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Sounds good to me! The international market and various currencies are constantly changing, and Apple needs to revise and update its prices every once in a while. Those people who can no longer afford Apple products will just have to do without them. Are there any Apple stores in Greece? Apple should probably consider scaling back its operations in countries like that for a decade or two.
I agree. It is disgraceful to lump in a biased channel like CNN with the more respectable FOX. In my home, CNN is forbidden from being viewed on any screens, TVs, devices, computers, phones and iPads. Obviously, I needn't even mention MSNBC, as that is the worst of them all.
Who cares about Greece? Greece is insignifcant, and they deserve whatever happens to them. Their foolishness and arrogance will cost them dearly. Greece won't have any effect on AAPL at all.    AAPL is basically a safe haven compared to most other things. 
I've never subscribed to any of these Apple TV channels like HBO now or this new Showtime, but if somebody is looking to save money on the monthly fee, then can't they just pay via their Apple account, and use an iTunes card that they got for a 25-30% discount?   That would bring the monthly fee for HBO Now down to around $10 from $15.
Yes, I miss all of the porn on 42nd street. Now, it's too commercialized, too many tourists, and companies like Disney have taken over everywhere.
I have now confirmed that Apple will be giving away black Apple T-shirts at this location!    The Apple store's doors will open at 10 a.m. on Saturday. The first 1,000 customers to walk in will receive a free black Apple T-shirt with the company's logo and the store's location.   http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/apple-open-new-retail-store-weekend-queens-mall-article-1.2283163
Actually, I've done some more googling, and it seems that many of the NYC shirts are black! I like black better than blue, so maybe this Queens Center Apple Store will also be giving away black T-shirts. You can't go wrong with black! 
I did some quick research (googling), and it appears that most of the free t-shirts given out at store openings are blue, with the occasional red and black shirt being given out at certain locations. So most likely, I'm going to have to guess that this will be a blue Apple T-shirt.
I haven't been to the Queens Center Mall in ages, but I've been there plenty in the past.   I always wanted one of those free Apple T-shirts that they give out when they open up new stores. Maybe I should go and get myself one, when they open up this new store on Saturday. I wonder what color the shirt is? Yes, I am picky, and I only like certain colors.
I recently renegotiated my cable subscription last week, and the cable companies are obviously desperate to keep customers.    I saw a good deal that was only available to brand new customers, and I basically told them in a polite way that you can either give me that deal, or you will lose a longtime customer. I ended up getting the deal. That's the second time that I've renegotiated my plan in the past two years. It's become an annual thing now.
New Posts  All Forums: