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I'd like to see Apple release the Mini Retina now, in an hour or two.   I'm not planning on getting one for myself, but it's just good to see Apple mixing things up, and doing the unpredictable.   Screw an announcement date! Just release the thing, without telling anybody in advance! Take people by surprise!   If it's true that supply will be constrained, then those people who happen to be up at this very moment and plan to order one will be a step ahead of everybody...
 Of course it is, that's what Apple said. The question is when in November, not which month.
Am I an evil person for taking great delight in reading about all of these Obamatrons, including people with cancer etc., losing their insurance?    Well, it's about time that they paid their fair share! Mic check! Power to the people!    Good job Mr. President! Keep 'em coming! I am turning into a huge Obama supporter lately, and don't you dare disagree with me, otherwise I will have to assume that you're a racist.
If it's just inventory taking, then why's the German store staying open for two extra hours on four dates?   I'm going to pretend to be a crack smoking analyst for a moment, which basically gives me the license and permission to peddle BS, and I'm going to say that the iPad Mini launch is happening around or close to those dates.
 Ah, ok, I see now. I don't know if Apple is going to do that with their iPhone releases, but I do think that Apple should be releasing hot products in every single quarter, and not have a whole bunch of products all being released around the same time.
A lobotomized monkey could predict that Apple is going to release two phones next year, since they did release two models this year, DUH!   As for me, I really don't give a crap about what any analyst says or predicts.   Instead of believing in whatever some analyst pulls out of their butt, I'd rather pull some rumor out of my own butt, and I'm hoping that Apple releases a large premium model iPad in 6 months, with a display that's around 12". I would definitely get...
These rumors are such crap.    The people pulling these rumors out of their butts are just trying to manipulate markets and create FUD. Anybody foolish enough to listen to these rumors is surely going to lose money, as these people are incredibly naive.   One minute we hear that the 5c is not selling well, and now all of a sudden, suppliers are going to boost the output of the 5c. 
The iPad Air is IGZO? Rumors have been mentioning IGZO displays for years now, but I didn't know that Apple finally started using them.   I read that the iPad Air display is the same as on the iPad 3 and 4, but if it's IGZO, then that can't be true now, can it?   I'm pretty sure that my iPad 3 is not an IGZO display.
 You and other ignoramuses can make all of the excuses that you like for the criminals, but that doesn't change the fact that they are here illegally.  And no, they should not even be able to get a job scrubbing the toilets in Apple's factory, since Apple doesn't run a criminal enterprise.
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