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 They got a few athletes to wear them, but that's exactly what Samsung does. Needless to say, I don't take headphone advice from any paid celebrities and I don't think that Apple should emulate other crappy company's marketing strategies. It makes perfect sense that Beats and Monster were so close, because I feel the same way about Monster Cables that I do about beats headphones. Ridiculously overpriced and not worth it.
 Yeah, that's the real reason. You offer a brilliant and well thought out analysis. Anybody who thinks that the Beats deal is questionable and anybody who thinks that Beats headphones aren't good are really just posting from their computers while donning white hoods. As for me, I'm off to a klan meeting, right after I finish up with this post. I also have a confederate flag as my desktop picture. Beats has a bad reputation with many people (just read various reactions to...
 Historically speaking, you're correct, but I guess that there's a first time for everything, if this deal and the amount are true. Maybe they saw how Google, Facebook and others are throwing around huge sums of money left and right.
 I don't use Spotify or any streaming services, I have iTunes Match and that works good for me. I do think that I prefer Spotify's system though to the others, because there you can choose exactly what you want to listen to. Maybe it comes down to personal choice, but I'd rather not have anybody choosing my music for me. Computer curated or human curated doesn't really matter to me, because I choose neither of them.
 Well, we still don't know any facts yet, so everything is still just speculation at this point. And Apple is not infallible, they make mistakes from time to time. I guess that we'll all find out soon enough exactly what this is about.
It might be worthless and drain the battery, but why do you claim that it's physically impossible?
 I don't know the answer to that, but I do believe that the human ear is most sensitive to the mid frequencies (around 1khz - 4 khz).
 According to this, headphones are practically as loud as from a rock concert. Decibels of Sound and Hearing LossThe decibel is a unit to measure the level of sound.The softest sound that you can hear is 0 dB. Normal talking is 40 dB to 60 dB. A rock concert is between 110 dB and 120 dB, and can be as high as 140 dB in front of the speakers. Headphones are 110 dB.http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/patientinstructions/000495.htm I'm not sure how they got their figures...
 That was pretty funny. 
 Sure, there were rock concerts before, and I've been to plenty myself, and yes, those can be loud and leave your ears ringing for a long time afterwards. But most people didn't go to a loud rock concert every day. The kids today abusing their ears with ultra loud bass heavy headphones do so every day, for many hours a day. When I take the subway sometimes, I notice people with headphones on that are so loud, that half of the people on the car can hear it.
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