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It doesn't matter how stylish they make them, these will be getting socially awkward people who have no manners into trouble, and deservedly so.   You don't wear your Google Glasses into a bar, like some dumb lady recently did. If somebody is looking for trouble, then chances are that it will find them.
It's the New York Times, so maybe it was on purpose.   They have had a vendetta against Apple in the past, so I wouldn't doubt anything when it comes to the New York Times.
 I do remember reading about a flaw in the in-app purchase system a while back, but hasn't that been fixed now? If anybody has any legitimate grievances with Apple's in app system in the past during that period, then I obviously have no problems with those people filing claims. There doesn't seem to be any dates outlined in Apple's email. If the flaw existed for only a certain period of time, then the refund should only be valid for purchases made during that time period...
I received this email from Apple too a few hours ago.   This sounds like a real easy way for scammers and dishonest people to scam Apple.   Parents should be responsible for their own children. What's to stop people from abusing this and submitting bogus claims to Apple?   I don't have any whiny brats running around that I can use as an excuse, but I've made plenty of in app purchases, easily many hundreds worth.   What's to stop somebody like me from filing a...
I don't want, and I will never use this. I already have an Apple TV and I have zero intentions of buying an inferior chromecast. Why downgrade when you can upgrade? I can already stream and mirror whatever i want to my tvs and to my computers using airplay. The other day I was mirroring two ipads at once over to my computer, with both iPads showing up perfectly on the computer.
I am enjoying all of the current problems, seriously I am.   It merely proves that certain people were right all along and others were totally clueless.   The American people ultimately get the govt that they deserve and that they voted for.   As for current world events and situations, I find them to be quite entertaining. These events taking place were all predicted a while back by those with a clue. Of course, these people were all mocked and attacked for their...
Disregarding that this rumor comes from the slimy digitimes for a moment, more automation is a good thing.   Remove humans from the equation completely, who needs them? Robots don't strike last I checked, and I don't think that robots are advanced enough yet to commit suicide. And they can probably work robots 24 hours a day. More robots, less humans is where things should be heading.
  Dude, did you even read the article? You're just linking to the same bogus pieces called out in the article for being false. Repeating a lie over and over again doesn't make it any more true. And if you keep repeating a lie, then that makes you guilty of being a liar.
I have multiple Apogee products, and they work nicely with Macs and iOS devices.   Apogee works only with Macs! No Windows users or anybody else allowed!   The last Apogee product that I bought recently was an Apogee Jam, to hook up guitars and bass to my iPads. Sounds great and works great!
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