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 I have stated numerous times before that I'm not a republican.Though I'm definitely not a democrat either. There are plenty of clowns and clueless people on both sides, though more are found towards the left.
 So you boycott all businesses that aren't rabid liberals?
 It's funny that you mention that, because that's exactly what I threw in the trash, before I bought my most current printer.
 I had gone through so many of those crappy color printers that cost around $100, with their stupid expensive cartridges that don't last long at all. That's exactly why I decided to spend a little more this time and get a big laser printer. It will far outlast any of those other crappy printers that I owned before, not to mention that the quality is great. I don't need color. I just need great quality black & white.
 I'm actually an anti-environmentalist and I have no problem with killing and murdering trees. I bought a new printer a while ago, a huge Brother laser printer that prints out a ridiculous number of pages per minute, and I am constantly printing things out from my iPad and other computers that I have just for the hell of it.
I don't understand why there is so much damn bickering in this thread.   Is there anybody here who actually supports what CVS and Rite-Aid is doing?   Is there anybody here who actually supports the harvesting of personal data by shady and untrustworthy companies?   Then what's the problem?
And somebody dared to call me insane for vocally opposing this?   Screw both CVS and Rite-Aid! They deserve to go out of business! I hope that they do and that thousands of jobs are lost!   Who in their right mind wants to use their crappy and not secure payment systems!   I do not trust any crappy retailer! Just look at all of the hack attacks and security breaches that have been happening to various retailers!   I do not want any of these places to have access to...
 I am not fair & balanced! I am no such thing, and I have never claimed to be. I am what I am.
No case for me thanks!   My iPad Air 2 looks mighty nice naked.
I'm not insane! I am just passionate!   And who wants to be "normal" anyway?   Normal is average. Normal is boring. I am above average.
New Posts  All Forums: