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Thanks! I am just a humble dude who is not afraid to contribute my honest thoughts on a variety of topics. Diversification of opinion is sorely needed, especially on certain forums, where liberal groupthink, ignorance and intolerance towards knowledge and differing ideas is the norm for many.
You're surprised that a male would comment on the appearance of a female before mentioning other things?
I'm not a developer and I don't know the technical details, but are you saying that it is indeed possible for an app to be however large the developer feels like making it? So if somebody feels like releasing a game that is 10 GB tomorrow, they could do it?
I've had previous iPads before that were 16 GB and 32 GB, so I do know about having to manage your storage, especially when updating the OS on a device that is near full. Larger sized apps would obviously not be suitable for people that do not have the storage space. iPads are becoming more powerful, and I believe that Apple needs to up the ante and offer more freedom to developers to deliver large sized apps.
Sounds good to me! The lawsuit is settled, and if people wish to buy Bose in Apple stores, then they will be able to.   Some people like Beats, some people like Bose, and some people like neither. It's good to have choices!
 But that new Nexus 9 tablet that some Fandroids are hyping doesn't even have any card slots, does it? So 32 GB is truly 32 GB max and that's it.
I haven't jumped anything! I'm not the Fonz!  I just like to utilize my iPads to the max!
Sounds good to me! I will never, ever again be buying the lowest model, so that suits me just fine. Meanwhile in Android land, 32 GB max is what they're used to, like on the new Nexus tablet! What a damn joke!
Good question! I'd like to know the answer to that also. The piano that I mentioned was actually an IAP. The app itself was around 1 GB and the piano IAP was 2 GB. I'm not sure if the 2GB limit is because of some technical limitation, or if it's just something that Apple put in place, but I sure hope that it's increased soon. There are many desktop apps and games that are massive in size, and especially when porting some of them over to iPad, 2 GB is just not going to cut...
Aha! So that's why. Hopefully that is something that will be changed in the future, because 2GB is simply too little, compared to where iPads are today. I wouldn't be surprised if the next iPad is offered with 256 GB. I currently have the 128 GB Air 2. Apple needs to go beyond 2 GB. So many apps would benefit from that.
New Posts  All Forums: