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 BS. Nobody who values their health and also happens to be sane would trust Samsung.
Yeah, Samsung is the first company that comes to mind, when I think about storing my medical info and using their health platform.   And how pathetic is this timing? Don't tell me that it's just a coincidence, because I wouldn't believe you. 
I want the Apple watch to look great, to be different than all of the other lame attempts at smart watches currently available, and I want it to have some amazing features that nobody else has thought of yet.   I also hope that it's not too cheaply priced. Apple needs to make a great watch, not a cheap watch.
I read about the history of Beats headphones in an article on Gizmodo that was written last year, long before any of the current rumors appeared, and it was all about the dealings of Beats and Monster, who designed and made the headphones for a long time, and the whole read was pretty damn shady if you ask me.    I don't know what planet a few people are living on, those who claim that Beats and Apple are on the same level. I have to assume that it's due to ignorance on...
 Yeah, that's what all the Apple haters are saying. Apple and Beats is a perfect match, because they both sell overpriced products to sheep. I also notice that quite a few Apple haters, not just on this forum, but across the net, are mysteriously in favor of this deal. That ought to make anybody suspicious. I never thought that Apple would lower itself to this level, because it's not just about the money. There are plenty of profitable companies around that Apple can snap...
There have been plenty of people defending this supposed deal, claiming that it's not about the headphones, it's about the streaming service.   And the article in the OP is saying the exact opposite of that.  
I withdraw my pressure sensitive touch screen theory that I made in the previous thread.   Now that I see the full graphic, that's obviously an Apple, and not a finger as I was led to believe in the cropped image. 
 My father bought some YHOO some months ago, and I told him not to, but that didn't help. He's still in the red with that stock. My father is a terrible investor. He makes most decisions based 100% on emotions.
 I'm going to take a wild guess. The poster graphic looks like a finger pressing a pressure sensitive touch screen! Or at least that's what it looks like to me.
 I know what you mean. There are so many bogus rumors floating around, that it's easy to get caught up in hype. But, WWDC is not just about software updates or a software announcement. I'm hoping for much more. New hardware also gets announced at WWDC sometimes. We shall see.
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