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 Oh definitely. If I somehow came up with the cure for cancer tomorrow, do you think that I'd be giving it away for free?  No siree. If I invented the cure for cancer, then I would expect no less than to become the richest person on the planet. Warren Buffet would be a bum compared to me. I wouldn't price the cure so expensive that the average person (in a developed country) couldn't afford it, but I would probably price it at around the cost of a house. What's more...
 If his relatives know about the secret makeup of that material, then surely they would be selling it? I have to admit, that the story smells kind of fishy.
 Only certain groups. I'm not one of those people who believes that everything should be free or that everything should be equally available to everybody. People and corporations who invest considerable amounts of their own money into researching new ideas, products and medicines deserve to reap all of the rewards, as they are the ones taking all of the risks. A good example is a bio tech stock that I own, GILD (which is at all time highs now, yippie for me). They have...
 I'm definitely not a progress for humanity type of guy, but that's ok, we can have differing views on that topic. As for the egg video, if that material were truly that great, then why hasn't anybody done anything with it?
 What do you mean? If the video is real, then we'll be seeing it on the next iPhones!  Does that not qualify as being used for something somewhere? I am also a strong believer in stifling progress for others, due to money. As long as Apple users benefit from this, then screw everybody else! I hope that this is way too expensive for any other manufacturers to consider. Then it wont matter if somebody else wants to steal or copy Apple's idea, because they wont be able to! It...
 I don't think that it is reasonable to expect that everything should be 100% klutz proof. If somebody is a complete klutz and constantly goes around dropping their phone (or any other item), then chances are that it just might show signs of being abused eventually.
I guess if people don't chuck their iPhones in the middle of a highly trafficked road, then they should be ok!   I also think that we wont be seeing any sapphire displays on any Android phones any time soon. Apple is the only one who has the resources to do what they do at the scale that they do.   These are the kind of innovations and advances that Apple needs to continue doing. 
 You should feel honored, even it were only a mixup and for a brief moment.
 You should, because, damn, you have a ton of Apple shares! Way more than me! I don't think that anybody on this forum owns more AAPL than you do. Your original post came to my email inbox, and I of course saw your entire, extremely detailed financial history of AAPL. You've obviously edited your post since then, but don't worry, I wont divulge any of that information.  If I owned as many shares that you do, then I would demand private concierge service whenever I stepped...
 Do you mean the first political comment that I've made where you agree with every word? If so, then thanks. I hope that you've agreed with at least some of my strictly Apple posts before.
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