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 Some people are just upset that they wont be able to get the Mini with the same exact specs as the larger iPad anymore and for $100 less! To those people I say too damn bad! Last year was a fluke! 
That's hilarious!   Given the huge power that Samsung has in Korea, that's practically treason!   But even stupid national pride will not make people choose an inferior product!
 Nothing is perfect of course, and if one looks hard enough, there will always be a few minor negative things to point out. I bet that even if the mythical 12.9 iPad comes out next year, one can easily type a long list of negatives about that, if one looks and tries hard enough to find them. As for me, I am loving my iPad Air 2. It is indeed the best tablet on the planet as of right now. If something amazing comes out next year, like the mythical 12.9 iPad Pro, then...
 (1) I don't mind! The thinness is worth it. And I hardly ever used that switch before to begin with. No big loss here!(2) I believe that saying substantially worse is a bit of an over exaggeration.(3) 32 grams is 32 grams, and not to be discounted.(4) Perhaps there will. We shall see. In a few months though? I doubt that. More like a half a year, if there is even to be an iPad Pro.(5) Matter of opinion.(6) I agree that the two speakers would be better in landscape. (7)...
 Keep in mind that it will also most likely have an increased resolution, which will require more power.
Not interested!   Even if it costs $9.99!   Next!
 Agreed.  It's a super thin tablet! It's not a damn boom box! If I want awesome audio and deep bass, I'll just plug in a pair of expensive headphones or hook up the iPad to a pair of audiophile speakers. The sound is actually better than before, but it's silly to have totally unrealistic expectations as to what it can produce.
First of all, I agree that the iPad Air 2 gets five stars! I've had mine since day one, and it is indeed a powerhouse. I've been running some CPU intensive tasks and apps on it and it screams.   One thing that I don't see mentioned much anywhere is that the display doesn't just look better, because it's now bonded, but I also read that the touch sensors in the display are new and improved, so the iPad Air 2 is even more responsive and accurate, not that it was bad...
 I have stated numerous times before that I'm not a republican.Though I'm definitely not a democrat either. There are plenty of clowns and clueless people on both sides, though more are found towards the left.
 So you boycott all businesses that aren't rabid liberals?
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