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I'm ok with the poor getting poorer, as long as I am on the other side of the fence, and if I qualify as one of the rich. There has been too much grumbling from the poor recently and I am not a fan of class warfare that certain people engage in.
I'm not entirely sure about that. Population of Dubai only around 2 mill. And some of those are foreign workers, unlikely to be shopping for any Apple products. Compare that to the highest grossing Apple store in the world, which is fifth ave last I heard. The population of New York State is ten times larger, at 20 million, NYC is around 9 million, and with a ton of tourists visiting. Also, it being 24-7-365 gives it an advantage over other Apple stores, since it's...
That's a good point! I don't recall any wall street analyst or those types of people ever talking about Apple's retail stores. Apple has something really special that nobody else has, and it's still growing at a fast rate, worldwide, and there's still countries and territories to expand into. All those idiots seem to talk about is "Has Apple reached its peak?", "Is this the new iPhone killer? (# 137)", "Apple sold 5 less iPads last quarter, they are surely doomed now!",...
 I support the police. Every civilized society needs a good police force. It's the liberals and Obama voters who are against the police, criticizing them recently, attacking them, shooting at them, demonizing them. The police is the enemy of many liberals.
North Korea is a modern socialist utopia. Why would I want to move there? I suggest that all liberals pack their bags instead. It would suit them much better than me.
 I did write "modern civilized nation", therefore your point is entirely invalid.
A country without proper borders is not really a country, and a civilized modern nation can not just let all sorts of riff raff come across the borders. Tens of millions of illegal anti-Americans should be disposed of immediately, and all border security should be tightened.
Ebola infected people should never be allowed to step foot into the country. That was another mistake made by the authorities during the recent ebola business that was happening.
 I'm pretty sure that the fat crackhead was a poor mayor because he was a crackhead, and that guy has always come off as a douchebag, so anybody who voted for him obviously likes douchebags.
George W was and is vastly smarter and more intelligent than Obama. Nobody knows yet what Obama's school records were, it's obvious that they've been keeping them secret this whole time because Obama is not smart. Obama can barely speak a single sentence without stuttering, and he's highly reliant on numerous teleprompters whenever he speaks. A local TV newsperson is equally as qualified to carry out Obama's job as Obama is, and probably more so qualified, since they will...
New Posts  All Forums: