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I don't like all these celebrities getting Apple hardware for free, and before the products are even released for sale.   If I were a celebrity, would I accept an Apple Watch from Apple? Hell yeah.   But since I'm not, and since I don't get any Apple products for free or before they are released, I am going to give this article two thumbs down.   I think that it's sad that Apple is jumping on the celebrity bandwagon. Apple doesn't need any "celebrities" to be using...
I have cable, and I've actually seen quite a few Apple Watch commercials popping up lately among certain shows that I was watching.
Anybody with common sense knows that what teens might think about any Apple Watch is pretty much irrelevant.
I've said this before, but I don't really think that teens are an important market for this watch.   Firstly, the Apple Watch does require an iPhone + cell plan, so an Apple Watch is not something that every teen will be able to afford.   Luckily, there are plenty of other groups (people with jobs) that can actually afford an Apple Watch and there will be no shortage of customers for the Apple watch.
Screw selfie sticks and screw the morons who use selfie sticks!   There are few things worse than selfie sticks and the people who use them!   Recently, I remember that there was a building explosion and building collapse downtown, with a couple of people ending up dead.   Even worse than that were the pathetic idiots who were taking selfies in front of the scene!   Have some respect! Have some common decency you bunch of narcissist losers! This isn't about you,...
 I don't have a problem with HBO sending whatever they like, since it's a pay channel, and customers are either free to subscribe or to not subscribe. As for kids having access to HBO or any other non-children friendly programming, that responsibility lies solely with the parents, IMO. 
 In practically all religions, it is the men that are in control and in charge.I don't disagree that it is men that are usually behind the indoctrination and the primitive views. I wasn't disputing that.
There is nothing wrong with porn.
My intention was not to leave anybody speechless. I'm just sharing my honest thoughts about the subject, like I usually do on this forum.
I disagree. Enlightened females actually like porn, I'm happy to say that I've met a few of those in my time. There are few things worse than a prudish female who loathes porn and who was indoctrinated from an early age to learn that porn or nudity is evil. These people have psychological issues, not to mention various sexual malfunctions.
New Posts  All Forums: