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 Innovation is exactly what the first iPhone brought to the world. Virtually all modern phones are modelled after the iPhone.
It seems like Windows 10 came pretty quick. What ever happened to Windows 9? I guess that they just skipped completely over that number. Maybe they were trying to run away from 8 and simply moving to 9 wasn't far enough removed from the nightmare that was 8.   Not that I really pay much attention to Windows releases since I never use Windows, but I think that Windows 8 must have been a huge failure and a big misstep, and that's why MS decided to make the move to Windows...
I tried out my friend's iPhone 6S+ the other day, and I found 3d touch to be pretty cool. I imagine as more and more apps feature 3D touch, it will only make it more useful.   Am I correct in thinking that 3d touch is basically 3 levels of pressure, and force touch, like found in the new Magic Trackpad 2 is only 2 levels of pressure?   Shouldn't they both be equal? I mean, if somebody is sitting on a desktop Mac Pro, shouldn't they have the same pressure resolution as...
I support the raising of Apple prices worldwide in all countries that have weakening currencies. The US dollar is very strong now, and Apple has an obligation to adjust prices accordingly across the globe. To not do so would be irresponsible.
So predicatable and so pathetic, not to mention, beyond shameful.   I've been proudly discriminating against Fandroids for many years now, and for each year that passes, I feel more and more justified in my discriminating ways.
Oh, I see that's available right now already!   I suppose that I can head out and have one in about 30 minutes, because my local Apple store is 24-7, but I'm too lazy to go outside at 2 am.   I guess that I'll be dropping into an Apple store tomorrow probably and pick up one of these suckers! I'd been using a Logitech mouse for a few months now, and I'm so over mice. The magictrackpad is far superior, in my opinion. It's going to be good to have a new trackpad again,...
Woah! I must've been in a coma this past day, because I missed this news!   I've been asking for a new Magic Trackpad for many months now, ever since they first released force touch.   My last Magic Trackpad broke some months ago, and I'm glad that I waited to replace it, because I knew that this new one was right around the corner!   I'll be getting this on day one!  
 Another straw man. Nobody's claiming to be an expert in this thread, and that doesn't invalidate anybody's opinion or the content of their post.
 I know plenty about Europe, I was just there this summer and came back last month. Let's dispel the myth that Americans don't know anything about Europe. Some apparently do, such as myself and plenty of others too. Plane tickets aren't all that expensive, unless somebody is a bum. I've been to Europe so many times that I've honestly lost count. And let's also crush the straw man argument that immigration is a bad thing. Immigration is fine, illegal immigration is not fine...
Good! This whole thing seemed to be shady from the very beginning. Somebody should investigate all involved for corruption.
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