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Even though I'm not that crazy about the country that they're building it in, this is definitely Apple news. Anytime that Apple opens their first store in a brand new country, that definitely qualifies as Apple news. Next time you see an article about an Apple store, just don't click on it. Problem solved.
That Android tablet and inferior wanna be iPad Mini is terrible!   Who in their right mind would buy one of those?   I've seen iPad Minis going for as little as $199 recently. My message to any cheapo Samsung Nook buyers is this: Yeah, I know it's a lot for you, but spend an extra lousy twenty dollars and get the far superior tablet, the damn iPad Mini. The choice is so obvious.    (1) Better and more refined OS that is easier and more enjoyable to use (2) More...
The way I see it, it doesn't matter who does it. It could be Google, it could be Amazon or Apple or whoever.It is wrong and i believe that no company should have the power to remove legitimately purchased and downloaded apps from people's devices after the fact.
 That's exactly what freedom of expression is, and it's quite apparent that you and certain others of your ilk have a problem with such civilized concepts.  It is not my job to educate and enlighten the unfortunate and the ignorant. They are best left to their own devices, where they may freely wallow around in their cesspool of ignorance and intolerance.
Oh no, we can't dare have any forms for anonymous freedom of expression! Our fascist country won't stand for that! How despicable! Who the hell ever came up with such a ridiculous concept, freedom of expression? Bah.   We must immediately force Apple to remotely delete whatever apps that we don't like, whenever we tell them to. We in Brazil try to emulate other totalitarian and wonderful countries like Saudi Arabia and China when it comes to freedom of...
That Russian site seems to be a site that modifies and sells iPhones. Why would they have an original iPhone 6? Maybe it's something that they came up with themselves.   Feld & Volk is a association, consisting of artists and engineers, who create unique devices developed on the basis of iPhone and iPad.   They even sell a real gold iPhone 5s, with 35 grams of gold. And they have a wood iPhone too.
 All we can do is speculate of course, but I do think that the 5.5 is real. It may not come out at the same time as the 4.7, and it may be slightly delayed, but if I had to guess, then I'm going to say that it exists.
 Sure, if that happens and there's only one size, then the choice will obviously be rather easy. Even though I personally probably wont be getting one, I would like to see a 5.5" model in addition to the 4.7", then Apple will have left no stone unturned.
As for 1080, screw 1080.   Apple doesn't need to follow any lame standards. My retina iPad already has a higher than 1080 display.    The people who like to boast about having 1080p on their phone displays are very likely mentally disabled Android people who watch 360p videos on their 1080p displays. Total morons.   And a 1080 display is 16:9, and Apple is not bound by any stupid standards like most Android monkeys are. Apple will do what they think is best for each...
I bet that a lot of people are going to have a hell of a hard time choosing between the models.   Apple always makes it hard to choose between various models.   If a person is only choosing by size, and nothing else, then the choice is easy of course, but what if somebody likes to take pictures and the camera is better on the 5.5"? What if the processor is slightly overclocked on the 5.5"? What if the larger phone has a better battery life due to its larger...
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