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 Well, this is the year that Apple finally seems to be introducing two new, larger iPhone models, a 4.7" and a 5.5".  So what's the problem? All those who have been wanting a larger Apple phone should be extremely happy, and those who have been wanting more battery life should also be happy. If battery life were my main priority and my main concern, then I'd obviously be grabbing the 5.5" iPhone, as that is going to have the best battery life, for obvious reasons.
 There's a difference between legitimate criticism and "concern trolling". I don't see how somebody could criticize Apple for increasing the battery life on the next iPhone compared to the previous models.  I call BS on those people.
 Yeah, he or she is full of excrements, to put it politely.
Hilarious!   The next iPhones will have increased battery life and certain "people" are complaining!    Go ahead, ditch your iPhones! Apple doesn't need you, and neither does this forum! 
 I'll tell you who the real assholes in this story are. Somebody like Mike Daisey is a real asshole, with his fraud of a monologue, where he lied and fabricated stories about those "poor workers" in China. If he's so concerned about them, then maybe he should hire them, now that quite a few of them will possibly be looking for new work. What a jerk. Certain media outlets and some people who call themselves journalists are the real assholes in this story, especially those...
This is great news if it turns out to be true!   Last I heard, robots do not get a salary, they do not require room and board, they do not strike and they do not jump off of roofs.   In one of the previous threads about Foxconn from a while ago, I'm pretty sure that I mentioned something that Foxconn should get rid of as many human workers as possible.   This is also great news for those people who like to slander Apple and complain about Foxconn workers being...
 That is true. Hell, in the early days of the iPhone, Steve Jobs was against an app store that sold third party apps. Things do change, and sometimes what was valid a decade ago is no longer valid. People keep talking about the iPhone's size, and the iPhone had a HUGE display when it was first released, I think that some people forget that. Does that mean that Apple has to stick with that sized display for all eternity? Of course not. Things change.
So now they're even conducting "social" experiments on their dumb users.   No Facebook anything will ever be installed on any devices or computers that I own. Hell no.
 Software is of course not the same as physical flash memory. With the amount of phones that Apple sells, that is no small amount of extra flash to be giving away. Isn't Apple the biggest flash user in the entire world? I will agree with you on one thing, 16 GB increments could come down slightly in price, say $50 or $75, instead of $100. I don't agree with making the lowest model 32GB. Keep it at 16GB, and make the upgrade for an extra 16GB slightly less than it currently...
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