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That's hilarious, and also, not all that surprising!   It seems that practically anybody of any importance uses iOS.    The only people and celebrities who claim to use something else are people who are getting paid by other companies to lie, like Samsung, but in real life, after their fake endorsement is over, they put down their crappy phones that they are paid to promote, and then they pick up their iPhones after the job is done.   How many people and celebrities...
 Haha. Do you really think that Apple needs to pay anybody to wait? That is the most unlikely and laughable conspiracy theory ever. Now, if we were talking about Samsung.....................
 Do you do anything besides whine about my posts on this forum? Isn't there like an ignore function or something that you can use, if it bothers you that much? It might help save you from further frustration.
Woah! This is big!   Does Ive ever comment on anything, especially on something that is not released yet?   If Jony Ive is saying something to the effect that the entire country of Switzerland is in trouble, then this sounds freaking awesome! The iWatch will be huge!   Let's crush Switzerland! Apple will lead the way! I never did care much for "neutral" countries anyhow. It's a bit of a cop out, and pretty cowardly, if you ask me.
 Yes, sometimes the very first ones on line are there for promotional purposes to promote their company or website or whatever. They're also the ones who will buy somebody else's place in line for a thousand or more, simply so that some media will write about and mention their company, so they get free publicity.
 Who the hell are you to call people waiting in line to buy an iPhone for losers? I personally wouldn't wait in line again, but I have done it once before, when I was waiting in line to get an iPad 2 a few years ago, when the demand for it was ridiculous. It took me a few attempts, but I eventually got what I wanted, so I was happy, and I didn't regret doing it. It's not like you're standing around for hours and hours doing nothing. You're waiting in line with like minded...
 I agree that for certain people who might not want to buy both a phone and tablet, or perhaps for those people who can't afford both devices, then the 5.5 iPhone is an option that will give them sort of both. I personally would probably not want a 5.5, because I'd rather have a small phone to carry with me, and larger iPads at home, but I can understand how certain people will compromise and get the 5.5.
I mentioned this like two days ago in another thread.
 And how do you know what the poster you responded to is, since you suggested they get a purse? I think that plenty of people, both males and females will be buying the 5.5.
Real men don't carry purses.
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