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 The stock splits in seven, that's all. Everybody holding 1 share of APPL before the split will have 7 shares of APPL after the split. If the split happened today, which it won't of course, since I think it's not until June, but a share of AAPL would be worth about 80 bucks.
Why couldn't you before? Options have always existed and they've even had mini options for a while now.
Yeah, I heard about the 7:1 split. Should be interesting.
I wonder where it's going to open up at again. Who knows, but I'm guessing around $540-$550.
Big Beat!   I sat out on this earnings, but congrats to all the APPL longs!
 I disagree. I don't give a crap about the dividend. I also believe that AAPL will be much higher eventually, though exactly when is impossible to predict of course.
I'm ready.   If AAPL drops later today, I will be picking up a few shares.   My finger will be on the trigger beginning at 4 PM.
 It can be slightly heavier, because a 12" iPad is obviously not meant to be carried around like an iPad Mini or iPad Air would be. A 12" iPad would look perfect on my desk. If I step outside, I'll grab a Mini or an Air to bring with me.
 Agreed. An iPad Pro 12 inch would be a day one purchase for me. I don't care how much it costs!  Unfortunately, if we are to believe the rumors, then it's not going to happen just yet, maybe not this year. I hope that I'm wrong of course, because I want an iPad Pro like yesterday. In the meantime, I'll probably just get an iPad Air 2, and get the iPad Pro in 2015.
 Again, I agree with you. We've all heard the rumors about some kind of iPad Pro, and I for one would like that rumor to be true. I'm going to be upgrading to whichever new iPad comes out in the fall, and I want it to be as powerful as possible. iPads are already replacing many desktop tasks, and they should beef up the next iPad with more RAM. There are some heavy duty apps that people use on iPad, and those apps need power and RAM. In the future, we're only going to be...
New Posts  All Forums: