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 Unfortunately, I don't have a new router yet either, but I do think that it makes a significant difference. This review claims many times faster WiFi! WiFiApple says WiFi is much faster on the iPad Air 2 — and wow, do you feel it. Apple could do an ad showing this year’s iPad loading webpages side by side with last year’s iPad, if it didn’t make last year’s look like such a slug. NYTimes.com, for example, loads in one second on the new iPad; it arrives five seconds later...
 On an iPad Air, I was only able to open five tabs before Safari choked. On the iPad Air 2, I was able to open a dozen of them before the browser felt less than snappy. http://www.fastcompany.com/3037335/ipad-air-2-ipad-mini-3-review
 I don't know exactly why Apple chooses to do what they do in each particular instance of course, but here's a wild theory that I will throw out there. Apple can't make iPhone 6s fast enough (supply is no where close to demand, perhaps not until 2015, according to Tim Cook), and maybe they need all of the A8s that they can get for iPhones?
 That sounds good! Is the Air what you owned before you just got the new Air 2?
 The original Air is still a good tablet! It's still far better than any other tablet out there! Only one other tablet on the planet beats it, and that happens to be the newest Air! The next iPad will of course be better than the current one, and the one after that will be even better than that and so on, and so on.  When is the right time to upgrade? That is a choice that everybody will just have to make for themselves. If you're 100% happy with what you have at the...
 It did, and I view that as a mis-step by Apple. Apple is clearly stating this year that there is only one flagship iPad to be had, one king of the hill.
 Screw that! There's an even newer model being released 12 days after you buy yours, so I'm just going to wait! And if I wait for another week after that, I just might get it for 50% off, either in the bargain bin or during a fire sale!
 How dare you insinuate that I am not a true Fandroid! I have owned Android devices since the very beginning, ever since they ripped off the first, original iPhone! I will soon be purchasing my next and latest Android device. It has a lovely band-aid design on the back cover and it comes with a 19 megapixel camera that is sure to take better pictures than the iPhone 6+!
 I hear you brother! Steve Jobs would never have allowed this to be released! And the iPad doesn't even have a removable battery! I live in a mud hut, with no electricity and no running water (ebola here we come!), so any devices that I buy must have removable batteries, because I'm only near electricity once a week, twice if I'm lucky. What's the big obsession with thinness anyway? My 1.5 inch thick convertible that weighs 2.4 lbs suits me just fine! I'm no weakling!
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