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I am glad that Samsung wont be benefiting too much from Apple's record breaking iPhone profits. Screw Samsung! 
I approve of this new rate hike.    I believe in personal responsibility. I also believe that people must be prepared to deal with the consequences of the choices that they make.
 I must've missed that. But if it's officially been "nope'd", then nope it is. He has never, ever been wrong as far back as I can recall.
BTW - I read that the line for the Apple store (fifth ave) stretched from 59 street (where the Apple store is located) to 86th street! Insane!
With the brand new iPhones just released today, the next Apple event on Oct 21 (supposedly), and then this conference about one week later makes for a very busy fall for Apple.
 I'm not him, but there is a connection. I've been reading that lines on average are much bigger than previous lines. I heard the figure 30% tossed around. This is a pretty good indicator that total units sold will be greater than last year. And when Apple releases those figures next week I assume, that will have an effect on AAPL.
 Yeah, that is pretty embarrassing. I see that the video has 301+ views, I guess that it's viral. I also don't have any problems with the Australian accent, and I can understand what they say fine. At least they speak English.
I feel sorry for that one kid who was the first person to buy a new iPhone in one of the Australian Apple stores.   He was going to proudly show the phone off to the media as he left the store, and when he went to take it out of the box, the iPhone fell on the sidewalk.   I don't think that it broke, but still, I bet that he was a bit worried. 
 You do know that you can simply request auto-updates?, so that whenever there is a change in the status, you'll get an email. It works fine, I use it all of the time.
 They should have waited a day or two with the anti-terror raids, because I read that there were a few scalpers and even a few fights with morons trying to cut into line. If anybody deserves to have their heads cut off, it's people who cut in line. What an incredibly rude thing to do. I also read a few interviews with Apple customers in Australia, and they were interviewing these two girls and they both had bought iPhone 6+s. The people who think that the iPhone 6+ is not...
New Posts  All Forums: