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 I never heard of that before, and just checked, and they have episodes 1-11 of that, so that's a hell of a lot better than clips at least. I also clicked on Fargo, which has its' own icon, but there's not a single episode available! What crap.
My first quick impression of this channel, is that it's pretty much garbage, at least for their TV shows.   I clicked around on a few shows and if you're lucky a few episodes are available, no more. And on certain shows, there is not a single episode available, just those damn, stupid, scam clips which I mentioned before.   What a waste of time! Don't even bother to make a channel, if you're not going to provide me with full episodes and seasons!
 It worked ok for me in this case, because I just signed into this FXNOW channel. You have to go to a browser and enter the code that's on the Apple TV on the FXNOW app, and then sign in with your Cable TV provider password on the browser, and that unlocks the Apple TV FXNOW app.
This had better be for complete episodes and complete seasons.   I am so tired of crappy channels that mostly only offer so-called "clips" of shows, which only last for a minute or two. Screw clips! What a scam! I demand the full, entire episode of whatever I am watching! I demand the entire back catalog of every season and every episode ever made for the shows that I am watching! 
 The same thing happened when iOS 7 first came out. I noticed right away that it was slightly more laggy compared to iOS 6. That was eventually fixed in a later iOS 7 update. By the time that iOS 8.1 or something comes out, then I imagine that these issues will have been fixed, as Apple works on optimizing everything.
 Yes, I remember that too. I also remember that various PC media outlets began running a story about some "poor" woman who was unable to buy an iPad with cash, and I guess that she didn't have any other method of paying. Apple, probably afraid of bad publicity, relented shortly after the media began attacking them I believe. Practically anybody can get a debit card today, so I don't have any issues with the no-cash policy, and Apple should implement it again, in my...
 I definitely hold Apple responsible. They're not stupid, and they know what's going on.
 Everybody on this forum already knows that Samsung is a scummy company. What does that have to do with the topic? The fact of the matter is that these scalpers and smugglers are also scummy people. 
It's a shame that certain people in this thread are putting primitive tribalism ahead of rational thought and common sense, in their ridiculous defense of these Chinese scalpers and iPhone smugglers.   To be honest, I don't really give a rat's ass about the country of China if they miss out on some tax and customs revenue caused by smuggling. That's not my main argument against these scalpers.   What I do care about is that real Apple fans who wait in these lines often...
 I prefer to trust my own two eyes, and the lines that I have seen are majority Chinese. Of course different sorts of scalpers can be found, I am merely stating that the overwhelming majority of the scalpers that I see are Chinese. I also sent my first and only email to Steve Jobs a few years ago, telling him about the Chinese scalping problem in NYC. 
New Posts  All Forums: