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According to that chart, the stock opened up at 29.60.   The only way to have gotten it for 20 per share seems to be if somebody was able to be a part of the IPO before it was opened to the public or to the average investor.   That's how most IPOs seem to be.
I am against this. Broadband internet is not a human right.
True. One can dislike both what the US govt did and what Snowden did.
When was the last time that some traitor actually got executed for being a traitor in this country? I say that it's time to get busy again and begin executing those who deserve to be executed, if and when they are found guilty of their crimes and their treason.   I don't care how it's carried out. Firing squad, lethal injection, electric chair, guillotine, whatever.............Just get it done...............The quicker, the better........
Who the hell is The Unicode Consortium, and don't they have anything better to do with their time than to release new, stupid emojis?   First it was all of those stupid race based emojis and now it's tacos and cheese wedges.   All of these emojis are useless and there's too many of them. Do those people really think that I'm going to spend five minutes searching through pages and pages of stupid emojis, just to find one that I might be looking for to use in a short...
Perhaps. There has mention of an iPad Pro for years now. I wouldn't mind being surprised for a change. How amazing would it be to actually see a brand new Apple product that wasn't accompanied by a ton of Chinese leaks?
Yes, the current Apple TV is so huge that I can barely see my 50" TV screen with the Apple TV obscuring the entire view.
If they do, then Apple is going to have to release one of these, which I mentioned in my post. I don't have any objections to the Apple TV being able to run iOS apps. 
Am I expecting too much if I want to see an iPad Pro?   A new Apple TV doesn't interest me that much, since movies play back just fine on my Apple TV 3. Will movies look better on the new Apple TV? I doubt that. Why is a more powerful processor needed, when the current one works fine?   Apple should make it into a game console, and release joysticks with it, and have an app store for the Apple TV, if that's the direction that they want to go.
I still feel that Apple should have avoided buying this company for the amount that they paid.   Beats Music hasn't exactly taken off yet. How many subscribers do they have again? 37? There were some lawsuits a while back weren't there, have those been settled yet? There will probably be more lawsuits in the future too.   And now a complete recall of a particular product?   I've always felt that the Apple brand carries far more weight than the "Beats" brand, and I...
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