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 I may be mistaken, and if I am, then somebody is free to correct me, but it seems to me that Apple isn't even hiring these people. These people have nothing to do with Apple. Apple contracts the work out, and Apple is paying some sort of security company or contractor, and that company supplies the guards and the workers. If the workers have any beef, it's with their employers, not with Apple! Apple should dump their security company that they pay and either get some...
Perhaps that could be arranged. Has the foundation been fully poured yet at Apple's new spaceship campus? But as Whitefalcon pointed out, knocking people onto the ground is a favorite pastime of these thugs.
 These people aint shit. They are certainly not the foundation of anything, least of all high tech and biotech. What a joke. Their jobs are easily replaceable and not much skill is required to carry out their jobs. They should be fired. 0 dollars an hour is certainly lower than 20 dollars an hour. 
Wasn't there an article the other day about Cook meeting with Jackson?    It sure sounds like the meeting (or shakedown) was not that successful as first claimed.   Screw these workers! And screw union thugs and shakedown artists like Jackson!   And why are they protesting in Spanish? Get the F out of here! These people can't even speak English and they're demanding higher wages? They should all have to undergo background checks, and if any illegals are found, then...
With the way that France is heading, I could see them bringing that back sometime in the future.
 Hanging is also a preferred method in certain places.
 Oh yeah? How do you explain that doctor who turned out to have ebola, who was running around all of NYC with it? He even lied to the cops, when they tried to question him about his whereabouts.
This was a poor decision and many of those ebola doctors returning to the US can not be trusted, as some have been caught lying and exposing the public to the deadly disease. If somebody wishes to travel to Africa to help, then that's fine, go right ahead, but don't go importing the disease and helping to spread it worldwide by returning to the US, and not following common sense precautions. And these people are supposed to be medical personel, yet some of them act no...
I've been using Apple devices for a long time now, but I never guessed that I would be unlocking devices with my damn thumb and sometimes making purchases with it too.   The killer part is that it works so well.    I love how sometimes certain Fandroids will mysteriously pop up out of nowhere and claim that "but, but there was this blah blah phone or a blah blah laptop that had a fingerprint reader before Apple did!"   My reply to that would be - So what you moron!...
New Posts  All Forums: