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 I'm going to play devil's advocate for a moment. Not everybody has the knowledge to code and write their own apps. And if writing such an app is as simple as you say, then surely somebody here should write such an app that is better than the app that currently sells for $4.99. Whoever makes such an app should place it on the app store and sell it for cheaper than $4.99, and they can then make some money off of it.
 You obviously misunderstand. Just because somebody buys superior Apple devices, that doesn't mean that they like to waste money on unnecessary purchases or that they don't look for the cheapest price when purchasing things.  It's all about how much something is worth to the user that is buying it. I wouldn't buy a 99 cent app that I think is crap, but I also have no problems with buying a $50 app, if I feel that it's worth it. I also stock up on Apple iTunes cards when I...
Obama doesn't know how to use an iPhone. "Befuddled"http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4nWm8h-Es08
 I'm still loving my new iPad! It's only happened a couple of times that I have noticed since I got it. I don't believe that RAM was the issue, but it is speculated that the NAND flash might have something to do with it. Either way, it's not a big deal. It will either be fixed in the next software update, and if not, then there's an Apple store that is open 24-7-365 not far away from where I live.
The Apple TV is pretty cheap, so even if a new model were to get released next year, you could always just sell the one you got, and then get the new one. I've been seeing brand new Apple TVs going for as little as $80 recently on certain deals. I bought the Apple TV 3 last year, and it's working pretty good, but if a new one comes out that is much better or has much more features, then I'll just get that. At these cheap price points, it's not much to consider. We're not...
As long as Apple still continues to keep regular mini headphone jacks on their devices, so that I can hook up whichever headphones that I want to the device, then I'll be happy, and it won't really matter what I think of Beats headphones.
I'm not on Facebook, and never have been, as I stated previously. I luckily don't have to read any Facebook posts ever. I am talking about the ownership of Facebook and they are uber liberals, especially Zuckerberg.
 Agreed. All sorts of people use Apple, that is what I have always been saying. It would be crazy to think anything else, as Apple sells hundreds of millions of devices.
 Thank you! And yes, it was merely my own observations of what I see in my area.  I only see what I see with my own two eyes. Apparently, certain people have a problem with what my eyes see, and that is not my problem, but theirs. I tend to trust my own eyes, and not the make believe world of what a few fanatics and ideologues might believe.
Are you so delusional that you actually believe that an extremist liberal calling somebody a racist pig online is going to hurt them in any way?  I'm sorry, but liberal race cards are all played out, forever. They are no longer valid and past their expiration date. Didn't you guys learn anything from the recent massive, historic asskicking? Apparently not. Keep digging for more cards. Shuffle good, or perhaps get a new deck.
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