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I feel sorry for that one kid who was the first person to buy a new iPhone in one of the Australian Apple stores.   He was going to proudly show the phone off to the media as he left the store, and when he went to take it out of the box, the iPhone fell on the sidewalk.   I don't think that it broke, but still, I bet that he was a bit worried. 
 You do know that you can simply request auto-updates?, so that whenever there is a change in the status, you'll get an email. It works fine, I use it all of the time.
 They should have waited a day or two with the anti-terror raids, because I read that there were a few scalpers and even a few fights with morons trying to cut into line. If anybody deserves to have their heads cut off, it's people who cut in line. What an incredibly rude thing to do. I also read a few interviews with Apple customers in Australia, and they were interviewing these two girls and they both had bought iPhone 6+s. The people who think that the iPhone 6+ is not...
The government can not be trusted! There is so much corruption, incompetence and illegal, unconstitutional behavior taking place, screw them!   It's great that Apple is taking a stand and giving them the middle finger!   Google and the government share the same interests, to collect information about users. They can basically become partners in crime, because their goals are pretty much the same. 
Many Android users are basically selling their souls to the devil. The privacy and security of an Android user is obviously not worth all that much, since they were willing to sell themselves out and whore themselves out for almost nothing. Don't these people have any pride? Is it really worth putting your entire security at risk and sacrificing your privacy to save a few measly dollars maybe? Is it any wonder that I hold extremely low opinions of Android users?   Let's...
 Indeed. I'm opening up apps without ever touching the iPad. I've been converting currency without touching. I've been setting alarms without touching. And not once did it ever not understand me, and it's super quick. You just speak totally normal, and you don't have to pause after you say "Hey SIRI!".
Call me old fashioned, but the plain old default Apple keyboard suits me just fine.   Some of those third party keyboards look confusing.   I don't need any word suggestions from an app as to what to type. I have a brain and I also have fingers that can be used to convey my thoughts into keystrokes, and I am quite good at it, and quite quick at it too, just using the regular Apple keyboard. I'm not a fan of those swyping keyboards, but if other people want to use them,...
Of course it wont. It's more than five years old.
 It depends on the device and the router that somebody has of course.
Ok, that's it. I'm out to get some lunch.    I figure that it will be done when I get back.
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