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 There's scalping, and then there's organized scalping. 
 Get out of town! China is barely larger than Rhode Island. I was looking at a map earlier and the entire country of China measured only 5 inches across.
 I'm glad that I wasn't in line for any phone this year, because in New York City, the Chinese scalpers were everywhere. Hordes of Chinese people, many of them elderly people, waiting in line and not being able to speak one single word of English. I'd venture a guess that these aren't exactly Apple users or Apple fans, especially since they get rid of their phones as soon as they buy them, when they hand the phones off to a shady looking person carrying some Chinese bag...
Not to be outdone by Apple, Samsung corp released a press statement this morning stating that a record breaking 313 million Fandroids did not use their Android phones for anything useful this weekend. No surfing, no purchasing, no business, and nothing useful at all. This is up from last year, when a then record breaking 272 million Fandroids did not use their Android phones for anything useful in one single weekend.   An unnamed representative for Samsung gleefully...
 I'd never heard of that company before, but I like their customizations! Those are really nice. If I were filthy rich, I'd definitely get one of those, probably the platinum with the diamond  logo.
 UAG says its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases, along with all its others, have been certified MIL-STD810G - 546.6 compliant in meeting military drop-test standards.  If I was in the army, battling scumbags somewhere, or if I were a construction worker or something, I'd probably put my iPhone in one of those cases. Some military people are iPhone users after all.
All of these cases ruin the natural good looks of the devices. Apple devices should be shown, not hidden.   I do not dispute the usefulness of cases, especially for people who are careless and accident prone, or for people who just wish to provide extra protection for their devices, but they do detract from the natural beauty and design of the devices that they are covering up.
 There was nothing wrong with his advice. His advice is obviously not meant for people who don't know how to manage their finances and who stupidly go out and buy things that they can not afford. All he was saying that if somebody has the money to buy something on a debit card, it would be better to buy it using a credit card and paying off the amount in full. 
I am glad that Samsung wont be benefiting too much from Apple's record breaking iPhone profits. Screw Samsung! 
I approve of this new rate hike.    I believe in personal responsibility. I also believe that people must be prepared to deal with the consequences of the choices that they make.
New Posts  All Forums: