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My iMac came with a 5400 drive also! The iMac that I bought back in 1999! No Joke!
You're allowed to type "****" on this forum, so I would assume that the answer to that question is yes.   Edit: apparently, you're not allowed to type **** on this forum anymore. That must be a recent change, because I could've sworn that it was permitted not that long ago. The word that I typed is everybody's favorite four letter word that begins with F and ends with K.
Taco emoji? I'm pretty sure that it wont take long before somebody somewhere claims that it's racist or something.   I'm not an expert on emojis, but I was wondering if these emojis are universal, across all devices? If an iPhone user sends it to somebody on a Mac, will the Mac user see these new emojis? What about if an iPhone user sends it to a Windows user? Will the Windows user see the emoji?
That's a pretty new Apple store and it wasn't that many months ago that it opened.   I went near the area on opening day, so I popped by to get a t-shirt, but they were all gone already by the time that I got there.   That dude has a pretty funny name, especially for a sleaze bag criminal. Profit, lol.   Give him the max and put him behind bars for 15 years. Good riddance.
Even though I might agree with him on an issue or two, he has no shot. I'm all in for Trump.
 That's smart of them. I guess that's what's called hedging their bets.
I think that they will be. The average TV size has increased these past years and when the 70" are cheap enough, more and more people will be buying them. The room that I have my TV in isn't all that big, I live in an apartment, and the last TV I bought was a 50" TV and that easily fits there. I think that I could have gone for a 75-80" in that same room no problem, but I just didn't want to spend that much on a TV right now.
It's funny how many people were whining for ages about Cable and how it's so expensive, and now more and more channels are being available online for a subscription, and people are whining about that too. Did ya think that it was all going to be free? Haha. 
Good. Screw the government. Let them do some old fashioned detective work and actually work for their pay checks for a change.
I actually didn't know that and maybe that's good news for me too, because my soundbar also supports bluetooth audio, so maybe that'll solve my issue and I can just feed sound from the Apple TV to my soundbar via Bluetooth. I just hope that there isn't any lag or anything, so that when you see a movie on tv, the talking is in sync with the picture.
New Posts  All Forums: