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 So what about those people who live in those countries and are able to access US content? Should Apple not have updated their Apple TV's at all? I don't see what the big deal is, especially since it appears that channels can be hidden. You do it once and it's hidden, is that not how it works? 
 Great! Cool! That's good to know. I've only had my Apple TV for a short time, it's good to know that the blocking option exists! Now my Apple TV will become even better!
 Yep. It's not Apple's fault that people live in foreign countries. And it's not Apple's fault that international licensing and distribution deals are the way that they are. If somebody desires US content, then they can easily acquire it. When I was over in Europe this summer on vacation, I paid 5 dollars a month for a smart DNS service, and was able to access stuff like US Netflix without any issues. I didn't have any luck with HBO though. As for these new channels, bring...
Where's my money from this settlement?   It says that Google will pay about $900,000 to my state. What does the state do with the money? Pocket it and defraud the tax payers? This settlement should only benefit Safari users, as they were the ones who were violated by Google.   Since I'm an Apple user and a Safari user and I live in one of the states that will be receiving money, should I not be receiving any money? I don't care if it's only a few pennies, it's the...
What a joke. I wouldn't want one of those Samsung watches even if it cost $29.99.
I agree that the differences between the two have to do with size, battery and thermal issues.
So people who paid $100 more don't feel screwed. The Mini Retina remains a good tablet, just not as good as the Air, though the difference is small.
I'm actually happy about this.   I didn't like that the iPad Mini Retina was looking to be identical to the larger Air, besides the display size of course.   The Air remains the premium Apple tablet, and I also liked that the Air was clocked slightly higher and has a little better performance than the Mini Retina. The Mini Retina is in between the iPhone 5s and the Air, in terms of performance.   The Mini retina remains a great tablet, but if somebody is a...
Good move on Apple's part!   Apple bought AuthenTec a little over a year ago, and Touch ID already made it's way into the new iPhone 5s.   I'm expecting to see an Apple product utilizing this PrimeSense 3d tech sometime in 2014.   Bring it on!
I was on the Crackberry forum a while ago, and I saw a few posts there comparing Blackberry to Apple, and how Apple was in trouble before and they came back, and how that could happen to Blackberry also. Those delusional people can sure dream if they like, but it's not going to happen. The difference is that Blackberry has no Steve Jobs, and nobody is going to save them. Blackberry is not a pioneering computer company like Apple was. And it's not weird that some companies...
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