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Are you so delusional that you actually believe that an extremist liberal calling somebody a racist pig online is going to hurt them in any way?  I'm sorry, but liberal race cards are all played out, forever. They are no longer valid and past their expiration date. Didn't you guys learn anything from the recent massive, historic asskicking? Apparently not. Keep digging for more cards. Shuffle good, or perhaps get a new deck.
The truth hurts sometimes.
By the way. What exactly does your comment mean? Are you saying that the majority of Facebook's user base votes GOP? Or are you saying that the majority of Android's user base votes GOP? I have not seen any statistics for either, so you should show some proof to back up your claims. I just find that to be very unlikely. Facebook is made up of Uber Liberals! Zuckerberg is one of the biggest around!
Not me! I want to hear more! I never have any problems with hearing real world stats and facts that continuously show Android to be crap. I would like at least one article like this every single day!
You are probably correct about that. I am proud to proclaim though, that I have never once signed up for Facebook, and never will.
My comment is spot on and it is an accurate portrayal of many Android users where I am. Of course many Apple users are liberals, there is no denying that. But many are also not. It is foolish to stereotype the political affiliations of all Apple users as being a certain way.
Not surprising at all!   The majority of Android phones are pure junk! I've always been saying that!   And almost every single time that I bash Android and Fandroids, somebody who thinks that they're real clever comes along and says that "Hey, I'm not poor! blah blah, I can afford any phone that I want! Android is just so much better! I'm a highly technical person, so that's why I choose to go with the worst written and poorest performing OS on the market! I am a real...
It's not a huge issue for me either, but the geek in me has found out that there are different kinds of Nand that they might use, with one type being faster than the other, and since I use my device for a lot of storage intensive tasks, I would like the fastest possible read and write speeds on my device.
 Yes. The last time it happened was a couple of days ago. I was on the home screen with icons and I wasn't even doing anything, and all of a sudden I saw the display go to black, and the Apple logo shows up, indicating that it's rebooting.
Yes, I figured that arguing with Fandroid trolls is not a productive usage of my time. I do have a bunch of "JetsamEvents" (crashes I am assuming) in my diagnostics pane, so I guess that I will just take it into Apple and see what they say next week perhaps.
New Posts  All Forums: