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 Diversity and affirmative action leads to lesser qualified people, as they are able to jump ahead of people that are more qualified and smarter than they are. You're applying for a job as a policeman or fireman in certain places, and you didn't score that great on your test? No problem, our wonderful system will grant you a spot ahead of other people that are more qualified than you. Hopefully, the next time that a progressive person's home burns down, I truly hope that...
Screw these professional blackmailers and vile racists!   Apple shouldn't release anything at all to these groups.   What's next, is Apple going to hand over data to the KKK and the Nazis if they request it?   What a bunch of garbage.
 No way! Sometimes when I am video chatting with somebody, I flip from the front camera to the back camera if I need to show them something. The back camera is definitely useful, but as I said in a previous reply, I'd like to see Apple upgrade the camera quality to match the iPhone camera quality, at least on the top models.
 I think that Apple should have equal cameras in the top iPhone model and the top iPad model. I also don't see any problems with taking a picture with an iPad, if it had an equally as good camera. The screen is much, much bigger and is more enjoyable and easier to frame a good picture with.
What a pathetic company. 
I believe that it is an over simplification of things to simply place Hitler and Nazism as a right wing ideology. It's more complicated than that, and I don't believe that you can merely place Nazism on a simple graph that goes from left to right. That is too elementary school. Nazism has many left wing traits and is closer to left wing ideology and liberals today, than to the right wing and conservatives.   Some people like to point out that the Nazis were against the...
 If things are heading towards more robots and less humans, then why can't that be done in the USA? Does a robot cost that much more to operate in the US instead of China? Apple, being all green like they are, can build a huge plant with hundreds of thousands of robots, if not millions, all powered by solar. It's good that Apple is making the Mac Pros in the USA now, but eventually I'd like to see more USA based production of other Apple products. Screw the foreign...
 It could lead Apple to the source, to the criminal who stole it. Of course, there's always the possibility that it is fake, but if it is genuine, then I would prefer that Apple doubles down on secrecy, like they mentioned a while back.
Dude needs to buy some new shoes. It looks like he's going bowling.   And if that is indeed a genuine iPhone 6 part, then why isn't Apple busting down his door, and retrieving their stolen property?   It makes no difference if he is not the one who stole the part. The thief either gave it or sold it to him, and being in possession of stolen property is not legal, last I checked.
Damn, is he really? I didn't know that. Now that is definitely a good reason to dump that guy.
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