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 It doesn't take a genius to produce music today, because most of the software comes with pre-played loops and if somebody is capable of copying and pasting, then they too can make a song. Basically, anybody can do it.
At that time, the internet did not yet exist, and I hadn't yet signed up to a forum called Appleinsider, because that didn't exist either, so there was no need for me to think up any screennames for myself. Most of the computer time back in those days, at least for me, meant not even being in front of the computer. We would be plotting and drawing graphics on graph paper, and writing basic code. I'd say that 90% of the computer class time was not spent in front of any...
 And I learned on an Apple ][, it was the first computer that I was ever exposed to. I do it recall it being in a classroom though, and not in a store. About 35 students had to share that Apple ][ at the time.
 Me buying an Android or PC, that's pretty funny. I've never owned an Android or PC in my entire life, and I don't see that ever changing. 
 I usually visit the midtown stores more often, so you might be right. But, even if an Apple store was 100% empty, then it's still not right in my opinion.
That's an absolutely horrible and truly revolting idea. Apple is a for profit business, making the best devices possible for discerning customers. Apple is not a charity, nor should they cater to those without money.
Are you kidding? Manhattan Apple stores are always jam packed, and this person basically hijacked one of the machines every single day for many months straight. And if it's ok for this rapper to do it, then why shouldn't everybody do it? Does anybody have any video project that they filmed that they wish to edit? No problem, just head on down to your local Apple store and hijack one of the Mac Pros, and use it every single day for many months straight!
Talk about being cheap. This rapper sounds like a PC user.   The dude lives with 20 roommates and has to sneak around in Apple stores? 20 roommates? WTF?   While in the process of an eviction from a Bushwick, Brooklyn loft that he shared with 20 roommates and was eventually demolished to make way for luxury apartments, Prince made the Apple Store a second home, befriending a pair of employees who would bend corporate rules to help him record the album.    Those two...
When the iPhone 6+ came out, I did one of those cut outs that appeared on numerous sites, and I printed one out for myself to give myself an idea of how large the phone would be. Granted, the weight was not the same at all, but it felt awkard holding it in my hands, because of the thinness. I could be wrong of course, and perhaps my opinion would be different if I were holding an actual device in my hand that was super thin like a piece of paper. Your last sentence about...
I believe that Apple devices have soon reached a point where making them even thinner than they currently are is probably not a wise choice, merely for the sake of making the devices thinner. The current devices are plenty thin enough.   I can imagine that holding an iPhone that has the thickness of a piece of paper is probably not the easiest thing to hold in your hand.   I think that It's a good thing that Apple has been on a thinness trend for many years now because...
New Posts  All Forums: