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 The display is definitely upgraded and improved. No more gaps, that's huge for an iPad! I'm glad that they didn't increase the pixel count. I want super performance on the current retina display, not more pixels, which comes at the cost of performance. Also I forgot to mention the world's most anti-reflective display on any tablet! As for the RAM prices, I'm not complaining. The last iPad I bought, I paid $100 more to get 32GB, now that same $100 will get me 64GB, so it's...
 I owned an iPad 2 back when it first came out, I ended up giving it to my mother, who's still very happy with it to this day. I'm very familiar with the performance on it of course, and going from an iPad 2 to an iPad Air 2 is indeed going to be a huge upgrade. And yeah, even if an iPad Pro were to get released sometime next year, you can be sure that the iPad Air 2 will still fetch a decent price in the used marketplace.
 I would have bought the iPad Pro, had it been released today.  I'm not playing the waiting game though. Life is too short, and the iPad Air 2 does seem to be quite good and powerful. Worst case scenario, the mythical iPad Pro gets released in a half a years time, and I would just sell my iPad Air 2, and get a decent price for it, and get the iPad Pro, or whatever it's going to be called.
 I want black bezels, so there is only one color option for me. And getting the 9.7" iPad as thin and light as possible is indeed a good thing. 
I see this as a big upgrade.   What the hell are people expecting who claim that this is only minor? Some people are seriously dumb.   The A8X chip is a huge upgrade! That thing is going to be a beast, and I can't wait to be playing games on my new iPad Air 2! Going from 1 billion to 3 billion is minor? Are you retarded? And the graphics performance on it is going to rule!   It's thinner! That's a good thing!   The camera is much better! That's a good...
 No,  X versions are for iPads.
I wonder how this new Mac Mini benchmarks compared to the old one, especially since the dual core CPUs seem to be a bit weak, purely going by the specs, but I don't know much about them to be honest.   And it's interesting that there is no longer any quad core option. Maybe Apple is positioning the Mac Mini as purely an entry level Mac, and no more.
Last year I wrote that the iPad mini retina should not have identical specs as the iPad Air and cost $100 less!   I am glad that the iPad Air 2 is the premium model this year, with all of the extra, added upgrades!   Of course, my comment is purely based on my own egotistical interests, as I am getting an iPad Air 2, so screw the iPad Mini Retina! 
 Just last week I wrote that I hope that the iPads get a good camera upgrade, so I'm happy about that.
Good update!   I'm definitely getting one tomorrow! I haven't decided on 64 GB vs 128 Gb, we'll see.   Basically, all of the things that I wanted were included, so I guess I'm happy.
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