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The vast majority are young, healthy men, with their designer jeans and some even have iPhones I've noticed! And most are not from Syria. What a bunch of cowards! Let them stay where they are and fight for their country, if their country is in trouble!  Like you, I also know people in Europe, and I also know what's going on, and it aint pretty at all. 
I guess that's one single that I wont be buying. I actually like a few songs from Imagine Dragons, but I will obviously pass on this track, unheard, because of the naive and dangerously foolish politics involved.    I do not support so-called migrant crisis relief, as many of those involved are simple scammers and do not qualify as refugees. Instead, there is an invasion taking place, and comically, some of Europe's more stupid leaders (like Merkel), are facilitating...
Well, what do you know. It seems as if I was spot on when I was describing this movie many, many years ago, when it was first mentioned on this site. Those old threads are still here I'm sure.   I wrote that the dialogue would be a million words per minute, in true Sorkin style, and I read a recent review about this movie which confirms that the talking is indeed very fast. There also seems to be a lot of liberty taken with this movie and a lot of it is simply made up...
True, but they're relatively cheap, including SSDs now. And they can be recorded over and re-used time and time again, while an analog tape was only good for one use basically. I only used brand new analog tape if I was doing something important.
It's pretty much unlimited.
Holy crap! That looks ridiculous! 
The same thing has happened in the music world. Today, almost nobody records onto analog tape. It's all digital for the most part.   I remember buying and using analog tape a lot some years ago (before the days of digital), and it cost about $200 for around 16 minutes for one reel. Digital costs $0 for basically an unlimited time.
The USA was being very nice and compassionate, because originally, other more valuable and important cities to the Japanese were supposed to be targeted. 
That's what I read also on multiple sites. So if that's not the case, then many sites reported that wrongly.
Ah, so you're one of those types. So, it's the US that's the terrorist right?  Well, I certainly hope that there are many, many more "victims" soon, the more, the better.
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