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Of course it wont. It's more than five years old.
 It depends on the device and the router that somebody has of course.
Ok, that's it. I'm out to get some lunch.    I figure that it will be done when I get back.
38 minutes remaining here.
I deleted a few large apps, and I am currently downloading iOS 8!    The first attempt failed, Apple servers are probably getting slammed right now, so I'm trying again!
Woah! It's a big update! It requires 5.7 GB of storage on one of my iPads. I guess that I will have to delete a few large games.
Boom! Speak of the devil!   It's 1 PM EST, and iOS8 just showed up on one of my devices!
 Hey Apple ][, you are such a cool dude! Keep up the good work! I just googled it for you, and iOS 8 is supposed to come out later on today!
When is iOS8 coming out by the way? Isn't it tomorrow or something?
New Posts  All Forums: