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I'm not a huge fan of preserving the old, just tear the crap down and build something new in it's place.
 All it takes is talent and imagination, and Apple users in general tend to be far more creative and talented than say Android users, so it's entirely possible.
I remember the other previous thread about this topic. A few people who were completely 100% wrong should be eating some nasty tasting crow right about now. And not only were they wrong and clueless, but they were arrogant about it too, and they definitely deserve ridicule for their cluelessness.   They were projecting their own lack of talent onto others, and they could not comprehend or grasp how this entire video could possibly have been made using Apple devices and...
This is just dumb.   I'm not a big fan of the freemium model, I'd rather pay for a game outright. But having said that, nobody has ever forced me to play or download any freemium game. I have a little village in Clash of Clans that I check in on sometimes. Nobody has ever forced me to spend a dime on that game.   If other people wish to spend their own money on any freemium game, then that is their choice. Freemium games are the apps that bring in the most money on the...
 Indeed we will.
 I agree that Samsung has gotten away very cheap, and I did recently say in another thread that I guess that crime does pay for these companies that copy Apple, but does this mean that Apple is just giving up and letting the criminals win? I sure hope that that is not the case.
Apple should offer an explanation as to why they decided to take this step, because this seems to be a complete turnaround from what Tim Cook was saying in 2012. I'm sure that somebody will ask him about it in some future interview. The timing is also suspicious, because usually it's shady politicians and bad governments who like to drop news on a Friday evening.   Motorola Mobility sued Apple first, and they were trying to use FRAND patents against Apple.   I wonder...
 Of course they are. Now, let's get to work on reforming this whole "broken" patent system. Many of Apple's patents are ridiculous and should not have been granted in the first place. Slide to unlock? Rounded corners? Rubberbanding? What a joke! And did you know that Apple copied the iPhone from LG's Prada?  That wasn't me talking by the way. I was impersonating a random Fandroid.
 Are you talking and replying to yourself?, because I've never claimed that Apple is the only company in the world to come up with revolutionary products, though Apple has come up with more such products than most other companies.
Peace treaties are only worth as much as the integrity of each party signing that agreement.   Does anybody really think that if Apple were to introduce a new revolutionary device, that Google wouldn't be scrambling to copy that device as soon as they could?   What would Apple do then? Stick to the "peace treaty" and pretend like nothing's happened or would they declare war?    Look at what happened to naive Europe when certain countries signed the Munich agreement....
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