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 I put my icons wherever I want.
Breaking Apple rumor!   According to Chinese website Feng, the three carriers registered 2 million iPhone pre-orders in just 6 hours.    That sounds insane!   And I just happened to pick up some AAPL today, let's see it rise tomorrow! Oh yeah!   http://www.phonearena.com/news/2-million-iPhone-6-units-already-pre-ordered-in-China-in-just-6-hours_id61273
 Nothing personal, but that is a horrible idea! And I don't think that Apple would ever do it. The iPad is a multi touch device, and there is apparently a tiny minority of people who just don't get that. A mouse?  That's about the last thing that I'd ever want to hook up to an iPad. Just buy a Macbook Air if you want a traditional laptop, running OS X, and feel free to use a mouse or a trackpad or whatever you like. Windows 8 tablets are complete crap! It is a flawed...
 I think that they'll maybe have Pay for online payments and such, but not in store via NFC. That is just my guess.
 Yep, and the new iPad will have Touch ID.
 Apple is obviously keeping the same colors across both the iPad and iPhone line, so when the next color change comes along, I'm assuming that both iPhones and iPads will offer the same color lineup.
Who cares what the worst AG in history thinks?
I like black bezels, and only one of three models will have that, so my decision has now become extremely easy. Space grey it is, though I would have preferred slate black, like on the first gen iPad Mini.   It's also reasonable to assume that Apple will kill the 32 GB option, which is good news, because it'll only cost $100 more for the upgrade to 64 GB.
 Are you a midget or something? The iPhone 6+ is definitely larger than previous iPhones, but a 5.5" phone is not that large, compared to something like an iPad. It's also a matter of personal preference. Some people will prefer the 4.7" iPhone, while others will prefer the larger iPhone 6+. I don't own either a 6 or a 6+, so I'm totally neutral on the size subject. Each size comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. I can definitely see the advantages of the 6+...
 Yes. Clearly what Apple should do here is to stop all innovation and progress, let's not make the next iPad too good!, because one user named TheWhiteFalcon on an Apple related forum isn't going to upgrade until 2016. Get out of town! I hope that the next iPad is so damn good that it will make you turn red from envy when you see it!
New Posts  All Forums: