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 Agreed! It's not like pervert hackers are downloading scans of these women's brains and admiring them! Oh my, what a lovely cerebellum she has! Her temporal lobe seriously turns me on man!
 No, they should not!  If somebody goes out and buys a $10,000 lock for their front door, yet they forget to lock it one day, and thieves walk up to it and enter the house, then whose fault is that? Human stupidity will trump any security measure, no matter how costly. Apple is not responsible for the dumb and careless actions that people make.
 And just yesterday, some people here were defending these pea-brained actresses, accusing others of misogyny.
 I'm sure that it's not. I've never gotten hacked online, but I was the target of a telephone scam some years back, by some shady company that had somehow made a few charges to one of my bank cards, without my authorization of course.  I was seriously pissed off, and I immediately cancelled that card, and then I contacted the State Attorney General, the FTC, and I even spoke to an agent at the FBI, since this was across state lines. To make a long story short, the...
 It could be, but either way, the user is fully responsible. I mean, I'm sure that plenty of people get emails from Nigeria, but if they actually respond and believe those emails, then whose fault is that? Personal responsibility is sadly something that many people do not believe in anymore. If somebody does something stupid, then that is their own damn fault, and they should take responsibility for their own actions, and not point their dirty fingers elsewhere, falsely...
 Not as much as the media does!
 Indeed I am! I'm not an early bird, but it's 3 PM, so yes, I am fully awake! 
 I can understand why Apple requires that. I mean, there are so many dumb people out there. The world is swarming with dumb people, and at least that requirement forces people to not choose a password like "cat" or "dog".
So most likely the majority of those celebs were stupid, careless and ignorant.   They're probably the kind of stupid people that would use their birthdates in their passwords, or the name of their pets or some other, extremely easy to guess passwords. Especially if somebody is a famous celeb, finding personal information about them online isn't exactly difficult.   And they also probably chose very easy to guess security questions, that anybody who has access to a...
Haha, there we go!   The media can now all go and screw themselves!    Anybody who lied about this story should be demoted and they should all receive pay cuts.
New Posts  All Forums: