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The memo added, "as we continue to attack their product, we must also sustain the attack on their customer base   Samsung is waging war. I would like to see Apple hit Samsung with the power of a thousand tsunamis. Nuke Samsung and wipe them out! Take no prisoners.   Just about the only thing that they can claim to have that Apple doesn't yet have is phone size, whoopdeedoo. Notice how nobody can make a decent Android phone that is not gigantic sized.  Nobody can...
As for Samsung's marketing, I guess that consists of hiring dumb celebrities to send out tweets about how great Samsung is from their iPhones and running tv spots where they insult Apple users.   The people who fall for that aren't that bright.
 I see what you mean.
You make a good point. If somebody is lying, and there's no way to prove that they are, then I guess that the chances of them getting caught are slim. As for taking the stand, I thought that that was what it was called when somebody was testifying, when they're sitting in that little box to the side of the Judge. I might very well be mistaken, as I've never even been in a courtroom, and I don't watch any courtroom dramas on TV.
Isn't it perjury to lie on the stand?   Do those Samsung people have to swear on a bible? If not, what do they swear on?    And some of those Samsung employees sound really clueless.   The Samsung America chief marketing officer didn't even know that Samsung made smartphones when he joined in 2011?  It sure sounds like Samsung hires really well qualified people who know their stuff.   And then he goes on to claim that Samsung made better phones than...
That woman, Judge Cote, is not a good judge.   More than half of the lawyers who rated her on a judge rating site said that she was biased and pre-judged cases before hearing any evidence.   http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/08/14/apple-ebook-judge-cote-2/   And just what does the current DOJ have against Apple? The current DOJ is a big joke, one of the worst in recent history, if not the worst ever, and not just because of Apple. That's minor, compared to the other...
Good. I always thought that the Social Network was overrated and boring.   Who needs a repeat of that movie? Not me.
Does Apple receive any profits or benefits from this?   Apple should probably block Microsoft from using it, just like they blocked Palm some years ago, like it states in the article.   Apple probably wants it to remain an Apple exclusive only, so nobody else should be allowed to use Passbook. I don't really care about users of other platforms. Let them come up with their own inferior way of doing things.
Facebook's one billion or whatever users doesn't mean crap.   Any bum can sign up for Facebook, it doesn't cost anything. I see what kind of people use Facebook when I'm out and about on the subway or bus.    Apple has nothing to worry about from any eventual Facebook electronic payment system.   Apple should introduce their long awaited payment system when the new iPhone comes out this fall.
 You'll notice that I wrote usually, which means that there are sometimes exceptions to the rule.
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