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 Thanks for the info. I've always had a fuzzy understanding about dividends and dividend dates, but I understand it a lot better now after this thread.
Commission are only $7 each way (for my brokerage firm), so $14 to buy and sell a stock roundtrip, not exactly a huge sum. I can also trade as often as I like. They won't cancel my account, since I've already been flagged as a daytrader, even though I don't trade every day, but I violated the rules in the past, so I am still designated as a daytrader. Everytime I trade, they make money from me, so they're happy if I trade as often as I can. The more, the better. The last...
Did you miss the part of my question where I wrote that I wasn't claiming that it was a good idea or even a profitable idea? I just wanted to know if it was possible. And I don't own any AAPL at the moment. And the trading fees are the same for me, regardless if it's AAPL or some $4 dollar stock.
 Thanks for the detailed explanation. I now understand how the dividend dates work. Basically, the OP is a bit late then, because there is no chance for anybody to get the dividend, if they don't already own AAPL as of this moment, because it's already May 8th.
Yes, you can see my reply, above this one.
 I see what you mean now, the settlement period, when buying and selling. I wrote that it didn't apply to me, but I guess that it does, it's just that I don't notice it, because even though I don't really daytrade much, they classified me as one after I violated the rules and did more than the max limit of roundtrip trades in a five day period. So now, I don't have to worry about breaking any rules like that, I just trade however often I want. I could buy and sell APPL 50...
 Perhaps my question was more complicated than I first thought. I got the impression from the OP that it was May 12, but you're now saying that it's May 9?  I'm just curious about what general rule you were mentioning that would apply to everyone on this forum? edit - I see, you're talking about the T3 rule, gotcha. I don't think that it applies to me though.
 It's not often that I'm wrong, but even in the rare cases that I am, I'd never be as wrong as the Fandroids and other morons who are continuously dead wrong about Apple.  I'm talking about the technologically handicapped individuals who laughed at the iPhone. I'm talking about the nearsighted fools who dismissed the iPad. I'm talking about certain people who think that they know something about tech, but in reality, their tech knowledge and their foresight is like...
I'm not claiming that this would be a good idea or even profitable, but technically speaking, I assume that somebody could buy some shares of AAPL on Monday, May 12 at 3:59 PM, and then dump all those shares on Tuesday, May 13 at 6:01 AM, and still receive the dividend? Is that correct?    The times listed are EST.
What a pathetic phone.
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