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 I would assume that they have some sort of idea. I don't think that anybody's claiming that this 8 GB phone will be a huge seller or the main model. It's the bottom option, and even if only a few percentage of people choose it, then perhaps that's good enough for Apple to justify offering it as an alternative option.
No he's not.  And those euro prices that people mention, have VAT included I believe.
I've always argued in favor of Apple jacking up their prices, in other to further separate themselves from the riff raff. If somebody feels that the price of a particular Apple device is too expensive, then they are free to buy something else. And the 4s is still available for those who are looking for something even cheaper.
 Then those people probably shouldn't buy an 8 GB iPhone, that's just plain common sense. The 8 GB iPhone is merely another option. Like I stated earlier, if somebody doesn't like it, then don't buy one.
$50 is a lot for certain people. Just look at all of the whining on here by cheapskates who thought that $329 was too high of a price for the iPad Mini. So, it's good for Apple to offer a slightly cheaper iPhone for people who either do not need a lot of storage space or for people who think that 50 bucks is a big deal.
 I'm not missing the point, because I have already conducted the experiment, and I know the results. I gave my mom an iPad 2 16 GB a few years ago, and even to this day, not even half of the capacity is filled up. An 8 GB iPhone would suit somebody like her perfectly. There are people who don't download a lot of apps, and there are people who don't take photos or videos.
It's funny how there's always people who will complain about 8 GB.   Guess what, this phone is not for you! You don't have to buy one, and you don't have to use one! Now go and relax.   Why are these people offended by the existence of an 8 GB iPhone? Do these people also walk into clothing stores and complain about small sized jeans and shirts? Hint: not everybody is like you.   The 8 GB iPhone is suitable for certain people, like those who do not need a lot of...
  This sounds like such a scam.   How can a judge appoint their friend to monitor Apple? The whole thing sounds corrupt. Isn't there something called conflict of interest?
The memo added, "as we continue to attack their product, we must also sustain the attack on their customer base   Samsung is waging war. I would like to see Apple hit Samsung with the power of a thousand tsunamis. Nuke Samsung and wipe them out! Take no prisoners.   Just about the only thing that they can claim to have that Apple doesn't yet have is phone size, whoopdeedoo. Notice how nobody can make a decent Android phone that is not gigantic sized.  Nobody can...
As for Samsung's marketing, I guess that consists of hiring dumb celebrities to send out tweets about how great Samsung is from their iPhones and running tv spots where they insult Apple users.   The people who fall for that aren't that bright.
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