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It seems like India is just too third world for Apple. 
So where do these idiotic lists come from? Are you going to spill the beans?
Yeah, what a joke. At least they give the iPhone credit for ushering in the era of smartphones, since it's the only phone mentioned under smartphones, but smartphones are way too low on the list. Those workout tapes in the eighties were merely a fad. Smartphones are not a fad and far more people use them than the small amount of people who got caught up in the workout fad. Just take a walk outside or step on any mass transit. Practically everybody has their heads buried in...
What a ridiculous list.   Usually, when a magazine or media outlet has a countdown of the best 100 songs or best 100 inventions or whatever, they always have questionable inclusions on that list, and this list is no different. The list was probably made by just a few people, so it merely represents the opinions of a few people, and there's often things that are forgotten and things that do get included, but do not deserve to even be on the list.
 Politically speaking, those groups which you just mentioned are all pretty horrible, and it has nothing to do with any skin color. A dumbass is still a dumbass, regardless of their skin color.
If somebody from Brazil were to ask on this forum: Hey, how come Apple iPhones are so damn expensive in my country?   Then this is what I would show them:   No wonder it costs an arm & leg. Those taxes and import fees are just insane!   The fault lies with your country, not with Apple.
It still remains to be seen what comes out of this whole Beats thing.
 Much of Europe has these insane and deplorable, socialist VAT taxes, with twenty-something percent being common, and that is obviously not Apple's fault. When you see the US prices, additional taxes are not included.  Be lucky that you don't live in Brazil. I believe that was the country that had the highest iPhone prices in the world, at least it was when I read the article a while back. 
No doubt. And that's one reason why I don't really give a crap about many of the poor, as I believe that the majority are in dire straits due to their own choices.
And it's actually dramatically up for the three months of the quarter. It went from 27.1% to 48%..
New Posts  All Forums: