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Good!    If somebody lives in a country where their local currency has weakened significantly compared to the US dollar, then the prices of certain Apple products should obviously be set higher to compensate for the imbalance. This is only natural.
I forgot to comment on it being the first fanless Macbook. That's great! I hate fans, can't stand 'em at all, i like my personal devices to be 100% silent.   And two pounds is a real nice weight too for a laptop.   It's good that Apple is keeping laptop separate from tablet. If you want the best laptop, buy a Macbook, if you want the best tablet, buy an iPad.    This new Macbook is sexy, and sex sells.   People who like and buy Surface Pros are probably eunuchs.
I'm not a big fan of gold looking things or the bling bling culture in general, but damn, this new Macbook looks really nice, especially the gold one. I bet that it even looks nicer in person than in pictures/video.   The new keyboard and trackpad seems real interesting. Apple has always had the best trackpad in the world, and now they have taken a further lead with the new force touch trackpad.    It's pretty obvious to see that Apple is going to sell plenty of these...
The Apple Watch Edition is clearly targeted towards Android users. 
I'll check it out for sure. 
I haven't seen that movie yet.
If it gets people to look at their phones less often, then that can only be a good thing!   The amount of people that have their heads buried in their phones nowadays is out of control! I don't care if it's an iPhone or an Android piece of crap, or whatever.   Just the other day some fool bumped into me on the sidewalk, because they were walking with their ignorant head down, looking at their phone and trying to type something, totally unaware of their surroundings and...
Who's a fan of those two? The younger crowd? Most will probably just steal the movie.
 We agree on a lot of things, but we're going to have to disagree on what is the optimal smartwatch shape, because I believe that square or rectangular is the way to go, and Apple got the shape right. With the iPhone, Apple changed up the entire mobile phone industry, and now people are walking around with super computers in their pockets. I believe that it is a mistake to view a smart watch and to compare it to what people are used to from old school, round watches that...
 My iPad is right next to me, so I just did a double check, and yep, I already have it activated.
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