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As for the A8X chip. Tell me about it. I've been using it since day one. My iPad is screaming.    The A9 chips and so on are obviously going to be even more powerful. The future for iPads, iPhones and other iOS devices looks pretty bright.
 (1) Open an account with a broker, like E-trade or Scottrade or Ameritrade or whomever you please (2) Transfer over some money to fund your account (3) Purchase X amount of shares of AAPL when you feel the time is right (4) sit back and relax (5) profit
It's a good time to be an AAPL shareholder. 
That site actually had a few cool things. I like how their stuff has so many pockets. I might just order something from there. Thanks for link.
Nothing's changed here, I'm consistent. 6 inches in 2012 is still 6 inches in 2014.
 You're absolutely correct that my concept of good excludes anything that involves both Android phones and tablets. As for 7" Android tablets, I don't really see the point in those, because in that situation, it would definitely make more sense just to get a 6" phone-phablet, which is practically just as big. And I'm not saying that whatever I write applies to all people, but I believe that it explains the thinking of quite a few people. As for the pesos comment, believe...
Yes, most phablets in general costs more than smaller sized phones, but buying a phablet is still significantly cheaper than buying both a good phone and a good tablet. iPhone 6+ (64 GB) = $850 That's a bit cheaper than buying both an iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 for example. $750 (64 GB iPhone 6) + $599 (64 GB iPad Air 2) = $1349
You haven't disproved my statement either, and sub-Saharan Africa has no relevance to the discussion, as I am clearly referring to cheapskates in the western world. Sub-Saharan-Africa should never be able to afford Apple products, because then Apple is clearly doing something wrong. 
 I haven't actually held an iPhone 6+ in my hands yet, but I'm pretty sure that there's no way in hell that that thing would ever fit in any of my front pockets, and I'm not a midget either.
 I wouldn't want to put my phone in my back pocket. I saw this story on the Verge about how somebody who had their iPhone 6+ in their back pocket ended up getting it stolen, and they didn't even notice it. They ended up finding the thief using find my iPhone, but people who have huge phones sticking out of their back pockets shouldn't be surprised if it eventually gets stolen, without them even noticing. I never put my wallet in my back pocket, and for the same reasons, I...
New Posts  All Forums: