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For some reason, embedded videos on this site always show up wrong on my browser. They're sort of cropped.   I'm on the newest Safari on the newest Yosemite.   And lastly, it seems that Pay is getting a lot of support these days. That's good!   I actually bought a few No Doubt songs recently during the Steam sale for Rocksmith. Rocksmith is a really cool program. I use it with bass and guitar.
This list is dumb.   I just hope that the ebola caregivers and the Ferguson protesters do not win.   The ebola caregivers should not win because some of them violated their quarantines when they came back to the US, so screw those selfish people and liars. No awards for them.    And the Ferguson protesters should not win, because a bunch of thugs setting their own town on fire is hardly something that is worthy of an award.   Putin probably won't win, because I...
Um, it did. They got at least one person who was giving the kickbacks. A Singaporean national named Chua Kim Guan has also been charged by Singaporean courts with giving kickbacks to Devine, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.
This just seems like pure greed.   The guy wasn't poor or desperate. You know that he was making good money at his job and he was a millionaire. Why risk everything that you have?   Anyway, good riddance to scumbag leakers.   All leakers of Apple info should be prosecuted, from the lowest levels to the highest.
I recall watching a racy movie last night, but that's obviously par for the course for racists such as myself.   I'm so racist, that I don't even own an iPad stand. I just hire minorities to stand and hold my iPads for me.
Speaking of bans, I was watching the news right now, and the new mayor is now trying to ban horse drawn carriages in New York City.
 Here's some facts for you:  A Democrat before seeking elective office, Bloomberg switched his party registration in 2001 to run for mayor as a Republican. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bloomberg Bloomberg is one of the most liberal politicians in the entire US. Bloomberg is synonymous with liberal nanny state mayor. 
A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf. Apparently, certain people are easily fooled by such simple tactics.
 That is true. The ignorant protesters with their hands up gesture and don't shoot chants are pushing a false narrative, they're spreading a lie, something that never happened.
There was another thread a while back, where for some reason, this exact topic (soda/coke/pop/soft drinks and what people from different regions call it) came up there too.
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