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 Yes, I know all about that. That's old news. Apple has done this in the past, on a few very rare occasions, with the Macintosh also I remember. That was in the Steve Jobs book. I don't find that to be comparable at all to the current level that we're currently seeing with the Apple Watch.
I don't mean that I would cancel it if my next door neighbor got theirs delivered 10 minutes before mine.  But if I noticed some "celebrity", smiling and posing on twitter with one months before I could even pre-order it, then hell yeah, that would definitely factor in to my decision, because the Apple that I once knew, would exist no longer, and Apple would be giving the finger to all loyal customers such as myself. Like I said earlier, this watch is not even a big deal...
I don't do lines anymore. I've done that before, so no need to do that anymore. If there's any product that I would want, then I would just preorder it online as soon as it were available.
 I agree. It's a douchebag move. I don't even care that much about the Apple Watch, since I haven't ordered one, but I don't like the negative trend and douchebaggyness that I'm seeing here with this launch, and I just hope that mentality wont spread and infect other Apple products also.
I am sitting. You're right about one thing at least. I don't know much about marketing, and I've never claimed to know much about marketing. It's not my field. What I do know is perception, and I'm just stating my thoughts on the topic. I hope that this is not the beginning of some new trend, or a shift in Apple, where a certain crowd will be given early access or even free access to many other Apple products in the future. I don't give a crap who they are. Beyonce, Karl...
If true, then that makes it even worse. But I'd like to see a source or confirmation for those claims.
 I'm no troll, but I would agree with any troll who uses that argument, because if the celebrities have to be given one for free, then they're not exactly honestly endorsing the product.
Are you telling me that these celebrities, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, can't afford to buy a lousy gold Apple watch all on their own?   What does that say about the Apple Watch?   I've said it before, but the best advertising for Apple would be for these celebrities to actually be buying one themselves. What better endorsement of a product is there than that?
To me it seems like a desperate and unnecessary move on Apple's part, not to mention the potential negative implications that it has for their image.
Of course she was.   Who doesn't have a gold Apple Watch nowadays?   And isn't her husband a rival of Apple, with their new music service?   Who's next to be spotted with a gold Apple Watch? The CEO of Samsung?
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