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 It's not so much that Apple users = wealth, because let's face it, being able to afford an iPhone doesn't exactly require enormous wealth, and there are hundreds of millions of Apple users out there. I do believe that Apple users in general are more intelligent and creative, since they don't skimp out on such essential purchases like phones and other devices, and they are willing to pay for awesome quality. Apple users also have more important assets to protect as they...
The Touch ID iPad Air 2 is going to sell like crazy.   I know that I'll be getting one for sure. It's a good time for me to upgrade.
Kids are pretty annoying, but I recognize that this is a cool product for those that have successfully bred and produced little monsters.
 I don't know the exact design details behind that store, but Steve Jobs had to have been very much involved, wasn't he? Of course there is a professional architect behind the store, but what about the overall concept and idea? I remember reading that Steve Jobs even paid for the glass out of his own pocket, so it was obviously a very special store to him.
 And you sound like a butthurt present owner. You should have read my correct assessment of this tablet on this forum a few years ago, when I declared it a flop as soon as it was announced. And what a flop it has been. This is from yesterday: Microsoft Surface Losses Total $676M USD for FY2014; - See more at: http://www.dailytech.com/Microsoft+Surface+Losses+Total+676M+USD+for+FY2014+Will+Launch+in+25+Additional+Markets/article36351.htm#sthash.pdlKZP4A.dpuf
What the hell is there of interest to see inside a Microsoft store, and why would any conscious person ever want to visit a Microsoft store?   They should invest in a Microsoft museum instead.   Fast forward 25 years: (tour given by official tourguide)   Over here in this corner we see something called a Surface Tablet. This curiosity existed from 2012 to 2016, when it was officially terminated after Microsoft could no longer sustain the billions of dollars in loss...
The crap spewed by certain Samsung apologists and various shills in this thread are enough to make any sane person sick with their nausea inducing comments.   In my opinion, it doesn't really matter if Samsung has their announcement before, after or on the same exact date as Apple has theirs. Samsung continues to remain shameless copiers of the worst degree. A sub par, third rate, cheap Korean outfit that looks to Cupertino for inspiration, ideas and products to...
Suicide bomber blown up prematurely by spam text       This happened a while ago, but it's equally as hilarious today as it was back then. And I bet that it wasn't an iPhone.   A "BLACK Widow" suicide bomber who planned to detonate explosives in central Moscow was killed when a spam text message from her mobile-phone company set off the device early.   http://www.news.com.au/technology/suicide-bomber-blown-up-prematurely-by-spam-text/story-e6frfro0-1225997374717
Awesome topic!   I'm not going to bother to search back through all of my prior posts, but I'm almost certain that I have mentioned something similar to this topic a long time ago, at least once, if not more.   Going back many years ago, when they were hunting down terrorist scum in crappy places like Afghanistan and Pakistan, when the terrorists were captured, they almost always had ugly and bulky PC laptops!   I'm not saying that it is inconceivable or impossible,...
 Oh hell yeah! Even though I wasn't crazy about the music in this ad, it is miles above the abomination known as the Beats ad. And just a FYI - I'm not picking on you or anything, but it's "better than Beats.", not then.
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