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 Exactly. KFC is not going to go and change the secret recipe for their chickens, because a few lunatics and representatives for a minority ingredient is not being included. Coke did try to change their secret formula a while back, and that turned into the biggest disaster ever. Why mess with success? 
 No, I never said that racism is not a problem in the USA. I said the discrimination is not a huge issue anymore. If somebody is a minority and they're educated and smart, they can get ahead. There is still racism, and there is also a growing racism, coming mainly from minorities and their leftist supporters. Obama and his racially biased administration has probably set back race relations in the US by decades.
 It depends what you mean by appearance. If somebody shows up for an interview wearing a clown suit, they're rightfully going to get discriminated against and not get the job. If by appearance, you mean race, then I find your question to be ridiculous, because I have never written that "we" should discriminate against people based solely on that factor.
 I travel plenty, and I just came back from a trip last week. I was in Vegas. There are also plenty of areas where non minorities would be well advised to avoid, as they risk bodily harm if entering these areas.
I believe that you are reading words that have never been written, and you are coming up with your own perverted interpretation of my simple post. I never wrote that it's alright to discriminate against anyone forever. I also don't believe that discrimination against minorities based on race is a significant problem in the US anymore.  The US did after all elect the first half black President, twice in a row. The majority of racism in the US these days is from minorities...
 Yep, virtually all groups have been discriminated against at one time or another. Liberals can go cry me a river. I have no time for underachieving whiners. There are those that take control of their situation and then there are those underachievers who play the grievance card and the race card who do nothing but whine. They will never get anywhere with their loser attitude and pathetic mindset.
 I already answered you, perhaps you missed the post. And it is very clear what I meant. It was a simple statement that was written pretty straight forward.
 Who cares what you are? Some of the worst racists and players of the race card are white males. Just because you claim to be a white male, that does not give you a pass on being a racist who is playing the race card, which you do in most of your posts.
 I was trying to be optimistic for a rare moment, but you're probably 100% correct. Americans are that stupid.
 I don't think that most Americans will make such a dumb mistake again.
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