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Crazy, delusional Fandroids are accusing the developer of faking that video with the wildly inaccurate gyroscopes.    No buddy, there is no wide conspiracy going on. The simple explanation is just that most Android phones are crap. Deal with it.
Android is just a complete mess, a mix mash of shoddy devices, mostly incompatible with each other, most running outdated and old versions of Android, on crappy, cheap hardware, made by a whole slew of different companies.   And some morons have the nerve to claim that fragmentation is not an issue.   I'd never heard of this developer before, but I applaud their wise decision. If I were a developer, I would never release anything on Android either. It's a waste of...
 Your refrigerator door is locked for the next two hours and twenty seconds. If you wish to unlock your refrigerator door it will cost you 7 gems. A pack of 50 gems may be bought for $4.99 by clicking on this link.
 I agree that ads are everywhere, and sometimes people have little choice in avoiding them, but that doesn't mean that people should accept ads on hardware like refrigerators, thermostats, glasses and on car dashboards. And I'd rather see an ad for feminine hygiene than an ad for an Android phone, but that's just me.
Products with ads suck and they usually cost less than proper versions. Look at Amazon's Kindle, if you want the cheapest version, it'll be with ads. People have to pay for the privilege of not getting spammed by any ads. Google is all about ads, pricing things cheap and giving stuff away for free is part of their strategy.
Google is selling to the Android crowd, a crowd that will do anything to save a buck, so putting ads on anything and everything certainly makes sense. There are people out there who will buy these products, as long as they cost less than the proper ads free versions of these products.   In the future, Google will be implanting a chip into people for free, and it will be the next version of "Android" in the truest sense of the world. Google will basically own people, and...
 I'd never heard of that guy before, but that's really obnoxious, and hopefully somebody kicks the crap out of him soon. I know that I would.
And some people want a peace treaty or they want Apple to abandon all litigation?   How does this win for Apple fit in with that defeatist state of mind?   Screw that, I want war, and I want Samsung to get what it deserves. 
Is there a huge demand for three wheeled vehicles?   Tablets are like motorcycles (2 wheels), and laptops are like cars (four wheels).   What MS has done is blended both and come up with a three wheeled vehicle, that's neither better than a motorcycle or a car, and how many three wheeled vehicles do you see on the road?
Terrible concept.   If I want a laptop, I'll use my Macbook.   If I want a tablet, I'll use my iPad.   The MS device fails at being a better tablet than an iPad, and it fails at being a better laptop than a Macbook, therefore it is useless.   I think that it's a mistake to try and combine two different categories of devices into one, when the combined result is bad.
New Posts  All Forums: