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 Those Foxconn workers get paid mighty well compared to other salaries in China! People line up like crazy just to land a job with Foxconn! Douchebag people and radical activist liars (Mike Daisy) have to resort to making up lies in order to make Apple look bad! Apple has done nothing wrong, and why shouldn't Tim Cook pay a quick visit to where iPhones are made if he wants to? DroidFTW? I bet that there is a lot more shady labor and child labor going on when they're...
 I guess that it's an individual thing. Some people might not mind, while a few might maybe. I suppose that there will always be certain compromises when making devices that are thinner and thinner, but there's also many advantages to that too. If the vibration bothers anybody, they can always go out and buy an iPad 3! But the sound output is much louder on the iPad Air 2, and that's definitely a good thing, because I always felt that it was too low on my iPad 3, even when...
 That's definitely true. I noticed that right away also. I'm used to mostly using an iPad 3, which is basically built like a tank, and I noticed right away that sound definitely vibrates more when using the iPad Air 2. When playing a game or doing something on the iPad where you are holding it in your hands, you can definitely feel the vibrations. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, I'm just saying that it was definitely a noticable difference for me, coming from my iPad 3.
I got mine this morning too!   I don't have much to say, except for that I'm happy with it!   Call me crazy, but I swear that it feels lighter than my original iPad Mini when I pick it up, even though the iPad Mini is technically lighter according to the specs.   One other significant change from using my iPad 3, is that I notice that the sound level is louder (which is definitely a good thing!), probably due to the two speakers instead of one. 
Apple Pay will probably be more successful in the next few months going into the holiday season than Google Wallet has been since it first was introduced, which was in 2011.
 True. It was highly unlikely that Ebola would ever come to the US, remember? I knew that was BS as soon as those words were spoken.
 I'm not sure at the point that he's trying to make either. That Saddam Hussein, Comical Ali and the Chinese Govt are honest and trustworthy sources, and that we should believe them? 
 haha, that's ridiculous!
 I've skimmed through some of the reviews and most of them are highly subjective, with some of the reviews even contradicting each other. One reviewer states that they feel no difference between the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2, when it comes to thickness and weight, while another reviewer easily notices the difference when they hold it. One reviewer said that the WiFi is just a hair faster on the new iPad, while another reviewer says that it's significantly faster. I could...
 I think that many people will be choosing the iPad Mini 2, because of the cheaper price tag, but there is also one more category of people who will have no choice but to choose the iPad Mini 3. That category is people who want the smaller sized Mini iPad, but who also demands more storage space, as the iPad Mini 2 doesn't go larger than 32 GB.
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