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 That's a good point! To me, I see it as more important if my local pizza shop accepts it, and if my local supermarket accepts it and other small stores in my neighborhood instead of a Wal-Mart!
 I'm sorry, but did you say anything? It might be due to all of the lag on your phone, causing your message to appear blank and totally devoid of any meaningful content. 
  You're probably correct. It's not so much the dollar figure that I'm opposed to of course. Apple has plenty of pesos. It's the principle of the thing.
 Yeah. Imagine if Tim Cook actively campaigned for and came out in support of the second amendment. I bet that quite a few people would have a problem with him then.
 Yes, I would surely hope so.
 Social Security number, Driver's license and access to ACH debit account and your health information! That sounds like an absolute disaster and a nightmare waiting to happen! No way in hell would I ever give out such information! Anybody who signs up for that is not too smart in my opinion, and many of them will surely regret it soon enough.
 He's entitled to his views! At least that doesn't involve giving away a hundred million dollars! To be honest, I don't really give a crap about what gay people do, as long as they don't get any extra rights compared to normal people.
 Maybe Tim Cook will get another invite to a state of the union speech. Hopefully the 100 million is worth it to him.
I naturally oppose such initiatives.   The $100 million could be better spent elsewhere (add it on to the stock buyback amount for example), and this program seems quite discriminatory and racist, though that doesn't surprise me one bit, given the name that is attached to this program.
I ignore all people who use Android phones on this forum. What a joke.   They are pathetically defending the indefensible and they're doing a lousy job at it.
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