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Well that changes everything!   I wasn't originally planning to bid on this auction, seeing that the current price is around $9500.00, and the winning bid will obviously be higher than that, but now that the MacBook Air is included, I'm just going to have to jump on this. 
 Copying, imitating, counterfeiting and IP theft is obviously extremely common in China, a country with few original ideas, but they don't stop there. Now Chinese CEOs even copy and imitate dead American CEOs. How much lower can they go?
Good for them!   This has very little to do with Apple.   I fully support Android manufacturers going at each others throats. Let them all fight each other, while scrambling to pick up a few leftover crumbs. I fully support an Android civil war.    As for the phone itself, it's Android, so it doesn't matter if somebody makes an Android phone that is covered with real gems and diamonds. You're still stuck with a piece of junk.   As for the CEO, he's merely a cheap...
Hahaha.   So predictable.
 There's about 285 million visually impaired people in the world.  But, if the game were done really well and professionally, it could appeal to all people, not just the blind. It is said that sound is 50% of a movie, and for this game, sound would have to be 100%, and this game would have to have an awesome and professional soundscape. Blind people are much better than non-blind people at localizing various sounds. This wouldn't just be a simple game with audio narration....
 I like a bit of oil on my screens. Sometimes, right after I've cleaned them with a microfiber cloth, I don't have the feel that I need on certain games, so I'm definitely kind of lazy when it comes to cleaning my screens.
 It could be made by a blind developer, as they would obviously have more know how in making an effective and good game for that market. I can see "audio" only games being good, if done right. Remember text games like Zork? Somebody could make an audio only adventure game, where the player simply speaks their commands.
 Do you have problems understanding and comprehending the English written language? There is absolutely nothing wrong with using that phrase in the context that it has been used. I don't get why certain people constantly seem to attack some of the people who write for this site. If I had to guess, then I'd say that you are the one who is acting like a seven year old.
 Of course there will probably be push back. There's always lame groups that are going to be complaining and whining no matter what Apple does. Eventually you just have to ignore real life trolls, and just go about your business and act as if they are invisible. I also have no problems with slapping China in the face. It's true that China owns a great deal of the US debt, but Apple is not the USA, and Apple doesn't owe anything to China. Apple should be looking after...
 I never wrote that Apple should ignore the Chinese market.  I just wrote that Apple should think about moving the manufacturing away from China.
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