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 And I'd much rather have a fully unlocked iPhone, which one can easily get.
 At the present time, that is correct. I have this theory though, and it goes like this. A lot of the people who I see using ridiculous, large Android phones look like people that most likely do not own a larger tablet device, so they're looking to save money and get a phablet that covers both bases. The only problem is that it doesn't do a good job at either, IMO. It's a bit too large for a phone to be carried conveniently around, IMO. And the tablet part of it is a bit...
 I do believe that you are correct. Android is for the financially disadvantaged, and for those who don't have money to fully use their devices (data etc.). Basically it's for kids, the unemployed, people on welfare and street beggars. The OP mentions frequent intercontinental travelers, and whenever I take a flight, the majority of what I see are people using iOS devices.  Apple's iOS lineup accounts for 84% of in-flight Wi-Fi traffic from mobile...
 I have a black iPad Mini, and I too was hoping for a similar black iPad 5, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen, so I'm just going to have to go with one of the other colors for now.
Apple should charge customers $50 for every Surface tablet that somebody brings in to be disposed of.
 The Verge pretty much sucks now too. It's not even a tech site. They keep mixing in political crap, and I'm not interested in their politics.
A "Blackberry enthusiast"?   How's it going with Blackberry nowadays?    This is from the guy's twitter feed a few days ago. No wonder that he has an anti-Apple bias. He just doesn't get it, neither does Blackberry, Blackberry is soon dead and "Blackberry enthusiasts" are soon to be extinct.   sandy cannold ‏@SandyCannold20 Sep I will be so sad if blackberry doesn't survive.. I can't type on a device without a keyboard.. Fat fingers & digital keyboard don't...
 I don't regret updating to iOS 7. The fresh, new look and added features are well worth it, IMO. I feel that my iPad 3 has been a little weak for some time now, even when I was on iOS 6. For doing most tasks, the iPad 3 still rocks. I only notice that I could use a bit more power when using certain, very CPU heavy apps.
I am not surprised.   Did anybody else recently read about how iOS's Touch response is at least twice as fast as Android's?   The spin from the Fandroids on that issue is mindblowing! One excuse after another, with the most common one being that humans can not notice such a small difference. Somebody has to be either on very strong narcotics or in complete denial to not notice how slow and laggy ALL android devices are. I've been saying it for ages, and now it's being...
My iPad 3 is starting to feel a bit weak, especially when using certain apps. And while I do like iOS 7, I do notice that it is slightly more processor intensive than iOS 6.    I look forward to getting my new iPad 5 next month, which will have even more power than the iPhone 5s A7 chip, since it will be clocked higher.
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