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 My comment had nothing to do with Dubai at all. My comment had to do with somebody who was criticizing the old link that I posted.
 There's also another scenario. Both of us are reading monstrosity's comment perfectly well and understood exactly what he meant, however, one of us is misreading Apple ]['s comment.
 I linked to an Apple related news story from many years ago that appears on many different sites, as it was directly related to a comment made in this thread. And yes, I obviously remembered the story from back then, I have a good memory. You are free to Google such information yourself. I see that you have a problem with people stating history and things that have happened in the past. Would you like to rewrite history?
 That is true! Agreed!
 The Apple flagship Cube store on 5th Ave in New York was found offensive by a few Islamic nutjobs a while back. I remember that story, and I just dug it up. The reason? Because the building resembles the Ka'ba in Mecca (pictured below), is called "Apple Mecca," (by whom?), is open 24 hours a day like the Ka'ba, and "contains bars selling alcoholic beverages." http://www.zdnet.com/blog/apple/report-islamic-site-finds-apple-store-offensive/305 Do they sell alcohol? I don't...
Even though I'm not that crazy about the country that they're building it in, this is definitely Apple news. Anytime that Apple opens their first store in a brand new country, that definitely qualifies as Apple news. Next time you see an article about an Apple store, just don't click on it. Problem solved.
That Android tablet and inferior wanna be iPad Mini is terrible!   Who in their right mind would buy one of those?   I've seen iPad Minis going for as little as $199 recently. My message to any cheapo Samsung Nook buyers is this: Yeah, I know it's a lot for you, but spend an extra lousy twenty dollars and get the far superior tablet, the damn iPad Mini. The choice is so obvious.    (1) Better and more refined OS that is easier and more enjoyable to use (2) More...
The way I see it, it doesn't matter who does it. It could be Google, it could be Amazon or Apple or whoever.It is wrong and i believe that no company should have the power to remove legitimately purchased and downloaded apps from people's devices after the fact.
 That's exactly what freedom of expression is, and it's quite apparent that you and certain others of your ilk have a problem with such civilized concepts.  It is not my job to educate and enlighten the unfortunate and the ignorant. They are best left to their own devices, where they may freely wallow around in their cesspool of ignorance and intolerance.
Oh no, we can't dare have any forms for anonymous freedom of expression! Our fascist country won't stand for that! How despicable! Who the hell ever came up with such a ridiculous concept, freedom of expression? Bah.   We must immediately force Apple to remotely delete whatever apps that we don't like, whenever we tell them to. We in Brazil try to emulate other totalitarian and wonderful countries like Saudi Arabia and China when it comes to freedom of...
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