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So go right ahead. I don't believe that anybody is stopping you.
What an intelligent and thoughtful, fact filled rebuttal. You sure set me straight there, and proved my assertions wrong.
Exactly. Apparently, some posters on here don't know what an ad-hominem attack means. Anybody who personally insults me should be immediately banned from this forum.
And also, kudos to Apple for standing up to the Whitehouse and not bowing to their requests.   How lame was it of Sony to attempt to pressure Apple by asking the Whitehouse for help? Apple's "No", wasn't good enough for Sony? Screw Sony.   Apple has been telling the government "NO" at least a few times recently. First, Apple refuses to grant the government access to their customer's files, and now Apple refuses to show this Sony movie on other people's time schedule....
 You should ask Slurpy. I didn't even mention it specifically, yet he automatically knew what it was. What a coincidence. Anybody who isn't lying to themselves, knows the answer to that question.
 Yeah right. I remember many on the left that were all for censoring stick figure drawings a while back. What a ridiculous, and hypocritical bunch. I don't believe many when they say it's about freedom of speech. That only applies when it's about speech that they agree with, which in this case, is a lame comedy movie. What a worthy cause.
When was the last time that any North Korean terrorists attacked and killed Americans on US soil? Has it happened ever? Is there any reason at all to take these laughable threats seriously?   I applaud all of the brave Americans for sacrificing their security, putting their lives at risk and taking a courageous stand by standing up to a tiny midget. Your valor and honor is unprecedented. Your country thanks you for your service, in the name of freedom and free speech.  
Of course not. But I do know one thing. I foolishly bought an anti-virus program for a Mac that I had more than a decade ago. That was a total waste of money, not to mention that it slowed the whole system down. Needless to say, I have never used any anti-virus programs since then, and I have never had any issues at all. I don't believe that Windows users can say the same.
I post my thoughts on the internet, and I cast my vote when it's time to vote. 
New Posts  All Forums: