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 Anytime is a good time to bring up Fandroids and how tragically pathetic Android is! Android is losing ground in much of the civilized world amongst those with the means to truly choose what they desire.  The overwhelming majority of Android phones ever made are pure junk. It is shameful how they even qualify to be called smartphones. While older Apple phones get used and passed on to new happy users, Android phones that are not even that old are already obsolete and...
I did my part!   I activated one card as my default.
 I know people who are still using the original Mini and it works fine!Compared to the brand new ones, then sure it's not as good, but for somebody who has never had an iPad before for example, and if they're poor, then the Mini would suit them just fine. If it was good enough for me a year ago, it's good enough for a poor person today.
 Cockroaches outnumber humans. 
I already knew that security is a huge issue,  but here's some great news for Apple Pay!   Hacking Tops List of Crimes Americans Worry About Most WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As the list of major U.S. retailers hit by credit card hackers continues to grow this year, Americans are more likely to worry about having credit card information they used in stores stolen by computer hackers than any other crime they are asked about. Sixty-nine percent of Americans report they frequently...
 That's a good point! To me, I see it as more important if my local pizza shop accepts it, and if my local supermarket accepts it and other small stores in my neighborhood instead of a Wal-Mart!
 I'm sorry, but did you say anything? It might be due to all of the lag on your phone, causing your message to appear blank and totally devoid of any meaningful content. 
  You're probably correct. It's not so much the dollar figure that I'm opposed to of course. Apple has plenty of pesos. It's the principle of the thing.
 Yeah. Imagine if Tim Cook actively campaigned for and came out in support of the second amendment. I bet that quite a few people would have a problem with him then.
 Yes, I would surely hope so.
New Posts  All Forums: