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Knock yourself out. tcook@apple.com
 Wise words. I was just about to go off on a massive, wordy rant, but then I realized that this is just another crappy rumor, so I'm not going to bother to waste my time.
 I can hardly think of a better example of an oxymoron.
 So Android tablets are responsible for just over 1 percent?  Yeah, Android is winning all right. And some people get mad when I claim that Android users in general are poor people. They boast about how many activations they have, and how many units they sell (or should I say ship), yet, nobody seems to be using them. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
 Interesting read, and lucky person, not to mention well connected.
 I'd never even heard of the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation, and I don't even really like basketball, but it's just as valid a cause as any other number of the usual lame and boring charity causes that people give to. People can donate to whatever interests them, and for whatever reason, Eddy Cue has an interest in donating money to this basketball coaches foundation, so who are you to question his donation choice? People are free to donate to...
If I could choose anybody to have lunch with at Apple, then my choice would be Jony Ive, because of his creative work.
Well that changes everything!   I wasn't originally planning to bid on this auction, seeing that the current price is around $9500.00, and the winning bid will obviously be higher than that, but now that the MacBook Air is included, I'm just going to have to jump on this. 
 Copying, imitating, counterfeiting and IP theft is obviously extremely common in China, a country with few original ideas, but they don't stop there. Now Chinese CEOs even copy and imitate dead American CEOs. How much lower can they go?
Good for them!   This has very little to do with Apple.   I fully support Android manufacturers going at each others throats. Let them all fight each other, while scrambling to pick up a few leftover crumbs. I fully support an Android civil war.    As for the phone itself, it's Android, so it doesn't matter if somebody makes an Android phone that is covered with real gems and diamonds. You're still stuck with a piece of junk.   As for the CEO, he's merely a cheap...
New Posts  All Forums: