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 That couldn't be further from the truth. There is a huge price difference. The iPhone 5.5 will be around $700-$800 probably, and how much is an iPad Mini again? Oh, that's right, you can get one for $200 recently at some places. And also, 7.9 is a bit bigger than 5.5, and also, not everybody wants a phone or wants to pay for a phone plan.
 They rarely do have one. Their dirty and old deck of cards is all worn out by now. 
How in the hell does Apple not have agreements in place that prevents any carriers or retailers from being able to do something like this?   And if they do, did those morons at China Mobile violate it?
 No worries here! I've had two factor enabled for quite some time now.
 Apple offers a variety of workshops, including how to better use many of their specific apps, like iPhoto, iMovie, Numbers, Pages. They also have a workshop that specifically is about iCloud. Perhaps more people and celebrities should pay a visit to that one. http://concierge.apple.com/workshops/R095
 Yes, they do. I've never been to one, but I noticed that they have a variety of free classes at various Apple stores, but I'm not sure if any were specifically about security.
 That's cool! So it would take Apple about 4.3 seconds to make $20,000.00
 So instead of just being mildly racist, it's better to be extremely racist? That's an interesting view, and I would have to disagree with it.
 Yeah, I don't know how much Apple makes per hour on average, and I'm not going to take the time to look it up or research it or do the math on it, but $20,000? Apple probably makes that in 12 milliseconds. If I were a racist liberal who ran around extolling the wonderful virtues of "diversity", then I'd be insulted by that $20 k figure, and I would take it as a slap in the face.
It's only two scholarships for 10k each, so this is not a big deal really, but I am opposed to it nonetheless out of principle.   Diversity is a liberal codeword for it's ok to be racist as long as we're liberals and let's call it diversity!   They're not fooling me.
New Posts  All Forums: