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One of the few things that I didn't like about the new Macbook was the inclusion of the isight camera that was only 480p. That's a bit too old fashioned for 2015, and I expect better than that.   Is a higher res camera thicker or something?
This new Macbook looks really nice.   I haven't bought a new Mac laptop in ages, but if I were to get a new one, this is probably what I would choose.   Some people just don't get it and are totally clueless.   And I love the people who talk about needing power as if they were rocket scientists, needing a 12 core machine to carry out their basic tasks.   Then guess what, this machine isn't for you, and luckily Apple offers more powerful Macbook Pro models for these...
I'm not exactly an environmentalist, but I think that all of the trees around Apple's new spaceship HQ is pretty nice.   They should make a small lake or something in the middle, and there can be fish swimming around too.   Who says that every square foot of a property must be covered in concrete or used to put a building on?   Somebody mentioned this earlier in the thread, but I too look forward to watching the documentary on the building of the new Apple HQ on...
 That has got to be one of the worst things that he's ever designed. Somebody should ask him in an interview what he thinks about it today. I bought one of those early iMacs, and I was happy with the machine, but the Hockey Puck Mouse was an abomination, even when it was released. It was horrible to use. Ergonomically speaking, it was a pain in the ass and not really made for human hands. A round mouse is just a dumb idea. There were also technical limitations at the time,...
 I think that all groups of people are buying iPhones, both young and old, and everybody else in between too. You mention an important aspect at the end. Younger people are obviously going to be less concerened about their health than a person who is older, for natural reasons. 
There is one siginificant difference though. One will kill you, while the other won't. I'd rather be a fanboy of Apple products, than a fat person who is a fanboy of food, that can't control themselves.
Of course there will be some sort "------gate", spread by dumbasses on the internet. No Apple product release is complete without some sort of "------gate". And of course, like 99% of other previous "-----gates", it will all be BS. What happened to the BS "bendgate" by the way? That sure didn't stop millions and millions of people from buying new iPhones.
 I think that the importance of "younger people" and the Apple watch is being overstated. My take on it is, screw young people (who have never worn a watch in their lives) and screw kids. They're not going to be the main users and purchasers of the Apple Watch, IMO. The typical Apple watch buyer is not going to be a kid. Broke ass young people are probably the same people that we see who would whine about the price. $350-$400 is not a lot at all, unless somebody is a broke...
I think that the stats should have been more broken down so that we could see some important trends.   What is the ratio of iOS users VS Android users signing up for Obamacare on govt sites?   What is the ratio of iOS users VS Android users visiting govt welfare sites?   I would like to see those stats.
That is true. It's like the iPhone is not really a phone, it's a super computer in your pocket. The Apple watch is a wrist worn computer, and has very little in common with any old fashioned time pieces that are known as "watches".
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