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Comments like this are just dumb. 2007 is not 2015. Things do change you know. Technology advances. Different product categories get introduced and developed. There was nothing wrong about what Steve Jobs said in 2007. As a matter of fact, every touch screen phone made since then is based on what he said. A stylus back then was a piece of crap thing that people used on their piece of crap palm pilots. Get real. The iPhone with finger multi touch gestures changed...
They alienated themselves the second that they decided to get ink on their wrists. We're talking about a microscopic percentage of people here, so no, I don't care about them at all, and if certain technologies don't work well on these people, then so be it.
For anybody who might not know. Just press and hold to wiggle the channel, just like on iOS, then you can select to hide it!
 I suggest that you do exactly that. Apple is not going to please people who desire what you desire. You'll find yourself in good company along with the 726 other people who own Surface tablets.
Anything that has to do with Apple has to do with me. I do have a few shares of AAPL, so that makes anything Apple related my business, and I am certainly going to give my two cents whenever I feel for it.
Yes, they do. You are correct.  Anybody who objects to the word "thug" is themselves a language thug. These bullies, lunatics and thugs do not get to set the rules over what words are acceptable or not. Giving in to their definition and their interpretation of words is to give in to evil, making yourself part of the problem.
People can go and get swastika tattoos and 666 satan markings on their foreheads for all I care. Weirdos are gonna weird out. That's just how things are. I don't care about any tattooed people or their tattoos, that's their business. When these people complain that an Apple product doesn't function properly on their tattooed skin, then it becomes my business. 
That thing looks huge! That's great! Sign me up for one!   I'm real happy with my iPad Air 2, but I would buy an iPad Pro immediately, as soon as it's available!   The bigger, the better!
Thank you Apple! When I heard about this channel recently, I made a note to myself, that this is yet another channel that I need to hide on my Apple TV, but now they have saved me the work of hiding it, granted it wouldn't have taken more than a second or two to do.
Screw hipsters, and Apple should definitely not have any particular crowd in mind when designing products. Apple can't cater to every niche group of people and weirdos out there. Apple doesn't need the business of anybody with certain tattoos on their wrist. The Apple Watch will do great, with or without those few people. 
New Posts  All Forums: