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There's always the back of the phone, like the great implementation used by the Motorola Atrix.
Fandroids Sept 2013: Touch ID is such a useless gimmick! And besides, Apple wasn't first! Apple didn't invent fingerprinting! There were a few devices that had fingerprint sensors on them before! Nevermind that they were all bloody useless and did not work properly! I don't want the NSA owning my fingerprints! Apple users are such sheep, but one billion broke ass mofo's buying shitty Android phones are definitely not sheep!   Fandroids 2014: My new Samsung Galaxy 5 has...
 Or you can just take your two thumbs and split the keyboard. Drag you left thumb to the left and your right thumb to the right at the same time.
 You might be right about there not being a full sized gold iPad. I'll just choose a color after I see the keynote. I wanted a black one, because I like how my black Mini looks and feels. I don't think that Apple is going to put the same CPU and the same camera in both the large iPad and the Mini. I'm also not sure about there being a Touch ID sensor on the Mini, but I suppose that we'll all know for sure soon enough in a couple of weeks. The Mini does cost a bit less than...
By the way, it looks like that there's not going to be any black iPad this year, which is what I was wanting, so I guess that I see a gold iPad 64 GB or 128 GB in my future! It'll be mine! My precious!
Having your launch on the same day as an Apple launch is probably a bad idea.  
 I think that the charts look pretty great for Apple. The majority of teens desire Apple products. iPad Mini ownership is obviously on the way up, since the Mini did not exist before. Combined, iPad + iPad Mini is at 68%, while Android is stuck at the same 23% as the last quarter and the Kindle is down also. The tablet market hasn't gotten any smaller, it's just that more cheap players are entering the market. They pose zero threat to Apple, as Apple is going to keep on...
 A tenth of a second is an eternity, and it's definitely far lower than that.  Every single millisecond counts. Check out this video demoing low latency screens, and maybe you'll get a clearer idea of how much of a difference different latency times makes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOvQCPLkPt4
 That's exactly what I've always been saying. Far too much emphasis is placed on people with no money. Who cares about them? They have no purchasing power and they are pretty much irrelevant. Apple is far too busy selling devices to people who have money, than to bother with those who do not. What kind of a business strategy is that? To target customers who have no money? That's not exactly a lucrative market. Android and friends already has that no profit market covered. 
 I notice some people making this argument, but guess what, I don't agree. The difference is not negligible and I notice a huge difference, as I'm sure many millions of other Apple users do. I do seriously question the physical and mental condition of those who claim to not notice much of a difference.
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