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 It could lead Apple to the source, to the criminal who stole it. Of course, there's always the possibility that it is fake, but if it is genuine, then I would prefer that Apple doubles down on secrecy, like they mentioned a while back.
Dude needs to buy some new shoes. It looks like he's going bowling.   And if that is indeed a genuine iPhone 6 part, then why isn't Apple busting down his door, and retrieving their stolen property?   It makes no difference if he is not the one who stole the part. The thief either gave it or sold it to him, and being in possession of stolen property is not legal, last I checked.
Damn, is he really? I didn't know that. Now that is definitely a good reason to dump that guy.
 Good for you! You should consider yourself lucky, because you are not the average Android user, and your one person anecdote does not trump the studies and statistics that I constantly read, which consists of a far greater number of people. One person does not represent Android users. And I can definitely conclude that Android people are poorer, because I am a believer in facts and science. As a matter of fact, in many cases, the poorer the country, the more likely that...
 A lot of my points are based on various studies and statistics. Sure, I'll throw a little bit of hyperbole in for good measure every now and then, but the majority of my claims have a solid foundation.
 I think that it's common. I've seen it before. A great many people simply do not know how to spell properly. Everybody makes typos every once in a while, but many people do not even have a basic grasp of the English language. I've seen people mixing up losing and loosing before, though it's not as common as they're and their, you're and your, etc. And yes, I am definitely a grammar nazi. I will judge people and look down upon them if I notice that they do not know how to...
As long as they don't base their decisions on "diversity" or any other forms of modern day discrimination, then I am in favor of this.   I've said this before, but being on the board of Apple sure sounds like winning a lottery ticket.   How often does the board have to meet? How many hours per year do the board members put in on average? How much of an input does the board really have?   I am much more in favor of a "wartime CEO", than a "peacetime CEO", but there's...
These numbers are still staggering! iOS has almost double the mobile web browsing share when compared to all of Android in the US! That's every Android phone combined! We're talking about hundreds and hundreds of different phones, of all shapes and sizes, one big fragmented mess!   There are a number of reasons for these numbers, and these are some that I can think of, all of which contribute to Apple's amazing dominance over Android.   (1) Many Android phones are not...
 Well, this is the year that Apple finally seems to be introducing two new, larger iPhone models, a 4.7" and a 5.5".  So what's the problem? All those who have been wanting a larger Apple phone should be extremely happy, and those who have been wanting more battery life should also be happy. If battery life were my main priority and my main concern, then I'd obviously be grabbing the 5.5" iPhone, as that is going to have the best battery life, for obvious reasons.
 There's a difference between legitimate criticism and "concern trolling". I don't see how somebody could criticize Apple for increasing the battery life on the next iPhone compared to the previous models.  I call BS on those people.
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