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 Political and economic motivations, my friend. Do you think that scientists work for free or out of the goodness of their hearts? I am not a liberal, a person who subscribes to group think and who takes their marching orders from others. I am an independent free thinker who could give a rats ass about what the majority of anything believes. Historically speaking, the majority has been dead wrong a number of times in the past. I am able to assess information myself, and...
Is Apple TV still a hobby for Apple, or have they officially changed their position?
I'm not too interested in liberal green policies, global warming scams, or whatever they're calling it today, I think the latest meme is climate change, but I'm very happy with solar stocks, and I've been trading some of them this year, like SCTY and FSLR. They have some nice action going on, both up and down.
 Not my problem at all. I don't really care if women are paid less than men. And also, most of the people and groups who complain about that are a bunch of hypocrites. Women paid significantly less in Obama White House than their male counterparts http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2128513/Women-paid-significantly-Obama-White-House-male-counterparts.html War on women, indeed. And yes, I do also believe that most significant advances that have happened on this planet...
 It all depends. An iPad is merely a tool to capture video with or take pictures with, and it has a wonderful large display, so why wouldn't people want to use it. And what if that's all that they have? Screw the other people in the crowd. Everybody is annoying in their own way. Some women have huge, ridiculous looking hair that blocks the view. Some people talk too much. Some people smell. Some people are just naturally tall and block the vertical view. Some people are...
 Diversity and affirmative action leads to lesser qualified people, as they are able to jump ahead of people that are more qualified and smarter than they are. You're applying for a job as a policeman or fireman in certain places, and you didn't score that great on your test? No problem, our wonderful system will grant you a spot ahead of other people that are more qualified than you. Hopefully, the next time that a progressive person's home burns down, I truly hope that...
Screw these professional blackmailers and vile racists!   Apple shouldn't release anything at all to these groups.   What's next, is Apple going to hand over data to the KKK and the Nazis if they request it?   What a bunch of garbage.
 No way! Sometimes when I am video chatting with somebody, I flip from the front camera to the back camera if I need to show them something. The back camera is definitely useful, but as I said in a previous reply, I'd like to see Apple upgrade the camera quality to match the iPhone camera quality, at least on the top models.
 I think that Apple should have equal cameras in the top iPhone model and the top iPad model. I also don't see any problems with taking a picture with an iPad, if it had an equally as good camera. The screen is much, much bigger and is more enjoyable and easier to frame a good picture with.
What a pathetic company. 
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