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  On October 31, 2007 Johnson exercised 700,000 stock options in Apple stock with a strike price of $23.72, and then sold the stock later that day for $185 to $185.21 apiece netting him a $112m profit. It has been reported that Johnson earned $400 million during his seven and a half years at Apple.[2] While head of J. C. Penney, Johnson continued to live in California and commuted to work in Plano, Texas by private jet several days a week.[3] On April 8, 2013, he was...
Apple shouldn't let him back.   He chose to leave Apple, and just because he didn't succeed at his current job doesn't mean that Apple should just let people come and go as they please.   For his seven years at Apple, the dude got over 400 million dollars. With Apple's horrible stock performance recently, they shouldn't be throwing around money like that.
I agree. It seems that many keyboards and controllers now are all about cramming as many useless and cheap plastic sliders as they can on to it, and they seem to neglect the most important thing, having a good feeling keybed and an overall good and sturdy build quality.
  I still have Pro Tools on a few older Macs, I just don't use it too much anymore. Pro Tools is still very good, if somebody is strictly working with 100% audio material, IMO. I just prefer other DAWs when dealing with both Midi and Audio. Pro Tools was very late in getting good Midi implementation IMO.   The main DAW that I prefer to compose with is Logic nowadays, though I do also have Cubase which gets used from time to time, and on certain projects a combination of...
Is it a crime to think highly of oneself?    Maybe in today's PC world it is, but I tend not to care too much about that.
  As I stated previously, keyboard feel is pretty subjective. I don't prefer piano feel (unless I'm playing a piano sound) , but I prefer a semi-weighted feel, that is not too springy and not too plastic feeling.   And the keyboard that was linked to is a 61 key keyboard, I would imagine that it is intended for people to actually play on. If somebody is just going to trigger samples, they can do that on practically anything.
  Speaking of amateurish, your quoting system is quite amateurish and difficult to respond to. You should consider yourself lucky that I am even responding to a person who doesn't know how to properly communicate on a forum.   You may believe what you like, but how many plaques do you have hanging on your wall? My opinions are rarely wrong.
No, I'm actually in an ok mood today.   Sometimes, I just tell it like I see it.
Yes, I know that Avid is well known for their video stuff. I don't have any experience with their video stuff. My speciality is audio.   Protools used to be owned by Digidesign until Avid took it over.    As for the keyboard you link to, it is complete crap. I had that same exact keyboard, and as a matter of fact, that is the one that I threw away. It just doesn't have a good feel to it. It feels like cheap plastic and it is a hinder for creativity and any good player...
Yeah, no place is perfect, but I prefer this place over the other ones. The last time I checked in on MacRumors, I started reading the comments and got really pissed off in less than 60 seconds, so I quickly closed my browser. That place is just crawling with fandroids and Apple haters.
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