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You fanboys suck.   Did Apple invent sapphire? No, I didn't think so.   My future Galaxy phone will also have a sapphire screen. It's just the natural progression of things. Apple is truly a company that has no innovation. If Apple didn't exist, then smartphones would be much more advanced today.   And the finger print scanner on my Samsung phone is just as good as Apple's Touch ID. It may take a few more swipes to get it to work, but that's just because my fingers...
 I just hope that we don't see Steve Jobs appearing as a hologram at any Apple event anytime soon. I can hardly think of two more different people to compare than Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson. What exactly do those two have in common? Did they both like to moonwalk? Did they both have a strange fondness for little boys? Did they both constantly have an urge to touch their crotches?  I actually like some of Michael Jackson's earlier songs, so I'm not trying to be a hater...
 Even if that number were true, then so what? Apple's good name and reputation is worth far more than a measly 1.3 Billion, and the damage could easily be greater than that.
Please let this whole deal fall apart, and then we wont have to read any more silly rumors about this silly rumor.   And just who are these anonymous sources that are leaking this info? Are there so many people out there who have inside information about this supposed deal, that they would be able to leak info without being revealed?
 We don't know, and I agree with you. I was questioning the alleged rumor.
 Yes, I know that Spotify hasn't turned a profit yet, but if streaming is so bad a business, why would Apple want Beats' streaming?
 I wouldn't write it off until we see what Apple brings to the table, if they decide to bring anything at all.
Yeah, that's right, the biggest player on the planet. And by that, I mean Apple of course. You know, the same Apple that transformed the entire mobile phone industry, and the same Apple that transformed the entire tablet industry. Making a prediction about "wearables" today is like making a prediction about the mobile phone market in 2006. It's a fools errand. As for your comment about my favorite "player" only playing to small, closed community, that's not true at all....
What a stupid prediction.   How can anybody predict anything about "wearables", when the biggest player on the planet has not even entered the game yet?   There have been multiple half assed attempts at "wearables", with certain companies (scamsung) rushing to market with their terrible devices that have been flops, but it is just dumb to make any predictions about "wearables" at this point.
I don't currently use Spotify, but total integration between Spotify and Djay 2 seems pretty cool. It even matches songs according to BPM and key. I have Djay 1, but that was limited to songs in your own iTunes library, and I think that they had to be downloaded first before you could use them. In Djay 2, you just stream from spotify, giving full access to 20 million tunes.   Some people are probably going to jump on me for expressing my honest opinion, but Apple should...
New Posts  All Forums: