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We're talking about close to a foot of separation on the iPad Pro/Plus/whatever, so I think that stereo material will be very easy to detect.
I wonder if the barometer, found on newer iOS devices, could be somehow used to give an altitude reading.
 Of course I do. I know that Suddenly Newton is not a Fandroid troll, and I know that he was merely speaking on their behalf. There are actual, real, living, breathing people who do believe in and say those things.
I don't really see that as the same thing, since that's just a minor size difference. Merging iOS and OS X or putting them both on one device is a far bigger fundamental change.
Having stereo in landscape will improve the experience a whole lot. It's not just about watching movies, but it's about playing games and basically doing anything that involves sound. Nobody is expecting amazing sound from any iPad speakers, that's not what it's about. When you currently use an iPad in landscape, the sound is either coming from the left or the right, depending on the orientation. Having landscape speakers means that the sound won't be lopsided, and you'll...
 I think that they should have offered gold / black bezels. When I chose the color for my iPad Air 2, I didn't really have any choice at all, since I wanted black bezels, and only the space grey came with that.
 It sure is thin. I have other iPads also, and when I pick up the original iPad Mini, it feels fat compared to the iPad Air 2. What do you mean by better apps though? Do you mean on the display model you saw?
I'm sure that they've looked into it, but as I've stated a hundred times before, I think that certain people who are looking for Apple to make a Surface type device are deeply confused individuals.
It would work with 3, but having one in each corner would be better, so that you would get stereo coming out of either the top or the bottom, no matter which orientation the iPad is in.
Technically speaking, the iPads are stereo, as in there's an L and an R coming out of separate speakers. They might not be that far apart, since they're on the Portrait end of the iPad, but they are technically stereo. If by true stereo, you mean farther apart, then too much of a good thing there can be bad. Certain people hook up speakers at home and the speakers are too far apart, so you get a big hole in the middle, which is not good. I know what you mean though, I have...
New Posts  All Forums: