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 Who are you to judge Apple? 70 million dollars is 70 million more than zero dollars. Neither Apple or any other company has any obligation to fund any charities or other causes. Apple is a business, not a welfare office.
 They are welcome to use their plastic coated devices to deflect the hit. We'll see which device survives. And secondly, you should probably get a sense of humor, it's called a joke.
How can this be true?   Some morons on the internet like to say that iPhones and iPads are just toys.   The fact of the matter is that these morons have always been clueless. Apple is so far ahead of the game. iOS devices are being used more and more as desktop replacements all of the time. Sure, they do make wonderful toys, if that's somebody's intention, but iOS devices are also increasingly being used to replace various tasks traditionally done on desktops and...
I agree with the Minecraft creator. Facebook creeps me out too, which is why I have never signed up for Facebook and will never do so in the future either.
King IPO debuted today, it's down almost 11% as of this moment.   I stayed away from it, luckily for me. Messing with IPO's on day one can be a risky business.
People who constantly obsess about race are racist. I loathe political correctness and I see this as a poor move on Apple's part.   If somebody wants more "ethnic" emoji characters, then they should turn down the brightness on their devices.
 That's really pathetic!
It doesn't matter how stylish they make them, these will be getting socially awkward people who have no manners into trouble, and deservedly so.   You don't wear your Google Glasses into a bar, like some dumb lady recently did. If somebody is looking for trouble, then chances are that it will find them.
It's the New York Times, so maybe it was on purpose.   They have had a vendetta against Apple in the past, so I wouldn't doubt anything when it comes to the New York Times.
 I do remember reading about a flaw in the in-app purchase system a while back, but hasn't that been fixed now? If anybody has any legitimate grievances with Apple's in app system in the past during that period, then I obviously have no problems with those people filing claims. There doesn't seem to be any dates outlined in Apple's email. If the flaw existed for only a certain period of time, then the refund should only be valid for purchases made during that time period...
New Posts  All Forums: