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 I think that the charts look pretty great for Apple. The majority of teens desire Apple products. iPad Mini ownership is obviously on the way up, since the Mini did not exist before. Combined, iPad + iPad Mini is at 68%, while Android is stuck at the same 23% as the last quarter and the Kindle is down also. The tablet market hasn't gotten any smaller, it's just that more cheap players are entering the market. They pose zero threat to Apple, as Apple is going to keep on...
 A tenth of a second is an eternity, and it's definitely far lower than that.  Every single millisecond counts. Check out this video demoing low latency screens, and maybe you'll get a clearer idea of how much of a difference different latency times makes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOvQCPLkPt4
 That's exactly what I've always been saying. Far too much emphasis is placed on people with no money. Who cares about them? They have no purchasing power and they are pretty much irrelevant. Apple is far too busy selling devices to people who have money, than to bother with those who do not. What kind of a business strategy is that? To target customers who have no money? That's not exactly a lucrative market. Android and friends already has that no profit market covered. 
 I notice some people making this argument, but guess what, I don't agree. The difference is not negligible and I notice a huge difference, as I'm sure many millions of other Apple users do. I do seriously question the physical and mental condition of those who claim to not notice much of a difference.
 Then something is wrong with your sensory and motor skills. I suggest that you get it checked out by medical professionals. Or perhaps you are currently on medication that is dulling your senses. This topic is not about CPU specs or dual core or quad core or whatever. This topic is about lag and response time, and that absolutely blows on Android, making Android devices unusable for most tasks.
Fandroids have long disputed this and they often lie through their teeth claiming stuff like "Android is no longer laggy, it's been fixed in the last update, blah blah blah!". They've been saying that for years now. Don't these pathetic people and lowlifes get tired of lying all of the time?   It's good that more and more of these tests are showing just how far ahead Apple is. Most other devices are basically unusable. Going from an Android device to an iOS device must...
A larger 13" iPad would be cool, I have no objections against that, but screw the notebook part. Leave it as an iPad, large and super thin, with an even bigger screen! I think that there is definitely a market of people who would be interested in a larger iPad, and who would be willing to pay for such an iPad.    If people want lame, failed, frankenstein contraptions, like the Surface tablets, then go buy one of those. I hope that Apple doesn't make any so-called...
 Yep, by the summer of 2012, as a matter of fact. Eric Schmidt: Google TV on 'majority' of new TVs by summer 2012 http://www.theverge.com/2011/12/7/2618225/eric-schmidt-le-web-paris-google-tv-majority-all-tvs So much crap comes out of that guy's mouth, he should probably buy a diaper for his mouth.
What kind of drugs do they take over @Google? Must be some really good shit.   Many major brand mobile apps not secure on Android, says study http://www.csoonline.com/article/738947/many-major-brand-mobile-apps-not-secure-on-android-says-study   Corporate Android Apps Not All Secure http://www.esecurityplanet.com/mobile-security/corporate-android-apps-not-all-secure.html   Millions of Android users vulnerable to security threats, say...
 Not really. The A7 is an Apple chip, it's Apple designed, and Samsung just happens to be the bums that manufacture some stuff for Apple. Samsung can not put an A7 chip in their Android phones, as it's not their chip, and that's why the iPhone blows away all Android phones.
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