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Tim Cook is obviously free to do whatever he pleases with his own money.   Having said that, I bet you that if Tim Cook were not gay, and if he was a conservative CEO contributing to a conservative cause using their own private money, then many of the same people that applaud Tim Cook's gay activism would be calling for his head and for his resignation. You know that's true, don't even attempt to deny that.
 Your hypocrisy is rotten. Are you not an Apple user? That would make you a class a hypocrite. Wouldn't it be nice if all liberal hypocrites would put their money where their mouths are?
I suggest that the morons go hold a die in at their nearest Apple store, and they can be lying on the ground like a bunch of ignoramuses, while checking their iPhones.
I enjoy watching certain UK programs, and the BBC has indeed produced many great things in the past. That doesn't excuse their extreme political bias of course.
 The BBC belongs to a category of stations that ranks among the lowest in the world. That category is tax payer funded TV stations that operate under a force pay license model. The BBC does not need advertising revenue, as everybody is forced to subscribe. It is politically biased, and everybody must fund it, even if they don't want to. Imagine if everybody in the US were all of a sudden forced to pay over $200 a year to fund a state TV station, and you couldn't opt out of...
The Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation is making a pathetic attempt to hold Apple responsible for what happens in foreign countries and with foreign suppliers and contractors. Things that Apple is not directly responsible for.   Apple obviously has strict guidelines for their suppliers to follow, and Apple does what it can do, but it can only do so much of course. Apple does not have the power to change foreign cultures and foreign companies.    And working 16 hours? Big...
Whatever Apple is doing, they need to simply things.   There's iCloud Photos, then there's My Photo Stream, then there's iCloud Photo library Beta! Should I have them all on? Only some of them?   What the hell! That is too confusing, and I don't have the time or desire to figure such crap out!   I still use dropbox when I just need to store something in the cloud and have it accessible by all my devices.
 It's not just about this case. I just didn't want to see AAPL fall below the 50 day, which was 108 something.
The truth is that I am doing just fine in the market, even though I've only been at it a few years now. And that's what's important to me, real world results. Not posts on a forum.
 True, saying Christmas is verboten now, according to many people. That's why I still say Merry Christmas, and not happy holidays to people, because my hope is that they will be offended.
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