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I thought that Apple was about human rights, gay rights, anti-discrimination and all that stuff. They certainly seem to have been talking about it a lot lately. Or maybe that just applies to the US, and who cares what happens elsewhere.
 Believe what you want. I've been to the mideast before and of course I know what Arabic writing looks like. I still think that it's crazy looking, and that's how I choose to refer to it, even if I'm aware of what it is.
They don't make them anymore. Not many were ever made. I see some going on ebay for around 7-8 K USD.
Besides a tiny SIM tray, Apple hasn't really made much use of Liquidmetal yet.   They obviously have bigger plans for it, or they wouldn't have extended the agreement.
 I think that Apple should appoint a woman who also happens to be a lesbian and jewish to be the Apple representative in that country.
Yes, I am aware of that. I was just wondering if it was an official Apple logo in that country, or if it was just some image that was grabbed to put into this story.
What's that green apple logo with the crazy writing and sword in it? Is that Apple's logo in Saudi Arabia? 
I'm thinking though that maybe we don't know the full story, because there are still many marijuana and weed apps on the appstore. I just checked.   Maybe this app was violating some other rule, and if that's the case, and the reason for it being pulled has nothing to do with marijuana, then that's a different story.
 And it's other people's choice to criticize Apple for their actions, which can be seen as extremely hypocritical.
 I used to play Lemonade Stand back in the day in elementary school. It was probably one of the first computer games that I ever played. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dUbDDmXp2I
New Posts  All Forums: