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Whew, I can finally relax now again. I was about to blow my damn top last night.   If Jim Dalrymple says it aint so, then it aint so.
The look isn't really all that different. It took me a couple of days to get used to it, and the new features are definitely worth it. The holdouts are a tiny minority, and soon they'll be even further left behind, when iOS 8 comes out.
Look at this damn mess. How many percent are on the latest 4.2, I can't make it out exactly from this chart, but it looks like 4 or 5 percent. How ridiculous.  
The very first release of OS 7 was noticeably slower and not as smooth as OS 6, but that issue was rectified, and I like OS 7, though I am course looking forward to iOS 8.
 It was me who read it wrong. Google's Android tablets account for 1.1%Samsung's Android tablets account for 12.4%iPads account for 79.9% That doesn't change any of my conclusions though. Those are still pathetic numbers for Android, and something is still rotten in the state of Denmark. 
 I did mention in a previous post in this thread that this was still a rumor, so I'm saving my outrage and controlling my rage for the time being.
 And where did you get the idea that just Republicans have an extremely low opinion of this administration and anybody who is connected to it? Independents can't stand the extremist in charge either.  The worst President since World War II, according to a recent poll. Republicans, Independents and more all agree. A few extremist, hardcore liberals are the only true supporters that this corrupt administration has left. 
You can just imagine how the beta male liberals on here would have reacted if it was known that Apple was hiring somebody who was politically connected to the right. And this is still just an unconfirmed rumor. I will save my real rage and my real outrage for if and when it turns out to be true. Apple likes to speak about diversity. How about hiring somebody who isn't a lunatic, lying liberal?
 Last I checked, Dick Cheney was not being hired by Apple.
Holy F*cking Shit!   That damn liar?   I think that he truly sucks. The amount of lies and BS that he spewed every single day was unbelievable.   Why doesn't Apple just hire the former Iraqi propaganda minister? He was at least more funny to watch.
New Posts  All Forums: