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I wont be getting the mouse as I don't really use mice much anymore, but I think that many of the complaints that I've been reading about the port being on the bottom are basically invalid as I view it as a total non-issue and nonsense. A person only has to charge it once a month, so big deal. It was obviously done for aesthetic reasons. If certain people out there have no appreciation for beauty, then guess what. These people probably don't understand Apple.   I'd like...
There have been plenty of articles about the 'steve jobs' movie on this site. I'd like to see an updated, new article now that the movie has been released and how it's doing terrible! That's awesome! I am glad.    
I saw this youtube video of him recently, at some basketball game, I think he owns the team probably, and Fergie was there performing some song, and Ballmer was dancing around and jumping like a crazy person. He either seems to be extremely energetic or on drugs or something, because he seems to act like that very often.
Yes, I know that I'm probably in the same boat as many third worlders and other sorts of people who don't even own a computer, but that's ok, I have never once signed up for Facebook and I never will. I communicate with people that I know in other ways, and that's how I like it. I value my privacy and my security.
Apple can of course do whatever they wish to do. But I do believe that I've always been saying that I wish that Apple were a little less political at times. As for this campaign, I'm not a bully really, but I have been known to bully a bully, that's more my style.
I am proud to be a part of the 6.3B that does not.
People still use Facebook?
 No it's not. There are Apple users of all types on this forum. Apple users come in all shapes and sizes and they are not some monolithic group thatleans a certain way, thank goodness. Apple does sell millions upon millions of devices after all.
I am against this emoji and I feel that Apple should provide a setting to disable it completely, just like somebody has the option to either enable or disable countless other features and services.   I don't feel that politics and political correctness has any place sneaking itself in and being embedded into an OS, and such features should be kept out.
I applaud them for finally ending their discrimination of people with dyed hair. This is without a doubt one of the great issues of our time. Wake up everybody! #dyedhairpeoplematter   I urge everybody on this site to donate and contribute to the global fund that has been set up so that we may completely eradicate this horrible and discriminatory practice.    I am the lead coordinator for this group, and I urge everybody here to join us next sunday for a "dye in" at...
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