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 I just checked my notifications, and you're correct, it was CNBC reporting it, but it was coming from Yahoo! Finance. I don't watch the CNBC channel. 
 Exactly! Global Command Center sounds so much more commanding and impressive. Your pic is also similar to what I envision. When I think of green data center, I envision something like this: 
I just got a notification from one of my iOS apps stating "Apple announces $2B global command center in Arizona". I think that it was Yahoo Finance.   My first thought was, wow, cool! That sounds awesome!   "Global Command Center" sounds a lot better to me than "green data center".
I don't take it at face value. They're probably underestimating the decline in Kindle Fires.
I am definitely a doer, a bigtime doer. I am at my desktop when doing.
I'd say that if you're portraying a real life person in a movie that's about that person, then at least try to make some effort to have it resemble the real life person. Why can't they act the role and look the role? That is better than just acting the role. Look at the guy's hair and hair color. What a joke. Didn't they have the budget to buy a $5 tube of hair coloring at Rite-Aide? Why not get a 350 LB fat guy to play Steve Jobs, as long as they did a good acting job? I...
I don't care how they do it, that's their problem. It's for them to figure out and solve. And the actors wouldn't have to wear green spandex suits with styrofoam balls attached to their body, because the body is irrelevant, the main thing that they need to get right would be the face. All I know is that these pics look totally ridiculous and terrible.
And I guess that I'm not a laptop kind of person, because I haven't bought a new one in many years, and I don't really have any plans to buy one anytime soon either. In that same period though, I've bought a bunch of iPads.
That looks terrible! It looks nothing like Steve Jobs at all!   They didn't even make any effort it seems! Couldn't they even have bothered to dye his hair or something?   Hell, with today's CGI technology, they should be able to make an actor look exactly like Steve Jobs!    I am not impressed. At all.
 Agreed! I've always been saying that Apple should have nothing at all to do with poor countries and poor people! It looks like Apple is doing just fine with selling to customers who actually have money. Apple is busy enough with supplying their current devices to people who can actually afford it. Apple does not need to be making any cheap products for dirt poor countries and dirt poor people. Apple should ignore that entire market. Let 'em buy Android phones or some...
New Posts  All Forums: