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Last year I wrote that the iPad mini retina should not have identical specs as the iPad Air and cost $100 less!   I am glad that the iPad Air 2 is the premium model this year, with all of the extra, added upgrades!   Of course, my comment is purely based on my own egotistical interests, as I am getting an iPad Air 2, so screw the iPad Mini Retina! 
 Just last week I wrote that I hope that the iPads get a good camera upgrade, so I'm happy about that.
Good update!   I'm definitely getting one tomorrow! I haven't decided on 64 GB vs 128 Gb, we'll see.   Basically, all of the things that I wanted were included, so I guess I'm happy.
 I hope they do the same for the iPads being released today. Last time I bought an iPad, I paid $100 more to bump it up to 32GB. I wont be complaining if I get 64GB for the same price.
 That is true. I was over on a forum populated by many Fandroids yesterday, and almost every one of them was complaining about the price. It's almost double of what those kind of people are used to paying, and most of them simply wont be getting it, because it's priced out of their range. It's also huge. It's taller, thicker, wider and heavier than the 6+, which is large to begin with. It's too big for most people. Not everybody wants a phablet.
 It depends. Performance matters of course. That's what's most important. Apple devices in many cases deliver far superior performance compared to Android devices, even though the specs on paper might be less.  Specs are often very deceiving, because most people, including Fandroids, are too stupid to understand them, and figure out how they actually relate to real world performance. What good is a shitty quad core Android phone if another dual core Phone has better...
Well, I guess that we know for sure what the new iPads will be called now.
32 Gb max storage on their tablet?!   What a damn joke. Android Lollipop is obviously made for toddlers.
Don't you have an Apple TV? HBO GO works fine on my Apple TV.
New Posts  All Forums: