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I also just read on another forum that somebody else with a 128 GB iPad Air 2 has the same problems also, so this is not just an iPhone problem.   If the next software update doesn't fix it, then I will get my hardware replaced.
I did some quick research and it appears that the iPhone 6+ and iPad Air 2 uses almost identical Nand, though I'm not sure what the small difference at the end is.   This is from the iPhone 6+ ifixit teardown:   SK Hynix H2JTDG8UD1BMS 128 Gb (16 GB) NAND Flash   This is from the iPad Air 2 ifixit teardown:   • SK Hynix H2JTDG8UD1BMR 128 Gb (16 GB) NAND Flash   The only difference appears to be at the end, BMS for the iPhone VS BMR for the iPad.
I have a small issue with my new iPad Air 2!   I'm wondering if it is related to this iPhone issue.   I'll probably take my iPad into the Apple store eventually and maybe get a new one.   I have the 128 GB model, I've had it since day one.   I've noticed that it has rebooted on me at least twice now in the time period that I've had it.   It's not because I have too many apps, because I still have about 94 GB worth of free space on my device.   I wouldn't say...
I wasn't crazy about the Beats deal either, and I wasn't afraid to say so before, but it's a done deal now, and you obviously must suffer from a severe case of tunnel vision, because that's practically all that you keep talking about. The Beats deal is a minor thing for Apple and doesn't affect anything in the grand scheme of things. To keep harping on that minor detail shows that you don't have a good understanding of Apple in general.
Exactly. I've mentioned this before, but a few years ago, I gave my mom an iPad 2, and she is extremely computer illiterate. She has a PC laptop from work, but she can not even do the simplest tasks on it, even though she's had it for years. An iPad is so easy to use, even a monkey can use it, literally speaking. And if a monkey can use it, then so can just about all humans, from young to old.
Perhaps. I've never actually seen any data on that or any article talking about that. I'm pretty sure about one thing though. I sometimes see Apple devices on TV and there's a piece of tape over the Apple logo. I guess that those aren't paid.
That is true, but it's realistic, because tons of people do actually use Apple devices. Are those paid placements by Apple? I'm asking, because I'm not sure. I don't know how much paid product placement Apple does. It is totally unrealistic to have a whole town where the population only uses Microsoft phones and tablets.
 I do. There was this TV show that I was following some time ago called Under The Dome. After a while, the ridiculously obvious product placements of Microsoft devices popping up all over that show made it unwatchable and totally unrealistic. I think that they even have a new season of that show, but I don't really give a crap, because I'm done with it.
I didn't catch that since I don't watch CNN, but that's hilarious.   I particularly liked the bit about using the Surface as an iPad stand!    But, but, but, I thought that iPads were just toys!    Why wouldn't the commentators want to use the innovative and brand new, revolutionary input device called the mouse with the Surface? Or why wouldn't they want to use the almost twice as heavy Surface as a tablet? How baffling is that?   Who would ever choose the...
There are people who go out and buy $25,000 TVs, even though it'll be obsolete in a few years.   There are people who go out and spend thousands on hookers and blow.   This gold watch is obviously not for the average person.   It's for people who have plenty of money, and who don't really give a crap about re-sale value or obsolescence. If somebody has the money to spend thousands on a watch and they want one, then they'll buy one.
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