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 Iovine is definitely the most valuable part of this deal I think, as he has all of the connections with the labels. If there is any deal, then it's probably him that Apple is after.
 If they're on Android phones, then the percentage of people who continue to subscribe will obviously be extremely low.
 I wonder how many people pay for iTunes Match? That's only $25 a year. I have iTunes Match, and I like it. I'm not somebody who is interested in any streaming service, not for $10 a month, or for any price really, but maybe there are others who are. As you said, there are still a lot of unknowns.
 And when I do try to look at it from Apple's POV, I still find that it would be a bad idea. Note, I'm talking about the headphones here only. If Apple released their own Apple headphones, it would appeal to practically 100% of Apple's customer base. Apple users don't have anything against Apple. If Apple released any Beats headphones, it would appeal to a far lesser percentage of people, so why would Apple wish to eliminate so many potential customers? And as I stated...
 I'm saying that if Apple were interested in getting into the headphone game, they would be better served by making their own large headphones and releasing them under their own brand. No brand is better than Apple. Apple can start from scratch, headphones is not rocket science, and Apple certainly doesn't need any headphone tech from a company that is far down the list when it comes to good headphones. Like it or not, the Beats brand is not viewed favorably by a lot of...
 I don't think that the market is anywhere close to that number. This is a streaming service that costs $10 a month. 
 Of course words are just made up of letters. Chances are still very high that you would get your ass kicked if you said the wrong words to certain people, and I doubt that they would be interested in listening to any explanation from you about phonemes or how language is not static or contained.
 If you think that it's just a word, then walk up to a bunch of black kids standing around and say that word, and then see what happens. Are you attempting to argue that N..... is no longer offensive? And I do believe that some people are living in the dark ages.
I don't care about any F bombs. I'm not black, but I don't like people who use the N word in every sentence. It doesn't matter to me if it was a KKK member using that word or if it's a rapper, I don't think highly of either. And people do use that word in public, I hear it all of the time. I find it to be rude and I find the people who use it to be trashy.
Yeah, if you go to AT&T's site, you can see that they advertise the Beats service with some kind of LG Android phone. http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/beats-music.html
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