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I use my iPads mostly to game on, surf the web, stream netflix/amazon, and do some music creation. It's been a long time since I last drew or painted anything, but that Apple pencil (with the super quick latency) looks really nice. I would obviously have to get the pencil to go along with the iPad Pro, it's a no brainer. The additional keyboard I don't care so much for. Latency is so important to me, and that's one of the reasons why music creation apps rock on the iPad,...
The iPad Pro seems like a killer machine!   I see it like this. If somebody has money and demands the best possible tablet experience available anywhere, then the iPad Pro is the only logical choice.   If somebody is broke and can not afford a tablet and a desktop or a tablet and a laptop, then they might want to look into an all in one device, which offers a semi-tablet experience and a semi-laptop experience.
Fandroids in general are a lower class of people, so this sort of behavior is not unexpected.
What kind of game is that, and who the hell is it for? Ages toddler - 8 years old?   I think that most people are interested in the good old classics. Bring me some Donkey Kong, bring me some Donkey Kong Jr, some Super Mario Bros, that's what people want.
It's now been one hour and fifty minutes since my first post, is that close enough? It's the same, no change really. 
It's been a while since I last tested my speed, so out of curiosity, I just did a quick speed test and the results are exceeding that which I am promised. I'm on TWC and my line should be 100 down, 10 up, and these are the actual results. I have no complaints at all.   
Please Apple, don't ever cater to the clueless and to the backwards thinkers of the world! Apple is a forward thinking company, and I don't believe that they should be in the business of catering to a small group of ignorant people who continue to dwell in the past. The time of the neanderthal has passed, and we must forge ahead, for the sake of all mankind.   I'm talking about the people who will pop up in an iPad thread and they will write that they wish that they...
Years ago when I first heard that Sorkin was doing the script, I made my views known on this site more than once, and I guess that the movie turned out to be pretty much how I predicted.   This is not some movie about a historical person who lived hundreds of years ago. This is about a person who passed away not that many years ago, and it's just dumb to make shit up, when the truth is far better and more interesting. Why even bother to call this movie Steve Jobs? Why...
 I haven't used any of the new accessories, but if they come with a lightning to usb cable, does it have to be charged by a computer? Can't you just stick it into an iPhone or iPad charger or any usb charger, which many people have lying around everywhere? 
I wont be getting the mouse as I don't really use mice much anymore, but I think that many of the complaints that I've been reading about the port being on the bottom are basically invalid as I view it as a total non-issue and nonsense. A person only has to charge it once a month, so big deal. It was obviously done for aesthetic reasons. If certain people out there have no appreciation for beauty, then guess what. These people probably don't understand Apple.   I'd like...
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