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 If I hadn't looked it up, then I wouldn't have known either, since I haven't been keeping close track of any iPod developments these past few years. You're right about the Classic though. That thing hasn't seen an update since 2009. I'm thinking that it's pretty much dead, even though Apple still sells it.
 Which iPod are you talking about, because according to that other site which I probably shouldn't mention on here, it's only been 286 days since the last iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle release.
Did they forget to put the Mac Mini on that chart? The Mac Mini hasn't been upgraded in ages, and since 2014 is supposed to be the mother of all product releases for Apple, I would definitely expect to see a new Mac Mini. According to another site which tracks release dates, it's been 608 days since the last Mac Mini Release.   I am of course typing this for purely selfish reasons, as I'm thinking about picking up a Mac Mini, but there had better be some new ones...
What kind of a crazy person would actually fall for this deal?   Surface - Runs Windows, no OS X MacBook Air - Runs OS X and Windows    1 Point to MacBook Air, no further explanation necessary   Surface - Has no keyboard. It doesn't come with one, and has to be purchased extra, and even then it's some strange snap on keyboard that comes in annoying colors guaranteed to drive people crazy and possibly turn them into serial killers. MacBook Air - Has a great keyboard...
 Haha. You know as well as I do that there will be plenty of leaks coming soon from the Asian suppliers. There will be blurry and bad pictures posted showing the hand of somebody who most likely has creepy looking, and disgusting long fingernails. Apple should really tighten up their security, and when leaks and photos appear, Apple should go all out and discover who the criminals are. I don't care if they spend a million dollars to find out who the leakers are, it would...
Two million is a damn joke. This only encourages future criminal behavior from the crooks involved.   I want to see people behind bars. I want to see people's lives ruined.
I am obviously opposed to this and all other forms for affirmative action, one of the great evils plaguing society today.   Why isn't there a push for more male nurses? Maybe it's just because certain genders naturally gravitate towards certain occupations.   I've always been about the best person who qualifies for a job should get that job, gender or race should not enter into the equation at all.   I don't really care if the tech industry is dominated by males,...
Is there anybody else (who is an American) who uses the British female SIRI instead of the American female SIRI? It just sounds better to me.   I think that Apple should work on making SIRI sound sexier.
Anybody sponsored by Samsung deserves to lose, and I hope that they do.
 Yes, I am a US taxpayer, and you're right that my money is already contributing to somewhat similar causes, though I do agree with you that it is expensive, inefficient, and I also feel that the whole thing is run by clowns, which is why I wish that there was an alternative and better method.
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