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I naturally oppose such initiatives.   The $100 million could be better spent elsewhere (add it on to the stock buyback amount for example), and this program seems quite discriminatory and racist, though that doesn't surprise me one bit, given the name that is attached to this program.
I ignore all people who use Android phones on this forum. What a joke.   They are pathetically defending the indefensible and they're doing a lousy job at it.
 Agreed. Aren't people always whining about the "developing world" and poor people? Why would somebody be against Apple offering a $249 iPad? It's not like they have to buy it for themselves.
 I actually game a bit with my iPads, and I can't wait to see when more games begin implementing metal. Gaming on the iPad is actually quite fun, and on certain games, the graphics are quite impressive.
It actually doesn't bother me really.   Apple has always been about upselling for as far back as I can remember.   I remember shopping for an Apple laptop more than a decade ago, and it was so damn hard to choose between the models, because the lower ones were kind of gimped, so you just resort to spending slightly more, to get the one that you really want.
 You just answered your own question. Because it's Android!
 I wouldn't recommend the first gen Mini to anybody either! Especially when the the retina Mini is only slightly more! But it doesn't bother me that it's still available! If somebody wants to buy it, then go for it!
 Some people are just upset that they wont be able to get the Mini with the same exact specs as the larger iPad anymore and for $100 less! To those people I say too damn bad! Last year was a fluke! 
That's hilarious!   Given the huge power that Samsung has in Korea, that's practically treason!   But even stupid national pride will not make people choose an inferior product!
 Nothing is perfect of course, and if one looks hard enough, there will always be a few minor negative things to point out. I bet that even if the mythical 12.9 iPad comes out next year, one can easily type a long list of negatives about that, if one looks and tries hard enough to find them. As for me, I am loving my iPad Air 2. It is indeed the best tablet on the planet as of right now. If something amazing comes out next year, like the mythical 12.9 iPad Pro, then...
New Posts  All Forums: