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 I was trying to be optimistic for a rare moment, but you're probably 100% correct. Americans are that stupid.
 I don't think that most Americans will make such a dumb mistake again.
 You don't agree that different groups have different ethics, morals and priorities?  I do, so I guess that we can just disagree.
 Not true. I said that unqualified minorities that made up 100% of a company would not be successful. It would be a crap computer company. Jobs and Wozniak were both smart people. Woz was obviously the technical genius and Jobs had other unique skills. They didn't look for any free handouts based on their skin color or their race. They just went out and started their company. They were doers, not whiners.
 You go and start a computer company made up 100% of unqualified minorities and see how well it turns out for you. Your company would make Android look good in comparison.
 So would I obviously. Can you imagine Apple if it were made up of 100% unqualified minority employees? iOS would be worse than Android. Apple's stock would be at least 90% lower than it is now. Blackberry would be more successful than Apple. It would be a disaster.
 Certain groups of people are smarter and better educated than others, that's just the way that it is. It should surprise no one that better educated and smarter people are more desirable employees.
I am 100% ok with white men making up the majority of Apple employees.    I am not ok with hiring darker people for the sake of hiring darker people.   Just say no to liberal racism and liberal discrimination. Those sorts of ideas belong in the gutter along with the KKK.
 Windows has always been widely used, both in home and business use. I don't touch Windows machines, but I assume that they ran plenty of anti-virus programs.  Android hasn't exactly been embraced by business and no, I definitely don't believe that there would be any world wide financial collapse if every single Android phone in the world got hacked, because that brings me back to the point that I made in my prior post, there is very little to protect. Most people with...
New Posts  All Forums: