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 I don't want Apple to invest their profits back into society. I want Apple to invest their profits back to people like me, the shareholders. Apple is a corporation, not a charity.
Go for it! I want to see an amazing recording breaking quarter, the likes of which has never been seen before!   They just need to keep the production up! Work those Chinese workers extra hard! Go ahead, pay them some overtime, I'm ok with that, but make sure that nobody is slacking. We need production to be at the absolute max.
 It would be hilarious, if in the near future, robots would replace the majority of human factory workers, and then millions of Chinese people would lose their jobs, and they would all be starving, and then I guess that these same people would be blaming Apple for that too. At least the starving Chinese wouldn't have to worry about working for 60 hours a week!  Marxism? Woah. I guess that we do not share the same political philosophies, to put it mildly.
 Agreed! It's time that certain people put their money where their mouth is!
 I support the exploitation of rare and exotic woods, especially when it comes to things like guitars. I'm not a guitar player (even though I own a few guitars), and what counts is having the best possible instrument. Everything else is secondary. Certain woods will resonate better than others, giving a better tone, and that's what's important.
Nothing is worse than being lectured by naive hypocrites. You have these occupy wall street types, rallying against big corporations, standing there in their Nike sneakers, their North Face jackets, their Levi's jeans, spreading their message via social media using their iPhones. What a bunch of damn fools! You have mega rich millionaires who own multiple houses (fatso Michael Moore) who also supports the OWC crowd.
The Russian statue that you speak of was a Steve Jobs statue that they took down and removed, because Russia is obviously not too fond of any gay people. Steve Jobs was not gay, but when Tim Cook came out as gay, that was enough for them to remove the statue of Jobs.
Good for Apple for having some balls and aggressively slamming back against that shoddy and inaccurate, lazily made program! That's how Apple needs to deal with these factually incorrect, agenda driven, biased attacks! Journalism is only getting worse and worse these days. And there are almost never any consequences to be had for the perpetrators.    This BBC program only makes the BBC look bad and it is their credibility that suffers as a result of it. I suggest that...
It obviously makes no difference to me at all if you contribute to the BBC or not of course. I don't even live in your country, but if you insist that you never, ever watch even a single minute of TV at home, then fine, I'll believe you, and we can leave it at that.
 That would depend on how certain people define equality. Equality is often used as a liberal code word to mean the opposite of equality, giving certain groups preferential treatment, and that is not equality at all.
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