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its probably for the better that this was cancelled, because i dont ever recall downloading anything from this event in past years. I think last year, they had a movie, a song, a book, some apps and other stuff, but none of it was too interesting, and people's tastes vary wildly, so Apple is better off saving their money. I also dont think that Apple should do anything like the u2 giveaway in the future again. Can you imagine how much cash they must have forked over to...
It's not like anybody would get a bag worth $0, so it's not exactly the same as a lottery ticket, where you either win, or get nothing. Everybody would be a winner, some more than others. And yes, this would be hugely successful, if they did it in the US. Like I wrote in the other thread, I bet you that people would be lining up outside stores to get them. Is it for everybody? Of course not, but enough people would do it, to make it a big success. But then again, I guess...
It certainly could cost less than $400 in the USA. You do realize that not everybody gets a Macbook Air or an iPad 2 in their bag right? Apple wouldn't lose any money on this promotion.
I would gladly take every Apple promotion offered in the USA, and exchange them all for this one Japanese promotion. Besides offering a tiny discount on Black Friday (and only on select products), what promotions does Apple really have? And Apple is a large corporation, and a huge tax payer. They should lobby to get the law changed. Apple is involved in many political causes, such as the environment, gays, AIDS, etc. For me, the lucky bag is an equally valid cause as any...
It is practically criminal and anti-American how many forms for gambling and games of skill are illegal many places in the US. I haven't been able to play a decent poker game online in many years! Last time I played online for real cash, I was out of the country, playing on a foreign account in a foreign country. How I spend my own money is my own damn business! I don't need any fascist politicians making things like poker illegal!
Good post! That's interesting, I didn't know that, and it would certainly explain why Apple wouldn't do something like a "lucky bag" promotion in the US.  From your link: This may be particularly true in California which has enacted a state law that prevents such grab bag sales. What a terrible law! But it certainly answers the question I asked in this thread!
Why wouldn't they? They've practically aped everything else already. But seriously. Who the hell would want a Samsung lucky bag? I'd consider myself extremely lucky and blessed to not get any bag at all from them.
 You are correct. The chances of this actually happening, with Apple implementing such a cool idea in the US is somewhere between extremely slim and not a chance in hell. I mentioned it anyway, as I believe that it's a great idea, even though I know that it won't happen.
I am of course referring to a diversity of promotions. Excluding this promotion from the US is not a very inclusive thing to do.
Mentaly disturbed people are always going to complain no matter what. The internet has merely provided a convenient platform for these lunatics.
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