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 I don't give two hoots about any terrorist supporting channels or those that work for them. It is a state funded channel, and Qatar is a dictatorship. I am not surprised that certain western leftists would admire such a channel. This is war, and being a "journalist" is indeed a risky business. Sometimes crap happens. It doesn't bother me at all. I applaud it.
What do you mean? An iPod shuffle is only like $49. I'll take the extra dividend cash instead, thank you very much.
Sure, i have no objections to that plan either.
So what? iCahn has zero influence in the day to day operations of Apple and obviously has nothing to do with any of their product plans. He just wants Apple to buy back more stock, that's a good thing. I think that the more stock that Apple buys back means a lesser likelihood of us seeing a repeat of what happened when AAPL took a big tumble.
Being the bad person that I am, I will admit that I chuckled when the USA "mistakingly" bombed Al Jazeera a while back.
I've seen quite a few TED talks on a variety of topics, but I haven't seen that one yet. Again, I will bookmark it, and view it in the future when I have a chance.
I am unable to watch anything now, but I might consider taking a look at it later on. 
 I don't want Apple to invest their profits back into society. I want Apple to invest their profits back to people like me, the shareholders. Apple is a corporation, not a charity.
Go for it! I want to see an amazing recording breaking quarter, the likes of which has never been seen before!   They just need to keep the production up! Work those Chinese workers extra hard! Go ahead, pay them some overtime, I'm ok with that, but make sure that nobody is slacking. We need production to be at the absolute max.
 It would be hilarious, if in the near future, robots would replace the majority of human factory workers, and then millions of Chinese people would lose their jobs, and they would all be starving, and then I guess that these same people would be blaming Apple for that too. At least the starving Chinese wouldn't have to worry about working for 60 hours a week!  Marxism? Woah. I guess that we do not share the same political philosophies, to put it mildly.
New Posts  All Forums: