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 Listening to a CD is not the same as listening to the actual studio master of course, because in most cases, the studio master is far better and more detailed. Even analog masters from decades ago have far more resolution than any CD.
 Yeah. They don't use noise cancellation headphones when mixing in studios. Most mixes aren't done on headphones, but on studio monitors. Occasionally you might put headphones on the check something, but the majority of people mix through monitors, both near field and larger monitors.
 Unfortunately, Apple will never have an official War Room.  It's all about "diversity" and "green" this and "green" that instead.  Hell, if you ask me, Apple should go nuclear power and build an actual War Room.
 I'm no hardware engineer, but that just strikes me as some real poor designing that's going on there.
I'm not a big fan of the smaller Genelecs. Even the 1031, which is a popular model, breaks up too easily IMO. The 1032 is alright.
I believe it uses a fork of Android, no wonder it's sluggish!    The shape also doesn't make any practical sense. Who wants to walk around with that yellow Toblerone in their pocket?
C&C is awesome! I used to play C&C Generals many years ago. I still have it on one of my older Macs.
I separate my news into different categories. There's financial type news, and then there's regular news.  I don't often watch financial news on TV, but when I do, you can bet your Mac that I'll be tuning into Fox Business instead of CNBC.
 I just checked my notifications, and you're correct, it was CNBC reporting it, but it was coming from Yahoo! Finance. I don't watch the CNBC channel. 
 Exactly! Global Command Center sounds so much more commanding and impressive. Your pic is also similar to what I envision. When I think of green data center, I envision something like this: 
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