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Here we go again, and this time it's French people whining about cheaper iPhones.   Apple needs to resist the temptation to give in to the cheapskates who keep calling for cheaper Apple products. There is a limit as to how cheap Apple can go, and Apple is never going to win the cheap race.    Apple should be concentrating on making new, mind blowing products, and pricing them appropriately. And guess what, not everybody will be able to afford them, that's life....
  I enjoy smoking weed sometimes.    I tend to stay away from dangerous legal drugs, such as alcohol and prescription drugs, which are real killers, so only illegal stuff for me! 
Good! Prohibition is immoral and a huge waste of money and resources. It is idiocy and it's only a matter of time before it's gone, though that might still be years away. The people at the DEA have one of the most useless jobs ever, most of them should be fired.   Hopefully people are using iMessage to make a lot of drug deals.
  I think so too.   If I were to take something that I really dislike, let's say Android. It would never even enter my mind to sign up for an Android forum and spend my days there trashing Android. What a huge waste of time that would be. I'm on this forum because I like Apple products a lot obviously, and have been using them for a long time.    I would have to be insane and totally messed up in my head if I were to spend my days on an Android forum, and yes, I do...
  Yes, and as I pointed out, he's criticizing Apple because his own app won't work the way that he wishes it to. He's just upset that Apple has rules which doesn't allow iOS apps to download executable code.   This isn't the wild west, and we can't have a free for all, with everybody doing exactly what they want, otherwise we'd end up with horrible crap like Android. So, if anybody needs to go and download executable code directly to their devices from anywhere in the...
  Sure, I wouldn't mind seeing something like that. iOS is still in it's infancy and a lot of changes and improvements are sure to come. If iOS 7 is as different as they say, then we'll already be seeing a different looking OS pretty soon, which is sure to come with changes and new features.   I still wouldn't call the iPad UI 'poor', because it didn't have a certain feature or two. Apple has to play a careful balancing act, because at the end of the day, everything has...
  True, I agree fully!   Even Steve Jobs was wrong from time to time. Nobody is perfect.
I'm in the middle, neither young nor old, so I consider myself immune.    I do agree with you on the young and naive part though. Kids today are dumber than ever, IMO, and I even saw on the news recently that about 80% of NYC high school seniors lack basic skills like reading, writing and math.
  You wouldn't know that by looking at his website. 
  But as you point out, there are already many good apps for children and for teaching and learning on the iPad, and the iPad is making strides in the classroom also.   It seems to me that his gripe is that his particular app or program does not work on the iPad the way that he would want it to, due to Apple's rules, and his criticism seems to be highly personal and business motivated.
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