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I have multiple Apogee products, and they work nicely with Macs and iOS devices.   Apogee works only with Macs! No Windows users or anybody else allowed!   The last Apogee product that I bought recently was an Apogee Jam, to hook up guitars and bass to my iPads. Sounds great and works great!
You people and you fruit fans don't have a clue.   My next Android phone will have a 65 megapixel camera! Try and beat that suckers!   As I sit here in my parent's basement, I can't wait to be able to capture the lovely view of my four grimy walls utilizing all 65 heavenly megapixels.   The image quality is not that important to me. I'm partially color blind and I'm not exactly that artistically inclined (I am an Android user after all), but what is important is that...
 It's obviously easier to manage a 16GB device than an 8GB device. I do have an 8GB iPod Touch lying around somewhere, and I did manage to upgrade that to the newest OS. I'm not sure where you get less than 3GB of usable space from though. If the OS takes up roughly 3, then you'd have 5 GB of space to use. And, yes, some of that would have to be trimmed down, when installing a new update. That's the compromise that somebody would have to make for choosing a device with...
 That's exactly what somebody will have to do if their device is completely filled up and they need a bit more space. I remember when I had a 16GB iPad that was all filled up to the max, and when I needed some more space, I just deleted a couple of games that I had that were around a gig each. It wasn't a big deal, it took me less than a minute to do. That's the price that somebody has to pay, if they opt for a device with not enough storage to meet their needs. 
 Not true man. The extra space needed for an update is only temporary.
Im also a part time Apple shareholder, and I disapprove of helping out any financially handicapped people, because I do not care about them, and I don't believe that they make good customers. The thing is that anybody who feels that 8GB is too little always has the option of getting the next model up. There's nobody who's forcing anybody to buy an 8GB phone against their will. 
 Yeah. Some people need to step out of their own little selfish bubble every once in a while, and look at the bigger picture. I would never buy an 8 GB phone, because I have many hundreds of Gigs worth of apps and other things that I need to store, but if I were going to buy an iPhone for my mother, then I would buy her the 8GB version, because anything else would be wasted. I gave my mom an iPad 2 16GB a while back, and she never even used up half of the space. Its mainly...
 It's not a trap. It's another option.  If somebody needs more, then they have the choice of buying the phone with more storage space. Who are you to decide that 8GB is not enough? It may not be enough for you, but it is certainly adequate for a certain segment of users. The greedy ones are the whining cheapskates who expects Apple to follow everybody else's lead, and sell junky products for dirt cheap. 
 Importance isn't just about security. If I worked for the CIA or if I was James Bond or I was a terrorist, then maybe I'd consider using one of the phones that you mentioned. I was talking about pros and professional applications, such as pros accessing and editing photos, videos or music on their devices, and it obviously makes sense to be doing that directly on the onboard memory. A pro can afford to go out and buy a 128 GB iPad.
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