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 That dude is in the UK, so I don't think that it's him.
So, Apple paid around 400 million USD for NeXT, which basically got Apple a next gen operating system, which all of their devices are now based on, including all iOS devices, and some "Beats defenders" think that it's smart to pay 3.2 Billion for a "humanized" music subscription service?   I still think that this is a terrible idea.   Apple's stock sure isn't rising today because of this ridiculous rumor, and surely everybody knows about it by now, because it's all...
 And why not? He's entitled to his opinion. Commenting on Apple rumors is what people do on this site.
This is slightly unrelated to the topic perhaps, but I don't think that I've ever seen a picture of him without some sort of hat or cap on, he must be bald.   That was my first thought when opening this thread. He's like the Edge (from U2). Has anybody ever seen a picture of him without some hat on?   As for the topic, I guess that Iovine joining Apple as a "special advisor" sounds a lot better than Apple buying Beats for 3.2 Billion.
No problem. We all make mistakes when typing on our portable devices, or even on our desktop keyboards. I have never claimed that all Android users are poor though, I've made that clear in the past on other threads. I'm pretty sure that Google employees who have Android phones are not poor by any definition. There are always exceptions to the rule and people who deviate from the statistical median.  I do believe that many Android customers are financially challenged...
 If you're going to accuse me of slanting towards a certain way, it might be useful for you to know that it's spelled Nazi, and not Natzi.   When people talk about Apple users, or when Apple users are portrayed in commercials, they're usually always one homogeneous group, that all think the same or are all alike (sheep etc.). But when I'm talking about Android users, all of a sudden I'm expected to go out of my way and break it down into high end Android vs low end...
 It might be trendy with the tone deaf hip hop crowd, but I wouldn't say that it's high end. Beats Audio was even included on some Android phones, that's hardly high end. Apple is high end, and I don't view Beats as high end at all. I believe that it would tarnish the Apple brand.
 Trust me, I have a lot of experience in generalizing and I have no problems with stereotyping certain groups. When Android is compared to iOS, they lump every single Android manufacturer on the planet together VS one company, Apple. I see no issues at all with lumping every single Android user on the planet together when speaking about them.
 At least that would be worth it, since that tech is definitely going to be useful in the future.
I think that this is the single worst rumor that I've ever read since joining this site.
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