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If it's only 1.5% of the total shares being offered, then wont those go pretty quickly?
Not all apps and sites have managed to adjust for AAPL's split yet.   I have this one app that I use called StockTouch, which I like a lot by the way, but they show that AAPL is -85.48% down today.
 It's no different than any other subject that gets discussed on the internet. There's some good advice, there's some bad advice, there's some FUD and there's some noise. People need to be able to filter out the bad info and the wrong info from the good, because in the end, a person's finances are their own responsibility. The same can be said of following the advice of many "Pros", like analysts etc. A lot them are totally clueless and often get it wrong too.
 I do believe that I'm quite aware of how advertising works, but I can't ever recall buying any Apple product or tech product because of any celebrity endorsement.
 I agree that AAPL definitely has some momentum going for it right now, and it will probably only get better when they start to release all of their awaited products later this year.  I'm going to see how AAPL trades these next few weeks right after the split, because I would like to pick some up, but I am always cautious, since I will never forget that insane drop from 700 to 390, that was just ridiculous. Unless I'm doing a real short term day trade or swing trade, I...
 I'm not selling or buying any AAPL at the moment. I was prepared to pick up some AAPL after the last earnings if it dropped, but as we all know, that didn't happen.
 I can definitely see the connection between an athlete and a cereal. Headphones, not so much.
 I take no offense.  Much of today's youth is obviously about style over substance. That's their loss and their problem, the way I see it.
I'm not impressed by how Beats uses sports stars to promote their headphones.   Who gives a crap about what sports stars use? Sports stars don't know crap about sound.   If I need to shoot a ball through a hoop, I might take advice from a sports star. If I need to get a new pair of headphones, I will definitely ignore whatever any sports star or celebrity has to say.
The news reported about this spilt was incorrect.   It was claimed that there would be no after hours trading on friday for AAPL, yet I noticed that there was.
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