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I think that it's great that Apple offers a super sized phone now!   Why were Android manufacturers going larger and larger in the first place?   I think that one reason is that they were unable to compete against the iPhone with a phone that was the same size, so most Android phones kept getting larger and larger.    Now when idiotic Fandroids try to compare something like the battery life of a humongous Android phone to an iPhone, they had better do it against an...
Some people are severely underestimating the female species in this thread.   I agree with those who have said that many women will opt for the 6+. The 5.5" model is not just for big guys or people with enormous hands! On the contrary, most men have their phones in their pockets, while many women have their phones in their bags or purses! It's far easier for a woman to carry around a 5.5" phone than it is for a man!   Have you ever seen the mess of items that many...
 Posting videos of Android phones in an iPhone thread on an Apple site is like posting pictures of Rosie Mcdonald in a thread that is about supermodels! 
Why are people posting videos of crappy Android phones in this thread? To show how you embarrassingly need two hands to use the one handed feature?   Who gives a shit about Android phones?   This is all about the new iPhones. Nobody cares about people posting Android videos in this thread. Only a fool would ever buy any Android phone, especially after these new iPhones have arrived.
What was that woman with the iPhone 6 taking a picture of?   It sure seems like they wanted to show their phone off, since they were exposing it for all to see.   And yeah, I guess that must be some sort of Apple employee maybe, but it still seems strange.
 Yes, I believe that I pointed that out in post #55. It's totally pathetic!
 Me too! I need a new iPad! I was maybe foolish for expecting them to reveal new iPads on the same date as new iPhones and the iWatch, but that's ok, I can wait another month!
 I doubt that. But even if true, then that's great news! The margins on the 5.5" are greater than for an iPad Mini I'm pretty sure. The 5.5" is pretty large for a phone, but it's still small compared to a tablet.
 Expect some more anti-Apple ads soon, making fun of all Apple users.
The video of that Samsung phone is a big joke!   What a butt ugly and useless implementation!   The video is supposed to be showing "one handed operation", yet both hands are being used!    And it's pretty ugly how you get a white bezel all of a sudden when the screen shrinks! Like most things Android, there is no attention to detail at all!   And swiping like that is just a mess.
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