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 That is true. I am 100% against all Muslim extremists. I don't care if they're white, black, brown or whatever. They are all equally bad, and very often the converts are the worst of them, as they obviously have mental issues and they often have something to prove. Being called a racist, when the topic has nothing to do with race is a tactic used by confused liberals and terrorist supporters who attempt to shut down the debate, becuase they do not believe in free speech,...
There are certain "no-go zones", where the police and fire trucks are afraid to go into. The Swedes are basically appeasing cowards, and I can't say that I feel all that sorry for them. The world hasn't seen more pathetic appeasement happening since Chamberlain's days. Sweden is also not a democratic society as they have frozen out the Sweden Democrats, which gained a significant amount of votes. They brandish those people who are skeptical to immigration as racists, and...
 I do. I am extremely well informed when it comes to this topic. I've been to Sweden before also a few times.
 What a massive lie. 99.999% of the world's Muslims do not share the same disgust. It's nowhere near 99%. There is significant support for Islamic terrorism worldwide. 99.999% my ass. There are millions and millions of them that are evil.
Once again, I hit it right out of the ballpark in the previous thread about that dumb Sony movie, and this current Islamic terrorist massacre of French people only reinforces what I previously wrote.   I mocked the people who went to see the Sony movie in the name of standing up for freedom of speech. My, how brave those people were!  Give me a break. Those people weren't brave at all. They were just lemmings and there was never any real danger at all to any of...
I didn't count. I trusted that the post I was quoting was accurate.
It's funny to read the irrelevant comments from a few condescending neanderthals from the old continent who venture into this thread with their misguided and ridiculous perspective on things. That's all that they got left, reminiscing about the past and the good old days, because the future is looking mighty bleak for that old continent, especially since the mass migrations of recent years.    Meanwhile, over here, the future's so bright, I gotta wear damn shades.
At least those old, dug up copies of ET are worth something. Some sold in the four figure range. I can't say the same for any Android phones.  And actually, I had an Atari 2600 back in the day, and a friend of mine had that ET game. I can certainly understand why some people think that it's the worst game ever. I also had PacMan on the Atari 2600. That was one of my favorite arcade games, and I was so disappointed and mad when I bought the Atari 2600 version. If I recall...
 Indeed it is. If somebody makes yet another piece of junk Android phone and they ship a million of them to stores, yet they only sell 50,000 of them, what happens to the remaining 950,000? They get counted towards Android's "amazing" marketshare no doubt.
That is true, but as I mentioned above, I believe that these results are pretty much similar for most of the quarter.
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