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Look at that huge, damn ridiculous looking round Bezel!    And $250? An Apple watch is the far more logical choice.
The Pope is wack. Coming here, spreading his deranged left wing ideas and propaganda.   iPhones should take priority over any Pope, as iPhones are far more important and beneficial to people than any Pope or any other ridiculous religious figures that likes to dress up in stupid costumes.    2 thumbs down for the Pope! 
 The Mini 4 will be running an A8 chip, while the Air 2 has an A8X.
Why is that green car floating in the air? Is Apple making a hovercraft?
John Smith woke up at 2:55 AM EST last week and proceeded to order a brand new Rose Gold iPhone 6S+ which they have been lusting after for a long time now.   On Sept 25, John Smith gets their new iPhone delivered by UPS, and 10 minutes later John Smith proceeds to put a case on the iPhone, covering  and obscuring the entire back of the phone, and John Smith no longer has a Rose Gold iPhone anymore, at least not one that's visible to anybody.   What's the point?
I read that this works with the Hulu app already. That's great and everything, but I don't use Hulu.   Yo Netflix! Pick up the pace! You need to implement this as soon as possible, like yesterday! Get a move on! I expect to see an update within the next few days.  
Everything's running smooth here. I got the split screen to work fine, but I haven't gotten the PiP to work yet, but I think that is because the apps I tried do not support PiP yet. I tried Infuse and TWC TV app, and I assume that they will be updated quickly to support that feature.
I got 3 failed messages from iPad, but the fourth time was the charm!
Mine worked directly from my iPad. I never had the beta, so it'll be interesting testing out the new features. Up to an extra hour battery life? That seems pretty significant! 
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