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I'm smoking some pretty good stuff, but even I know that AAPL is up a whole lot since a year ago.
Where do you get 10% per year from? One year ago today, AAPL was about $75. At this moment, it's $124.61. That's a pretty nice increase for 12 months, and a whole lot more than 10%.
$185 sounds good to me!   By the way, where is the news article about the Apple fan and the Fandroid who were roommates and who were arguing with each other about which phone is best, and then they began stabbing each other!   The link doesn't say who won, but my money is on the Apple fan, because the Apple fan probably spent a few bucks for their stainless steel knife, while the Fandroid ended up using a plastic knife that they got with their takeout dinner last...
I also read posts from somebody else who claimed that they did pay for them. I haven't seen any verification for either claim. I don't know for sure, but I would certainly be happier if it's confirmed that they did in fact have to pay for their watches, and that they were just given the opportunity to buy them early.
I think that you are confusing politics with bitterness.  It is the other side that is bitter, and I am merely stating that if I ever get into the position of influence or having vast sums of money, then I will crush them and destroy them.
 Colbert had to return it as soon as he got off stage I believe. There were people waiting to retrieve it.
I'm sure that the feeling is mutual.
I think that a far better celebrity promotion would be for famous celebrities to be seen wearing Apple Watches, that they were not gifted, and that they bought themselves. What's a few hundred dollars or even a few thousands dollars for somebody who makes millions? It's like 5 cents. It's not like the celebrities have much choice. What other smart watch would they possibly choose? I think that a celebrity choosing an Apple watch and paying for it themselves, because they...
You're right, they're not mutually exclusive, and you're also correct that Apple has done similar things in the past, though I do not recall anything in the past meeting anywhere close to the level of current celebrity endorsements.
I would like to see some accounting from Apple, detailing just how much they have used towards pampering these various celebrities.
New Posts  All Forums: