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And AAPL is now under 108 again! What a joke!
The people who were suing are no different than a bunch a sleazy leeches, trying to scam money out of Apple. They had no case at all! The article doesnt mention this, but they should have to pay for all of the expenses in this case! That would only be fair! I hope that they do have to pay! Screw those scumbags! Apple winning is good, but i would like to see people hurting, at least financially!
Haha, good news! The jury sure didnt deliberate for long! This case was a no brainer!
Did Apple invent payment systems? I didn't think so.   This is obviously just a natural progression for a fine and honorable company such as Samsung.    I see two problems with it though, off the top of my head.   First, there is the issue of trust and security. Who really trusts Scamsung?   And second, there's the issue of cheap Fandroid bums. I believe that many Android users do not have any credit cards to their name. I haven't looked into any of the finer...
Those "pros" must have listened to the "pro" analysts. What a bunch of out of touch fools!   The average hedge fund didn't even make over 10% for their return last year, not even close to it.   Many amateurs have done far better than that.
I question the legitimacy of the government's case too!   We currently have one of the most incompetent and corrupt DOJ to ever exist. They have nothing against Apple, it is a witch hunt.   Screw the thugs in the DOJ!   Apple should bring this all the way to the top, to the Supreme Court, if needed.   Any illegal ties between Amazon and the Govt should also be investigated.
What a truly crappy and pathetic company.   This is the company with that little man who's a pathetic Chinese Steve Jobs wannabe. What a joke.  
 I just read that through article, and found it to be a good article, and I agree with it.
I have no problems with any of my Apple products and where they come from. There are of course different degrees of evil, and I wouldn't put China on the same level of evil as certain big oil producing countries.
 There seems to be sort of a game of chicken currently going on, but I think that we (the US), will come out of it ok. At least we can agree that fracking is a great thing for the US. I've always been an advocate for less reliance on foreign oil from evil places.
New Posts  All Forums: