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While it's true that Apple users in general are more likely to be smarter, better educated and more talented than others, like Android users for example,  there will of course always be a few bad Apples to be found. That is to be expected when there are hundreds of millions of users. And Apple devices are easy to use, are you claiming otherwise?
 And 80% of the world population does not have access to running water. And ants far outnumber Android users. At any given time, there are approximately 10,000,000,000,000,000 ants on planet earth. My point is that Android users are irrelevant, and if I'm playing an online game, I would prefer to only play with Apple users. My reasonable guess is that Android users are more likely to be using a cracked or hacked game, more of them are likely to cheat, and they are also...
If somebody needs support and they aren't covered by any warranty, then they should pay up.   With hundreds of millions of customers, there is bound to be a certain percentage of knuckleheads out there, and if these knuckleheads aren't covered by any warranty, then they must pay.   In the decades that I've owned Apple devices, I've never once called them for any support. Anything that you need and more can be found online.   And if somebody is totally clueless about...
What else is new? Another day, another new Android malware/virus/security threat.    This is what you get when you go cheap. Android is a terrible OS. You couldn't pay me to use it.
If you don't like it then sell your Apple shares and quit using their computers. Make a stand, be a man.   As for me, I like Apple even more now! 
Definitely!I've always doubted Obama's intelligence, his experience, his world view and his qualifications. What has become of the liberal Messiah now? He's more like Bozo the clown. The USA under Obama is a complete joke. Our enemies must all be laughing at us now, and I don't blame them!Liberals sure do hate Palin though. The hilarious part is that Palin is much smarter than the majority of typical low information, ignorant, trashy Obama voters that would be making fun...
 Kind of, but they're not wrong 100% of the time, unfortunately. There was this article a while back, I forget by who, and they examined a whole bunch of previous Digitimes rumors, and the conclusion was that they were more often wrong than correct, often wildly wrong. I find the National Enquirer to be more reliable than Digitimes. Digitimes is absolute trash, in my humble opinion.
 Not true. You can know how much weight to give a particular source, based on their past history. I don't recall him ever being wrong. He must obviously be very well connected with Apple. If he says that an Apple tv refresh is not imminent, then I am likely to believe that. Now, if the source was Digitimes claiming that, I would immediately believe the exact opposite of what they claim.
 As you wrote in your post above, Gore being a former Vice President of the US, hasn't seemed to benefit them all that much (DOJ vs Apple).
 You're absolutely right that I have a personal dislike of Al Gore. As for the others, I admit to being ignorant as to how company boards work and what their purpose is supposed to be. I don't even know how many times a year Apple's board meets. You'd figure that with all of the money that they're getting paid, they'd at least have to make some sort of effort, but I honestly don't know, and I also don't know if everybody on Apple's board deserves to be there. An Avon...
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