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 Here's a midget and a giant in a Powerbook G4 commercial, for the 12" and 17" model. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoTehxdm2m8 The iPhone 5.5 is going to be large, so no sense in hiding that fact. Apple should promote it as such. It's for people who want a very large phone.
 Not yet we don't. The 9.7" iPad is the original, normal size. If Apple were to release a 12.9" model, then that could maybe be called iPad +, and not iPad Pro as some rumors mention.
 Not really.  I've said before that it makes sense for the larger iPhone to be the premium model, and perhaps it will have a few extra features that the 4.7 does not. Maybe better camera? We know the battery will be bigger, but so will the screen, so it remains to be seen how much better battery life the 5.5 will get. Or maybe there are no extra features, and the plus simply means that it's larger, like a plus sized woman model.
Why would they even bother?
Here's a story for AI, just saw it on my twitter feed.   From the loop, Adam Levine tweets from an iPhone, less than a week after appearing on stage with Samsung!   This is just getting ridiculous now!   Celebs who claim to use Android are nothing but paid, lying shills!
 What do you suggest that is a better method?
 I only have one passport and one passcard. Both of which have never been lost. I only have one set of keys to my apartment. I haven't ever lost those either. At the end of the day, people just need to be responsible for their own shit. If you have something that is important, then take good care of it. 
 Ridicule, contempt and an asskicking.
EVERYBODY should have two step enabled, but If somebody doesn't have access to two step verification, because it's not supported where they live then:   What street did you grow up on?   #82hs92jd2$   What elementary school did you attend?   (-Ll2n6n3hs+   What city was your father born in?   "c?a&2n4^sas3   The questions are totally irrelevant. Be smart. It's the answers that are important.
 I'm ready all right, and so are my cards!
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