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What a truly crappy and pathetic company.   This is the company with that little man who's a pathetic Chinese Steve Jobs wannabe. What a joke.  
 I just read that through article, and found it to be a good article, and I agree with it.
I have no problems with any of my Apple products and where they come from. There are of course different degrees of evil, and I wouldn't put China on the same level of evil as certain big oil producing countries.
 There seems to be sort of a game of chicken currently going on, but I think that we (the US), will come out of it ok. At least we can agree that fracking is a great thing for the US. I've always been an advocate for less reliance on foreign oil from evil places.
Here's a photo of liberal child abuse. I doubt that these children are scientists, yet their questionable parents brainwash their children into walking around like a bunch of fools, holding ignorant signs.     Here's a photo of potential Mensa candidates, voicing their opposition to all Fracking in New York.     Here's a photo of an anti-Fracking concert event in California.   
 Those loonies are against all fracking, not just unregulated or unsafe fracking. There has been an anti-fracking (against all fracking) movement in the US, and even worldwide. It's mostly made up of ignorant green people, uneducated leftists and some despicable democrats. A quick Google search would produce many results of anti-fracking protests and anti-fracking movements. Colorado was recently under siege by these anti-American lunatics. They lost.
I remember all of those anti-fracking ignoramuses! Boy, were those morons and frackfaces ever wrong!   Thanks to American fracking, OPEC bastards are hurting, Russia is hurting, terrorists in shitty countries all over the place are hurting! This is awesome! Frack them all!   And also, Apple should raise their prices in certain foreign countries, where the exchange rate has changed significantly enough to warrant a change. Apple should not have to eat the cost of...
 I don't know the specific reason, other than it's Apple's rule. The solution is simple. Just use a credit card. If you don't have one, then just get one. You can get a nice bonus now too, if you get one. Go get a Chase freedom card and they'll give you $200, once you spend $500. It's free money.
The CIA admitted no such thing. You are ignorant. The interrogation program did produce useful results, Brennan said, including information leading to the raid that killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2014/12/11/cia-director-brennan-torture-defense/20245991/
  I don't buy into the liberal myth that torture or harsh interrogation techniques are always unsuccessful. I favor harsh interrogation techniques (some liberals like to call it torture) against terrorists, when necessary.
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