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I deleted a few games, because I found out that I was playing too many, and spending a bit too much time on games.
 That could very well be, however, I think that I will just stick to my simple method of typing what's on my mind, as I believe that I type quicker without any distractions.
 I'll make sure to keep a pile of liberal books around, so that I'll have some material to burn if needed.
 I just bought some common yesterday. I have to look into options sometime, but I admit that it seems kind of foreign to me, with all this talk of theta, beta, delta etc. Things are looking good for AAPL right now going into monday. I often do the AAPL "poor man's algorithm", buying a little on friday and then selling on monday or tuesday, and that usually works out ok, more often than not. One thing that slightly concerns me is that I read that consumer reports will be...
I guess that I'm old fashioned. I have a vast dictionary of words already programmed into my brain, and I don't need or want any suggestions as to what to type next. I'm also not a fan of those swiping keyboards and I received a decent education when I was younger, so I rarely make any spelling or grammatical mistakes.   One day when we're hit by an EMP attack, I'll take comfort in the fact that I will still know how to write using a pen and paper.   I'll be disabling...
 I agree with that.
 I make my own decisions and predictions, without the help of any analysts. I'm not even sure how analysts operate. Do they actually have any skin in the game themselves? Are they even allowed to?
As for AAPL, it's looking good today again!   Apple did a good job in quickly squashing any BS that was circulating around.   The iOS 8 mess up was a legitimate issue and it was a screw up by Apple, though it was very limited in scope. Apple did the right thing and got right on top of it and issued a fix the very next day!    Apple also quickly reacted to any of the bend BS that has also been circulating and being spread by youtube whores.   We've seen this time...
 When has that ever stopped any analysts from predicting anything before?  These clowns can't even predict what's going to happen tomorrow, let alone months from now, or a year from now.
Sure, no problem!I think that you'll like it, I use it all of the time in addition to normal charts. It gives a different perspective on things I feel, and I love how I can just pinch and zoom to view different sectors and different stocks.
New Posts  All Forums: