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 That show is so terrible. There's always these huge companies that have a lot of employees, and a few of them are chosen, and they always have the worst sob stories in the world. My child has a rare sickness, my home was burnt down, my car only has three wheels blah blah blah, and then the CEO comes and gives a few employees at the end of the show thousands of dollars. I wonder what all of the other employees think about that? In a company that has thousands of employees,...
 As many as possible. I want the iWatch to be crammed full of all kinds of sensors, that are useful of course, not gimmicky crap like on Android. I predict that the iWatch will be a huge hit, even though I haven't seen the design yet obviously, but that doesn't matter, because it's Apple, and I know that they will deliver. And also, health and fitness isn't just for athletes or young people that are in a shape. It's for everybody, even for fat people, and it's especially...
 Who cares about France? France is insignificant in terms of Apple revenue and they're hardly a good measuring stick for what Apple should or should not do. Apple is into cutting edge stuff, not old world biases and superstition. You should look at the bigger picture. Apple is obviously leaning pretty heavily in the direction of health and fitness. What do you think that the whole Apple iWatch is going to be about? I bet you that health and fitness are going to be...
Knock yourself out. tcook@apple.com
 Wise words. I was just about to go off on a massive, wordy rant, but then I realized that this is just another crappy rumor, so I'm not going to bother to waste my time.
 I can hardly think of a better example of an oxymoron.
 So Android tablets are responsible for just over 1 percent?  Yeah, Android is winning all right. And some people get mad when I claim that Android users in general are poor people. They boast about how many activations they have, and how many units they sell (or should I say ship), yet, nobody seems to be using them. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
 Interesting read, and lucky person, not to mention well connected.
 I'd never even heard of the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation, and I don't even really like basketball, but it's just as valid a cause as any other number of the usual lame and boring charity causes that people give to. People can donate to whatever interests them, and for whatever reason, Eddy Cue has an interest in donating money to this basketball coaches foundation, so who are you to question his donation choice? People are free to donate to...
If I could choose anybody to have lunch with at Apple, then my choice would be Jony Ive, because of his creative work.
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