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 Agreed! No matter what the cost of the Watch in gold, it will be dirt cheap compared to the price of many so called luxury watches. I also think that it's smart of Apple to be using real gold in the top model.
If an "expert jeweler" thinks that it would cost about $600 to make just the gold watch body, then that's about 2/3 of an ounce of gold. One ounce of 18 k gold goes for about $925 right now.   We all know that many Apple products hold their value pretty well, but that will apply even more so to this watch!   And what if the price of gold doubles ten years after you bought the watch?
I want an Apple drone robot that I can program to hover around the house and carry out some simple chores. It can also double as extra security when you're gone, as you would obviously be able to remote access it from anywhere, and it could scan the entire premises, keeping watch, and making sure that no Fandroids break in.   I'd also like an Apple holodeck, and people would have to dedicate one room in their house entirely to it. It wouldn't be cheap, but so what?   I...
 Is yours the curved one? Besides the extra wide space for additional workspace, it must be nice to see a real movie on a 21:9 display. 16:9 is basically TV format, and virtually all real movies ever made are 21:9 or even wider.
 The thing is, it doesn't matter if Apple can handle it, if the cell companies can not. When you order a Verizon phone from Apple, Apple has to communicate with Verizon, isn't that how it works?
 That is true. I don't remember any major issues with any prior live streams! Hell, I remember live streaming a few Apple events more than a decade ago on my G4 tower, and even those live events were problem free!
Yes, that is what I meant. I should have written it better. Same thing goes for the stream. The chinese talking was inexcusable and that person should be fired, but I can understand if there were a few hiccups with the stream, due to the insane demand. It's not like people are tuning in to watch a Scamsung event! A 56k modem would be able to handle that. Can you imagine how many people tuned into the last Apple stream? It was everybody, on all continents, Apple fans,...
 And no other company on the planet has these kind of preorders. Millions and millions of orders all coming in at once is just maybe too much to handle.
 Actually, I believe that studies have shown that they are wrong the majority of the time, and every once in a while, they are correct. So they are more wrong than right.
 I'm sorry, but that's complete BS. I'm not a robot or an alien, I have human eyes, and I can clearly see the difference, especially on a monitor that is meant to be close to you. It's not like people are going to use a 27" monitor 6' away from them.
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