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 There is no we. There is only I, and I was simply stating what I would do. If for example others wish to get treated in a hospital that was exclusively using Android, then who am I to stop them? It's their health and their life, and they are free to do as they wish. 
 That is Google propaganda. Your link leads directly back to googleenterprise.blogspot.com So Google managed to find some tiny health provider in west-central Florida that uses Chromebooks? Good for them! I am glad that I don't live in west-central Florida.
If I ever went to any doctor and saw them walking into the room clutching an Android tablet, I would obviously immediately leave and switch doctors.    If a doctor and/or health institution skimps out on tablets, what else do they skimp out on? Stuff like medicine or treatment given to patients?   Especially when it is so well known that iOS totally dominates the health industry, I would be extremely suspicious of anybody using an Android tablet. Why would they make...
I like Star Wars, the early Star Wars films, not the newer ones, and I downloaded this game just to check it out quickly, and it's not bad at all.    It's like CoC with a Star Wars Theme. I think that this game will do pretty good.
I've never received one single spam message through iMessage ever.
Wow, Leia looks like she could be playing Jabba the Hut!
 I do also! We were just talking about this yesterday in another thread.
 Why don't you use it? It's only $25 bucks a year. I use it and it works pretty good. I no longer have to waste any space or waste money on extra flash memory needed to keep tons of songs on any of my devices. 
 Because Apple wants you to buy the larger, more expensive product. Have you not been following Apple for the past few decades? I don't know for sure what will be announced of course come Sept, but if the 128GB RAM is only available on the 5.5" phone, then I will not be the least bit surprised, as that is exactly what I am expecting Apple to do.
Just face it people, freemium games are here to stay.   I'd rather pay for a game outright, but the situation is what it is. Freemium games make money for the developers.   I've been playing a few games that are freemium, and if you are good enough, then you will be kicking ass. You will even be kicking ass VS crappy players who lack talent but spend a lot of money.   I love RTS games and I've mentioned this before on this forum, but I've been playing World of Tanks...
New Posts  All Forums: