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  Yeah, we're on the same page. :-) It's fairly obvious that companies like Google that make almost all of their profits from advertising are in the business of raping users.
 Yes of course. I trust Apple way more than I trust any of these other companies with my information. I have an Apple TV, and that's the way to go. I was merely referring to the people who buy these so-called smart TV's and use them to access the content. I don't really care about those people, and if all of their viewing habits and private info is being collected, then that's their problem. 
Ever hear of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or other countless services? It's not about browsing the internet. More and more people are accessing these sorts of services and watching content through their TVs.
 On the menu on top, you just click on Apple Retail Store. Then, on the next screen when you get to your store, you can choose from Genius Bar, Workshops and My Reservations. I haven't really used the iPhone version much, but this iPad version doesn't seem difficult at all.
  I found it by searching for it, I didn't click on the link. I searched for Apple Store App, and listed iPad only apps, it showed up.
It's there, because I just downloaded it. 
Well it's about time! I guess that I can delete the iPhone version from my iPads now.
Good!   Now, let's see a few of those analysts behind bars too where some of them belong.   Manipulating stocks is illegal, even though the SEC doesn't really seem to give a crap about it in most cases.
 It sounded like you were making a statement, but if it's merely an opinion, then I have no problem with that. And yep, you are right, there are opinions all over the place here, I can't disagree with that.
 It's a red riding saddle for some really rich hillbillies.
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