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Here's how the tech sector looked today.  
 Yes, AAPL did drop a little more than the indexes, but I believe that it would probably be more accurate to compare AAPL to the NASDAQ which was down 1.94% today, because AAPL is not part of the DOW, but they are a part of the NASDAQ.
 So, 9 bent iphones and less than 40,000 iphone 6s that were affected by the bug, which has now been fixed, one day after. Reading and listening to the media, you'd think that a million people had died or something.
 I agree, but I guess that I'm a bit of a gambler. Short term for me can mean as little as five minutes. I actually took a bit of a gamble on the first day of BABA, and it was insane. It took minutes for an order to even register. Normally with Apple or other stocks on a normal day, it's a second or two. I was lucky though, I got in at 95 and managed to sell at 99, right before it began diving down. The whole trade lasted no more than a few minutes. I don't get that kind...
 The whole market took a dive today. AAPL would have been down regardless, just about everything was bloody red.
And the download is already done for me. It was only 14.1 mb, since I already had 8.0.1 on one of the iPads.   Of course, the real test is when people update their iPhones I suppose.
I hope so, because I loaded up a little bit today. It seemed like a good opportunity.
 I'll be a pig! I already have 8.0.1 installed on one of my iPads (no issues), and I just began downloading 8.02!
 Is it really an issue though? I mean, I see plenty of people with cracked iPhone screens. How many iPhone users are currently walking around and using a phone with a cracked screen? I bet that the number is not small, yet that is not an issue. If people drop their phones, then the display just might crack. If people have iPhone 6+s, and if they are not careful with using it (like sitting down with that large phone in their pants pocket), or if they intentionally try to...
Who are you going to believe?    Apple, who has vigorously tested thousands of phones, going through their state of the art test facility, or one knucklehead on Youtube who has tested one used phone that was previously bent from before and who is testing it in the most amateurish way possible?      Anybody who chooses to believe the latter is free to go and buy an Android phone, because frankly speaking, I believe that they are too dumb to own any iOS devices, and I'd...
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