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 Hanging is also a preferred method in certain places.
 Oh yeah? How do you explain that doctor who turned out to have ebola, who was running around all of NYC with it? He even lied to the cops, when they tried to question him about his whereabouts.
This was a poor decision and many of those ebola doctors returning to the US can not be trusted, as some have been caught lying and exposing the public to the deadly disease. If somebody wishes to travel to Africa to help, then that's fine, go right ahead, but don't go importing the disease and helping to spread it worldwide by returning to the US, and not following common sense precautions. And these people are supposed to be medical personel, yet some of them act no...
I've been using Apple devices for a long time now, but I never guessed that I would be unlocking devices with my damn thumb and sometimes making purchases with it too.   The killer part is that it works so well.    I love how sometimes certain Fandroids will mysteriously pop up out of nowhere and claim that "but, but there was this blah blah phone or a blah blah laptop that had a fingerprint reader before Apple did!"   My reply to that would be - So what you moron!...
 I agree with you. Gay people and minorities are given much more slack in terms of what they can say and do. It's not about the content of the message, it's more about who is saying it that counts with many people. Maybe I should turn gay, and I'll also get a suntan to make me look more like a minority, and then certain people on this forum would no longer be allowed to be outraged by anything that I say. 
It is very weak of Apple to meet with Jackson and his group that is up to no good.   Who's Apple going to meet with next? The KKK? 
I have nothing useful to add to this thread.   Carry on chaps.
I'm all for efficiency in coding. It's not like I am against it, or that I'm defending any bad coding here.  I still believe that there are certain types of apps though that simply require a lot of space, even if they're expertly coded by the world's best coders. There are music sample instrument libraries on desktop that are many hundreds of GBs large. I don't see why there should be any limit when making something for iOS, as if iOS apps have to be inferior to desktop. 
 Wasn't it Bill Gates who once said something about 640k is all you'll ever need? You kind of sound like him. As I stated earlier, I'm not a developer or a programmer, but I know that what you just claimed is not the case at all. I'm not talking about little, crappy apps here like a calculator or simple games. It's not about being a poor programmer or squandering resources. Certain programs and apps require a lot of space. Let's say that a game is 9 GB on desktop. That's...
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