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What's next? Are tattooed peopled a protected group? A minority that demands that all technical and wearable products must be compatible with and function on tattooed people, no matter where or how much they are tattooed?   Was their decision to get tattooed an individual and free choice that they made, and a choice that they will have to live with the consequences of (such as certain devices and wearables that are in contact with skin), or was their tattooing fetish...
You can be very glad that I'm not in charge of Apple. Vast amounts of people and various groups would be upset if I were.
What I don't care about is people with wrist tattoos. I just don't see it as any big issue, and I also don't believe that Apple should go out of their way to fix anything related to this issue, if it is indeed an issue.
This topic ranks among the items today that couldn't possibly be more insignificant.   If somebody has a silly tattoo on their wrist, then don't buy an Apple Watch. Problem solved. I don't give a crap at all about anybody who might have a wrist tattoo and how that might interact or not interact with an Apple Watch.
No way in hell am I clicking on that link.   I'm not giving any views and contributing to the revenue of these youtube whores who make these dumb videos.   And post #10 pointed out that this is the same person who made that idiotic iPhone bend video.
You're probably right about that too! Cries of pleasure and joy, unlike anything that they have ever experienced before.
Yes, I did mention that Macintosh story earlier in the thread. People keep mentioning that same story, which I think kind of proves that this is rare for Apple, and not something that was widely done.
You're right about that! Definitely not me! Why was the woman crying though? It was only $140 dollars.
It's not just you.
I'm not talking about any review units of course. You seem to have a problem with handling differing opinions. You should go and join ISIS. And it is fully possible for me to not take my money elsewhere, and to also criticize Apple if I wish. The two are not mutually exclusive. 
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