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I guess that she is, but what's your point? I don't care about Martha Stewart, and I don't think that she should be allowed to work on any Apple construction site.
It depends what kind of mistakes, and how many "mistakes" somebody has made.
 Are you a felon or something? Or perhaps somebody in your family is a felon? I am in good company with Tim Cook and Apple here! We both discriminate against felons! If you don't like that, well then that's just too damn bad, and there aint a darned thing that you can do about it!  
Screw all felons and criminals. They should definitely be discriminated against.   Felons should not be allowed to vote and they shouldn't be allowed to work on any Apple construction projects either.
 That's because I use a special filter that scans new topics, and I only get notifications when certain words are triggered, such as gay, liberal, Android user, poor, poverty, Obama and a few other words.
 Exactly. I've said numerous times in the past that I would prefer that Apple were not political at all, but that hasn't been the case. They have chosen to speak out on a number of issues, and that is of course their choice, but it also opens them up to criticism or to accusations of hypocrisy, as we see in this case.
I agree. I also think that Tim Cook has been a good CEO since he took over and I have no issues with that, Apple is doing great, however, I also believe that he is being a bit of a hypocrite on this issue.
The list is not long at all, and it would have almost no significant effect profit wise imo.
I guess that I'm more pro gay than actual gay people, because I wouldn't have any issue if Apple pulled out of certain countries, like countries that execute gays.
I don't know much about Carly Fiorina, and I have no opinion about her at the present time.   What I do know, and I've said this before too, is that hypocrisy is a general trait that most liberals share.   They're quick to criticize the USA, yet they are strangely and pathetically silent when it comes to far worse things happening globally.   Somebody refuses to cater to a gay wedding? No pizzas for their wedding, what a shame, what a catastrophe. Who the hell orders...
New Posts  All Forums: