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I'm sure that the feeling is mutual.
I think that a far better celebrity promotion would be for famous celebrities to be seen wearing Apple Watches, that they were not gifted, and that they bought themselves. What's a few hundred dollars or even a few thousands dollars for somebody who makes millions? It's like 5 cents. It's not like the celebrities have much choice. What other smart watch would they possibly choose? I think that a celebrity choosing an Apple watch and paying for it themselves, because they...
You're right, they're not mutually exclusive, and you're also correct that Apple has done similar things in the past, though I do not recall anything in the past meeting anywhere close to the level of current celebrity endorsements.
I would like to see some accounting from Apple, detailing just how much they have used towards pampering these various celebrities.
It wouldn't be illegal, and I have the same right to make my voice heard as anybody else.
 I don't really see much of a difference. Apple is discriminating against their loyal and paying customers, by providing special products to other people who have more money and more fame than average people. Why do they do this? I am told by the replies on this forum, that it is good promotion and good publicity, which in turn is good for business. So why shouldn't a business discriminate based on the other factors that you list, as long as it's good for business and good...
You're probably right. One day I hope to become filthy rich. I wouldn't be using my money for philanthropy, like certain other people do. There are so many groups and causes out there that I would like to crush and destroy. That's what I would donate money towards.
Luckily, I haven't run into any of those moronic protesters and lowlifes lately. They really piss me off, and if I didn't care about their cause before, I definitely don't give a crap about their cause now, and they are now definitely my enemy.
Yes, many of them make tons of money and they can certainly afford to buy whatever they please. However, why would somebody who makes millions of dollars a year need to be given a watch? If the Apple Watch was that great, don't you think that these celebrities would just go and buy one themselves?
 It was the first computer that I ever used and it was the first computer that I was exposed to. There was an Apple ][ in my classroom.
New Posts  All Forums: