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 I would love for it to be solar powered. I bought a Casio g shock watch for around $200 a couple of years ago, and I love how I will never, ever have to replace and buy another watch battery for the entire lifetime of the watch. I expect that watch to last longer than I will! I got tired of replacing the battery on my previous watch almost every single year. What a waste of money and waste of time.
Wait for the Fandroid trolls to say after the iPhone 6 launch that Apple didn't invent NFC and that NFC has been found on some Android phones for years now.   How come NFC hasn't taken off yet, with all of the billions of Android activations? You'd figure that it would be all over the place by now.   Oh, that's right. Android users are totally insignificant, no matter what their reported numbers might be.    As usual, it will take Apple to come along and get it...
 I can't stand analysts, but I hope that that analyst is right! I want to see the premium models of iWatches go for more than a thousand dollars! While everybody else is pricing their products cheaper and cheaper, and catering to people in the third world who have no money, Apple should just concentrate on making the best products possible, sparing no expense.
$400 is not too much. It all depends on what this rumored device is capable of. We will obviously all know the answer to that on Sept 9. If I'm impressed, I might get one, if I'm not, well, then I wont.   I want Apple to make innovative, hi quality products and price them appropriately.   I don't want Apple to make cheap crap and sell stuff for rock bottom prices like almost everybody else does. And regardless of what the final price happens to be, there will be people...
Those bands are for NFC, as it would be problematic to transmit if the whole back were metal. NFC will be an important feature of the iPhone 6.   NFC and Touch ID will both be found in the home button, as Apple holds a patent for that.   Actually, I have no idea what I'm talking about, and I just felt like playing a douchebag analyst for a moment and make a crazy prediction.
 There are obviously tax implications for a stock held short term vs longer than a year, but I don't think that the transaction cost is anything to worry about. The fee is pretty cheap at most discount brokers. I pay only $7 per trade on Scottrade, and even if you trade many times per day, that's peanuts. Unless somebody's portfolio consists of only 10 shares of Apple, then the transaction fee is not really a big deal when making trades.
 Even if it were true that the Samsung screen scores slightly higher than an iPad Air screen on tests, it still makes no sense to get one, even if watching movies and reading comics is the priority because of the other things that you mentioned.  And the iPad Air has a very nice display, better than what 99% of average people have ever used in their lives.
 Do you mean like all of those wonderful pentile displays that Samsung has used on many of their products? Pentile is crap. Maybe this new Samsung tablet isn't pentile, I can't even be bothered to look it up, because it doesn't matter to me, but Pentile has been featured on a ton of Samsung products.
The Asian girl ( I wonder if she's Korean, and shes just flaunting her nationalistic ignorance?) said "Samsung makes the best screens in the world", and then her dumb friend that is standing next to her says "yeah....". As if those two random females walking around know anything about screens or displays at all. What a joke.
What a crappy and desperate ad!   Only a fool would be fooled by such a deceptive, manipulative and lying ad, coming from the cheats known as Samsung. As their profits fall, their desperation increases, and they have some serious Apple jealousy, that they just can't hide.   What about the hundreds of clips of people who said that Apple is best?   Samsung just threw those away in the trash bin.   With manipulative and selective editing, you can walk around New York...
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