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Excellent news!   If the new phone warrants a price increase, then I am all for it.   Apple as usual, does it's own thing. Everybody else is busy undercutting each other in price, trying to sell their junk as cheap as possible, while Apple prices things fairly, and has no interest in playing the race to the bottom game.
Is that a white sneaker in the upper right of the picture?    While everybody else is talking about the phone, I don't really care about that. I think that catching the leakers is important.
Good article!   If the iPhone hadn't come along, then many phones would still look like blackberry clones even to this day, including Google's phones. People wouldn't be playing Candy Crush on their way to work. People wouldn't be surfing the full web on their phones. Fandroids would be typing on their hardware phone keyboards and thinking that they're oh so cool and oh so advanced, using devices that are at the pinnacle of technological innovation, while they navigate...
 It's about the severity of the crime. Stealing a 99 cent song is not a very severe crime, in the big scheme of things. A person stealing top secret plans worth billions is a bit different, wouldn't you agree? And people do go to prison for tax fraud.
 You might as well have called me Mickey Mouse, because I take no offense at being called a fairy tale character. And it's not just a phone. It's many tens of millions of phones. It's an entire industry.  If you don't believe that espionage against Apple is important and worth protecting against, then that's your problem.
 If that were my job, then sure, why not? Somebody's gotta do it. In states that have the death penalty, somebody's gotta be the one to flip the switch on the electric chair, or whichever method that they happen to be using.
I definitely think that the leakers should be executed, or at the very least, serve out the rest of their miserable lives in a cold and dark prison cell. This would also have the added benefit of serving as a deterrent for any other potential future leakers. That'll make other like minded criminals think twice before they commit their crime.    There are far too many leaks coming out of Apple's Asian suppliers. A hefty punishment can easily be justified, based on the...
 I'm not claiming that gay = pedos, but I don't think that a gay boy scout leader should sleep in a tent full of boys, unless it is ok for a male hetero scout leader to sleep in a tent full of girls. If one is ok, then the second one must also be ok, otherwise it is hypocritical.
If that's the criteria, then I guess that wind power is bad too, because it kills plenty of birds, eagles, bats etc.  And solar power melts birds.
 I think that most people also do a lot of other things with their iOS devices. I know that gaming is only a small percentage of what I do on my iOS devices.  iOS is also a stronger gaming platform than Android, since it has better games, more exclusive games, and more games that are actually made for a tablet and not a phone, and iOS is what developers usually want to focus on first.
New Posts  All Forums: