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 It's been changed.
I don't trust those market research firms. I believe that there are ulterior motives at play and they have an agenda.
 That's a pretty good price, at least for the past few months. I assume that you're still holding them? I think that some charts don't take into account pre/after market prices, so the chart that I was looking at probably falls under that category.
The whole damn market was in the red today, and plenty of stocks were down more than AAPL.
You don't know what gay means? And AIDS is associated with homosexuals, because they make up the majority of people infected with HIV in the US.  I'm not even on that list. I guess that I have nothing to worry about, and I also have notifications turned off for the app store, so I didn't get this AIDS RED notification from Apple.
They say that retail was down this Black Friday, but maybe MS is immune and they're selling tons of Surfaces? I am only joking of course, and I bet you that Apple's going to have a killer holiday season. Apple is super strong now, flash crash or not.
There's been plenty of guessing and speculation as to the exact reason for the sell off.   One interesting explanation that I read had something to do with big traders needing to meet margin calls on tumbling oil, and they sold off AAPL to raise some funds.
We're talking about close to a foot of separation on the iPad Pro/Plus/whatever, so I think that stereo material will be very easy to detect.
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