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 There are phones that have 1080 screens, and they are smaller than an iPad Mini, so yes, such screens do exist.
I don't really use Garageband much, but I just hope that it doesn't end up looking like Ableton Live or something. The minimalist, flat look can indeed be taken too far, and not all apps will benefit from such a look, IMO. What's next, a realistic looking Pinball game app is going to go all flat and minimalistic too?   Realistic looking interfaces still have their place, especially in many music apps. If I'm using a music app that's an emulation of a real instrument like...
Nothing that any analyst ever says or predicts can be considered breaking news. Analysts are pretty much dead to me. 
Where's the pics of the grand piano and the Range Rover? I'd rather see what those look like, instead of just a desk.
So, I guess that it's ok if somebody breaks into a bank, but leaves without taking anything?   This is a bad decision by the judge, and their thought process is all messed up.
I think that practically anybody could design and make a "flagship" Android phone.    Step one is simply deciding upon what kind of specs it will have. Just grab whatever CPU is currently popular for Android phones and use that. Overclock it a little bit. Don't worry if the phone gets somewhat hot. Fandroids can always wear gloves if needed. It's all about having large numbers on your spec sheet, because that's what counts, and anything else is secondary. Give the...
I am an exceptional person, and I was in fact referring to the American system, not the Canadian. Canada barely registers a faint blip on my radar.
 It is disgusting, it will be marred by incompetence, deceit, fraud and it will lead to a lower quality of service. 
 I most certainly understand, which is why I wrote that Apple should grab a few engineers, but definitely not any manager types from that failed Canadian company. And I am also correct when I state that they are not essential, as Apple has been doing just fine without them, and will continue to do just fine, with or without them.  
It's usually very easy to spot the trolls and non-Apple users on Apple forums.   One of the ways is simply to look for people who spell Mac like this: MAC.
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