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 At the moment though, the quality of the picture on the cable box is much better than the internet live tv signal that they're sending out.  When I was watching Game of Thrones live the other night, I watched it on my cable box, because it looks much better than when streaming to a device. They might be limiting the bandwidth intentionally, but they need to match the bandwidth and quality of the cable box picture if they want to make internet streaming on different...
 There are of course many suckers around and gullible people too, but are you trying to say that virtually every freemium game on the app store is malware? Because they all have some hefty in app purchases that can be bought. Look at the top grossing apps on the iOS app store, they're freemium games. Clash of Clans makes close to a million dollars a day.
It's ironic.   I get live Time Warner cable on every device that I have except for one, the Apple TV.   I can watch live Time Warner cable tv on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Macs, but not on Apple TV.
 I disagree. I'm not a fan of the freemium gaming model, but what you describe there is fairly common in virtually all freemium games. There are many freemium games where the top in app purchase is $99 for a trunk or bunch of gems or coins in a game.  These in app purchases require a password, and whoever purchases them is responsible for their own actions. If a kid purchases it, then the parents are responsible.
Also, Fandroids deserve to get infected and scammed, as their decision to use a crappy OS was all their own.   Here's to a great 2014 too!
Android is basically synonymous with malware.   Android is winning all right. 
 I avoid all RED products like the plague, including those from Apple and other RED products from other companies. It's mostly because I just don't like the color red. 
 What are you talking about? This is an Apple centric site frequented by many Apple shareholders. Of course this is news that is relevant to all those who don't live in a cave.
 Who are you to judge Apple? 70 million dollars is 70 million more than zero dollars. Neither Apple or any other company has any obligation to fund any charities or other causes. Apple is a business, not a welfare office.
 They are welcome to use their plastic coated devices to deflect the hit. We'll see which device survives. And secondly, you should probably get a sense of humor, it's called a joke.
New Posts  All Forums: