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 I disagree. If I'm playing a game on an iPad, I sure as hell will notice a difference between a game running at 20 FPS VS a game running at 60 FPS. And I bet that many other people will too. Most people with two eyeballs will notice. Also, there have been various ports of desktop games to iPad, and that's a good thing, but sometimes things like shadows and extra details are left out of the iPad version. What's your point? That nobody should bother making more powerful...
Nice, quick, up move on AAPL this morning. I snapped up some shares when AAPL dropped to around 517 premarket this morning and boom!,  more than $10 up in a real short time. That's how I like to see AAPL move!
2021?   I wonder where AAPL will be at in 2021. Anybody brave enough to take a guess?   According to my simple calculation and my guess, I'm going to say $ 2750.00, not taking into consideration any eventual splits.   We'll see who's right and on the money in seven years!
That would be terrible, easily the worst Apple store ever made. Because, Apple shouldn't be including religious crap into their designs, in my opinion.
Oh, definitely, I don't disagree. There's also Google, which is of course USA. Google is worse than MS, in my opinion.
What's the difference between South Korea and North Korea besides a pint sized, murderous dictator with a laughable haircut?   They both steal equally from Apple.
 Israel. I read an article last year which said that Apple was opening it's third R&D center in that country.
 Who are you calling a moron? You're obviously an ignoramus. Homosexual relationships are illegal: article 80 of the Abu Dhabi Penal Code makes sodomy punishable with imprisonment of up to 14 years, while article 177 of the Penal Code of Dubai imposes imprisonment of up to 10 years on consensual sodomy. The Federal Supreme Court ruled that wife beating is not illegal, as long as it leaves no physical marks on the...
 They're not too fond of gay people (homosexuality is illegal, your ass will end up in jail or worse), so I kind of doubt that Tim Cook sorted anything out in those kind of countries. Also, wife beating is legal, as long as you don't leave any marks.  Apple has been talking a lot recently about equal rights, anti-discrimination bills etc., so Tim Cook sure found a fine place to visit.
Definitely not a fan of those sorts of countries, but as long as Apple sells more gadgets and rakes in more dough, then I guess that I approve. 
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