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 We agree on a lot of things, but we're going to have to disagree on what is the optimal smartwatch shape, because I believe that square or rectangular is the way to go, and Apple got the shape right. With the iPhone, Apple changed up the entire mobile phone industry, and now people are walking around with super computers in their pockets. I believe that it is a mistake to view a smart watch and to compare it to what people are used to from old school, round watches that...
 My iPad is right next to me, so I just did a double check, and yep, I already have it activated.
Since the industry sold a total of 57 Android smart watches for the entire fiscal year of 2014, I'd say that the prediction that Apple will dominate smart watches for the forseeable future is a pretty safe prediction to make.
Screw this!   This had better not be true!   There's a reason that I'm not on Facebook and there's a reason that I don't use any Google OS (Android).   I can't imagine that Apple would be this foolish, especially given all of the comments recently made by Apple and Tim Cook about privacy and security.
How is this even a rumor?   It would be news if the iPad Pro did not use an IGZO display, since the Air and Air 2 both use an IGZO display.   This rumor is just dumb, and beyond obvious. This is like predicting that the new BMW car is going to have four tires.
 Who cares about that? I remember buying an iPod a long time ago for somebody as a gift, and I got it engraved. Since it was a gift, I don't care about the resale value of it. The gift recipient is not supposed to sell it ever! If I was buying an Apple Watch for myself though, I probably wouldn't bother getting it engraved.
 Thanks! Though I have already noticed that not all posters are glad that I'm back. I got news for them. That's too damn bad, because here I am! 
 Yeah, I would imagine that most people (99%) view films and videos using landscape. Most games are also landscape I'm pretty sure. As for who might view videos and movies in portrait? Perhaps the same confused and ignorant people who shoot videos on their phone in portrait mode and then post them to youtube, so that you get those two huge black bars on the left and right side, with a tiny video in the middle. It should be a crime to shoot and post video in that format.
Good luck with that.
September qualifies as "later this year".
New Posts  All Forums: