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 I didn't follow any of those arguments back then, but haven't iPods always had the ability to store and play non lossy audio files? So I'm not sure what the issue would have been.
 I guess that we'll have to check back on this thread in 50 years from now, because I truly believe that he will go down as one of the most ineffective and worst presidents ever. Most transparent admin ever, indeed. The amount of corruption and lawlessness is off the charts.
 And they shouldn't do any more, in my opinion, because it's a waste. Those people who are into audio and sound use headphones that in some cases costs more than their iPhones and iPads. There is no way that any "Beats" headphone will ever be good enough for those people. And I'm one of those people.
Much worse. The worst since WWII, according to recent polls.
 Some have turned against him, but there will always be those who will stick it out until the end, no matter what. In a bunker in Berlin, with the Soviets mere blocks away, there were still some crazy people left who supported their dear leader until the very end.
 He is also somebody who is a joke. It seems like he's constantly crying. What's his problem? Maybe he should move down to Brazil or something, because it seems like they like to cry a lot too. How pathetic.
 I totally disagree. He was always a stuttering person who didn't display much confidence, and masses of people were fooled by the teleprompting reading charlatan. There were always those who saw right through him. And many of those poor people who placed any faith in the mountain of lies that came out of his mouth, are surely regretting their decision today.
 Yes, he's a complete lunatic, a vile person, and should not be on Apple's board. 
Apple is a valuable brand, the best brand name in the world.   The Obama brand is one of the worst and most unpopular names in the US currently, and Apple should not be tarnishing their good name by associating with it. 
There's already plenty of piracy and music downloads are down significantly so far in 2014. If I were an artist or label on iTunes, I wouldn't want to have 90 second previews for my songs either.
New Posts  All Forums: