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 I sure do. I bought a black Macbook back in the day. I can't stand white Macbooks, so I gladly paid more just to get black.
 True! I believe that it's part of the A8 motion chip.
 I make perfect sense, and Apple apparently agrees with me, since they decided to change their strategy this year. I said a year ago that the iPad Mini should not be identical to the iPad Air and retail for $100 less! Apple has now seen the errors of their ways, and they have now adopted a more sensible strategy. And I don't wear any skinny jeans, and I'm also not a moron who is likely to bend any devices that I own, like those idiots who go around purposely bending and...
 Yes, that hasn't been confirmed 100% yet, but I do believe that it most likely has 2 GB of RAM, based on those leaks and pictures of the chips that we have seen. We will know for sure soon enough.
 Some people are complaining about the iPad Mini 3, which I can understand, since the only new thing on that is gold and touch ID. However, I've always felt that last year's iPad Mini should never have been equal to the iPad Air in terms of specs. And I didn't like that it was $100 cheaper than the Air, so I'm glad that Apple changed their strategy this year. Some people may have been disappointed by the iPad Mini 3 this year, but the iPad Air 2 is killer!
 I acknowledge it! It's a huge update! Anybody who claims otherwise simply doesn't know what they're talking about and is totally clueless. The A8X chip seems to be a beast! And the A8 motion sensor seems to be cool too. 40% faster CPU! 2.5x faster graphics! How in the hell is that minor? What else has been improved or is brand new? Improved camera (both front & back) plus many camera features from the iPhone like slow mo, burst mode, time lapse and panorama. Super...
 Interesting. My iPad Air 2 is due to be delivered Oct 22-24, east coast here. Are the shipping times already getting delayed due to demand?
Done.   iPad Air 2. Space Grey. 128 GB WIFI 75% more happiness and 92% more awesomeness
When the hell can I buy one?   At midnight? (PST I'm assuming)   There's plenty of talk about this new iPad, but I don't see any article or info about exactly when I can order one.
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