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Apple's retail division is not any trouble is it?   Apple has plenty of other problems, and none of them are retail, and they won't be fixed simply by bringing this guy back.
  Those interfaces in the article are not pro and having the Pro Tools moniker given to them is quite ironic, considering who is going to be using them.   And yes, M-Audio keyboards are crap. If you can't handle somebody's opinion without resorting to childish ad-hominems, then it is clearly you that is the moron.
But Jobs is no longer around, and even if he had a screw you attitude towards wall street, that doesn't mean that others can simply emulate his attitude and get away with it.   And since Apple is now in the habit of apologizing to everybody (Maps, China), I think that they should make their company more attractive towards investors also. Clearly, the sentiment towards Apple is down in the dumps currently, and Apple should be more proactive in turning around that negative...
  You're right. I just updated the HBO Go app and I noticed that in the description.   I still have to catch up on the last episode of GOT, so I guess I'll find out later how much it's been enhanced.
64 bit support is not just about the track count. It also has to do with RAM implementation.   Even if you're only using 2 tracks and running a heavy duty plugin that eats up many GBs of RAM, 64 bit support is quite helpful.    I used to use Logic 32 bit, and heavy duty plugins would sometimes crash it, because there was only so much RAM that Logic could access, but after going to 64 bit, I'm able to run a lot more of those heavy duty plugins without worries.
  I must have missed that news, but thanks for the correction, as accuracy and facts are what is important.   In that case, I think that Avid made a smart move by dumping the M-Audio brand. I basically associate M-Audio with cheap crap, and I don't think that I'm the only one.
Unless it's something new or it's been changed, the interactive features for Game of Thrones has been there for a long time. That's been working on my iPad for ages now.
  Well, they should care, that's part of the problem IMO. 
  Make them sign some sort of longterm contract, where there would be penalties if they left before their contract expired.   You want to leave? Fine, that'll cost you a few hundred million.
  I'm not in the corporate world, I don't walk around with a suit & tie.   That doesn't change the fact that I believe that too many people in the corporate world are highly overpaid, including some people at Apple.
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