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 TYPO! I'm pretty sure that you meant to write Oct. 16th.
Woah, this sounds like bad news maybe! I might have to reconsider getting a new iPad! Damn!   I bought an iPad 3 to replace my iPad 2, and I was pleased with the retina display, but the performance between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 was about the same.   I need to see how this new iPad performs, and it had better be considerably more powerful than the iPad Air. I'd rather have increased performance instead of more pixels. Retina is already good enough if you ask...
What's wrong with being rich and egotistical?   Are you all a bunch of socialist commies or something?   I hope to one day have a tenth of as many shares that Icahn has. Hell, I'd be happy with far less than that too.   As for his recent proposal or letter, I will have to see it first, before I comment.
 I would love to see an iPad "pro", but I have to admit that I am extremely doubtful of that, at least for 2014. I've said this before, but I certainly wouldn't mind being wrong.
The Mac Mini has been way too long!   So, I would now like to see new iPads, new iMacs and new Mac Minis at next week's event, and maybe a surprise too!   Bring it on!
Screw the teens!    Teens are not really the market for the Watch, and Apple doesn't need any teens to make the Watch a successful product.   For starters, having an Watch also means having an iPhone and for the majority of teens, that's probably much more than they can afford. When I was a teen, I was happy with my $25-30 Casio watch.   Watch will be a hit, with or without any teens.   Who says that all products must be for teens anyway? I'm glad that it's...
No kidding! I said that bendgate was a bunch of crap from the very beginning!   What kind of stupid people go around intentionally breaking their devices?    And what kind of even stupider people fall for such garbage?   As for the T-Mobile CEO, I saw that video last night, and I like people who tell it like it is!
 Same thing here! I bought an original iPad mini when it first came out, and I've maybe used it twice. It was immediately confiscated.
I'm looking forward to this event!   I'll be upgrading my iPad! I think that the addition of Touch ID on iPads is huge! People are more interested in security than ever (with breaches and attacks happening all over the place), and the average person doesn't bother using complicated passwords. The ability to make purchases online with merely your thumb will be huge!   I also would like to see new Mac Minis at the event!   Bring it on!
 I put my icons wherever I want.
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