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 And I don't recognize any left wing nutcase sources as legitimate references, so it goes both ways.
 They're still slaves, just not to plantation owners anymore.  
 I'm not the only one who believes that.  Obama Has Set Race Relations Back Decadeshttp://www.realclearpolitics.com/2011/09/28/obama_has_set_race_relations_back_decades_264391.html How Obama Poisoned Race Relations in Americahttp://www.frontpagemag.com/2013/arnold-ahlert/how-obama-poisoned-race-relations-in-america/ "President Obama and Eric Holder have done damage to race relations. I mean, I really am personally distressed about...
No, i dont think that he'd like what he saw. One of his famous quotes was about judging people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.There are no MLKs today. He's been replaced by hoodlums like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other race hustlers, who do little else but judge by color, and who see racism everywhere they look. As for Obama, he's set back race relations by decades. Black people are worse off now than before, and it's entirely...
Many of the people today who invoke MLK's name are not alright people. They're simple minded losers, criminals and truly disgusting people, like those groups of hashtag using thugs who have recently taken to blocking traffic, invading restaurants and malls, harassing people, and even denying ambulances from transporting injured people to the hospital.   Here's to hoping that an 18 wheeler drives right over those idiotic protesters, the next time that they decide to block...
Indeed. I have no respect for any criminals and their heists, and I certainly wouldn't admire their planning or execution of said plans. Some criminals managed to gain entry to a warehouse? Big deal. Find them and throw them behind bars for a long time, or execute them or whatever they like to do over in China.
Certain people here are wrong and confused. I will explain why.   Steve Jobs spoke of not wanting or needing a stylus back when the original iPhone was launched in 2007, and he was right. At the time, people were using Palm Pilots and the like, and they were using it with a stylus. The stylus was required for the day to day use of the device. Doing something simple like selecting a menu item on the screen required a stylus, and it was not a very good system, due to the...
 Your "news" source does not know the difference between "there" and "their". I especially do not trust any journalists who do not know how to write and spell basic words.
 What's your complaint exactly? The iPad now has 2 GB of RAM. You're talking about old devices.
 How would you know? Have you ever used a "force touch" display before? I haven't. Before the iPhone and iPad, most people had never even used a multi-touch display before. I think that certain apps and games could certainly make use of such a feature. Pressing a button or box in an app could make it act differently, depending on if somebody presses it, or if they merely tap it.
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