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So what? Let the children die.   Freedom from tyranny is worth more than any child's life.   Doesn't the DOJ have more important things to do, like running guns into Mexico, and sympathizing with scumbag criminals who are shot dead by the police in various small towns?    Apple should tell the DOJ to take a hike, and it seems like they have.
IdleWanderlust and cm477, oh ok. I wasn't aware of those past issues with iPads affecting some people.   I have both an original iPad Mini and an iPad 3, and I've never noticed any random reboots before, until I got the iPad Air 2.
Was there a reboot issue with iPads before? I wasn't aware of that.
I'm not sure how legit this is or not, but I read something about the different types of NAND being used. I have 95 GBs free on my iPad, so it's definitely not because my iPad is filled up either. And yep, it does reboot super quick. 
Updating now!   Hopefully this fixes the small reboot issue I had with my iPad Air 2. If not, I'll just pay a little visit to the nearest Apple store and get a new one I suppose.
Pathetic!   If I want a great laptop, I'll pick up a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro. If I want a great tablet, I'll pick up an iPad Air. And MacBooks can run both OS X and Windows! Try to run OS X on a Surface!   As said many times before, the Surface is worse than a good laptop and it's worse than a good tablet.   It is a compromise device, and I don't like compromises! It's also ugly looking and not attractive to look at.   When I eat meals, I usually use either a...
These estimates seem like baloney.   Do they really believe that AAPL will only be a few dollars above where it is today in twelve months from now?   They should get some balls and make a real estimate.
I do not trust any shady liberal politicians, and the internet will be better off if they keep their dirty hands off of it. Government does not always act on the best intentions for its' people.    The next thing you know, they'll be trying to enact political censorship rules on the internet and they'll be willing to cede control of the internet over to the monkeys in the UN. If you give them an inch, they'll take a foot. Therefore it is better to give them...
Oh, ok. There's been talk of a Space X IPO for years now. I bet that IPO will be huge when and if it finally gets announced. I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to buy in before it's actually trading on the market though, through my broker. I've never been able to buy in early to any IPO yet. I would have loved to pick up some BABA before it actually opened on the market.
 How in the world do you have Space X? There hasn't been any Space X IPO yet.
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