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I've said this before, but Apple should have this for the USA!   What happened to diversity?   Why shouldn't Apple offer something similar in the states?   It would be fun to buy one of those bags, test your luck, and see if there was a Macbook inside or something else that's cool.
Depends what you mean by "low production cost".About $75 million for the film, including marketing. Variety has an exclusive rundown on just how much failing to release The Interviewwill cost Sony, and it's a hefty $75 million. Now keep in mind, that figure is mostly made up of the $44 million budget that The Interview rang up during production. However, the more surprising part of the equation is the estimated $30 million Sony and Columbia put out to market the film.
I have seen them, but many Americans have not, because a lot of the cowardly media here was terrified to show them. I even drew my own and uploaded them to the internet. I do agree with you that nobody and no thing should ever be immune from being mocked, so it seems that we are in full agreement.
 You are referring to that poorly made youtube video. There is also the mohammed drawings, and that's more what I was thinking about. That was legitimate art, and there was no deceit involved there.
 Definitely the first group of people. The fools who are raving about first amendment rights and calling Sony and Apple wimps. Those people do not give a crap about first amendment rights at all. And this movie wasn't censored by anybody. It was Sony's choice to not release it, and now they have done a 180. But I do also find the second group of people to be cowardly fools, for suggesting that the movie should be censored in any way. I believe that they (Sony) are merely...
The Sony hacks were pretty embarrassing for Sony and some of their dumb execs.   I think that had more to do with their willingness to not release this movie than any concern over legitimate threats. They don't want any more leaks or hacks to be released, because it'll make them look bad and look like even bigger fools than they already are. That's all that they care about, themselves.   I also think that all of the lemmings that have paid money to see this terrible...
You are correct about the whole mohammed controversy from a while back. Freedom of speech is a concept that suddenly went out the window when that happened. Numerous media and people were all of a sudden in favor of censorship, which is why I find many people's stance on this "interview" movie to be ludicrous, hypocritical, not genuine and 100% fake. By the way, has anybody been killed yet for watching "The Interview"? I thought not.  
 Indeed. The poster who you are responding to has no clue at all as to what they're talking about. There have been numerous movies or even news reports that the government would like to have stopped. The poster seems to be having trouble differentiating between the USA and a country like North Korea. Perhaps they should take a look at a map sometime.
A certain poster is attempting to circumvent and break the rules of this forum by trying to be clever and by leaving hidden attack messages with their thumb ups.   Hopefully the mods are aware of this new technique utilized by certain trolls. There are numerous occurrences in this thread, a good example of one is in post #141, which is right above this post. There are also others in this thread, left by the same troll.
So go right ahead. I don't believe that anybody is stopping you.
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