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 Those people are insignificant. Believe me, there are plenty of people who will be buying this Watch. And $349 is only for the cheapest model! People will be spending over a thousand for certain models I believe. This is a luxury item, a companion watch for an iPhone. 
  Which is why I believe that some people have far too high expectations for the battery life on a tiny smart watch.
 Actually, we do not yet know that. This Watch is not yet released, and Apple hasn't released any specs on the battery life yet.
 Of course there are. You can bet your ass that Apple will be doing a ton of work on the Watch before it's final release sometime next year.
 I don't have any objections to the $650 price. I also think that the gold models will be over $1000. This is not a watch for cheap Fandroids who think that everything should be $99.99 or lower.
 I do. My iPads get heavy use during the day. I make it a habit to plug them in each night.
 I don't think that this can be compared to any regular watches at all. I just use a Casio G-Shock, that's solar powered, and it works great. I'll never have to charge that thing for as long as I live, but there is just no comparison at all between an old school watch and the Watch. If somebody just needs something to tell the time, then don't buy the Watch. There are obviously far better options out there.
 Of course it's not charged in ten seconds, I just meant the routine for setting it up for getting charged. As for taking the charger with you if you stay overnight somewhere, yeah, that would have to be done of course, just like with other chargers and things that you have to bring with you.
 You take the Watch off and then you connect that magnetic charging gizmo. I don't think that it would take much longer than 10 seconds.
 I look at it this way: The iPhone has gotten cheaper, since there is no longer any 32GB option, and for the same price as 32GB before, you now get 64GB! So if anybody feels that 16GB is too little for them, then you simply get the 64GB model! Problem solved!
New Posts  All Forums: