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I think that this is the single worst rumor that I've ever read since joining this site.
Since day one, I have always been claiming that the main reason why so many Android phones are being sold is because there is an overabundance of poverty stricken people on the planet. This also factors into why Android phones and tablets are so poorly represented on all web metric stats.    I'm not surprised by this study's findings at all. The last time that I took a flight, I saw iPads in all directions, and I don't even think that I saw a single non-Apple tablet...
This sounds like such BS, and especially for that price. What could Apple possibly gain from this?   Is their subscription service any threat to Apple?   I listen to my music and all audio using as clean an audio path as possible. Why in the hell would anybody want to bastardize and mutilate their music by applying some sort of "Beats audio" filter or whatever the hell it is to it? Beats audio didn't exactly help HTC sell that many phones I think.   I am 100% against...
 I'm totally comfortable with it. As a matter of fact, I'd claim that an iPad is more of a PC, than a traditional PC is. An iPad is the ultimate PC. PC stands for personal computer of course, and what's more personal than having your own little iPad to carry out your computing needs on? And a touch interface is far more personal and intuitive than using last century's input methods (mouse etc.)
The other day, some research firm was including PC laptops (windows "convertibles") into the iPad/tablet world, so what's wrong with including iPads into the PC world? The fact of the matter is that a lot of people have replaced laptops and even desktops with iPads. Are they exactly the same thing? Of course not, but iPads have taken over many tasks that would have previously required a laptop or desktop.
 I think that most do, and mine has even extended their pre/after market hours.  Before, the earliest I could trade was 7 AM premarket, now it's 6 AM - 8 PM.
And just to add one thing, I sometimes see some schoolkids around where I live, and they're wearing some hideous looking sneakers that are probably close to $200, and I wouldn't be surprised if their families were on welfare.
 $225 to him is probably like 5 cents to me or you, so if somebody has more money than they know what to do with, then I say, go for it! If I had that much money, I'd also be spending it left and right, just because I could. $225 is not that outrageous in my opinion.
 He can obviously afford to get his shirts from anywhere, but they just look like regular t-shirts from the GAP or someplace like that. Or maybe he did like Steve Jobs did, and custom ordered a whole bunch of pricey shirts from some designer. I wonder what Steve Jobs' closet was like. You'd open it, and see 100 black turtlenecks hanging there, all identical.
He is behind some really nice designs, so he deserves it!   I remember unpacking my first iMac, a Blueberry iMac a long time ago (must've been '98), and I thought that it looked so damn cool after I got it all set up on my desk. That was still in the age where everything was beige, bland, boring and ugly.  Apple's products are to be shown, displayed and proudly used. Other company's products are to be hidden away and never to be spoken of, like a dark family secret.
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