obviously can't deny that I am not a part of humanity. However, there are many billions of people on the planet, and many of them are not good people, so I choose not to associate myself with any all encompassing labels such as humanity. I would also never consider myself to be a global citizen, as I find such labels to be nonsense and naive. There are various primitive and evil ideologies out there that many people...
The children have no say in this at all. I doubt that a baby or a small child has the mental capacity to comprehend the illegal actions of their parents. The decision lies solely with the parents. If they're terrible parents, and they wish to leave their child behind, then that's their choice.
The children are US citizens, so they can't be deported. The children would either have to stay in the US by themselves, and fend for themselves, or the illegal parents can choose to take their child with them when they get the boot.
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