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 That's a good idea! Apple could have short classes held at Apple stores for everybody who buys a new device, not just celebrities. It would basically be a class in common sense and basic internet security.
 Sure, I wouldn't have any objections if Apple implements even stronger security, especially since they are going to be rolling out their new payment system. I have a few different bank accounts, and some of them use a hardware dongle in addition to regular passwords when you log in.
 I don't have any problems with blaming the victim. I mean, it all depends on the circumstances. If somebody chooses to walk around in an area of town that is known to be unsafe and crime infested at 3am and they are flashing around money or wearing expensive jewelry, do they deserve to be shot and robbed? No they do not, but it is certainly understandable if it happened to them. The internet is not a safe place. There are all sorts of scumbags and criminals on the...
 Yes, many people do probably do that, and they will one day come to regret it, because if and when they do get hacked, everything will be vulnerable. Sucks to be them I guess.
 If you're not a celebrity and you're a regular person that is bright enough to have secure passwords and good security answers, then you are fine.
 Pro tip. Don't answer security questions with a real answer. If you went to elementary school at PS 123, then you don't give that as an answer when it asks you what school you went to.
 Agreed! It's not like pervert hackers are downloading scans of these women's brains and admiring them! Oh my, what a lovely cerebellum she has! Her temporal lobe seriously turns me on man!
 No, they should not!  If somebody goes out and buys a $10,000 lock for their front door, yet they forget to lock it one day, and thieves walk up to it and enter the house, then whose fault is that? Human stupidity will trump any security measure, no matter how costly. Apple is not responsible for the dumb and careless actions that people make.
 And just yesterday, some people here were defending these pea-brained actresses, accusing others of misogyny.
 I'm sure that it's not. I've never gotten hacked online, but I was the target of a telephone scam some years back, by some shady company that had somehow made a few charges to one of my bank cards, without my authorization of course.  I was seriously pissed off, and I immediately cancelled that card, and then I contacted the State Attorney General, the FTC, and I even spoke to an agent at the FBI, since this was across state lines. To make a long story short, the...
New Posts  All Forums: