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That is true. First there were netbooks, which were a disaster, and then ultrabooks were introduced to compete with the Macbook Air's complete dominance.
Also, those Android watches look like complete garbage, and I'm sure that their functionality is equally as bad.   If I ever saw anybody wearing an Android watch, then I wouldn't even give them the time of day.
No doubt. Just like how anti-Apple lunatics and Fandroid trolls compare Apple iOS to every single Android manufacturer on earth combined, the delusional and intellectually challenged trolls will probably compare the Apple Watch to every watch, made by every single watch maker on the planet combined! Apple sold how many million Apple Watches last quarter? Bah, that is not impressive at all, because when you add up the total number of watches sold in every country, made by...
The Baghdad Broadcasting Company is not a reliable source and Apple has already responded to their poor hit piece which lacks journalistic integrity. I do not care at all about the concerns of those who claim to care about Chinese workers. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he's "deeply offended" by fresh allegations of poor working conditions in its suppliers' Chinese factories. http://www.engadget.com/2014/12/19/apples-tim-cook-deeply-offended-by-fresh-allegations-of-facto/
I do not give a crap about the Chinese workers at all. Work them hard, work them good. They are getting compensated for their time.
Hell no, I don't want that either. When I bought a new TV a while back, I purposely looked around for a "dumb" TV, as I already have an Apple TV that I hook up to it and I did not want any "smart tv" features. So called "smart TVs" with some of them always listening in to your conversations is complete crap. I don't need any voice listening always on garbage. Samsung is warning customers about discussing personal information in front of their smart television...
Why is there no video of this event that we can watch?   It's not like it was a private or top secret event, since all of the details and quotes are being spilled in the article.
And I thought that 5k was pretty decent and sufficient. I guess not.   Soon there will be 8k displays on iPhones, and all apps and games will of course require more CPU and GPU power to run, and also more RAM of course, not to mention battery life.   And what will people be doing with their 8k displays? They will be downloading the latest vintage pixelated retro game, in order to take full advantage of their beautiful new, super sharp 8k display.
I don't see that as being any problem that needs to be solved. Just wipe your hands if they're wet! I've never had any issues at all with Touch ID.
 An even better day to be an AAPL shareholder and a fan!
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