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I pretty much knew that, before even looking at any charts, because I see iPhones everywhere here and I'm not the least bit surprised that iPhone usage is so high here. Of course, you also see some poor, unfortunate souls who use Android phones from time to time, but that just comes with the territory I suppose. I also have a theory, based on my own extensive observations, which leads me to conclude that the majority of hot females that a person is likely to encounter are...
 Indeed it has, but it was worth pointing out that the assertion that the "current office-holder" is not guilty of this, is a ludicrous and ridiculous, factually incorrect statement.
I will answer your question quickly, but don't bother to ask me any more questions. I see that you still haven't answered mine. It was passed mostly due to anti-immigrant and anti-Chinese sentiment at the time.
I know that you probably imagine me sitting here posting with a KKK hoodie on, while I'm typing, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I have no desire at all to ever become a teacher, but I think that I would make a great history teacher to kids, if I had to. I am all about facts, and the kids would learn history via an unfiltered lens, in other words, the truth, without any historical distortions, lies, or politically correct omissions of facts and events. The...
 I consider myself to be pretty knowledgable when it comes to history, and I'm going to be conservative and say that my historical knowledge probably exceeds that of 97-98% of the global population. I know all about Hitler and WWII.  And no, my thinking is nothing like Hitler. I don't agree with you. You also didn't answer my question. Are you a communist? I answered your question. This is not a one way street.
Are you a communist? To answer your question, nope, I'm not a Nazi. I don't like Nazis at all, but they do not occupy the #1 spot on my shitlist at the moment. That spot belongs to a different group.
You must be a comedian or something, because nobody has violated and broken the consitution more than the "current office-holder". 
I can understand the argument when it comes to railroads or telecom companies or utilities, but apps? That just sounds crazy, in my opinion.
 I believe in American supremacy and I believe that our culture and values should be dominant across the entire planet. Not all cultures are created equally, and there are some that should be eliminated.
 I have of course not forgotten that, though I prefer to call it enhanced interrogations, which I of course fully support. I believe that "torture" has gotten a bad rap and has been the victim of leftist smear campaigns and misinformation. When they say that it's not effective, that is not true. I believe that's a lie, thought that's a topic for a different thread perhaps.
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