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 You must live in a cave if you think that's all that people use iPads for.
 Yeah, I would hope that they would at least announce it, like they did with the Apple Watch, even if it's not due to ship until early next year. I got taken by surprise after I bought an iPad 3, and then Boom!, out of nowhere comes the iPad 4, way ahead of schedule!
iPads should be more powerful than iPhones, so it's good that there's an A8x in there, and it's also good that there is 2 GB of RAM.   I've also always felt that iPads should have no worse cameras than iPhones, and hopefully those would be identical, though I doubt that, based on past history.   I know it's a long shot, but a larger iPad revealed on Thurs. would be amazing!   If not, I'm just going to get an iPad Air 2, especially now that it looks like the CPU is...
 I lost that faith a long time ago, but I guess it's good that some people are still optimistic.
 He/she/they/it is obviously an idiot troll, and not a very good one, or a very intelligent one. Why do people even bother to respond to such obvious trolls?
With breaches, attacks and fraud happening virtually everywhere, stores and retailers had better adopt Pay, or else!   I remember buying a few things at Home Depot with my card, and then a couple of months later I heard about that massive breach on the news! Russian hackers, Chinese hackers, scumbags everywhere! I now avoid Home Depot when I can, and I will buy what I need elsewhere.   I don't trust stores with my card information, I don't trust that store employees...
The more that I think about this, I would say that this is good evidence that there is going to be an iPad Pro being released next week!   Up until now, there hasn't been a single piece of evidence about any iPad Pro, just plenty of dumb rumors and speculation. No photos, no nothing.   It doesn't make sense for Apple to increase the resolution on the 9.7" iPad. If true, it would be a very odd move, IMO. Why introduce a whole new display format for developers to make...
 That would be a terrible mistake! Most of those junky Android tablets are 16:9, and they're all horrible in portrait mode. Why would Apple want to emulate junk? The good thing about the iPad is that it's equally good in portrait or landscape.
What a horrible idea.
 TYPO! I'm pretty sure that you meant to write Oct. 16th.
New Posts  All Forums: