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Also, whatever Apple uses for their next phone, they should make it an exclusive, so that nobody else is allowed to use the material on their phones. Apple sells enough iPhones to make that a reality.
Every smartphone on the planet that currently uses Gorilla Glass can thank Steve Jobs and Apple for that.   What's to stop Apple from using this new version if it's good? I say may the best material win, and that's what Apple should use. I don't give a crap if it's sapphire or something else.
I often make fun of Blackberry and especially some of their delusional followers on the crackberry forum, but fair is fair, and in this instance, I side with Blackberry, because that keyboard is just a total rip off. I said that same thing many months ago when this topic first surfaced in this forum.
 Plenty of people on this forum are probably much greater experts of Apple than some of the people that worked on that movie. And it doesn't take an expert to see that those two characters look nothing like the real thing. Anybody with at least one working eye can see that. It hardly takes an expert.
He may well be, but plenty of really good actors have been in dud movies.
 I believe that I saw a minute or two of it when it was talked about and came out a while ago. I couldn't watch anymore. Is that the funny or die stuff? I choose die, because it wasn't funny at all.
I have such low expectations for this movie. 
I don't get tired of "my penis is bigger than yours" articles. I believe that it is important to stress and to remind other people of your "penis size" to Fandroids as often as possible, so that they get the message. Market share doesn't mean much, if it's Android and they're making no money. However, when you are both the leader in profit and marketshare, then that is a different story, and it shows the crushing dominance that Apple holds in all significant areas. If...
This is yet another disgraceful and shameful moment in Obama's ongoing anti-Business crusade. 
 I am very happy to report that I am able to secure some pretty decent stuff, without ever having to run into any of those types of people.
New Posts  All Forums: