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You must be a comedian or something, because nobody has violated and broken the consitution more than the "current office-holder". 
I can understand the argument when it comes to railroads or telecom companies or utilities, but apps? That just sounds crazy, in my opinion.
 I believe in American supremacy and I believe that our culture and values should be dominant across the entire planet. Not all cultures are created equally, and there are some that should be eliminated.
 I have of course not forgotten that, though I prefer to call it enhanced interrogations, which I of course fully support. I believe that "torture" has gotten a bad rap and has been the victim of leftist smear campaigns and misinformation. When they say that it's not effective, that is not true. I believe that's a lie, thought that's a topic for a different thread perhaps.
I'm not worried about this at all. His idea is never going to gain traction. If I believed that it would, then I would be worried.
I see what you mean. I do see the two (America + capitalism) as going hand in hand though.
 Americans have joined Al-Qaeda before. Being an "American" doesn't make somebody immune from having ridiculous, anti-freedom and offensive ideas. Plenty of nutjobs happen to be American. And Chen's proposal is definitely outrageous, ridiculous and goes against the concept of free-will and self determination. A company should be free to develop for whoever they wish.
It's certainly anti-freedom and anti-free will. And the companies that he wants to force to provide apps for blackberry happen to be American, like Netflix and Apple.
What a totally disgusting, offensive and anti-American thought process the current Blackberry CEO has. App neutrality?    Companies should be forced to make their app work across all platforms, even if they don't want to, or even if they'd lose money and waste resources in the process?    Hell no.   Everybody knows that Blackberry is in deep trouble, due to their own stupidity and arrogance, but that is no excuse for them to peddle these sorts of ideas. If...
You're entitled to believe in whatever you want, no matter how delusional and detached from reality that belief is.
New Posts  All Forums: