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 Do you have problems understanding and comprehending the English written language? There is absolutely nothing wrong with using that phrase in the context that it has been used. I don't get why certain people constantly seem to attack some of the people who write for this site. If I had to guess, then I'd say that you are the one who is acting like a seven year old.
 Of course there will probably be push back. There's always lame groups that are going to be complaining and whining no matter what Apple does. Eventually you just have to ignore real life trolls, and just go about your business and act as if they are invisible. I also have no problems with slapping China in the face. It's true that China owns a great deal of the US debt, but Apple is not the USA, and Apple doesn't owe anything to China. Apple should be looking after...
 I never wrote that Apple should ignore the Chinese market.  I just wrote that Apple should think about moving the manufacturing away from China.
It's obviously not realistic or possible to fully accomplish just yet, but hopefully Apple has a longterm plan and a vision for eventually shifting production away from China. Bring on the robots! Millions of them! Forget about the Chinese clowns in that laughable government and their shitty state controlled propaganda tv. What a joke. 
 Excuse my ignorance, but I'm just curious. How are you reading this reply to you? Is it being read aloud to you as audio? And how did you type your post? Do you use voice to text? I'm not blind, but I find that voice to text works remarkably well, as long as the person speaking does not have any strange accent.
No worries! I know where you're coming from. A while back on this forum, some troll called me a liar and said that I didn't own any AAPL shares, so I posted a screenshot from my brokerage app, which showed the purchase of some AAPL shares. I wont bother to do that again in the future. If somebody on the internet doesn't believe me, then that's fine, I have nothing to prove to them or to anybody else. I didn't see your original post as bragging at all, I was more impressed...
 Of course! Why shouldn't the others be shamed? Apple is all that a blind person needs. I don't care about blind Android users or any other kind of Android users. Why would a blind person choose Android in the first place?
I wonder what the percentage of blind users is for iOS vs Android?   I wouldn't be surprised if it's 99% iOS and 1% Android.   I had a granduncle who was blind, who passed many decades ago, and he was a craftsman who would carve the most amazing sculptures out of wood. He had more vision in his fingers than most people have in their eyeballs.   If he was still around, I am 100% certain that he would be rocking an iPhone. 
And how long ago was that said or written? A century ago or more? Churchill was definitely a wise man, far ahead of his time.
 That's fine, but you must also hold Obama responsible for the ridiculous and stupid things that he says. Many of his numerous and countless gaffes are not even reported and are covered up by his allies in the media, but those people who are not ignorant are aware of them.
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