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I bet that a lot of people are going to have a hell of a hard time choosing between the models.   Apple always makes it hard to choose between various models.   If a person is only choosing by size, and nothing else, then the choice is easy of course, but what if somebody likes to take pictures and the camera is better on the 5.5"? What if the processor is slightly overclocked on the 5.5"? What if the larger phone has a better battery life due to its larger...
 How did small investors get cheated? Nobody forces anybody to sell any stock. There is a lot of panic selling that takes place sometimes, but those people are morons, in my humble opinion.
 I'm not one of those crazy conspiracy theorists and pessimists who constantly preach doom and gloom, but I too believe that what goes up must come down, and the bull market has been going on for many years now. I don't have 100% of my cash in the market either, but when the next crash comes, I will be ready, and I will be entering with all of my reserves.
 There's often a small sell off, buy the rumor, sell the news type of scenario, but that's just a minor, temporary thing, and I believe that AAPL will only continue to rise, because after the event, massive sale numbers will eventually be released, and that will drive the stock up, in anticipation of yet another record earnings.
 I've written this before on this forum, but I sometimes visit Crackberry when I need to laugh at other people, and those people are just totally delusional. Some of them actually think that the Passport is going to be a hit. What's going on at Crackberry is delusional people who live in their own reality, a sick reality.
 He should've. He's much too square. Windows is atrocious. They definitely need to do drugs and get more creative. I am glad that Steve Jobs did some drugs every now and then.
The funny part is that all of my profits will probably go right back into Apple, because I am definitely going to be snapping up a few new Apple products next month, when they release a whole bunch of goodies.
Wow, the fund ownership looks really low right now.   Imagine how much higher AAPL can go when funds start buying up again.
I've been buying more shares these last few weeks and days! Easy money!   Keep it coming!
No comment.
New Posts  All Forums: