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I do find the headline to be a bit pessimistic, especially since this is an Apple related site. Apple did surprise in a number of areas, including ridiculous margins. This earnings was pretty good for Apple, I don't care what anybody else says, and I put my money where my mouth is, because I'm going to be adding some more shares pretty soon.   Here's another headline I found real quick.   TOP NEWS Apple Earnings Beat Forecasts Thanks to Higher Margins (Nasdaq:...
 Perhaps, but I also think that iPad upgrade times are longer for many people. Most people aren't going to buy a new iPad every year, and maybe the market is somewhat saturated especially in non developing countries.
 I don't think so. Many people are waiting for the new ones right around the corner.
 I would love for Apple to hire a PR person connected to Bush, only to see the laughable and hypocritical liberal reactions to it. But I am smart enough to know that it would be a terrible idea and it would be an extremely stupid business decision for any company to hire somebody who is guaranteed to cause controversy. 
 I think that you greatly underestimate liberals. She's on Foxnews!  Liberals would be outraged! Just mention the word "Foxnews" to any liberal and their face instantly frowns, and they begin to make strange contortions, before they have an uncontrollable hissy fit and self implode.
By the way, I never knew that Rogifan was a chick.   For some reason, I'd just always assumed that they were male.    Anyway, carry on.  
 Not too many are following this rumor, that's true, but if this turns out to be true, then it would be news in many major publications, and then many more people would find out. He would after all be the spokesperson for Apple. I wouldn't believe anything coming out of Apple anymore, if it is coming out of his mouth. Like I said, this would be a terrible idea. What's next? Apple LiePhone 6?
Believe me, I'm still pretty calm. This isn't true as of yet. I do know one thing though, I am going to blow my damn top if this turns out to be true. I'm not sure what I will do yet, we shall see. It's still a rumor for now, so no point in expending any extra energy and rage on a rumor.
 If Tim Cook thinks that it's a smart idea to piss off roughly half of their customers in their home country, then go for it.
I'm not going to get all fired up like I did in previous threads. I am extremely cool headed today, and I am viewing this pragmatically.   I will merely say that for the moment, I choose to trust Jim Dalrymple's "nope". His "nopes" have never been wrong so far, and they are therefore far more accurate and valuable than any media reports, which have gotten many things wrong in the past.   I will however say, that if by some weird, evil chance, that this ridiculous rumor...
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