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 Yes, but does it make a difference? 
 That's always been the case. Nothing else has ever come close to Apple's trackpad. Apple also needs to update the Magic trackpad because I want that new force touch trackpad! 
What a joke! All of those companies should just shut down their doors and declare that they're closing up shop!   Apple's laptops have always been copied by other monkeys since day one, and virtually all PC "ultrabooks" and laptops look like cheap knockoffs of Apple's products. I'd be embarrassed to even be seen with one, not to mention the fact that they can't run OS X.    1 or 2 mms is not much of a difference in size, but the weight difference is something that NONE...
It's all about diversity now, obviously.   So, it would be discriminatory to exclude pink from being an iPhone color.    I hear that representatives of orange are going to hold a protest in front of Apple HQ tommorrow, and that Tim Cook will allow a shakedown artist/spokesperson from orange to speak at the next shareholder's meeting.
What about Space Black, now that it's on the Apple watch?   I also think that Apple should make Macbooks and other products in Space Black.
 I don't think that they have to. Perhaps you misunderstood the article. I think that what the article was saying was that the amount that Apple pays for rent equals 2 percent, not that Apple agrees to fork over a certain percentage of their earnings to the mall. 
 Is he a shareholder? Security should have denied him entry to the meeting. He shouldn't have even been there. 
 I believe that Tim Cook was sporting an all white Apple Watch yesterday at the event.
It is a big lie. The numbers coming out of the government are deceptive and are not to be trusted since they do not tell the whole story. They are extremely misleading.
Apple's profits in China are up 70% compared to 1 year ago. Apple is doing great in China, and they're opening up a whole bunch of new stores there soon too. China was one of the reasons that Apple had a blockbuster quarter just recently.
New Posts  All Forums: