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I'm not a big fan of the smaller Genelecs. Even the 1031, which is a popular model, breaks up too easily IMO. The 1032 is alright.
I believe it uses a fork of Android, no wonder it's sluggish!    The shape also doesn't make any practical sense. Who wants to walk around with that yellow Toblerone in their pocket?
C&C is awesome! I used to play C&C Generals many years ago. I still have it on one of my older Macs.
I separate my news into different categories. There's financial type news, and then there's regular news.  I don't often watch financial news on TV, but when I do, you can bet your Mac that I'll be tuning into Fox Business instead of CNBC.
 I just checked my notifications, and you're correct, it was CNBC reporting it, but it was coming from Yahoo! Finance. I don't watch the CNBC channel. 
 Exactly! Global Command Center sounds so much more commanding and impressive. Your pic is also similar to what I envision. When I think of green data center, I envision something like this: 
I just got a notification from one of my iOS apps stating "Apple announces $2B global command center in Arizona". I think that it was Yahoo Finance.   My first thought was, wow, cool! That sounds awesome!   "Global Command Center" sounds a lot better to me than "green data center".
I don't take it at face value. They're probably underestimating the decline in Kindle Fires.
I am definitely a doer, a bigtime doer. I am at my desktop when doing.
I'd say that if you're portraying a real life person in a movie that's about that person, then at least try to make some effort to have it resemble the real life person. Why can't they act the role and look the role? That is better than just acting the role. Look at the guy's hair and hair color. What a joke. Didn't they have the budget to buy a $5 tube of hair coloring at Rite-Aide? Why not get a 350 LB fat guy to play Steve Jobs, as long as they did a good acting job? I...
New Posts  All Forums: