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  But as you point out, there are already many good apps for children and for teaching and learning on the iPad, and the iPad is making strides in the classroom also.   It seems to me that his gripe is that his particular app or program does not work on the iPad the way that he would want it to, due to Apple's rules, and his criticism seems to be highly personal and business motivated.
  No it's not. I ridiculed the morons back then and I will continue to ridicule the morons today.   We live in the present, and back then when the first iPad was released, anybody who didn't see the amazing potential of it was totally clueless, ignorant and 100% wrong.
iPad 3 for $315 is a very nice price. I bet that it won't take long before whatever stock that they have is all sold out.
All I see are ridiculous strawmen.   Who said that he hasn't accomplished a lot in the past? Ok, his past achievements are great. Now, let's talk about the present and his current statements.   Instead of avoiding the topic in a pathetic and amateurish attempt at deflecting away from legitimate criticism, why don't the people who agree with him make an argument as to why the iPad UI qualifies as 'poor', and also what is their idea of a 'good' UI. 
    Aha! So that's why he mentioned Etoys, which almost nobody has heard about!   And that horrible website is his? The Dude shouldn't be speaking about UIs, with a really cheap website that looks like it was made by somebody with zero sense of design or skill. Whoever OK'ed that website is not qualified to speak about user interfaces.   So his gripes about the iPad are all personal grievances, and that further explains his gripes and his illogical viewpoints about the...
  There is no unpleasant news. There is only the opinion of one person, and guess what, most intelligent people are capable of thinking for themselves and making up their own minds. I, like many others here, have been using computers for a long time, and I've been exposed to a lot of different UI changes throughout the years. I would definitely not describe the iPad UI as 'poor', and I don't rely on other people's opinion to tell me what is good or not. I have two...
Speaking of irony, I find your username to be quite ironic.
And the person who is writing the Time article is obviously totally clueless, because they wrote this:   And when I first saw Microsoft‘s Surface tablet last June, a Kay maxim helped me understand it: “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” Hahahahaha.   Steve Jobs quoted that exact line from Kay many years ago in an Apple Keynote, long before the flop of a tablet known as the Surface was ever released.    
For somebody who is supposed to be a "computing pioneer", he seems rather close minded and old fashioned.   The iPad and iOS devices have opened up computing to whole new groups of people, people who would never even interact with computers before. iOS devices are being used by everybody from babies to senior citizens, groups who would never even go near a computer in the past.   And one of the reasons he gives for the iPad being poor is that people can't...
It's not the only reason, but it is interesting and perhaps a little bit ironic that Apple is going more and more retina, and people keep whining about a mythical iPad Mini retina, and the OS is getting simpler looking at the same time.   I'm not passing any final judgement on the new OS, I haven't seen it and used it yet. It may end up being great, we'll see.
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