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I am sitting. You're right about one thing at least. I don't know much about marketing, and I've never claimed to know much about marketing. It's not my field. What I do know is perception, and I'm just stating my thoughts on the topic. I hope that this is not the beginning of some new trend, or a shift in Apple, where a certain crowd will be given early access or even free access to many other Apple products in the future. I don't give a crap who they are. Beyonce, Karl...
If true, then that makes it even worse. But I'd like to see a source or confirmation for those claims.
 I'm no troll, but I would agree with any troll who uses that argument, because if the celebrities have to be given one for free, then they're not exactly honestly endorsing the product.
Are you telling me that these celebrities, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, can't afford to buy a lousy gold Apple watch all on their own?   What does that say about the Apple Watch?   I've said it before, but the best advertising for Apple would be for these celebrities to actually be buying one themselves. What better endorsement of a product is there than that?
To me it seems like a desperate and unnecessary move on Apple's part, not to mention the potential negative implications that it has for their image.
Of course she was.   Who doesn't have a gold Apple Watch nowadays?   And isn't her husband a rival of Apple, with their new music service?   Who's next to be spotted with a gold Apple Watch? The CEO of Samsung?
And just FYI, few people are more against the terrorists than I am. I support full genocide and the elimination of all terrorists, but I do not support the US govt spying on all citizens in the way that they have, because the US govt and our politicians are not to be trusted, as they have shown time and time again when it comes to these sorts of things.
This Manhattan DA can kiss my ass.   Also, most terrorists are Windows users and probably Android users too. I follow these sorts of things, and I don't ever recall any terrorist ever being caught with a Mac laptop or an iPhone. I'm sure that there are a few terrorists that have Apple devices, since there's hundreds of millions of Apple devices floating around, but the preferred device for most terrorists is not Apple. Maybe terrorists are cheap bastards too, just like...
 That's true. Somebody could just hook up their guitar or bass straight into an iPad or iPhone, using something like an Apogee Jam interface. That's a decent interface, I have one of those. And there's plenty of decent software amps and fx around.
I'm a big fan of technology and all, especially music and audio technology, but just go out and buy a real damn guitar, if you want to play guitar!   A total beginner can get a brand new guitar for pretty cheap these days.   And post #2 already mentioned this, but Rocksmith 2014 is pretty good, I have it myself.   I use it with both guitar and with bass. I've gone from being totally clueless on bass to being half decent in the span of about 6 months so far. 
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