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 I wouldn't exactly say that. The more powerful, the better. Ports of desktop games to iPad still have to be dumbed down in many cases. The iPad version won't have the same fancy lighting effects and other things that are very GPU intensive. Having a more powerful GPU allows for better graphics and lighting, higher frame rates, more detailed graphics and a better experience.
 The average person doesn't have to know or even care about chip design, but the average person definitely notices that when they use an iPad Air 2, that it's screaming fast, and that's what counts.
I don't mind ordering stuff online if I see a good deal on something that I want, but no way am I stepping foot in any brick&mortar store on Black Friday.   If I want to visit a zoo, I'll go to the Bronx Zoo.
I'm happy about that.
As I've stated numerous times in the past, I'm not a big fan of Beats headphones.   But that's ok, because it doesn't really matter what I think about them. I don't have to buy them or use them.   I'm glad that they're priced high at least, because Apple should be milking that brand for all that they're worth, while making maximum margins and profits.   I think that they should come out with Beats headphones that cost over $1000. I'm sure that there are a few people...
 When you awaken from your hysterical delusion and childlike liberal tantrum, you'll realize that you are in fact the minority. The majority of people disapprove of Obama, and the recent elections were a solid repudiation of Obama and his failed policies.
MSNBC, my favorite channel without a doubt.
 We are worse off. Obama's policies are destroying the USA.
Where did i ever mention anything about pirating in my post?If somebody has the skills to code it themselves, then nothing is stopping them from doing so. They should put it on the app store and sell it themselves if it's that easy to make a better app.
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