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 Yeah, there seems to be a lot of spin for an idea that nobody had even mentioned before. I do have my doubts of course, but I won't pass any final judgement until we hear all of the facts, and as of now, there aren't any at all, because Apple hasn't said anything at all. Until Apple opens its mouth and we hear the details, I will remain doubtful about this deal.
Leaked data?   And how exactly did that get leaked and who leaked it?   If there's one thing that Apple already has enough of, it's security leaks. They can do without any more leaks and people who have big mouths.   I also don't find 110,000 to be an impressive number. 
Workers have too many rights nowadays, and who's fault is it that the lawyers are making away with 75 million, while the plaintiffs only get a few thousand each?
Clearly influenced and seduced/fooled by Samsung propaganda, certain people have been claiming that Apple needs to be more cool. As if making the best computers and portable devices in the world isn't good enough.    In response to this criticism, Apple has decided to embark on a "coolness" mission, in order to raise their profile and gain more street cred.   I have it from good sources that Tim Cook will take the stage at this years WWDC wearing pants where the...
Expect many more, because according to a Billboard article about this year's WWDC, they said that the deal is expected to take two months to close, and Apple may choose not to announce anything until everything is final.
 I'm not interested in any Apple "side projects". Apple is a corporation, not a band. I also think that anybody who thinks that Apple needs to be more cool is simply buying into Samsung's propaganda.
I'm all out of comments. I've already used them up on all of the previous threads about this subject, and I can't really think of anything else to say about this that I haven't already said.
 It's a terrible idea, when Jony Ive could just continue making things for the Apple brand, which is much more highly regarded than any Beats brand.
 Yes, I'm a Yankee. 
 Why doesn't Apple just start to make Apple jeans?  If it's all about making a quick buck, and just riding on a trend or a fad, then they might as well. To me, Beats represents the opposite of what Apple represents. Apple is no trend or a fad.
New Posts  All Forums: