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And AAPL is on the rise too after this announcement.   Let's see it break through 103 today at least!   How else will I be able to afford new Apple gear that is coming soon?
By the way, I just wanted to point out that just about everybody got the date wrong.   Most people were saying that Apple sends out invitations on tuesday, and that Sept 2 would be the likely date for the announcement.   It's good that Apple isn't falling into a predictable pattern, and keeps people guessing.   I want to see some surprises come Sept 9 also. Apple needs to blow me away with something amazing.
Bring it on!  
Sept 9 is no longer anticipated.   It just got confirmed by Apple.
 It's true that the graphics will obviously be better on platforms like consoles and desktop as they are more powerful, but that doesn't mean that they are bad on the iOS versions. I've played other console and desktop ports on iOS, and while the graphics are a little less detailed, they were all still good games and well done and enjoyable to play, and that's what's important in my opinion. This game has some hefty requirements. It doesn't even run on iPad 3, according to...
Freemium? Huh, that sucks!   I can't stand being nickled and dimed by all of these freemium games!    Let me buy the damn game outright!   I'd gladly pay full price for a great ga.............   Oh, wait a sec! This aint freemium?   $14.99 you say?   Heh, I'm just messing with the freemium haters on here.   Seriously speaking, it's good to see more and more serious ports of good games coming to iOS. I also don't feel that $14.99 is too much for a game of this...
Totally disgusting commercials!   They're just nonsense, without any meaning to them at all.   That commercial showing that girl with a baby who makes music is actually tragic! The ironic part of that commercial is that the girl doesn't actually use her Note to make any music, because she can't! Nobody can! Android sucks donkey balls for making music on!    And that last commercial featured some hairdresser who can barely speak english. It should have been subtitled,...
 I was using a painting app on the iPad recently, and I get pixel perfect precision using my fingers.  I like how you can keep zooming in and out while painting, and the more you zoom, the greater the precision becomes. I haven't even touched a mouse in years. Mice are obsolete as far as I'm concerned. When I use OS X, I use magic trackpads.
 That is clearly a false and delusional statement. I do not buy anything released by Apple, as there are quite a few Apple products that I do not own. And no, I am not wrong most of the time, I am more often correct than not. My post history speaks for itself. As a matter of fact, I will bet that you are dead wrong, and that I am 100% correct on this topic. The iPad Pro would be great, and would also be a success, if it were to be released.
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