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I don't log into iCloud all that often, but I just did, to test this two-step system, and after I logged in with my Apple ID, that was it. I was in iCloud, everything was accessible and it never asked me for any security code.   Why is that?
 Your bank needs to be a part of it, I believe. It doesn't matter if you have a Visa or Mastercard if the issuer is some no-name bank that hasn't yet joined.
 That's an interesting idea. There are an awful lot of sensors on the bottom of the Watch to merely detect heartrate. It would be cool if there was some kind of vein scanner on the Watch, and that would make Pay payments very easy and convenient.
 I'm wondering how it will work when using Pay with the Watch. There's no TouchID on the Watch, and Apple didn't get into any details about how exactly one would pay using their Watch.
 Solipsism is one of the biggest Fandroid trolls on this site. A truly despicable creature. Actually, he was being sarcastic, and you'll notice the upside down exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.
I think that you misunderstood. Say that you have ten cards and you enter them all into your iPhone. Choosing a default is merely choosing the card that you will use most often and it will become the default card whenever you make a purchase. At least I believe that is what it is, after reading the article. You shouldn't have to go and choose a card every time that you make a purchase. Having a default card just makes things easier for the user I think. It's like choosing...
Paypal can kiss my ass!   What a misleading and untrue ad! They don't give a crap about protecting the people's security, they care about protecting their own pathetic asses, now that Pay is entering into their territory.   Tim Cook said that the iCloud celeb hacks were Phising expeditions! iCloud was not compromised!    All of these companies lying and attacking Apple are truly more desperate than ever and they should realize that their lying campaigns will...
 It's fair. People are free to complain if they wish. And other people are free to respond to their stupidity.
I've said this before, but many kids today are pretty dumb and ignorant, even more so than before.   This U2-Apple topic was actually on the TV news last night, I saw it. They interviewed some kids on the street and practically none of them had even heard of U2 before.   A whole bunch of dumbass kids had sent out tweets to the effect of:   What is this in my iTunes library? U2? Who the hell is he and why is he on my phone?    I bet that all of those morons have...
I think that it's great that Apple offers a super sized phone now!   Why were Android manufacturers going larger and larger in the first place?   I think that one reason is that they were unable to compete against the iPhone with a phone that was the same size, so most Android phones kept getting larger and larger.    Now when idiotic Fandroids try to compare something like the battery life of a humongous Android phone to an iPhone, they had better do it against an...
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