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  Being able to pick up a brand new iPhone 5 today for only $100 upfront, and with no contract sounds like a pretty good deal.
It's 24 monthly payments.   For whatever reason, when the T-Mobile iPhone 5 plan was announced a while ago, some websites wrote 20 months, while others wrote 24 months.   And since this is the age of the internet, where false information regularly gets repeated and copied, without any checks or verification at all, some sites and sources continue to spread incorrect information.
  This is perhaps a wild and outrageous idea, but I am able to see the difference between an American citizen getting a speeding ticket and an illegal immigrant who has snuck and cheated their way into the country, defrauding the US government, not respecting US borders, falsifying documents, obtaining bogus social security numbers and undermining the security of the US.   Illegals should consider themselves lucky that they are not shipped off to Guantanamo, where they...
  Yes, certain issues are certainly black or white.   If somebody is like that guy and they are an illegal alien in addition to have committed fraud and falsified documents to get an invalid social security number, then he should be immediately arrested and deported. He's a criminal, he's dishonest, he's a liar, and I don't believe that the USA needs those kind of people.
Outages will happen from time to time, no matter how many data centers they build, IMO.   I don't really care about an iMessage or Facetime outage. The kind of outage that pisses me off is if the cable connection goes out and you're in the middle of doing something involving real money, such as playing a real money poker game, and actual dollars are on the line.
Thanks. I fixed the link in my post also, in case somebody else were to click on it.
I don't disagree with you.   I'm not saying that Apple should pull out of India. There is a shitload of people in India, and even if only a certain percentage of them can afford iPhones, that's a lot of phones. I'm trying to say that Apple should not concentrate their efforts on the low end of the market, because I don't believe that they could ever win that market, since even Android is being undercut by cheaper phones.
In Jun3 2011, Filipino-born journalist Jose Antonio Vargas wrote an article for The New York Times Magazine in which he admitted to being an "undocumented immigrant" and to using false documents to obtain an invalid Social Security number (which he would later use to enter the White House.)    Yep, sounds like a real standup guy. He's an illegal all right, one who commits...
Actually, it is the forum to discuss immigration, because this thread is located in Political Outsider.
When the average person is making $1219 per year, they obviously don't have much to spend on any phones.   India's per capita income (nominal) is $ 1219, ranked 142nd in the world,[1]   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_in_India
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