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 That would be a gross misconception on your part, because many awesome things have been made under the influence of weed. If somebody is dumb to begin with, then they will of course continue to remain dumb, no matter what they do or what they take, but weed does not necessarily make smart people dumber. It can be said that weed enlightens the mind and opens up lanes of creativity. The stereotypes of weed users are not accurate at all. Not all weed users are glued to their...
 And I don't have any problems with you, if you choose not to partake. That's your choice of course. I do have problems with those who believe that they should decide what others should do and not do.
 Yes, the feds are still against it, but eventually they will have to cave, because more and more states are going to jump on the legalization bandwagon. History has shown that prohibition has the opposite effect.
Bad decision by Apple. What's wrong with a game about weed?   Games like Grand Theft Auto are on the app store.   And weed is not illegal everywhere, it is legal in a few states, and it is medically legal in many more states. It's only a matter of time before it is legal in most places. Ignorant people, corrupt politicians, big pharmacy and alcohol producers will not be able to stop it.   Everybody should smoke weed, it's much better and less harmful than alcohol....
 I believe that many Android users are bad apples, and what they represent and their mentality is bad for tech in general. Android is not really about innovating or making good devices, it's mostly about making cheap devices with gimmicky features that don't even work properly. Android's foundation is built upon stolen code, and their user base mostly only cares about not having to spend any more pennies than they have to. That is not good for the future advancement of...
Crazy, delusional Fandroids are accusing the developer of faking that video with the wildly inaccurate gyroscopes.    No buddy, there is no wide conspiracy going on. The simple explanation is just that most Android phones are crap. Deal with it.
Android is just a complete mess, a mix mash of shoddy devices, mostly incompatible with each other, most running outdated and old versions of Android, on crappy, cheap hardware, made by a whole slew of different companies.   And some morons have the nerve to claim that fragmentation is not an issue.   I'd never heard of this developer before, but I applaud their wise decision. If I were a developer, I would never release anything on Android either. It's a waste of...
 Your refrigerator door is locked for the next two hours and twenty seconds. If you wish to unlock your refrigerator door it will cost you 7 gems. A pack of 50 gems may be bought for $4.99 by clicking on this link.
 I agree that ads are everywhere, and sometimes people have little choice in avoiding them, but that doesn't mean that people should accept ads on hardware like refrigerators, thermostats, glasses and on car dashboards. And I'd rather see an ad for feminine hygiene than an ad for an Android phone, but that's just me.
Products with ads suck and they usually cost less than proper versions. Look at Amazon's Kindle, if you want the cheapest version, it'll be with ads. People have to pay for the privilege of not getting spammed by any ads. Google is all about ads, pricing things cheap and giving stuff away for free is part of their strategy.
New Posts  All Forums: