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I believe that iPads can be a great asset to education, and I wish that such devices existed back when I was a kid in school. It sure beats carrying around a bunch of heavy, old books, with obscene scribbles all over the pages.   This story isn't really about iPads at all though. The takeaway that I get from the story is that this is simply yet another example of gross incompetence, extreme negligence and the potential criminal misuse and waste of taxpayer dollars,...
Just the other day I was accusing certain people of being paid Fandroid shills on this forum.   And guess what, I believe it even more now!   Samsung is so dirty and so are Fandroids.
The Surface pro 2 is a damn joke. I saw a picture of the internals on Anandtec and I noticed that it has two fans inside, and it's also thick. Who the hell wants to use something that lame? It's no tablet, it's just a laptop that doesn't come with a real keyboard. The whole concept is stupid. If somebody wants the best laptop, just buy a Macbook, if somebody wants the best tablet, just buy an iPad. What's next? Is microsoft going to release an amazing new device for the...
If somebody is first going to spend $130 more for an LTE iPad, wouldn't they want to get more use out of it than a lousy 200 MB per month? That'll last how long? 15 minutes?   I guess that I just don't see the point in this 200 MB for free.   Even when your iPad is just sitting around, doing nothing, there's always traffic happening, like email notifications coming in etc..
Yeah, I suppose that is always an option, if somebody has a relative or friend in a nearby state that pays no tax. Imagine buying something like a Mac Pro, and then paying almost 10% on top of the price? That is no small amount.
 I didn't know that there were any states with 0% sales tax. I obviously have never lived in such a state, as I get raped daily. I just checked it out for myself, and you're correct, there are a few states that don't have any. http://www.sale-tax.com/ So, I will revise my statement, and say that everybody, besides those few people who live in those states, should pay tax. It seems to be the wild west when it comes to internet commerce, with some sites charging tax to...
Everybody should pay tax, no matter in which state that you live.   I say that because none of these "tax-free" options ever apply to me. I have to pay tax on damn near everything that carries an Apple logo, and I hope that you too will soon be in the same boat.
 You must be confused, or you are getting some facts mixed up. The iPad 3 is definitely IPS. Hell, even the iPad 2 uses an IPS display.
Come on 13" Gold iPad! I am ready, and so is my credit card!   If not, I'll be happy with a 9.7" Gold iPad!
Great news!    I've watched live Apple events before, but this is the first time I'll be watching one on an Apple TV.   I am so damn tired of reading blogs and sites, and having to follow their live play by play about Apple events. I don't need to read their bad typing, their slow typing, their bad jokes and their personal biases when following Apple launches.   Live is where it's at! Bring it on!
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