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It's there, because I just downloaded it. 
Well it's about time! I guess that I can delete the iPhone version from my iPads now.
Good!   Now, let's see a few of those analysts behind bars too where some of them belong.   Manipulating stocks is illegal, even though the SEC doesn't really seem to give a crap about it in most cases.
 It sounded like you were making a statement, but if it's merely an opinion, then I have no problem with that. And yep, you are right, there are opinions all over the place here, I can't disagree with that.
 It's a red riding saddle for some really rich hillbillies.
 You don't get to decide what's ethical or not for other people or for companies. Not everybody has the same morals or ethics as yourself.
 These new headphones are a hell of a lot better than the previous Apple headphones. Now those really sucked.
 On Apple's site, they mention the menu and down button: Hold down Menu and Down on the Apple Remote for six seconds, and then release when you see the indicator light on the Apple TV blink rapidly.
 So what about those people who live in those countries and are able to access US content? Should Apple not have updated their Apple TV's at all? I don't see what the big deal is, especially since it appears that channels can be hidden. You do it once and it's hidden, is that not how it works? 
 Great! Cool! That's good to know. I've only had my Apple TV for a short time, it's good to know that the blocking option exists! Now my Apple TV will become even better!
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