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 Physical health, and also their abilities to carry out the job, depending upon what exactly that job is of course. If somebody is hiring an employee for the longterm, and there are two employees seeking the job with equal qualifications, it makes sense to go with the one who will survive longer, and have less medical issues and take less time off from work. There are many things to consider when hiring somebody, and I believe that everything is fair game, including...
I'm not familiar with that person, though I'm sure that there are certain known or famous people that have undergone gender changes. Two that come to mind that I can recall is Wendy Carlos (composer) and one of the brothers who created the Matrix movies. There's also Cher's daughter, but I don't think that she's known for being anything else besides Cher's daughter, so I wouldn't put her on the same list as the other people.
 Exactly. That is not bigotry, that is just plain common sense, backed up by science and facts. If "Julia" is actually a male and six feet tall and muscular, then no, I do not think that they should be allowed to compete with females. 
I'm not the one who's confused here. I know which box to check off on the application where it says gender. I wouldn't hire anybody who is obviously confused and has mental issues and comes with various baggage.
I disagree with Tim Cook.   I don't have any problems with hiring a gay person of course, if they were the best qualified for the job, that is what's important. But I would most likely have to pass on hiring any sexually confused people. Those people should go work for FB, since FB has a gazillion different choices for gender. What a joke. And no, you don't get to choose that you are a female or something else, if you actually have male sexual organs. You are what you...
Good OP!   This only further proves what many have been saying for years now.   Samsung is a fraud, and nothing at all can be trusted when it comes to Android sales figures.   Everything is a lie. And you have stupid morons that keep using these bogus figures in their so-called "research" reports and fake marketshare stats. These people are truly bad people, not to mention extremely dishonest and very possibly criminally negligent.   Hopefully they will all get...
 Ok, i guess that I just misread or misunderstood what you were trying to say.
 At the moment though, the quality of the picture on the cable box is much better than the internet live tv signal that they're sending out.  When I was watching Game of Thrones live the other night, I watched it on my cable box, because it looks much better than when streaming to a device. They might be limiting the bandwidth intentionally, but they need to match the bandwidth and quality of the cable box picture if they want to make internet streaming on different...
 There are of course many suckers around and gullible people too, but are you trying to say that virtually every freemium game on the app store is malware? Because they all have some hefty in app purchases that can be bought. Look at the top grossing apps on the iOS app store, they're freemium games. Clash of Clans makes close to a million dollars a day.
It's ironic.   I get live Time Warner cable on every device that I have except for one, the Apple TV.   I can watch live Time Warner cable tv on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Macs, but not on Apple TV.
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