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Another new game that definitely deserves a mention is World of Tanks Blitz. I haven't tried it yet, but I did just download it because I noticed it on the app store, and I'll probably check it out later. The game is over one gig, so people with no space on their iDevices need not apply.
Sometimes I criticize Apple, but in this thread I am definitely going to be an Apple "apologist".   LOL@ those people who are complaining about a $50 security lock in this thread. I doubt that those people who are complaining even own any new Mac Pros. And if an owner of a new Mac Pro is interested in securing their machine for whatever purpose, then $50 is peanuts. People who have an Android mentality do not buy any Mac Pros.   It's like people who complain that...
As for Apple's stock price and analysts.   A lot of them are going to have to raise their price targets soon, because they will be underwater, and they will look like morons if they don't. They're merely playing catch up, analysts rarely predict anything accurately, they merely follow after the fact, and rather poorly too.
 What kind of conference was that?, because I hardly ever see any Android tablets in the wild. I am however not the least bit surprised by the glitchiness and lagginess that you describe on those garbage tablets. I believe that it is a combination of people being cheap and ignorant. I've mentioned this before, but last time I took a flight, I'd say that 90-95% of all tablet devices that I saw were iPads. If I were in a room and the majority of tablets that I saw were...
 This is all speculation of course, but it's possible that they would do away with the existing headphone out, in the quest for ever thinner devices. I do know that iOS already has the ability to run digital audio out, as that is what I do sometimes. I use a device called an iConnectmidi 2+ and it connects to either the lightning port or the 30 pin port, and it allows you to transmit the audio digitally into another device, like a Mac.
First of all, LOL@Google for so pathetically following in Apple's footsteps.   I'd never heard of Songza before, but I find it funny that even they have a far greater user base than Beats Streaming.   And I still remain skeptical and suspicious towards the whole Beats deal, but it will take time to see how that whole scenario plays out.
I'm not so sure about this alleged rumor regarding Apple using lightning to deliver sound. Does that mean that iOS devices will no longer come with a regular mini headphone out?   That sounds like a terrible idea, if true. Would you have to buy a stupid lightning to mini headphone out adapter if you wanted to use regular headphones? And what headphones come with a lightning connection on them? Exactly, none of them do, and it would be a bad idea to force everybody to use...
 Yeah, and if somebody likes to store a lot of movies and store a ton of apps and games, then guess what, they should probably buy a model that has a larger capacity. They can choose up to 64 GB. I don't really see the problem. If somebody has really big feet, do they spend their time walking into shoe stores and complaining that size 6 sneakers will not fit them? Just buy a bigger size. 
 Exactly. I bought an iPod Touch for somebody as a gift a couple of years ago, and that was 8GB. They use iTunes Match, and it's still working fine for them to this day.
If you're anti-abortion, that's fine. Just don't have one. What gives you the right to tell women what to do with their bodies? As long as wannabe totalitarian liberals are constantly attempting to pass silly laws governing what other people can and can not do, which is none of their business at all, and since I am a believer in fairness, and since this is not a one way street, then i believe that my view on certain things is equally as valid as theirs, and is fully...
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